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I have been doing research for months. I...

I have been doing research for months. I originally wanted Lipo on my stomach. The more I thought about it I figured why let them throw my fat away when I can transfer it to my flat butt lol. My fears are....dying during or after, recovery process and a botched surgery. Also, I'm afraid that a Dr will tell me that I need a TT. I have 5 children and I've never had a c-section, and I'm scared of the scar. I have a consultation scheduled here in my town for September. I love the results I've been seeing from the surgeries performed in DR, but I'm scared to have surgery in another country and b away from my family that long.

Uuuugh pic

Good dream!

So, I had a dream last night that I had my BBL and I looked awesome! I was not in a lift a pain, but apparently I was not prepared for surgery and I had to go shopping for supplies when I got home from the surgery. I felt ok, but I kept forgetting that I wasn't sposed to sit on my butt. I was driving and everything!!! Lol...the funniest part was that I would twerk in the mirror every time I passed one! My ass was beautiful, not too bi, not too small....I even had a new tattoo on it lol. I don't know what bought that dream on, but I'm even more motivated now! I have a consultation scheduled here where I live on October 12, my first one. I really like Dr. O's work in Florida.....hoping to be able to get down there soon.

1st consultation is today!!

I'm nervous and excited @ the same damn time!!!! I will post afterwards.....the facility is beautiful tho ????

1st consultation

Sooooo, my appt went ok. The facility was nice, the staff was very friendly and they their time with me and answered all my questions. However, I was told that liposuction would not give me the results I want. The Dr suggested that I get a tummy tuck and Lipo on my back. He said I have a nice figure and I don't have to lose weight (shocking). He quoted me $9,000, which includes everything except my labs and my post up meds. I am undecided because I don't want that long scar.....also $9,000 is a bit steep. I may try to send some pics to Dr. O in Miami for a quote and his recommendation.
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