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Heavy most of my life starting in teens thru 30s -...

heavy most of my life starting in teens thru 30s - planned on getting a TT since i started losing weight for "good" in jan 08 after 2nd baby - took me 3 full yrs to get under 200 (1st goal) to make my 1st consult appt @ 198 w/another surgeon didnt feel right - decided i'd see DeLange when i got into the 170s - didnt make 2nd appt until jan 12 and didnt schedule surgery until July 12 (hubby was laid in dec and then found new job early 2012 - couldn't "waste" our savings on a TT...i'm nervous and scared by very excited to have my newly deserved body (tummy)

That was supposed to say my hubby was laid off :)

that was supposed to say my hubby was laid off :)

Just over 3 wks until my surgery and i'm starting...

just over 3 wks until my surgery and i'm starting to get nervous about all that i have to get done at work and then at home in order to "laid up" for at least the 1st week...Started really thinking about all that I do between work and home (especially home) recently. Don't get me wrong my husband does a lot to help out around the house and with the kids, but I do the majority and it is going to extremely obvious when I am down and out for a minimum of 10days (as I have set aside for now) after my surgery. That first weekend I hope I'm in such a drugged up state that I won't even be aware of anything going on around me. I just do not want to put my recovery in jeopardy because I "can't let" someone else do all the stuff I typically do. I will just have to sit or better yet, lie back and let things happen around me. I HAVE to so I can be back on my feet in a reasonable amount of time. Just need to keep reminding myself, I DON'T HAVE to do everything.
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i have a friend who had 6 children and was very happy with her tummy tuck done by Dr. DeLange and have heard a local radio show hostess speak very highly of him based on work he has done for her and a few of her friends.

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