So Glad I Did my Eyebrows and Upper and Lower Eyeliner - North Carolina, NC

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I purchased a living social coupon for upper...

I purchased a living social coupon for upper eyeliner for $144. I had not yet made an appt when she had a holiday special for eyebrows for $379 so I called and made an appt. While I was there she said I should get the lash enhancement with the upper eyeliner and it is usually $200 more but she would do it for $100 more. She said I also should do my lower lids but I said no that would be out of my budget and she said she would just do it anyway if I wanted. I have since read some do the lash enhancement with the upper eyeliner all inclusive so maybe a gimmick? I do know when she was doing the eyeliner she went below my lash line and above the lash line but to me it is one solid line as you can see in my picture. She is an instructor and certifies others and had a student come in while she was doing mine and she watched. She used numbing gel for 30 min on my brows and lash lines. It did sting a tad but nothing much. Even so I was tender when she did the lash line and she had to stop several times. It is not unbearable just uncomfortable and at times ticklish. The eyebrows were a breeze, ticklish but not uncomfortable. I was mostly nervous about the color she chose and the shape. She did a terrific job with the shape and used no guide or stencil but did measure the 3 points of my eye and across. I am a very cool coloration. Ash tones naturally in my hair that I highlight. I figured she would use a taupe or ash brown but instead used a warm brown tint and said you always use the opposite on someone such as if you have warm tones you use a cool tone brown etc. She gave me 2 page instructions and a packet of petroleum jelly to use on my lids & brows. They have not yet scabbed over and may not since it is 6 days now and they look healed up. In 6 weeks she said to return for a touch up if needed so I will check in if anything changes between now and then . I was told they could fade as much as 30% or not at all.

1 month later. My eyebrows have faded to a light...

1 month later. My eyebrows have faded to a light brown. I have retouches due mid January and will ask for brows to be darkened slightly. The shape still looks good but it really did fade 30%! Eyeliner looks the same!

Did my touch up today alittle over 6 weeks later...

Did my touch up today alittle over 6 weeks later in a darker brown as the fading was more than I liked. Less discomfort this time but maybe I was more relaxed too! The shape is still great! The eyeliner is great but I may thicken the line a little more. Samira pointed it out that she thought a slightly thicker line would look better and she will retouch at no cost. I chose to wait and do it in about 6 weeks when she rechecks my brows. She wants to please her customers and will do what it takes to make you happy so I am thrilled to have her working on my face and wish I had done it 10 years ago! I highly recommend Samira! She is a great lady! Her son also works there and is top notch too. You can't go wrong with either one. A lady was there to see her son and he had done her liner, lash enhancement eyebrows and lips and she looked fantastic! She had very naturally colored bluish lips and he had colored them to look like a natural pink and used a color to counter the blue undertones which were no longer perceivable. They are very good at knowing what color of ink will work with your skin tones. Another lady was waiting after me to have her lips done and had done her brows and liner with Samira and they looked wonderful too. No one gets the same brow. She looks at your face and really knows what is needed for your particular face. Her contact info is She is located at 2912-A Battleground Ave Greensboro NC.She is an instructor there. Phone # 336 558-8023. I asked if I could post her contact info and she said yes!

Samira's Permanent makeup in Greensboro NC is an...

Samira's Permanent makeup in Greensboro NC is an absolute must for those who want a very experienced person (25+years). She is also a master trainer. I went for my touch up and she perfected anything and everything. She is very critical of her work so some things I was fine with she still touched up to make 100% perfect and lasting. The last appt she felt my eyeliner needed to be a tad thicker and she was right. Made a huge difference. She uses the best natural pigments that are very true and stay the same color for years. I have been there when several clients have returned for other services and most rave about her and how life changing permanent make up is. It takes me 10-15 minutes now to get ready vs 30-40 min it used to take trying to apply eyeliner and then do my eyebrows which I would sometimes redo to get them right. As I get older it was extremely difficult to do my eyeliner and have to wear reading glasses. I ended up getting contacts just to put my eye make up on. My eyes are dry so can't wear them but about an hour but the good news is I no longer need them because the fine details are permanent now! Can't say enough how these two procedures have improved my self esteem. I can swim and not worry about "Where did the eyebrows go etc" She makes sure to blend the color with your skin color so it looks very natural.

2.5 years later

I decided to make upper and lower eyeliner wider than it was and my eyebrows darker and slightly arched more with hair strokes. It had faded some but not alot but I liked the color it was when first done the last time so asked to go with a deeper shade so it would stay at that level of darkness. Samira is great at using safe FDA appoved anesthetic gel on lids (as well as epinephrine) and gel on brows as well as constantly flushing eyes and keeping them moist. She left gel on approximately 40 minutes. No pain but it tickled alot this time so I did squirm but not due to pain. It was the sensation of needing to scratch an itch which was probably more annoying to her since I moved then it was to me. I was able to check her work with a hand mirror as she progressed. She uses organic pigment which is extremely safe and the best for this type procedure. She has students come from all over the country to learn her techniques. I know she had a client come in and she was offered a great discount if she would come and have the work completed during her upcoming teaching sesssion so her students could learn. I will keep that in mind for my next time. She usually says 3 years is a good time frame for touch ups as pigment may fade due to people being out in the sun alot and forgetting sunscreen or using cleansers with glycolic acid. She is accessible via email and phone if a question should arise. I will post pic 24 hours after procedure and then again in a week or so.

24 hours after procedure done

adding pic to above 25 Apr 2015 update
Samira Haddad

She is an instructor and seemed knowledgeable . She emphasized the importance of using good ink and using sterile procedure.

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