39, No Babas As Yet.. 5"1 and 199lb - North London, GB

I am Deborah B, I am from London England. I am...

I am Deborah B,
I am from London England. I am 39
I stand about 5"1 and was weighing about 97 kg.
I am now down to 90.2kg which is 199lb.
Though my BMI is not quite 40. I have had hypertension for more 15 years and the doctors are expecting me to become diabetic at any moment. I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome which is why they think I have not conceived to date.
I am currently in the process of going through a gastric sleeve and I have found this sites reviews and procedure information very helpful.
I live in the UK things here are different but seeing the experiences of others has helped me stay on track with my journey so far.
I had a lot of questions that some of your members have managed to answer already.
I look forward to continuing use of this web site and I have already recommended it to some of my friends that are thinking of having various procedures.

NB. I wrote this profile before I had my surgery date confirmed, so my weight has gone down since I joined this site.

I am scheduled for the op now!!

Whoop whoop!! Sept 7th here the new me comes!!

Pre Op appointment today!!!

Had my pre op today. For some reason I was dry as a post when I went to do my blood tests.
I start the liquid diet next Wed..
Bought the shake I will be using from Tescos today..
Oooo its all happening..
Got a group education drop in class tomorrow eve. The last one I can make before the op.
I have an appointment with the surgeons team next week...
The countdown has definitely begun..

Last appointment with surgical team before operation 23/08/2016 and start the Liquid diet 24/08/2016

Its all still happening... Or is it?????
Feeling a bit weird.. Dont really know how to feel..
Nervous and excited at the same time...
I am actually going to look like a normal person after this.
Weird because I have spent all my years since about 10 years old over weight.

Here in the UK the NHS can be a bit flaky when it comes to operations for weight loss..
I have the feeling my op will be postponed until later in the year possibly.
I could be canceled at any point now until actually going down to the theater.
Knowing this is not doing my mental health any favors..... Could really do with a fag right about now.

As the op is currently looking likely, I have to get weighed on the 23rd/24th Aug and then again on the 6th of Sept. To show that there has been some shrinkage of fat around my liver before op day on the 7th.

Lets just try to stay optimistic shall we...

Be strong Debbie B, be strong
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