My Skin Lightening Regime / Journey (2016)

I've been procastinating for a really long time ,...

I've been procastinating for a really long time , mostly because i wasnt sure where to start! I finally decided to start the begining of september and being only a few weeks in i am seeing results ! I am originally dark skinned , my goal is to get a nice uniform light brown complexion. The products i have been using are * Labidjanaise carrot soap * E2020 Papaya cream * Labidjanaise Oil & cream * G & G cream pink top ! I mixed the creams together and use it twice daily on my face and neck , as those are the two places im starting ! Being only a few weeks in, i am seeing results. Nothing too drastic but i my face has gone up a shade lighter. To see actual results i believe you have to be consist and apply the creams day and night , every day until you get desired results. Id like to go up a shade or two but since ive just started ill be patient and see how far these current products i am using will take me! The purpose of this thread to help anyone who wants to partake on this journey and hopefully we can all exchange tips and tricks!
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