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After wanting to have braces all my life but never...

After wanting to have braces all my life but never having the courage to, I finally decided to fix my smile at 40 years old! I have crowding in my teeth and have neither an overbite nor underbite or crossbite, but my upper and lower front teeth protrude in a bridge like position where they touch. They are now so bad I had to take action and straighten them. I got the braces installed on May 7th 2015. My orthodontist told my my treatment would take about 2 years and that I would need 4 premolars extracted in a couple of month, in order to create space for the front teeth to move back. Here are some pictures showing my starting point, and how severe my case looks. Yikes! Look forward to the journey to straight teeth!

Some before pictures

Feeling some movement these 1st 2 weeks

I have now gone through the early days pain and can now feel some slight changes in my bite. Yaay! Also I can bite down comfortably on my molars whereas before the braces I barely could do that due to the crowding in my front teeth. Here are a few pics

7 weeks later

I went to my first 6-week appt last week and they changed my arch wires. They put a thicker wire on the top teeth and about the same size wire at at the bottom. They also added 8 brackets on all the molars (originally the molars did no have any). It took quite an adjustment to get used to the new brackets they added. They really scratched the inside if my cheeks raw for a few days.
I am now just starting to get used to them. I'll go back see the Ortho in 5 weeks.
Here are some pictures.

3rd achwire

I have had my 3rd archwire for 2 weeks now. I feel the teeth moving but looks like my top teeth have become worse. The orthodontist did say that it will look worse before getting better. He also remarked that the top teeth were moving faster than the bottom ones. Apparently the bottom ones are supposed to catch up to the top ones before my next appointment. I'm hoping so, so that I can get my extractions done.

Still waiting to get my extractions. Ugh

So I haven't posted an update for a while because pretty much not much has dramatically changed. Last time I went to see the Ortho , only the lower archwire was changed. He said the lower teeth were moving slower compared to the uppers , so we needed to put a larger wire to catch them up to speed. Since then, I think they have been moving better, as I can feel some pressure.
I have also made an appt with my regular dentist, to get the 4 teeth extracted. I'll get them out on October 21 and I can hardly wait!
I think my teeth will start having some room to move back.
Here are some pictures of my bite now.

Extractions done yesterday, finally!

So I finally got my 4 premolars extracted yesterday. I went to the Orthodontist to get the beakers off of the teeth that were going to be pulled. They also removed the archwires but left a partial wire to hold my front teeth (top and bottom). Then from there, I went to the dentist's office. It was quite a process, as it took 5 anesthetic shots just to get me numb enough. I did feel a lot of pressure when the teeth were getting pulled out but I guess that's normal. After I got home, I was bleeding a lot, soaking through gauze every 5-10 mns. Started getting worried after 3 hrs of bleeding. I ended up putting more gauze in the extraction sites and biting more firmly on them. It helped because the bleeding finally stopped. Today I'm just feeling sore gums but just being careful to take extra care so I heel well and avoid an infection.
I will be going back to the Orthodontist in a week to get new archwires and start moving the teeth back.
I did end up with bigger gaps that I expected though, so I'm a bit self-conscious but hopefully they won't take long to close. Here are a few before and after photos.

Starting to close the post-extraction gaps

Yesterday I went back to the Orthodontist. He started me on springs attached to the hooks by the extraction sites, to start closing the gaps.
They also put me on some pretty heavy duty archwires. Also put power chains on the bottom front teeth. Well needless to say that my teeth have been hurting quite a bit. Even my jaws hurt when I'm trying to chew food.
Waiting to see how things go and progress before going back for my next appt in 4 weeks. Here are some pictures.

Teeth really moving now

It's been a few weeks since I last posted but not much is happening. I've just been watching teeth move. My lower teeth which were more severely overjet have moved quite a bit and have started straightening.
I go back to see the Ortho this coming Tuesday for my next set of archwires and maybe more power chains.

New archwire on the bottom teeth only

I went back to my Ortho today for another regular 6 week appt. he only changed the wire on the bottom teeth and took out the power chains on them to replace with a row of steel ties on the bottom front row. Also added coil springs on the sides. So now I have coil springs on the top and bottom side teeth, to help close the gaps. He said he wanted to bring in the bottom teeth a little more. I guess they did not move as much a I wished these past 6 weeks.
Oh well hoping 2016 will see better teeth movement.

Oops forgot to add a picture

9 months later. Progressing but still got some work left

Wow I haven't updated in a while but I have just been waiting and noticing my teeth move .
My Ortho has been focusing on moving the lower teeth and they have made a lot of progress!!
My extraction gaps have started closing but the moving teeth have opened some spaces elsewhere. Also with the lower teeth having moved, the upper teeth are overlapping over them now. So far I am happy about the progress we have made. 9 months went by so fast.
Here are a few pictures.

One year in braces

Do my braces-anniversary was 2 days ago (May 7th). I feel like there's been progress but I definitely got some ways to go. I 'm thinking another year at least. Gaps are closing but not completely yet (maybe just half-way). I'll have to ask the Ortho next time I go in how long he thinks I might have left.
Here are a few pictures.

After 15 months

After 15 months in braces, I am hoping that I don 't have much to go. Maybe another 6 months or so ? I always asked my orthodontist but he looks like he does not want to commit any time frame just yet.
Oh well here are some photo updates. The bottom teeth are now completely behind the front ones and they have straightened out pretty good. My top teeth on the other hand have some ways to go.

Still closing extraction gaps but not long to go

I went to the orthodontist yesterday and got more power chains on the bottom teeth and springs on the too teeth (side where I still have a little bit of gaps). So we are concentrating on closing what's left of them. I think they should be closed in a couple of months. I asked him if he thought I had maybe 6 months left of braces but he just said he thought so. First we close the gaps completely, then he will put the final archwires and I'll start wearing rubberbands.
I can't wait!

1 year and 11 months later... when am I going to be braceless

It has been almost 2 years now. Wow time flies! My extraction gaps have now closed up and I started wearing rubber bands (overnight). I can't wait to finish treatment and was hoping to get done by the 2-Year mark but it looks like I might have a few more months to go :(
I go back to my Ortho tomorrow and hope to get a clear estimate of how much time I have left.

Getting impatient!

My 2 year brace anniversary is coming up in just 10 days and I cannot wait to finish treatment soon! My extraction gaps have pretty much all closed but I am just wearing rubber bands now (overnight). Hoping to have these braces off in the next 3 months

Yaay I got a date to take them off!!!

So I went to my Othodontist today just for a regular tightening and got the best news ever!!!
I guess he has been holding the date and finally surprised me today. I asked at every appointment lately but he would never reveal how long I was looking at ????
So today they finally said we'all take them off in 4 weeks at my next Appt. This would have been June7(exactly 2 years and 1 months in braces). They took a mold of my teeth too so they can order my retainer. When I was checking out at the front desk though and wanted to set up the next Appt, they said they'd be on vacation that week. The next week is not going to work either, so we set it for Wednesday June 21. Well an extra 2 weeks won't hurt I guess, so it's all good. Woohoo can't wait! ????????

Loving the new smile

Can't wait to see what it looks like braces-less ????

Collage of progress so far

I just had to make a collage of the progress my teeth have made in these 2 years. Wow!

Dr. Aaron Sutton was very kind and assuring. I had been to a lot of Orthodontics over the years who have made me feel pretty uncomfortable,intimidated, and got me feel really weird about my teeth' condition. Dr. Sutton was the complete opposite and actually made me feel like the condition of my teeth was not that bad and could be corrected. He gave me a lot of confidence from the first meeting. I knew right then that I would be in good hands with him.

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