Botox Treatment for Migraines - North Dakota, ND

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I have had headaches since I was about 10 years...

I have had headaches since I was about 10 years old with them getting worse in my twenties to changing how they "behave" in my thirties. After trying so many medications and failing all of them, the only two I am able to tolerate are Topamax and Imitrex. I cannot take medications for long periods of time for some reason. I am only able to take the Topamax at 25mg or I will want to sleep all the time. I work night shift as a sleep technician, so staying awake all night is a must. My headaches are brought on by stress, alcohol, lack of sleep, too much sleep, shift work, cashews, chocolate, yogurt, bright lights, cheese and that pesky change in barometer name a few. I also have fibromyalgia, and right now am fighting severe back pain. Needless to say, after all of this time and energy spent on these headaches, I just want to be able to live my life again. My current headache doctor suggested botox, and I really didn't want to do it after reading the side effects. Well, I decided to get botox after I had 2 straight weeks of headaches/migraines about a month ago when the weather was changing drastically back and forth and I was going through Imitrex like water. So, I went in, he explained the pros and cons of the injections. I was awake, sat up in a chair... Because I have migraines mainly on the right side, he injected more on that side than the left. There was 31 injections total I believe (I lost count) and they felt like little bug bites. I could drive myself home and even went to work the next day. For 2 days after, I felt nothing, no pain or swelling. Then gradually, as the Botox was spreading I guess, I started getting stiff and sore like I couldn't bend my over and support my head. I had to hold/support my head to brush my teeth, wash my face, pick things up off the was awful! I was crying after my shifts. Even though a lot of my work is looking at a computer, the first few hours is looking down at the patients head, which is very hard to do when your neck muscles aren't "working". It feels like someone has put cement bags on your shoulders and you carry them around all day. Imagine the heaviness and has also spread to my throat area and even though I can talk and swallow, it feels like someone has karate chopped me in the throat.

When I eat, I have to swallow with my chin pointed down towards my chest. Now, I have been in constant contact with my doctor. He wasn't real sure why this happened. I think this is the first time anyone had a reaction like this, he thinks I was just sensitive to it. I can't take pain medication without taking something for nausea (allergic to codeine), so I was taking Tramadol and phenergan and Soma (muscle relaxer) pretty much every 6-8 hrs on my days off and only motrin when I was working. He changed it to Ibupr. 800mg due to me being so sensitive to medication and he didn't want the medication to throw me into a headache. So basically, the last two weeks I have just been sitting in my recliner or sleeping. As long as I am not doing anything, or not much of anything, I am okay. If I get up and vacuum, do laundry, dishes, then I start to hurt. I haven't been able to clean my house, go shopping or enjoy anything for the last couple of weeks. I have still had a couple of migraines. But I have not had the daily headaches I was having. I don't know how long this pain is going to last. I think it has gotten better. I was able to hold my head up a little longer this morning when I brushed my teeth! He thinks its just temporary and will work its way out in a week or so, but he said that last week :). I am scheduled to get it again in August. Will I? I'm not sure yet....

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