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I am a 44 year old mother of four, ages 25, 24, 23...

I am a 44 year old mother of four, ages 25, 24, 23 and 18. I have been overweight all of my adult life. I started gaining weight with my first pregnancy and progressivly gained of the years. About a year ago at my highest weight of 289 lbs and in a deep depression, I decided I needed to make some changes. I began by exploring my options of weight loss surgery. I had decided that perhaps the lapband surgery would be best for me. In order to get this surgery I would have to be followed by my physician for six months of documentation and attempts at losing weight. I began dieting by eating extremely healthy and minimizing my portion sizes to what the normal should be. I picked up an activity (tennis) I enjoyed. I was terrible at it but I still enjoyed trying and I was at least moving and got my butt off the couch. I began shedding the weight and before you know it I was becoming more and more active. I have lost 125 lbs. and I am almost at my goal weight.

Of course you don't go 25 years of being overweight without damaging your body. Don't get me wrong I am very proud of myself for the weight loss and if I never had to take my close off I would be fine. However this not being the case I have eccess skin and I have lost most of my breasts from the weight loss! I have had a few consultations and now have selected and set up my surgery date for July 3, 2012 @ 8:30 in the a.m.

I am so excited as I feel this will complete my transformation to the new me. The skinny person that has been trying to escape fro so many years. I have posted a before photo of me just as I started my weight loss journey and will post pre-op photos and post-op photos as I go. The many stories throough this site have really helped me along the way and I hope my story can and will encourage others like me. Never say never, you can do it!

I forgot to add that I did not have the lapband...

I forgot to add that I did not have the lapband surgery. I ended up losing all the weight on my own with diet and excercise. I figured if I have the surgery I still have to be disciplined so why can't I be disciplined on my own with diet and excercise. I am so happy I did it this way! I am adding a current photo of me today after the weight loss. I feel like a totally new person and I'm sure will feel even better after my surgery.

Today it became a little more real. I went to pay...

Today it became a little more real. I went to pay my surgery in full! Yippy! I also had my first Venious skin tightening treatment. I am getting that on my thighs and butt cheeks! It is a procedure that requires regular maintenance, but if it works as well as the before and afters show then it will be worth it!

OMG! This has got to be the hardest thing I have...

OMG! This has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done. I knew it was bad but it's worse then I thought! The only good thing from this is knowing that it is going to change soon. It really plays with your mind having to post your pre-op photos. I also never realized just how big of a difference there is in my breasts. My PS will be doing a cresent lift of my right nipple. I will be getting saline implants 550cc in the left breat and 600cc in the right breast. It will make me a DD which will suite my large frame well. I am currently a small B cup! He will be doing an extended TT going just into my hips toward my butt. I should have a longer scar then most of you have as I am a good candidate for a full belt TT.

Well it's been a few days since updating. I went...

Well it's been a few days since updating. I went for my second Venus Concept treatment today! It feels so good, It's like getting a massage with hot stones. I still don't see much difference yet but I was told it would not be real noticable until the forth treatment. They have offered me a free facial to get done at my leisure. I think I will wait until after my surgery and after I have recovered a bit! It shoudl help with the down time afterward. It will be my first ever, I hope they don;t get me addicted to something else! LOL! I hope all is healing well, feeling great about their decissions and looking forward to their new bodies!

I seriously can't believe it's almost here! I go...

I seriously can't believe it's almost here! I go in tomorrow for my third Venous Concept treatment! Woooooo Whoooooy!

OMG! Just a couple of hours over 24 hours and I...

OMG! Just a couple of hours over 24 hours and I will be in surgery getting my new girls and losing my monster appendage! Don't even bother pinching me, I don't want to wake up if I am only dreaming! Good luck to my fellow TTer's that will be going under with me. I wish you all the best! Big Hugz! Happy recovery!

It was a very rough surgery day for me. The...

It was a very rough surgery day for me. The surgery itself went wonderful. My PS told my husband that my muscles were 4-5 inches apart so he ended up doing muscle repair which makes me happy. I went home right after surgery around 2:00 and was doing great taking in fluids like crazy, however this ended up not being such a good idea. My husband got me up once to go to the bathroom and I did fine but the next time I had to get up I told him I was going to pass out. He sat me back down and was trying to get me comfortable but the nausua was just to overwhelming and a threw everything up. It was extremely painful on the tummy to say the least. Bless my poor husband, he got me all cleaned up and I told him I really had to get to the bathroon he again tried to get me up and I was so dizzy and lighthead. I told him I was going to passout, next thing I knew I was waking up to him tapping me on the cheek trying to get a response, he managed to get me back into the recliner and tried to get in touch with my PS. He knew I needed fluids but was not sure what my PS would want to do. He went ahead and called the ambulance to transport me to the hospital. They immediately started fluids on me and ran tests that are manditory for someone that has passed out. My cardiac enzymes were .28 which is apparently high, so they ended up admitting me for observation. They ended up giving me 4 liters of IV fluids and discharged me. I am home now and doing good. Day one PO visit to my PS and he took off all bandages. From what I was able to see it looked great I have a very low incision and am swollen rather badly. My breasts are still very high from being bandaged but they will settle in a few days. My husbands POV on seeing the incision he was like OMG your tummy is so flat it looks fabulous. I get to take a shower tomorrow so I will have him take some pics of me to post. Despite to small setback on my surgery day I am extremely happy I did it, I know it is going to be worth every little pain. The tummy is a stinging pain sensation and my breasts just feel really bruised and swollen. I can't wait to start seeing the results. I will keep you posted .

Gosh darn it ladies I know you are all anxious to...

Gosh darn it ladies I know you are all anxious to see PO photos, I was going to take them when I got my shower today. Taking the binder off takes away support and thus causes more pain. My husband said I was getting all white as a ghost again and I told him we had to hurry. Thank goodness I didn't pass out but I think it's because he kept me focused on breathing instead of the pain. Other then that little spell I am doing great walking around quit a bit and going to the bathroom what feels like far to often but my husband says it's great. I've kept all my food down today including a protein shake. The pain has been manage extremely well. My husband called to PS office and some girl that apparently was not a nurse kept making comments like well if Dr. Sessa's OK with it, it should be OK. My husband being the nurse he is said "no that's not what I am trying to get across to you, Dr. Sessa has many patients and needs to have things brought to his attention when it comes to narcotics. He said write down everything I am telling you and have Dr. Sessa call me back or make sure you follow up correctly on this" He told her "I'm not trying to be mean here but I am concerned for my wife and what this will/can do to her liver. He said I am positive he will want to knock the level of Tylonol down on this with how many pain meds I am having to give. So he ended up getting a call back from Dr. Sessa and was able to get things cleared up with him right away.

I certainly do not recommend going home same day surgery, I know there are some that are out there that can do that but I highly recommend one overnight stay at the hospital. Granted they only kept me because my cardiac enzymes were high and they had to make sure it was not due to a heart attack. Everyone was certain that was not the case but wanted to make sure. It had also given my husband a much needed break. He has been an angel, he slept out in the living room in another reclyner with me and was tending to my every noise. LOL! But four liters of fluid is alot so that says just how dehydrated I was and no matter how much you drink no one is keeping that much down swallowing it! LOL!

Anyway I hope to be able to post photos soon all I can say is WOW from my perspective! I LOVE it!

OK Ladies these are not the best photos we had to...

OK Ladies these are not the best photos we had to hurry, it seems that when my binder is off there is alot of pressure which causes me to feel dizzy and light headed. My breasts still look deformed at present because my PS wants them up high to give the incisions time to heal well. He had to go in through the bottom of the breasts due to the size I got. They will look better once I am able to massage them down into place. I can see it in my ind and I know they are going to look good when all is said and done. I was worried at first but it makes perfect since when I had asked him why they look the way they do. He said in six months when I am totally healed and everything is in place they will be in the perfect place. He made the cresent lift a bit more because he said the healing will take up some of that slack and they will end up being symetrical. As you can see I am still really swollen which I will be for a while. But I cannot tell you how excited I am with my results thus far and I know it is only going to get better. He managed somehow to get all of my scars with the exception of a couple below the BB and did I say BB OMG I finally have the cutest little BB ever. I love it! My incision are healing so well and every day just gets better with ROM and ability to get around. As I progress I will set up my camera for better photos but I know you guys are dieing to see something!

I am 6 days PO and things are getting much better....

I am 6 days PO and things are getting much better. My breasts are what hurt me the worst they are still up way high and the incisions are started to be achy. I go to see my PS tomorrow for my 1 week FU. I did post another closer photo of my TT incision I'm really happy with the way it's looking. There are a couple spots that my husband is watching closely but he's says he's not worried about them.

I had my one week PO visit with my PS today. It...

I had my one week PO visit with my PS today. It went great he took out the right drain and they told me I should start massageing my breasts now.

I ended up having a meltdown last night. I was in so much pain from the swelling that I started crying and doubting my decision to have the procedures done. My husband has really been a true blessing his ability to seperate being my nurse and being my husband has truly blown me away. He held me close and told me that everything is going to be OK he said what I am feeling is perfectly normal and that as time passes I will be so happy with my decision. He got me a pain pill tucked me into bed and I felt much better when I woke up this morning.

My PS ended giving me a script for muscle relaxers to help me get some sleep, so I am looking forward to getting some sleep! The other drain may come out in another week. He also gave my husband the go ahead to take out the sutures in my right nipple in three days. Happy healing all!

Today was my two week PO visit with my PS. I went...

Today was my two week PO visit with my PS. I went in and I still have too much output from my drain. He decided to inject some Tetricycline into the drain which is suppose to constrict the vessels to stop any further leakage. He left it in for 30 minutes and then took it out. I was dreding this very much because my last visit one week ago he did the same thing and it burned my incision so bad I almost passed out from the pain. He immediately removed it and rinsed it with saline. So needless to say I was anticipating that same pain today. To my surprise there was no burning this time he injected it had me roll bacck and fourth and lay there for 30 minutes, nothing!!!! He said it was a good sign that most of the vessels are closed already. He left the drain in and I am to go back Thursday with hopeful news that the amount has dropped significantly. Crossing my fingers.

As for my breasts they have dropped a little but still continue to be the most uncomfortable part of my procedure. I must say I have been dressing in the clothes I was wearing before surgery and the difference I see in them now is simply amazing my tummy is so flat and the bulge from the skin is no longer there, what an amazing feeling!!!! I wore my jeans today and my husband was like "WOW, WOW you look incredible!" Now that a response I can live with for years to come! ;D

I told on myself today letting my PS know that I had been walking long distances and doing squats and arm exercises. Surprisingly he said "Great, that's awesome, I'm glad your feeling good enough to exercise" So yaaaahhh I get to continue with that. He still said no tummy work until the drain is out and he would prefer at least one more week. But then as I feel up to it without overdoing it! LOOK OUT I am so ready!!!! LOL

I hope all is doing well and healing quickly! I will continue to update as new changes take place!

I went back to my PS today, had my fifth Venous...

I went back to my PS today, had my fifth Venous Freeze treatment on my thighs. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to lay on my tummy for 2 hours for it with no problem. My PS injection another series of Tetricycline into my drain and let it sit there for 1 and 1/2 hours. He thinks this will take care of it. He told my husband that if it slowed down to 25-30cc's that he could pull the drain out. He said he will cal Saturday to check up and see how I'm coming along. Keeping my fingers crossed that the draining slows to his desired amount or more!!! ;D

We got the go ahead from my PS for my husband to...

We got the go ahead from my PS for my husband to pull my drain out today! Yippy, Even if they have to tap me to get fluid out I am so happy to be rid of both drains. I am amazed by how well I am able to move around. I'v been using my tummy muscles to sit up in bed and lift my legs off the ground just testing the waters to see just how sore and/or painful it is, Surprisingly it's just a tiny bit sore almost like I've been doing ab workouts and they are just sore from that. I think I will do just fine getting back into working out. Fingers crossed! I hope everyone is healing great and fast and good luck to those of you who have yet to have your surgeries!

Today is three weeks PO and I have absolutely NO...

Today is three weeks PO and I have absolutely NO REGRETS at all. I went shopping for a new bra, panties and a nice tight CG. It was so amazing trying on all the pretty bras and panties and having them fit. My husband gave me a heads up that we are having a date night this upcoming weekend. I wanted to make sure I had the appropriate under garments to be able to wear the beautiful new dress he bought me. I've posted a pic of it for you to see. I'm super excited because it's a size 8 and form fitting. Whats more is I got it on without having to unzip it. I have also post a pic of the body suite I've talked about that some have been inquiring about.

I hope everyone is getting on well and happy with their decisions as I am.

OMG What a fun day!!! My husband took me shopping...

OMG What a fun day!!! My husband took me shopping today he wanted to buy me a new outfit. He is such a great clothes shopper and NO he's not gay! LOL! He's just a clothes whore! He always has been and now he is so excited to get me a new wardrobe. We went to Macy's where he picked out a really cute top and a pair of tan capris very form fitting both of them, they looked ggreat and very comfortable casual. He said he wanted to buy me new bras and panties also so we went to Victoria's Secret. He has in his mind what he wants to get me. Yes ladies he went into Victoria Secrets with me picking up bras and panties telling me which ones he likes etc. it was so much fun. It was fun finding out just what he likes. He likes the boy shorts panties. HA who knew? LOL! Anyway two bras and three pairs of panties later. We had our date night tonight and I was going to wear the pink dress but decided to go casual and wore the outfit he bought me. He begged me to model the pink dress for him though before our date, so I ablidged him. He dropped his jaw, LOL He really loved the way it looked. I can't even express just how good it feels to get these reactions from him.

On another note, I went to PS yesterday and he pulled off 60cc's of fluid from my tummy. I'm not sure what has happened to me but I can no longer handle watching anyone do these things to me. I almost passed out when he withdrew the fluid. The needle did not hurt going in I was in no pain at all but I got very light headed and told him I was about to pass out, he had me sit down I waited for a few minutes and he did it again, I did not look that time but still felt faint. I have to go back tomorrow so he can check me again before he goes on vacation for two weeks. UUUUGGGG! He gave me three surenges and needles for my husband to pull the fluid off if need be until he gets back. I'm not worried beause I know he has done this many times before. Just not looking forward to the faint feeling again. Oh weel what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? haha!

I hope all is doing great, healing fast and excited about their new bodies! Hugz!

Tomorrow will be four weeks PO for me and I...

Tomorrow will be four weeks PO for me and I finally have some bikini pics up. I went a tried on bikinis but have still not found the one that I want. I know in my mind what I want and when I see it, it will be mine. ;D Anyway not to bad I suppose. I'm still not use to seeing myself in a bikini so I may end up never getting myself in one. I can talk myself right out of things almost faster then I can talk myself into it! LOL! I donlt have to see my PS until August 15th I had no fluid in my tummy last visit. I am able to move more and more every day and I will be starting back on the P90X workout tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get through it witout complications! ;D

It's hard to believe it's been five weeks since my...

It's hard to believe it's been five weeks since my TT and BA. I am so pleased and happy with my results. I finally found a bikini I was both comfortable and happy with and I did buy it and I have already worn it to the beach. ;D I have posted a photo of it. I also realize that I need to post an updated photo of my breast and scar so you can see where I am with healing. I've been so crazy busy with getting prepared for our move that I've had very little time to get on the computer. Not sure anything will slow down much until after the move is complete.

Wishing everyone a fast and pain free recovery and for those of you getting down to the wire, many blessings to you. Hang in there it will be all worth it!

Well it's been seven weeks since my TT and BA. I...

Well it's been seven weeks since my TT and BA. I feel so wonderful and happy. I know I had been promising updated photos of my incisions and breasts so I have posted them. It's crazy now that I am completely healed I cannot stop. I am like a steam engine I just can't stop doing things. I am running all over the place. Spending a ton of time working out trying to get that little extra weight off to get to my final goal. and I am feeling so good that I never want to be home I am always at the beach or out with friends. Involved in some kind of activity in one way or another! LOL! I love my life and I think my family (husband and son) see just how much happier this surgery has made me. I have only but my arms left to get done and I will feel complete. I hope everyone is doing great. Have a wonderful weekend!
Sarasota Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

I love Dr. Sessa. He was very personable and even came in on the holiday to see me PO. He gave us his cell phone number to call direct if there were any problems and was very prompt to reply back when we did have to call him. His staff were all very professional and caring. His team is a team that takes pride in what they do. They give you a sense that they really love their jobs and what they do. I will be moving to Virginia but I've already told him I would be flying back down to get my arms done at some point. He is worth the flight!

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