39 and Ready to Get my Profile Back!! - North Carolina

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I started using fillers around 35 and botox around...

I started using fillers around 35 and botox around 33. At first i was addicted! I thought this is great im never going to look old and then 39 hit and my entire face just seemed to fall off. It seemed like it happened overnight. I woke up one morning and didnt recognize the old saggy neck lady in the mirror????

Before pics

Thought i wouls share some before pics

This new years eve

I still feel and feel like i look pretty young. My neck just doesnt fit my face. Its the weirdest thing. I honestly think fillers are bad for your face in the long run. After i began getting more fillers and got larger implants is when my skin began to rapidly age. This pic is nye 2016. I always angle my neck in pics

Any suggestions?

I am trying to organize and pack and make a list of items that i will need. I was wondering if anyone that has went before me has any "must haves" or hacks for me to help make things easier. I would appreciate any help in this department. My nerves are starting to kick in and i begining to have second thoughts, but i want it too bad to back out now. Lol

Last time my daughter gets to tease me!

I have started my pineapple and blueberry regimine and packing. Tomorrow the journey begins. Thank you everyone for all the help and support.. Especially traceyanne you have been a godsend! I am beat so brb in the am ????

6am...wth am i doing???????

Well the big day is here. We got to the office at 6am.. Ive never been early or on time in my life. Lol. No one was there yet, so we ran for coffee for the bf. I can yell you i am ready for the valium. I woke up thinking why the hell am i cutting my face off.. Lol. Well here i go...

Well here are a few pics

I look pretty rough!

side by side pic

Here is a side by side view 4 days out. I cannot thank Dr.Harley enough for turning back the hands of time. My right ear is still pretty swore, but besides that i feel great and i think look pretty good

This ear!

So my left ear will not heal. I know it is only 8 days out, but its stressing me out!

9 days post op

Here are a few pics. Still need the ballcap. Stitches out in the am

10 days out

Last night we went out to celebrate st.pattys day. My bf is hardcore irish! Lol. I saw so many people and no one noticed!:) so happy that i went to Dr. Harley and im glad i went through with procedure


Ladies, i was wondering if anyone besides myself is having trouble wearing earrings? My bf put them in, because i could not get them through and they hurt and bled by the end of the evening so i had to take them out. Ive had them pierced since i was 5, so i considered it maybe some swelling?

Its been awhile...

Im pretty far out now and loving my results. Somedays i feel as if my neck could be a wee bit tighter, but i thankful for Dr. Harley! 40 is the new 30

So thankful for Doctor Harley

I love Dr. Harley's work. I will def go see him when i am ready for a touch up!! 40 is the new 30;)
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Thats when i began to scour the internet for a solution and for me i think its def the biltmore lift!

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