100% happy with my results from Dr Harley....Biltmore lift and Upper Bleph done on 12/9/15 in Asheville, NC

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I was hoping to have my surgeries in Austin, TX...

I was hoping to have my surgeries in Austin, TX but after seeing all of Dr Harley's results on RealSelf I've decided he is the surgeon for me. I have a 12 year old son and I adopted my 4 year old foster daughter. I don't want to look 50 when she starts kindergarten. I look like she should be calling me grandma not mommy. I look so different now than I did just 4 years ago. I'd be thrilled to ditch the luggage under my eyes and to get rid of the crepey, loose neck. I'm sending my pics to Dr Harley this week and hopefully we will have our remote consultation very soon.

I had my phone consultation today with Dr Harley

Dr Harley is soooo nice and honest. He may not be able to help me with my lower right eye since the huge bag is from getting hit in the face with a baseball. He won't know for sure until he sees me. He does think he could make an improvement with my upper lids and my neck. Next step is to get this scheduled.... My mom liked him as well.

I'm scheduled for surgery on 12/9 with Dr Harley

It's official. I'm so scared and excited. I'm going to get my eyes done (upper and lower) as well as the biltmore lift. Thanks to everyone for posting before and after pics. You all have given me the courage and reassurance that I'm making the right decision. I will be going by myself but will contact TLC to take care of me.

Flight/hotel booked and countdown has begun

I had a great conversation with Susie who owns TLC in Asheville yesterday and I feel even better about going alone. Im going to miss my kids soooo much but they will be in good hands while I heal. I'm so thankful to all the RealSelfers who have shared their journey and I will try and do the same. I've had the same job for over 11 years in Austin and I have never taken more than 2 weeks off at once so I did tell people I'll be fixing my right eye. Everyone knows the bag is larger on that side since I was hit with a baseball 3 years ago. I'm going to keep the neck lift to myself and of course with you all. If people ask after I will share but I don't want to share that just yet. I don't need anyone's approval. I might even go blonde again to throw people off the trail. I've heard many times that I looked better blonde so maybe if I'm cute again they will blame it on the bleach. Haha. Since I booked my surgery I have been taking more pics so I can look at them on those long, boring, healing says and remind myself why I did it all.

December 9th can't come soon enough

I keep taking more before shots and this waiting game is making me so anxious. Here are more before pics from this week with makeup on. I really don't want to look different. I just want to look like the younger me. The paper thin crinkly neck and the resting bitch face just makes me feel sad and bitchy. Ha

More before pictures to scare us all on Halloween

My mom and dad came over to visit earlier and asked me nicely not to go forward with surgery on 12/9. They weren't mean about it at all. They were very sweet and told me how beautiful they think I am. They are so wonderful and so biased. My mom did a consult with Dr Harley but decided she would stay the way God made her. i am 100 percent comfortable with my decision. Thanks to all of you for posting all of your stories.

2 week count down to Biltmore Lift and Eye Surgery

This has been a rough week. Last Friday I had to put down my beloved Border Collie. Henry was 15 years old. We all miss him sooo much. My eyes were so swollen from crying that I could barely open them. I thought it was foreshadowing of what to expect in a couple of weeks. In my grief I let my friend from work chop off all my hair. It actually looks better than the 1980s Rock band stringy hair I had going on. On Monday I will get it professionally cut and highlighted per everyone's suggestions to go back blonde. Happy early Thanksgiving!

Pre-surgery haircut and highlights

The 9th is coming upon me very quickly. As suggested by several of you I chopped my hair and got some blonde highlights yesterday. I actually felt kind of cute at work today because I got so many compliments. That was a first! Here is a pic from yesterday with my. sweet daughter. I didn't go super short or super blonde yet. My stylist said she will go shorter and blonder once my scars have healed. I'm still missing my sweet dog but at least I have stopped crying. Hugs to you all! I'll post from NC next week.

At the aiport in Austin....Heading to Asheville

My mom and bonus dad just dropped me off. They are so sweet. Am I crazy leaving my kids for a better neck and eyes? Or would it be crazier not to address the things that we can fix if they make us feel bad??? Well, I know this for sure. I sound crazy. We had our family reunion this weekend and I woke up yesterday with no voice. Today it's the same. Melina called me last night from TLC and all she could hear was a very quiet, squeaky mouse. Damn that ragweed and mold. I need a mantra. I must turn this into an adventure. Perhaps I'm an aging alien spy from the planet Venus who must travel to the best surgeon on planet Earth....... Hmmmmmm. I like it. I miss my kids already. I don't miss work but I brought that pesty laptop with me. Later friends!!!!!

Just had Pre-op.... Going back at 6am tomorrow

Omg. Dr Harley, Juanita, Kelly and even the patients in his waiting room are so nice. He cannot fix the bags under my eyes. It is filler build up that needs to be dissolved. But I am getting the lower face lift and the upper eye lids done at 615am tomorrow. I met 2 patients in the lobby who had already done the surgery who looked fantastic. I am excited. I wish he could fix my lower eyes but it makes me trust him even more for his honesty. Melina from TLC picked me up from the aiport but Ian from Uber has been driving me around. He is is very nice, not creepy, more like a little brother. He took me to preop, picked me up, took me to get my prescriptions, showed me a hiking trail I wanted to see, took me to lunch and grocery shopping. If you are coming alone he is the perfect guide. Even my boyfriend is comfortable with him. Just know that you are paying for every minute and it's very worth it to me. He has his massage license as well. No, I have not had a massage. But I would! Very nice guy!

Back in my room

Everyone was great. My eyes hurt but I don't feel any pain in my neck. Melina from TLC has been awesome.

Bandage off/drain out

My crepey mess is gone.

Bye bye jowls

More 1 day after pics

TLC was outstanding. Molina, Natasha, Nekeisha and Susie treated me better than I could have imagined. I had zero pain yesterday. I woke up a couple of times during surgery only to hum a song from "the sound of music" that Kelly was singing. Any time I would slide down during the night one of my nurses was instantly moving me back into the proper sleeping position. Everyone has been amazing. My face (eyes mainly) are very, very, very swollen but my neck is gorgeous and my mouth looks happy even while resting. Dermablend works. The stitches don't gross me out because I am too enamores with my neck to notice. Hahhaa

Day 3 after surgery

My wonderful, Amazing Friend, Lauren came from Texas on Thursday and she's made sure I do everything as prescribed by Dr Harley and TLC. My eyes are super swollen. My mouth and neck look much younger. My eyes look like I'm in a Boxing movie. I got carded. That never, ever happens. No more gobble wobble and no more constant frown. I can't wait to see my eyes once the swelling subsides

5 day post operation pics......not cute

Sooooooo. People are asking to see my scars so here you go on day 5. My neck and mouth are youthful...... My eyes aren't mine yet. I'm just too swollen. Being locked up in a hotel room isn't really for me. I think I have a touch of the Blues. I miss my kids like crazy and feel like such a selfish ass for leaving them. People at work are calling and wanting me to make decisions and honestly I can't. I'm not on pain pills but still feel like someone else. I'm in a weird fog. No regrets except for the Doritos I devoured. Constipation is depressing as well. Haha.

Day 6. Still swollen but back to laughing about it

I'm excited to get the stitches out tomorrow. I still look like a clown who has been battered at a bday party gone wrong. I went on a short walk earlier and am now watching documentaries in my hotel room. I can't wait to hug my sweet babies on Friday. I heard there are 2 new Dr H patients in my hotel but I haven't been lucky enough to meet them. I need friends here asap. I have extra pineapple juice if you two need help message me. Hahahahaha

Stitches out.... Feeling great!!

I just wrote a really long update on how much I love Dr Harley, Juanita and Kelly and it is gone. I got my stitches out today and dang, I feel so much better. To celebrate I went to the Sierra Nevada Brewery for lunch and a treat. My eyes are still bruised but I feel so much better about myself already. No more hanging neck, no more jowls and once my eyes are healed I'm sure I will love them just as much. I would come to NC again because I 100% trust Dr Harley and his team.

Pics from Day 11 Post Op

I am still soooo happy I did this.........I just want to over share for some of you so you are mentally prepared.
I can honestly say this is still quite the roller coaster ride. One second I feel pretty dang cute and then an hour later my face swells, one eye looks like it is dropping and that my face looks pulled but it all depends on my diet. This is all very, very normal. If I even look at a salted chip then poof!!! I was drinking way too soon after surgery as well. All of these pics are from yesterday. You can see what I mean about going from a hot mess to something somewhat cuter just 5 hours later. Last thing, aquaphor feels awesome but I can't get it out of my hair so it's now my new look of embracing the wet look. Hahahahaha. Sending lots of blessings and fast healing to you all!!!

19 days post

I love my new profile especially when I see the before and after. Geez. My eyes are still healing but they look better every day. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I went back to work today and it went wonderfully. Big, beautiful blessings to you all!!!

6 weeks since surgery

I'm still happy and I am actually getting happier with each day. I don't even wear base anymore to work although I should. I keep getting private messages to post new pics. My eyes aren't 100 percent healed at 6 weeks but they are probably 90 percent. I have eyelids again and for that I am thankful.

8 week post

I had my filler dissolved today. Hurt more than surgery

I took a day off work today and had my under eye filler dissolved in Austin. The surgeon seemed a little irritated with me since I went to NC for my surgery. I won't say his name bc I could just be guessing wrong and he wasn't rude. I think perhaps I hurt his feelings. A year ago he said he wouldn't touch my neck. But I had done a consult w him last year and still left Texas for Dr Harley. I might have screamed a "f" word repetitively today in his office while getting shot after shot under my eyes. I ended up getting a nerve block. My boyfriends mom is in town from CO and she decided after seeing me cry today to simply enjoy her beauty at 67. I told her multiple times that today hurt way worse than surgery. But I think she is hot at 67 and should leave it all alone. I was terrified that it would look worse but I actually like my hideous bags better than the pillow face I had from fillers. Love and beauty to all of you

4 month (almost) update

I'm still very happy with my results. My eyes look so much better with the upper bleph and with the lower filler dissolved. I love being jowl free and long gone is my creepy and crepey neck. I still want to get a lower bleph or tear trough implants but just not sure yet. Here are some pics from today. (Yes, we were parked waiting for my other kiddo!) My scars are not noticeable at all. I did Dysport on my forehead when I got the under eye filler dissolved and it looks really good. I saw my friend this weekend who visited me in Asheville the day after surgery and she said my eyes look so much better without the filler. I definitely have bags and crinkles/wrinkles under my eyes but the filler just made me look very puffy. Hope everyone is doing great. I would love to go back to Dr H for a lower bleph but more than likely I will do it in Austin. It's too hard to be gone that long and the price sky rockets with travel, hotel etc.

Ear scar pics as requested

It's hard to take pics of your own ears but I tried. Several of you have asked so I hope this helps. My hair covers whatever remains. I don't see them really.

6 months post

Still very happy! Miss you all! 6 months since surgery and 7 months since my dog Henry died. I have adopted my friends 2 year Great Dane and my chihuahua Max is doing great. They are in love. Nala is 2 and Max is 8. Opposites attract!!!

8 months post the magician... DR Harley

My daughter starts kindergarten on the 22nd. I no longer worry about looking like a grandma on her first day. There are already enough questions when people see her and I together. Hahaha. (Adoption rocks but leads to people wanting in your business which doesn't bother me!) I feel so much better about myself and it's nice to notice a couple of lingering looks or heads turning in my direction again. I'm super up front about my surgery especially when people make me feel unintentionally guilty because I look younger than 43. I don't want someone feeling bad if that makes sense so I fess up a lot. I'm not going to lie about it. Last night we were trying to see if my almost 15 year old niece was taller than me or not. I wasn't wearing makeup and looked like death but although she is now taller I had to share my neck with y'all . I love it! A year ago I would have died seeing my profile because of the crepey skin. I'm far from perfect but it's nice to feel happy in my own skin. So glad I did my upper bleph. I'll post when I finally do my lower. I'm going to do it this year or next most likely but it just doesn't bother me as much now that my 2 other major issues are resolved. Hugs to you all!
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Harley is amazing. I'm so happy that I traveled from Austin to Asheville to save my neck, jowls and eyelids. His team includes Juanita and Nurse Kelly....they are both fantastic as well. I feel so much better about myself and it was pain free.

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