My Skin Lightening Regime / Journey (2016)

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I've been procastinating for a really long time ,...

I've been procastinating for a really long time , mostly because i wasnt sure where to start! I finally decided to start the begining of september and being only a few weeks in i am seeing results ! I am originally dark skinned , my goal is to get a nice uniform light brown complexion. The products i have been using are * Labidjanaise carrot soap * E2020 Papaya cream * Labidjanaise Oil & cream * G & G cream pink top ! I mixed the creams together and use it twice daily on my face and neck , as those are the two places im starting ! Being only a few weeks in, i am seeing results. Nothing too drastic but i my face has gone up a shade lighter. To see actual results i believe you have to be consist and apply the creams day and night , every day until you get desired results. Id like to go up a shade or two but since ive just started ill be patient and see how far these current products i am using will take me! The purpose of this thread to help anyone who wants to partake on this journey and hopefully we can all exchange tips and tricks!

Update : 10/21/16 Seeing Progress!

I've gone up another shade, nothing too drastic! People are beginning to notice the difference. I am still using all the same products and added the Labidjanaise carrot cream to the mix! I wash my face (most days if im not too tired lol) twice daily. Before work and before I go to sleep. The soap alone works wonders for me. After washing my face i let it airdry for a little and apply the cream throughout my face. I do this everyday consistently and this is more than likely why im seeing results- it doesn't work overnight you have to be on it consistently. The most ive gone without doing this is a night or two but i make up for it the next day! As I stated, I only been doing my face now i am going to buy some more of all the same products and start on my body !

Update 10/27/16 Sensitivity !

The mixture is starting to get too strong i believe . So i dont think ill be applying the creams twice daily everyday . My face is naturally sensitive and although i am liking the results so far , i am noticing that my face is extra sensitive when i wash it - it gets red. I think the G&G cream might be the cause, not sure as of yet! I have yet to start on my body but i will soon using all the same products. And also, id reccomend applying a small amount of cream to the face not too much bc its strong! If there are any other changes, ill update you all.

Update 11/26/16 !

So these last few days, ive been lazy and have'nt been doing the body lightening regimen everyday. But there are results, slow of course, and i have experienced peeling. Not bad though. So as of today, i'll try to stay motivated and stick to the daily does get hard especially trying to manage a personal life and work. Anyways, my advice to those following the joirney : Start on the body first! I say this bc , the body takes longer than the face to see actual results. You dont want a noticeably bright face and dark body. So start with the body first and once you see resilts, then start on the face. Because the skin on the face is thiner than the rest of the body, it is able to absorb the product quicker. Im no longer applying product to my face except for the darker areas around the lips and ears! Im applying the product all over my body and when i see significant results i will be sure to update you all! And as always , thanks for sharing this journery with me xo!!!
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