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So I live in Northern New Jersey. I'm 28 going on...

So I live in Northern New Jersey. I'm 28 going on 29. I've been with my husband for 9 yrs and we have 3 beautiful children. I work out 5/6 days a week. I do cardio (hi intensity spin classes n bootcamp class) 3 days a week and I weight lift the rest of the days. I eat a clean diet high in protein and fiber. I'm very comfortable in my skin until it comes to my belly. I have extra skin that hangs and my belly protrudes. I've been to four different consultations. Some doctors are ridiculously expensive $13,000 for a tummy tuck. And some cheaper $7,500 but I didn't like the after pictures. I'm even thinking of going to South Fl to get it done. I feel like the drs in Jersey don't listen to what I want (incision placement for example). I'm Hispanic and not the curviest of women but I like curves and these drs want to make me look like sponge bob lol. It's so frustrating. It's something I really want, but I'm very cautious and picky. I always research the dr and get personal references. Hopefully one day I will find a dr that I like and fits my budget.

Pre Admission Screening Today

So I'm going through with it! How scary!!! So I went to the hospital today where I will be getting surgery next week. It is called Trinitias Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ.

The cons, I was stuck in 2 hr traffic, the areas I passed through were not the safest looking, the Hospital itself is in a shady area, and I waiting 2.5 hrs to be seen! My babysitter made out nice today.

Ok the pros, I couldn't believe how nice everyone was?! I'm so use to a world of unhappy miserable ppl wherever you go, and this was quite refreshing. Everyone wished me luck on my procedure. From the receptionist that checked me in to the lady that went over my paperwork, to the nurse Rosemary who not only complemented me (told me I look 16 lol) she even gave me a hug! What a wonderful experience. I gave birth to three children in three different hospitals, and my mother recently passed of cancer and I was in and out of healthcare facilities a lot. So I'm impress! Looks can be deceiving. And there are still nice kind hearted ppl in the world. Oh they also gave me a $3.25 credit at the cafeteria, which I used to eat a turkey sandwhich and banana because I was starving.

Now just looking forward to next week. Trying to mentally prepare myself. I've been on this site a lot night and day. I wasn't going to post til after my surgery, but my experience was so pleasant I wanted to post while it was still fresh in my head, you know mommy brains, one becomes very forgetful. I also figured my journey might help someone else. It's really difficult when your going to experience the unknown. Like childbirth, the first time you have tons of questions. They can be answered, but there's nothing like experiencing it first hand.

I'm also super concerned about the recovery. I'm not used to ppl taking care of me or my kids. It's so hard to give someone else control of my household. I love my husband to death. He's an amazing father and husband, but his job is to take care of the bills and maintaining a roof over our heads. He shouldn't have to take on more responsibility than he already has. I feel a lot of guilt and vanity. But at the same token if your not happy, you should fix it right? Let's see how this ends, fingers crossed :)

Few days before my surgery

Few days left and I have so many emotions!!! Scared, regret, guilt, excitement. Should I really be doing this? How bad will the recovery really be? The unknown is always frightening.

2 days to go Pre-Op

Had my last workout b4 surgery. Going to really miss the gym. Today I hit legs hard. Waiting for Tuesday, not sure if I'm prepared :/

Day of Surgery

Got up at 4:30am showered n flat ironed my hair. Got to the hospital at 6:45am. It's 7:30am now. I'm all checked in waiting for 10:30am to come around. Funny thing happened, the hospital called me to see what time I was coming in as I'm sitting in same day surgery. Yup just makes me more nervous! This is why I dislike hospitals. There's lots of incompetence. I keep telling my husband to ask lots of questions anytime someone comes in my room after the surgery. I don't need a double doze of something.

I'm officially post op

Been sleeping most of day. I have not moved at all. My TT incision burns going home tomorrow

Few hrs post op

So it's 9:30 pm n hubby had to leave me in the hospital by myself ????. I was suppose to get a private room n I didn't, rooms are all full. So he was sent home. After surgery I had gotten morphine. But now I got Vicodin. I don't want to abuse of the medication. I haven't moved at all. So I'm not in horrible pain. Just burning sensation where my incision is. I didn't get lipo. Can't wait to go home. Miss my kiddies. I'm staying positive. I wasn't really nervous b4 surgery. I tried not to think about it. I went into OR at 10:30am n woke up in recovery at 2:30. I also exchanged my implants from saline to silicone. I had a lot of rippling n the left boobie was hard. Hoping not to have the issue later. I've been sleeping on a off all day. Hubby fed me some chicken n veggies. I didn't eat as much I usually do, which isn't a bad thing. I have really bad dry mouth. I drink lots of water but nothing satisfies my thirst. I haven't look at myself yet. Not going to lie I'm terrified. I'm hoping I made the right choice....

Just got home, day after surgery

Car ride wasn't horrible. Discharge was fast, and the dr was very thorough with answering all my questions. Now just waiting for Friday for follow up. Feeling very uncomfortable but I know it will pass

Hate being an invalid

So I'm not loving being an invalid. I walk really hunched over, so I look like a total freak. Walking from my bedroom chaise to my bathroom really tires me out. And I can think is how grateful I am for staying active n being fit. Glad I've been exercising legs 2x a week for over 6 months. I'm trying so hard not to use my core. I'll tell you one thing, walking hunched over kills my lower back.
On a lighter note I had my first BM after surgery (which was 10:30 Tuesday) today at midnight (Wednesday night into Thursday morning). I took 2 colace stool softeners after dinner and Monday night (night before surgery) I made sure to take a scoop of raw fiber with apple juice.
Not showering for a few days is absolutely gross for me. I literally shower 3 times a day. Morning when I get up, after the gym, and before bed. I'm going to attempt, with the help of my mother in law, to take a sponge bath. I really need to shave my armpits. I stopped shaving on Sunday. Supposively it's not a good idea shaving right b4 surgery. I've read that shaving leaves lil cuts all over ur skin and ur prone to getting an infection in the OR.
Well it's 5:20am on Thursday. Not a fan of sleeping sitting up. Hope this day goes by fast so I can see the dr tomorrow. Good luck to all the RSers out there today getting surgery.

3 days post op

Today was 3 days post op. Got up at 6am. Hobbled around n got ready for my 9:30am appointment. Left at 7:40am and got to the doctors office by 8:50am. Surprisingly enough there was no traffic!!!! Got in & out by 9:22am. Doctor said everything looked good. I was too chicken to look at my battle scars. Maybe next time. Monday I go back to hopefully remove my drains. I just measured the fluid n I only have 20cc coming out each side. Kinda bummed I have to wait til Monday but it is what it is.

So I was pretty active today with my hunchback of nostradam self. Hubby keeps making fun of me asking if I lost something, what am I looking for, and can I help you find something. He's a ball buster but I adore him. Anyhow I made the bed, which I did not sleep in, I washed my hair (by myself in my kitchen sink), then I sat on the edge of my kids tub (while sitting on a towel) n washed my privates (heavenly) legs, chest, arms n armpits. I sat n blow dried my hair. I was up n down the stairs today. I even bathed all three kids. They got in the tub and I put on the water for them and soaped them up. They then carefully came out the tub while I sat on the toilet dried dress and brushed their hair. My back is throbbing, but it feels good to be useful. Those r my babies, and I love nothing more than to care for them.

I also decided to stop my pain meds today. I still feel pain/discomfort but nothing where I'm dying of pain. Tylenol will have to be suffice for now. Maybe Monday I may take one to get my drains out. That freaks me out a tad.

Well that was my day. I've also be drinking lots of water, eating plenty of veggies n protein. Also taking stool softeners n a scoop of raw fiber with apple juice at night b4 bed. Can't wait to stand up straight again n take my household back :)

One Week After Surgery

Today has been one week! I'm walking nearly erected, one drain got taken out (yesterday), I'm able to do more things around the house, (laundry, cleaned my half bathroom, wiped down furniture).
This past weekend was tough for me because I'm not used to be cooped up. Hubby was working nights friday n Saturday so he wasn't around at all. Kids also have cabin fever. So I took them outside for a bit to play on their power wheels.

Yesterday I gave myself another sponge bath, washed my very long thick hair, blow dried it, and flat ironed it. Put make up on and had a friend drive me and the kids (needed to get them out the house) to my appt. Dr was very professional as always. Said everything looked good. Swelling normal. He removed one drain. I can now shower. Although I am draining under 20cc per day, he does not remove two drains at once. Which makes me like him even more. Granted it's a hassle for me, but he's doing the right thing.

Nope I haven't seen my belly yet. I know, I know. Why haven't I peeked? I just want to heal and not become obsessed. I mean, it is what it is. I don't want to nit pick. I trust my dr did his job. I feel as women, sometimes we are so hard on ourselves. All I know is, I have a husband that loves n adores me, I have three healthy children, and I'm happy. I'm glad I had no complications during surgery, I'm walking around, I'm being a mother to my kids, and only time will tell how my healing will go.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy day :) stay positive, don't be too judgemental, and be thankful!

So Happy

Just saw my belly for the first time and I couldn't be happier!!!

Compression Garment

I got my compression garment on Wednesday. What a torture device lol. I honestly think wearing the thing is the hardest part. Being latina, girdles known as fajas, are part of our culture. After each of my pregnancy I wore one. They are so restricting but they do their job. The first night I barely slept. So last night I put my binder on to sleep. I'm actually going to buy a second one today because my dr gave me one (included in the price!) but it's long legged to my knees. I'm going to pick up a full body one that are shorts. It's also hard finding clothes to hide the compression garment during summer. What freak wears jeans n tshirt in 90 degree weather? Also I told very few ppl of my surgery. So everyone that knows me knows I'm also half naked lol. Well that's my update

Almost 2 weeks post op

Tomorrow with be two weeks post op! I feel great. I couldn't be happier with my results so far. I know it will take months for the final results, but I'm happy! I have swelling, I still don't sleep great at night, the compression garment is pretty sucky, but I know it's all worth it in the end. Saw my dr today. He's very pleasant. Takes his time with me and answers all my questions. I'm glad I pick him. I made the right choice. It's hard picking a dr when you only met them once. You really get to know them after the surgery, when you're seeing them on a weekly basis. His office is always clean, and the girls are always nice.
The dr took my tape off today n I saw the incision for the first time!

Ab Board

Just needed to comment on this ab board my surgeon gave me. Uncomfortable but I don't get puffiness on the bottom of my tummy. Let me know if anyone else has heard or used this thing

3 weeks post op

Ok so I've made it 3 weeks so far! Omg yesterday I had the absolute worst swelling ever! Worst I've seen yet. I think for 3 reasons
1) I wore my CG with no ab board
2) first day of my period since surgery
3) I was very active, took my mom in law to the airport (lots of walking), I was cooking n on my feet for a while, then the kids had gymnastics, karate, and I had cheer practice which I'm the coach!
I was also constipated yesterday, first time in a long time. I didn't even get constipated after surgery! But that's what happens when you eat unhealthy. All my mom in law did you cook lots of yummy (unhealthy) Cuban food. So that definitely backed me up. But she's gone now. So back to egg whites, spaghetti squash, kale, broccoli, and lots of grilled chicken.

I did do the deed with hubby despite drs orders :/ I'm suppose to wait 4 weeks n 19 days in we got it in lol. Hey I didn't even listen to my obgyn, and that's how I ended up with Irish twins (last 2 kids 10 months apart).

I'm super worried I've might of damaged my muscle repair. It's just so hard having little ones. Perfect example, yesterday at the airport, I had to pick up n hold my 30lb toddler to pee in the very public disgusting airport bathroom. Public bathrooms skeeve me out n I've taught me kids to never sit on a public toilet even with that paper cover thing that does practically nothing anyhow. And forget it, I go food shopping every other day, carrying groceries. It's hard being alone, independent, and I love my mom in law but she's old and feeble. She cooked and was an extra set of eyes. She doesn't drive and she refused to leave the house for some strange reason? I'm very grateful she came and helped out. She was a huge help! Being able to shower alone, enough is heaven!!!

But I totally recommend the ab board!!! It's uncomfortable but you get used to it just like the CG. I'm not going to lie it's a hassle to find clothes to conceal it. And driving with it is a nightmare.

3 weeks post op pics

4 weeks post op!

Saw my wonderful surgeon yesterday! He cleared me for physical activity, but I'm going to hold off another 2 weeks. It'll be easier once my oldest starts 1st grade and my other pre-k. And then I'll just have my lil guy :)
Feeling well. My abs feel tender at times, from the muscle repair. That's another reason I'm holding off from the gym. Swelling isn't bad. I'm still in my CG and ab board all day and my binder at night. The ends of my incisions still burn like crazy especially at night. Dr told me it's right on the hip bone so the rubbing of the binder n CG irritate it. I also read it means your nerve ending are repairing themselves and coming back together.

2 Months Post Op

So I haven't been on in a while. 3 kids,1st grade, pre-k, preschool, dance, gymnastics, karate, cheerleading, coaching, & CCD classes has kept me pretty busy. So I'm feeling good. Numb below the belly button. Still feel tight. Swelling which is normal. I stopped wearing the compression garment at 6.5 weeks. I haven't done abs. I still have trouble getting up if I'm laying flat. The other day I was on the decline bench doing flys, and I couldn't get up! I felt like a total spaz! I just didn't have the core strength :(
I have done legs, squats (115lbs), lunges, leg press, etc. I do back & arms no problem. Just waiting on my abs to fully recovery. Oh I have done spin too! I love spin!

12 weeks/ 3 month mark

So I'm at my 12 weeks mark n soon to be 3 months on the 22nd. Well what do I have to say? I'm glad I did it :) I'm feeling good. Still a lil tight. Swelling by the end of the day, which is normal.

6 month Update

Can't believe its been six months! Happy with the results, but not myself :( I've gained 7lbs since my surgery. But luckily the weight no longer goes to my stomach, as it once did. It actually fills out my bottom! I'm very happy with the results. I plan on getting a tattoo to camouflage my scar in 6 months. Swelling has calm down a lot. I still sometimes get swollen at night after a busy day.

Very happy with my result thus far!

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