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Since I was a kid, my parents didn't really...

Since I was a kid, my parents didn't really cultivate the importance of taking a good care of our teeth; I rarely went to see the dentist, and didn't care much about any discolouration and cavities either.

But now, I am 24 years old and have been studying abroad away from home since 5-6 years ago. Since I have been living on my own, I have started to learn to live in a more healthier way (without any restrictions from my parents). I started to visit the dentist and get my cavities filled in, and I started to dream of a set of prettier teeth.

I am a very coffee addict, with that said, my teeth stained pretty bad (though I did that home whitening sometimes, or used baking soda with my toothpaste once in awhile) - still, my teeth won't get any ''white'' like I thought of. Other than that, I also have very small gaps between most of my upper teeth, and white patches scattered on my yellow teeth (which is also known as fluorosis).

So, my main problems were, I want to whiten my teeth as white as possible, and to cover all those gaps between my upper teeth.

After discussing with my dentist, she gave me 3 choices:
1) to wear braces and to bleach my teeth afterwards (this is interesting, I wish I had done it earlier; but I am in need for something quick, because I am graduating soon, and I don't like the idea of wearing braces as an adult - some people are okay with that, but for me, I just don't like it)
2) to bleach my lower teeth and wear veneers on my upper teeth (so, I could have uniform colour of all of my teeth, and cover the gaps at the same times)
3) to bleach all of my teeth, and instead of veneers, she really suggested to simply put bonding between those gaps (because as she said, it wasnt that severe, and I have a nice smile, and veneer might not be the best choice economically)

So, after days and days of thinking, I chose to do the Zoom Whitening at her office today. I kept on saying to myself not to put such high hope, if my teeth won't be that 'white' but will look 'fresh, clean and glowy', I am so much okay with that.

But, to be honest, after done 4 sessions (for 300 JOD); I am disappointed. And my dentist(s) knew I wasn't that happy (well, everyone in the office was quite excited to see my transformation actually). I am frustrated because after whitening, my fluorosis are more obvious now :(

Those white patches are extra-white now; 'great'! and my previously yellowed teeth aren't that white either. In general, I can't really tell if my teeth has whitened or not, in the pictures, it is not that clear. But, when I look at the mirror, it does look a bit 'glowy' (or maybe it is my mind trying to convince me that I didn't waste my money for nothing)

Apart than some confusion of the payment, I couldn't really blame the 'Zoom Whitening' procedure or the dentists, it is because those flurosis are my own fault (as it appeared because I didn't take a good care of my teeth since I was a kid), but to be honest, I think I love my yellow teeth more than these 'new' teeth; though not much difference after all :(

After 15 days from now, I will put bonding between the gaps (it will be for 150 JOD or so). I don't know what should I do, or wish, maybe to wish the 'whiteness' to fade a little bit? (now, that defeats the purpose of having my teeth bleached, sigh)

This 'teeth transformation' is pretty important to me because I have always been a bubbly and friendly girl, but once a guy told me, ''because of your bad teeth''; my self-confidence dropped terribly after that. I never smile on pictures and showing off my teeth, and what worse, I have been having hard times to video-calling confidently (I felt ashamed to look at my own teeth while talking), and this affects my relationship. And next month, I might be able to finally see my long-distant boyfriend for the first time, and I just wish I could be more confident.

As for the pain, the four sessions were painless, but at the moment I am writing this review, I feel sudden sharp pain that comes and goes and last for a few seconds. I have been brushing my teeth with Sensodyne (I thought it might help a lil bit to prevent any sensitivies, I dont know), and I always took ibuprofen before the procedure (on my own), and I will keep on taking ibuprofen as a prophylaxis once in awhile (as I assume the pain could get worsen).
zoom whitening

My dentist and the nurses were friendly, although at first, she said, it was 250 JOD for 4 sessions. but when i was done with my 3rd session, it said, it was 240 JOD for three sessions, and I needed to pay extra money for the fourth one if i wanted. after looking at the mirror, as i wasnt happy yet with the result, i agreed to pay 300 JOD to complete all four sessions. and yes, I am still not happy, haha.-_-

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