Proud Salzhauer Doll - 09/23/14 - Combo TT/BBL - Dr. Salzhauer - Bal Harbour, FL

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It’s official .. I’ve booked my surgery for...

It’s official .. I’ve booked my surgery for 6/10/15, with Dr. Salzhauer. God willing he will be performing a Brazilian Butt Lift, Lipo of upper/lower back, Flanks, Inner Thighs, Back of Arms and Tummy Tuck!! Whoa
I’m 38 years old, and I thought having a baby at 18 years old and then another one at 37 was crazy, but THIS by far is the craziest decision I’ve ever made!! There’s so much at risk if something goes wrong, that I ask my Lord almighty to please care for me through this journey.

My original plan was to only get a BBL. I have a few stretch marks on my belly but I figured I can lose weight and tone up. So my first consultation was with Dr. Moises Salama in Aventura. The consultation went great, and I loved how detailed he was. Unfortunately he told me that if I got the BBL; since they had to lipo my stomach, that my skin in my stomach would hang/shrivel and look uglier than the tummy I came in with. So he suggested I get a Tummy Tuck and take advantage of the “Mommy Makeover” special and do my breasts – Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation. I’ve ALWAYS hated my breast because they are saggy and I have huge areolas ? .. So although I was saddened with the news that the BBL would not be a good choice, I decided to go ahead with the TT & BA. Dr. Salama no longer performs TT & BBL together, because recovery is a b*tch!!!. He quoted me at $10,500.00. Again, I loved the consultation and was very well convinced that this would be my final choice.

My next appointment, on the same day, was to go see Dr. Michael Salzhauer, in Bal Harbour. Loved their office, beautiful presentation. (Cant say the same about Dr. Salama’s office) But then again, this is Bal Harbour .. fancy fancy ?. So immediately as I walked in, I thought to myself, this sh*t is going to cost me $20,000.00 FML. Anyways, so Dr. Salzhauer walks in, and I swear, it was like meeting a celebrity. I had seen so many of his videos on youtube – he’s hilarious. Anyways we go over of what I really wanted, and I’m like, “but I know I can’t have a BBL in combination with a TT so I guess we’ll just do the TT.” And he replied, “Who said I didn’t perform both of them?” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. that was music to my ears!!!

So we went over what he would do, (see my intro) and I was prepared for the charge to be $15,000-$20,000. But guess how much they quote me for: $10,000.00 LESS THAN SALAMA && EXACTLY WAT I WANTED – A FLAT TUMMY AND A BIGGER BOOTY. It couldn’t get better than this. So needless to say, I’ve decided to go with Dr. Salzhauer.

No reason to continue updating since I have an entire year to wait. But as we come nearing the 6 month mark, I’m sure I’ll be updating you all of how freakin’ nervous I am.

God be with me!!


I want to go down to at least 170, but preferably 165. I want to have enough fat for the BBL, but i also want him to be able to remove as much fat as possible.

What are your suggestions? Here are my current before pictures!

Here a some of my wish pics

Let's see what Dr. Salzhauer can do :-)

Some more wish pics :-)

I want a noticeable change!

Sh*t just got REAL, really quick!!!

Hey dolls!!!!!
As you can see I’ve CHANGED my surgery date from June 2015 to SEPTEMBER 23RD 2014!!!
In addition, I’ve changed my procedures – I will ONLY be getting the BBL and getting the TT at a later time, perhaps in 2015. I just spoke to my boss and got the OK!!! I’ll be out for 13 days – I hope this is enough time to recuperate!!
OMG .. I’m excited and scared – so many emotions running through my mind!!

Back to square 1 :-( Combo TT/BBL or Just BBL

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. so i just hung up the phone with none other than Dr. Salzhauer .. he truly is an amazing doctor!! He brought up some valid points .. Its ONE surgery - ONE recovery if I opt to do the combo. However, he did admit that separating the surgeries you will achieve the best results. But again, in his opionion, he rather take that risk of just going through one surgery in hopes of achieving the look he wants and if need be, go back and make any necessary adjustments.
Those that have had these surgeries, what's your take on it? What would you recommend?

Too much?

So I thought it be a good idea to make my own wish pics using who better than me :)
What do guys think?
I might have taken a little too much off my back, but I'm hoping Dr. Salzhauer leaves me smooth & removes that darn love handle .. aint nobody lovin' that!
The tummy area, considering im getting a TT, I'm hoping that I am flat as a bored.
My legs (on the side pic) were untouched. I guess flattening the belly created that illusion.
On the frontal pic I just cinched the waist & put in a tinsy winsy bit of hips. Cinching the waist alone, also gave the illusion of hips - but I figured Dr. S will add some, so I put it on there too.
Geez, I wish it were this easy. Lol
I pray that Dr. S is having a good day & he performs miracles on me!
51 more days til my transformation!!!!!

Another wish pic of me (using app)

Again, might be too much .. but this is my desired look!! My request to him will be, "Go as BIG as you want, but keep it looking natural" .. i know tonssss of woman that have an ass like my "app ass" & it still looks natural -- that's what i want!
43 more days!!!!

Am I being annoying?

Lol .. so my friend, who shall remain nameless because she too has a RS acct, thinks that i'm bothering Dr. Salzhauer with the same questions over and over again!! lmaoooo ... i knowwwww i'm being annoying, but dammit man, i need to be certain and feel confident with my final decision.

My dilemma, STILL, is that i don't know if i will be getting both procedures or just one.

I truly believe that if i only have the BBL performed and the TT done at a later time, that Salzhauer would be able to give me the booty i want because he would be able to remove the maximum fat, rather than a limited amount, and in turn have enough to transfer (since not all of it would be "good" fat).

Am I right? I'm hoping he answers NO! :-)

Needless to say my wish after surgery is to have the least amount of fat on my back, a cinched waist, a flat tummy and a whole lotta booty.

I would love to get it all done in one day, but my main priorities/goals is to walk out of his office with the least amount of fat on my back and a lot of projection. My stomach can wait (Its not like i'm wearing cropped tops). Therefore, if i have to sacrifice getting the TT at a later time, then i will.

I need my experts and vets on this one!!!

Definitely need a TT

The question is WHEN should I get it?

23 days & approx 15 hours for 9/23

Getting all supplies ready! What else do I need? I'm trying not to buy unnecessary stuff .. cuz all this is getting expensive!

Xrays & Labs

So Wednesday I had my chest xrays done and i'm currently at a Lab Corp waiting to get my labs.  I don’t think my labs will be ready by 9/9 (pre-op appt), but its okay, bcuz I’m sure my iron level are ok.  So I received my 401(k) Loan, that I took out just for the surgery, and its sitting nicely in my bank acct, waiting for 9/9 to pay my balance!!!  Dayuuuuum .. time sure is flying!!!  I was supposed to have this surgery in June of 2015 and my friend suggested that I do it earlier; so I called, and what do you know? They had the day open – 9/23.  I’m so freakin nervous, but I just want to do it and get it over with.  I feel like RS and this surgery has taken over my life lol (no offense ladies) – but you all know what I mean lol – I cant even focus at work .. its crazy.  I got my friend, my daughter, and my hubby TIRED of hearing the same sh*t!! “Should I do the BBL alone, or should I do the TT and BBL?”

Woooooooooooooo .. help me Lord make the right decision!!!!


Anyways, here are a few pics – I bought this dress for $8.00 and my daughter took a pic of me to alter it with the app :-P and here's my baby girl, being a lil clown. I love my girls so much!

17 days to go!

So unreal.


Leaving my Dr.'s office now .. got my medical clearance .. I am ready for surgery!!!!! Next stop: Dr. Salzhauer's office

After seeing Dr. Salzhauer .. I've made my decision...

On 9/23 .. I will be getting both the BBL & TT. I have faith in him!
Thanks to Dreamscometrue23 for holding my hand the entire time!!
GN everyone

Pics at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

Prescription filled

Got my meds today! Can't believe its only 9 days away o.O

On a mission trying to find this float tube

Katissweet143 is this the famous souvenir store across from McDonald's? lol

Found a float!

I went to target this evening & I found the float. Whewww .. its crazy how when ure looking for something its NOWHERE to be found lol
Anyways .. Im so glad for Katissweet143 for giving me the idea.
So im thinking I will use it to sleep on my side.
I feel NO pressure on my hips - none whatsoever! I hope after I get hips, I can still get away with it.
Ahhhhh .. wish me luck ladies!!!! XOXO

Final Wish Pics! 3Days - 14Hrs - 33mins to SX!!!!!

Here are the pictures i will be taking to Dr. Salzhauer on SX day - 9/23.
I used myself as the wish pic and used my plastis surgery app. Dr. S was very impressed at my booty projection pic - he suggested to bring it on the day of my sx.
Let me know what you gals think.
Have a good weekend everybody!!

Tomorrow is the DAYYYYY!! - 9/23

I'm so freakin' nervous!!! Good G-d!!! I cannot wait to take these Xany's later on tonight :-)
I'll be posting my LAST pre-op pics and measurements later on tonight!

Last pre-op pics! SX tomorrow 9/23

Feeling a bit nostalgic saying goodbye to my body. At the end of the day ive been content with it, for must of my 20's and early 30's. But I am readyyyy for this change! I want to welcome my 40's with a BANG! :)
Wish me luck dolls .. and send me ur prayers.
I have to be at the office at 7am.. :)
I cant believe its finally here!!!!

Again, here r my measurements:
Waist: 34 
Belly button: 38.75
Under belly button: 41.5
Upper hips: 42
Lower Hips: 43.75

At Bal Harbour

Waiting for Dr. SALZHAUER

I made it!

This is her daughter writing on her behalf. She's doing great! No pain whatsoever, but she's very weak and can barely keep her eyes open. She will update you guys with pictures soon. And also, she says thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

9/23 - Day of treatment

Dr. S marked me all up :)
I wasn't nervous at all - last thing I told him was "no limits" I wanted him to take all the fat from my back.

Nurse came today! - Day 1

The nurse came today to take me a shower but I was too weak and I had already fainted the night before. Taking off the garment was pure hell. I got hot flashes, felt nauseous, it was just a horrible experience. 
The good news is that I wanted 1500cc's but instead I got 1680 on my left cheek (it was smaller than my right) and 1560 on my right cheek.

Day 3 - Please pray for me!

This is no joke! Im writing this balling out. Its so hard for me to just be here, practically lifeless, having my daughter & husband do everything for me! God bless them!
My poor 15 month hasnt been sleeping .. I hear her crying but there's nothing I can do .. worst feeling in the world!
Day 2 was by far the worst day. I couldn't open my eyes .. called the paramedics & they think its the Vicodin, so I stopped that and im only taking Tylenol.
Today I've gotten up .. had a BM .. not too bad. My 20 yr old had to wipe me. She's been amazing, patient, I couldn't ask for anything more.
So after I walk a few steps, my heart starts racing & I need to go back to bed. Is this normal? Im sooooo weak. I was thinking of going to the ER to see if they give me a blood transfusion. But just the thought of it makes me nauseous.

Ladies sorry I havent responded to ur messages but I will..

Pray for me pleaseeee

Day 5 - still feeling crappy :(

But on the brightside im sat up my myself in bed, and im posting this all by myself. :) Everyone else is sleeping, since they're so dam tired frm dealing with me.
I know im all healed I wont be saying this, but this combo crap should not be allowed. I think if I wouldve done 1 of them at a time, it wouldn't be so tough.
But anyways, its done .. so I just have to move forwards.
Im so light headed typing this post
. Who the hell wants to walk?! But im so tiredddd of being in bed .. soooooo uncomfortable. Im supposed to b flipping over every hour and a half .. pssh .. im flipping, sometimes, every 2 and a half. Its such a mission to be flipping over so often.
I just hope im not doing any damages on the transfer. But to b honest, the way im feeling now, IDGAF lol .. I just want this to be overrrrr!
One question TT dolls, when will I stop walking hunched over?
BTW ladies I havent seen my tummy thats why I have no pics.

Spoke to Dr. Salzhauer

He wants me to come in for a blood transfusion. I dont think I have the energy to even walk to my car :(
This is horrible!!!!!

Hemo at 6 .. 3 units of blood needed

So ive been admitted. Spoke to Dr. Salzhauer .. he's been calling & texting so he's aware.
My heart goes up to 130 whenever I move, its crazy.
Im just glad that I can recover like a normal person, once they give me the blood.
Brought my floaty .. I just hope im not messing anything up.

Finally .. last unit

Omg .. I JUST got my last unit of blood .. that ive been waiting for since 7am
But I must say .. Day 6 feels great. I mean im still hunched & sore & a little out of breath .. but atleast im not loopy.
Cant wait to get home .. take a shower .. see my babies! Never been so excited!
Dr. S has been amazing .. texting me all day following up.

Still at the hospital - Day 7

Just wanted to give u guys a quick update.
The xrays show I have blood in the abdomen so doctors do not want to discharge me. But Salzhauer spoke to them & he explain why its like that .. so theu decided to leave me for another 24 hrs, to make sure my hemo doesn't go down.
Im miserable .. I havent showered since Tuesday morning ... last week!!!!!
So disgusting! My float popped .. cuz im a big girl .. so im depending on this boppy.
I wont be surprised if I lose a lot of volume as the weeks go by.
They do not allow me to walk .. so its been impossible to just be on my hips .. so I lay on my butt alot, actually.

I'm home!!!!! But dammit, I messed up my butt

I layed on it too long at the hospital. Sleeping sideways was tough in that hard bed. Then my float popped .. so I had to spend most of my time on my butt. I'm not going to be discouraged just yet .. But dam, i went from having an "A" shape as to a "V" shape ass lol .. im just going to wait it out. Lets see wat the doc says.
I cannot WAIT till the swelling goes down.
If it looks awful - then I'll think of a revision. For now is hate it or love it.
Let me know ur thoughts

Stage 1 vs Stage 2

Honestly I dont even know what's the difference. But I do have this faja .. Diseños d Prada.
Do u girls think its a stage 1 or 2. My present garment is already getting loose .. wonder if I can use the one I have already as stage 1.

Day 9 - Follow up with Dr. Salzhauer

Everything went well. Got to see all the pics of the TT .. the fat .. and ofcourse the booty.
Let me just say, Dr. Salzhauer gave me exactlyyyy what I wanted. But due to the circumstances, ive ruined parts of it here and there. Dr. S told me not to panic - to lets give it time to fluff. And if it doesn't we can discuss a revision.
Overall, I love my hips .. even though I slept for 6 hours on my left hip!!!!! Arghhh, totally my fault for not setting up an alarm to flip.
And I love my projection. I think once the swelling subsides from the back and tummy, I will be pleased with my slope/shelf.
Only time will tell .. hopefully that "V" shape improves .. because if not, as much as I dont want to, I would have to get a revision. Not to be confused with a Round 2. Like I said I'm happy with the amount im working with.
Here are some pics from the day of surgery & today.

Day13 - Quick update

Diseños d'Prada
So today I took my garment off & took a few pics without it. Im very happy with my silhouette & the amount of fat transferred. The only thing im not happy about is how I look with slacks. I had a butt for slacks .. now I have a butt for skirts ..The flat spot & V shape is a bummer. So a revision must be done if my butt doesn't fluff.
I see Salzhauer on Thursday, lets see what he says.
In addition, I bought a new faja. Like the one I posted a few posts ago. Its from Diseños d'Prada.
I bought it Large. Im loving the compression .. I just hope it doesn't mess up more the butt.

2 Weeks PO - Day 15

Hello dolls .. so today I went to see Dr. Salzhauer, but he was in surgery and one of the girls took care of me.
She took off the tape of the TT incision & I must say, I am very pleased with the incision; even though its filled with glue.
I was hoping to speak to Dr. S to go over my concerns, but I guess it'll have to wait til week 4.
So today I noticed that my right cheek is A LOT bigger than my left. I dont get that. And I 4got to ask why he put 1680cc's on one & 1580cc's on the other one.
My other concern is of course the flatness. :/
My butt hasn't soften up .. I hope somehow that flat spot magically pops up lol
Anyways, I'm going to bed .. didn't want to go to sleep without updating u guys.

Day 17 - Everyday my body changes

Bruising seems to be vanishing .. im still pretty swollen on my tummy & back .. but everyday shrinking.
I just pray to the Fluff Fairies that they sprinkle their magic & make this booty fluff to perfection.
Trying to stay positive guys .. I go into work on Monday O.O
I'm already stressing on what to wear to hide my booty, till it fluffs lol

Couple more comparison pics

I was so against getting a TT, originally, because I really felt that I could get away with just getting lipo .. but geez .. looking at these b4 pics, im so happy I did it.

I'm his Poster Girl :-)))) - Day 29 - Post Op Follow up

So yesterday was my 4th week post op - Day 28. It went GREAT!!! Despite one of my one butt cheek being noticeably uneven in size, I am so content with my results. Dr. Salzhauer gave me everything I asked for!! He is AMAZING!! He called me his “Poster Girl” and said I looked GREAT! They removed the surgical tape off my incision & my scar is looking phenomenal. I still have surgical glue, so that will take a while to fall off. Belly button looks great .. I tell ya, I couldn’t ask for anything more!!
I expressed my concerns about my butt, and suggested a revision .. but he said, lets give it time. If you all recall, on my Day 9 post op, I was FREAKING OUT about my “V” shaped butt and he said, “Don’t Panic, Let’s Give it Time To Fluff”. And as ALWAYS, he was right!!! Look at how much it has changed!!
Can’t wait til I reach my 6 month mark; to see my FINAL results!!
I still have aches and pain, on my tummy and lipo areas, but everyday feeling better and better.
I’m so grateful for “Myhotti” fka “mimihottie” whom without her my recovery would have been a lot worse!! She walked me through my recovery step by step letting my know what to expect etc. Because of HER, I am doing well. If it wasn’t because of her, I would’ve never received a blood transfusion and who knows what would have happened to me. She’s my RS angel.
S/O to my homegirl “Dreamscometrue23” who last night locked in her price!! She is officially a Future Salzhauer Doll!! So excited for her!!! She too was there for me during all my meltdowns .. she’s awesome!!
And of course thank you ALLLL for all your support, “Katissweet143” thank u for all your support, you made my recovery so much more comfortable.
Well, that is it for now .. I’ll check in again, on my 6th week post op. I’m here for you girls .. ask away!!

Week 5 post

Heyyyy Dolls!!!

So this Tuesday I began week 5 of this loooong recovery.  Geez, when is it going to end??!!

As you can see, swelling is slowly subsiding and the realization that I still have back fat has become apparent .. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo … I specifically said, “NO BACK FAT!!!”  Que paso???  Lol

Anywayzzz, yes girls .. take notes!!  if you are overweight before surgery, and most of your fat is on your back, you will remain with some of the fat.  There’s only so much they can take out.  So I reallyyyy need to lose some weight .. yet Dr. Salzhauer insists I shouldn’t.  I’m weighing roughly 174 .. I would love to go down to 160 – 165.   I don’t want to be thin, I love being “thick” .. and now that I have a flat tummy, I don’t feel I need to lose more than that.

Really what I want to do is TONE.  I don’t necessarily want to diet and then look flabby.  I want to tone and in turn shed the weight off.

However, I don’t want to lose any of my fat transfer, so I will wait till after the holidays to work out.  We’ll see how that goes.

That’s it for now .. here’s a pic of my back.  Sorry for the bra tag showing; I didn’t feel like retaking.  So here it is .. back fat is a little less than before.. flanks are gone & my hips look ginormous, compared to before.  With clothes I look a lot better you guys .. I promised you!! lmaoo

PS: My lower back is really burning from the lipo. Hurts so much when i get up in the morning. Anyone else going through the same?


6 weeks post op

Hey dolls .. nothing much has changed since week 5 :) but i wanted to post some b4 & afters.
I still have swelling on the sides of my butt causing rippling ... looks like cellulite .. idk it might be. That's why im hoping, if i wirkout, it can go away. We'll see.
Overall .. im still very happy!

Few pics - 6 weeks

So i took some pics for my hubby in hopes to persuade him to come home early from work tonight!!! Lets see if it works lol
Anyways, so i decided to post on RS.
Again, im extremely happy with my results, but of course there's room for improvement. I really need to start working out & tone this butt up. Cuz i'll be damned if i end up with a lumpy o'l booty lookin like an abscess .. im not too far from it. :-P
So just so u all know, I never edit any of my pics nor i stand in angles to enhance my figure .. ive always given u all what it is. The real deal .. the good the bad & the ugly :)
But for this pic, i put a filter & im standing in an angle. Again .. this was for my man, but decided to share with u guys lol
Im also posting the oils that I use for the lipo entries & TT scar. They worked great with my 2nd pregnancy. No stretch marks. Im hoping it works the same on the scars.
Have a great weekend ladies!

Week 10 P.O

Hey ladies .. im sooooo sorry ive been M.I.A. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - ive been so busy & so much has changed since the surgery that dont even have the time to go on here. Hope everyone is doing well.
As for me .. im okay .. still healing. Still feeling those dam awful burning sensations on my back but there's not much i can do about that.
I'm regaining sensation on all the lipo areas - so now when i scratch, i can finally feel it :)
My tummy is healing very well, still some pulling wen i stand & pain when i sneeze, but all normal ish. My scar looks really good .. i do however have a bit of a dog ear on my left side. U can see it on my pic. Its very minimal; not really looking to get a revision for that.
My butt *sigh* .. it has gone down in volume .. guess it was swelling. It just doesn't have that oomph it used to.
But it does look natural .. so natural that my cellulite is back!!! Waaaaahhhhh FML
I really need to lose weight .. even the bak fat is BACK! It was alllll an illusion lol
So now i ask myself .. hmmm was it worth me spending $10K?
Idk .. sometimes i think i would've been good with just a TT & lipo sculpture.
Dont get me wrong .. i do have hips & more projection than before. But for example .. my right butt is almost back to wat it was. (See pic)
Idk .. & ay this point, i dnt care. I just need to work out cuz its looking a bit too lumpy for my taste.
Im seeing Dr. Salz tomorrow .. lets see what he says.
I gotta go ya'll. Feel free to ask me questions.
G-d Bless!

10 weeks post op appt

Hey everyone .. so i went to see my favorite Dr. in the whole wide world lol And as suspected, a revision is possible of i really want it. He feels that its just my anatomy - that my left buty cheek just wants to be smaller .. but all we can do is try. If i do decide to get a revision he will lipo the dog ear (flank) & my abdomen in order to transfer to my left cheek. We shall see. One think i forgot to mention yesterday .. if there's one thing i wished i had not done, is the lipo in the arms & inner thighs. Ugh, my skin is ridiculously saggy now.  I asked him if he can fix that & he said no :-(  I doubt working out will fix the problem so im just going to have to accept it. That is all for now. GN ladies

back fat yayyy lol *not

Once that swelling went down the skin relaxes & all the imperfections come to light. Hey, he tried. It was my fault for being over weight.
Wish I'd lost 10lbs before having the surgery.

For the record - I am EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!

Just to be clear - I am very satisfied with my transformation. My updates are not intended to be negative. I simply do not sugar coat anything. I want all you ladies to know, that there is no such thing as perfect!!
Again, I am very happy with my new shape. I feel Dr. Salzhauer did an amazing job!!! Did you see my before pics??!! I am not complaining.
However, if i could turn back the hands of time .. i would've done things differently.
1. Stage the surgeries separately
2. Lose 10lbs prior to surgery
It's not the Salzhauer did not remove the fat .. he did. I just had too much fat! There are limits in how much they can take. I would've died if he would have taken out more!!
I just have to work out and lose some weight & tighten up.
In regards to the difference in size - That's how G-d made me ... there's no changing that. I've ALWAYS had one cheek bigger than the other one .. & although Salzhauer put in a little extra, my body still absorbed it. It is what it is .. and i'm okay with that. During the revision, all he can do is try again .. if it works, GREAT .. if it doesn't, then i'll just have to live with it.

Would i do this again: HELL YES!!!! a MILLION times YES!!!

6 months P.O.

Hello everyone!!  Long time no post :-)

Figured I’d give u guys and update, since I have some down time and March 23rd is right around the corner.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already!!!

Still very much pleased with the enhancements .. but will need a revision.

The fluffing stage is over .. and I must say, as that fat settled, all the imperfections have come a live lol

I have lumps, dents and accumulated fat deposits, that I didn’t have before.  But let me be the first to say, “I AM OUT OF SHAPE!!!”

During pregnancy, I gained 40lbs and after delivery, I was only able to lose 20lbs.  The little weight I lost from liposuction, I’ve gained all back.  I am back to weighing 180lbs. SMH

I haven’t worked out, so I am a walking saggy fat blob lol. Since last week, I’ve been watching what I eat, but cheating on weekends.  I just loooooove food!!! lol

My goal is to lose weight prior to the revision.  Because I want to see if the dents go away with exercise.  I want to know if this is just new cellulite from the new fat OR if Dr. Salzhauer just “missed a spot”.

Nonetheless, I am very content!!

Here are some pics of the booty.

If anyone of you girls getting surgery in the near future need advice, please feel free! **smooches**

Additional 6 Months P.O.

Just some more with better lighting
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