25 y/o, 5'7", 120lbs, Sientra Shaped Implants 275cc/310cc! On the road to recovery

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So I have a consultation tomorrow morning. There...

So I have a consultation tomorrow morning. There are no surgeons that I trust in my area, so I am actually driving about 3 hours away from home just to see this doctor. I'm hoping we're a match, but he'll be the first that I'm seeing. If he isn't the one, I might have to hold off booby plans until I move to LA. Can't rush it, right? Even though I've basically been waiting since I hit puberty (haha).

I always hoped I'd be a late, late, late..late bloomer, but it never happened.

Currently an AA/A cup, 25 y/o, 5'7", and 120lbs.

I'm going to post my wish boobs. Most of which I found from here! :) I'm looking to be a full B, maybe small C, depending on how natural-looking I can get them. I realize most of these photos show a bigger size, but the shape and look I loooove.

If anyone is reading, I have some questions!
I've done tons and tons of research, but are there non-obvious questions I should remember to ask the doctor? Besides stating clearly what I want and what I'm looking for, what else should I be asking to make sure I've covered all corners? I'm scared my nerves will make me blank lol.

Thanks for reading! I'm so happy I've found this community to seek advice and to get insight from. You all are fabulous.

Scheduled my surgery!!! Gummybears, please.

I haven't been this nervous in a super long time. Reading everyone's stories helps me calm down because I know I'm not the first to feel this way! I had my consultation on Monday and it went by in a blur, honestly. A nice blur, but a blur because I was just so nervous!!

So I went into the office and they are pretty casual with you, which I don't mind because of the nerves. I love how non-judgemental and supportive everyone seems lol. The nurse asked me basic questions about myself and what I'm expecting. As I was sitting there, all I could think about was trying on the sizers because people on here always talk about how exciting it was for them! LOL. I don't know. My mind was all over the place!

I told her I was looking to be a full B - small C. The doctor came in and he was very kind, calm, and professional. He gave me the 411 real quick. All the info was a little overwhelming, so I'm really glad I did my research before hand. I showed him and the nurse my Wish Boobs album, and talked about my concerns since I know I have little to no breast tissue to start with.

He measured me and asked the nurse to start me off with 250cc sizers. I wore those and to be honest, all size concerns went out the window because I was so happy to look down and SEE something and the idea of finally having BOOBS made me so freaking happy. My nerves calmed down a lot by this point because wearing them reminded me why I was there in the first place. Like wow if my breasts had developed, this is what it would be like. She told me to keep in mind that the sizers may look bigger than the result because it would be under the muscle. So I tried a size up - 300cc sizers. And I was pretty much sold. I thought about adding more, but I'm really not there to be huge. I just want a natural result and to end up with something that I feel like I should've had all my adult life.

He told the nurse to put me down for 275cc-310cc. He said the type of implants I wanted didn't come in exactly a '300cc' size (?) which kind of surprised me, but all these cc's aren't that far apart in actual volume, so I don't mind.

After more chitchat and info, he had his patient coordinator come in to give me a quote and other information.

OK. I feel like I'm rambling so I'll just summarize here.

I took a day to think about it, because my only other doctor choice is in LA, and after much, much, much debate, I do want a very natural look, because I want it to look good down the road too. I don't want it to look good for just the first few years and then have it look bad. Something told me his work is built to last. The doctor in LA, though his work initially looks amazing, he seems to specialize in going really big, which is something I don't want. Also, the doctor in LA is younger, so I wonder what his patients will look like down the road. Where as the doctor I chose already has patient results from down the road. It's easy to get caught up in a 'boob look' or what's popular right now, but when I'm 35 or 40, my concern is going to just be how well they were done for me to grow older with them inside. Does that even make any sense?

Another reason was the other doctor didn't seem to offer gummybear implants, which I've really been interested in. I have a long torso, I'm tall, and skinny with a lot of upper chest space and the shaped implants would give me fullness above without giving me that super ribby-empty-chest-space look. I feel like if I had round implants, it would literally look like two balls on my chest.

I owe you guys Before photos. I just want to take them closer to the surgery date because I want to have an After photo soon after! Luckily my family and friends and my boyfriend have been super supportive of my decision and are mentally there for me every step of the way. I'm really grateful for them. :)

Today I bought post-op frontal zip up bras~

I'm getting more and more excited now. Still nervous, but I feel like I'm in good hands.

I bought the Hanes Classic zip up sports bra and the Playtex support zip up bra. The Hanes one is more sturdy and fits like a loose glove. I'm thinking after my BA I'll be swollen, so it'll tighten nicely. The Playtex one is really soft, so I think it'll help lessen irritation at the incision site compared to the Hanes one. I bought two and I'll let the doctor pick out whichever one he thinks would be best post-op. And then I'll just wear the other in between washes.

It's confusing to get when I haven't gotten my BA yet, but I'm trying my best to plan ahead! Do you have a favorite post-op bra you wore that you'd like to recommend?

Had my pre-op, leaving for surgery tomorrow night and surgery is set for Friday 05/22!

I meant to write an update after having my pre-op appt, but it never ended up happening. I've calmed down so much that I forgot to write about it. The nurses there are great, I didn't see the doctor or anything during pre-op. We went over the 30 page contract thingy where I read about all the risks and then sign my life away.. (SUPER SCARY WTH) She answered the questions I had and told me what to do to prepare for the day of surgery/day after.

Now that I'm leaving tomorrow night (it's 4 hours away) and having surgery Friday morning, I'm starting to freak out because I procrastinated a lot of the stuff. Like I should've picked up my medicine earlier this week instead of waiting until tomorrow to do it and I should've finished cleaning the house/rooms so that I know it's all nice and clean for when I'm healing. It was my little sister's birthday today, so I had to do a lot for that and got side-tracked.

Now I'm refocused on what's about to happen to my body and I'm freaking out again. My parents are going to be the "adults" that will help take me home and take care of me. And my sister will be the one mostly taking care of me my first day post-op. I'm so nervous and scared. I feel like I won't be able to function at all and I feel like the stress of a messy house and not being able to do things myself is going to make me really depressed. I'm prepared for the emotional ups and downs, just right now, my mom is driving me up the wall. She's too much of a worrywart and is dragging me down with her. I feel instead of coming off warm and nurturing, she's going to come off naggy and annoying and ahhhh I just fear it will affect my vibe and mood as I'm healing. She's going to make me think the worst. So I told my sister she really needs to be my light and my rock through this process.

I guess I'm more spiritual and love the natural approach to everything, so getting implants is very.. Different. But it's something I've always wanted. Having a body of a 'grown' woman and not of a teenage girl will finally help me feel like my body matches my mind more. I need to remember so much. I'm writing everything I need to buy and pack for tomorrow.

And I STILL have to take before photos or I won't have any!!!

During pre-op, the nurse took photos. I asked to look at them and omg I am smaller than I thought. I'm so skinny and small and flat and.. Sigh. You'll see what I mean soon.

Anyway, had to get this all off my chest because tomorrow I'm going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything prepared and organized and ready so I can calm the F down and get my shit together. (Excuse the language)


Post-Op Day 2: Before/After photos! :D

Hey there!

So my PS put in 275cc Sientra shaped textured implants on my left side, and on my right is 310cc.

First hour after surgery was the worst lol. Mostly because it was a 4hr ride home and the pain meds didn't kick in yet. Right after surgery I was SO cold lol. So when they tell you to bring warm socks or warm clothes, DO IT!!! It felt so good to be in the sun after on the ride home because I was so cold lol.

I think out of this whole process, I was the most nervous during my consultation... Did you feel the same way? Just me? Haha.

I'm so happy with them so far! Second day now. Waking up hurt because the medicine had worn off. Luckily my mom came by with soup right away and meds - woohoo!

---Edit: And that's as far as I wrote because I started to feel nauseous so I never finished writing yesterday lol

P.S: I'm totally starting to understand boob greed now. I'm afraid they won't settle as big as I would like them to be. Hopefully they turn out just fine.

Before/After photos finally

Feeling that boob greed thing everyone talks about.. Hope it settles larger than it looks.

Day 3

Incisions hurt, they're itchy and feel tight. Still feel like I can't take a deep breath for the life of me!

All I'm wearing is a cami and a button up shirt over. First day I was braless. Second day I was mostly braless - I tried to wear one of the front-zip-up support bras but it sits on my incisions which I really don't like bc I don't want it to rub. Maybe in a few days I'll dry the support bras again.

Just want to function like a normal person again. Hate not being able to do simple everyday things by myself :(

Day 4!

Feeling much better than yesterday.
I can finally slowly do things on my own. I've been taking it SUPER easy because I don't want to mess up my pockets or anything. Finally can slowly go to the bathroom on my own, sit/lay at an angle and get up by myself, etc. I completely rested my chest muscles the first few days because it hurt so much.

Still feel tight, but my boobs don't feel as rock hard as they did the first day. Hopefully I'm on the up and up. Was feeling a bit sad yesterday because "implants are not life long devices" and thinking about going through all this again seems like such a stupid thing to do lol.

Currently my incisions irritate the most bc my right one is getting really itchy. Finally wearing a sports bra though! Wearing my mom's 36B ones. I'm a 32 band, normally, but I don't like the idea of the band pushing into my incisions.

Well, I'm definitely a full B now, but hopefully when they fully heal and soften up, I'll be able to fit into a small C! :) (That is my hope... But if I am a full B that is okay too) Coming to terms with size. It's better for me like this anyway, I want to live a super active life, so I don't think I'd enjoy a bigger size in the long run. If I ever wanted to dress these babies up and LOOK larger, I could! So hopefully it'll all work out in the end. Trying to stay positive, can you tell!?

Had a panic attack

My family went out to a dinner party and I made the brilliant decision to lay on my back on the couch because I thought I was strong enough to get up on my own. WRONG! It hurt SO bad trying to get upright again. I panicked and twisted my way out, but not without making my incisions on the right side hurt like hell. Sharp pain all around my incision. I finally got upright and had a panic attack.

It's only been a few days but it feels like it's been weeks and I just want to fully heal already. It's so hard not being able to do anything. It's been really hard. A lot of people seem to have smoother healing processes,but mine just feels like forever. I'm so impatient and can't stand it. I just want these foreign objects to feel like mine and to feel like myself again. I wish I could forward time.

Day 5

My right incision hurts a LOT when I'm trying to sit/stand up straight or slide up or down when I'm laying on pillows/the couch. Has anyone else had this happen? My left seems to be doing A-OK. Why can't my right boob get it together?

I woke up in the middle of the night last night AND the night before because my right incision was hurting so much. Taking ibuprofen helps, but I don't want to be taking pain medication everyday.

I freaked out this morning because my right side felt so much tighter than my left and it felt higher. INTENSE morning right-boob? I checked it out in the mirror and they both look even and no change in terms of swelling/bruising or anything, which is good I guess.

I heard itching at the incision site is an indication it's healing, but if righty is itchy, how come lefty isn't? Righty needs to be like lefty chopchop. The pain from the incision site on the right side feels like I'm tearing it open or something, which is the scariest thought. So.. I try not to move. It's ok right now because of the ibuprofen. I took 400mg this morning. Maybe I can try lowering it to 200mg to see if I'm fine with a smaller dose.


Day.. 8? One week post!

It took a FULL week for me, but I am finally feeling more myself. The past several nights, I wake up in the middle of the night because the incision on my right side aches. I succumb and take pain meds to go back to sleep, but during the day, I'm happy to announce that I'm medicine free yayyyy.

I can do everything by myself again! Except get up if I am lying too flat-back and if something is too hard to pull/push (stubborn doors, fridge, etc).

I'm really happy with how they're looking. Nice and full and perky! But now I'm scared that it is just the swelling that makes it look so full lol. What if that goes away? Also, does anyone with gummybears/anatomicals know if they "drop and fluff?" I'm hoping they heal bigger still and that when the swelling goes away it doesn't make them look too small. Still back and forth with how I feel about going the size I did. BOOB GREED, I TELL YOU! Just hoping they stay this size when healed (or bigger) andddd bras will do the rest. I mean, considering I started with nothing, I'm just really happy to have something. I'm genuinely happy with the results so far!

Also thank you to all the comments prior. The first week was SO tough. So to have people to talk to about it/to not feel alone has meant a lot. So THANK YOU!

Had my one-week post-op appt with my PS

They took the steri-strips off and everything seems good.. But..

Didn't think the incisions were so long.. NOTE TO ANYONE THINKING OF GETTING COHESIVE SILICONE IMPLANTS ---- Incisions are longer than regular silicone/saline implants!!!

They look gnarly. Sorry for the gruesome photos. At least they're not still bleeding or anything. I don't think I could've stand it to look at it any sooner. I really hate that I'm going to have these scars forever. I guess the lucky part is that they'll mainly be for my eyes only.

Really sucks. I hate scars. Especially since these were done in vain ha.. Hopefully they heal okay. My skin doesn't heal like most others, so I'm hoping the scars can become as invisible as possible. Only time will tell. In the mean time, I have gotten the O.K to start putting on the biocorneum scar cream. Hope that will help a lot.

Yeppppp these incisions are bringing me downnn.
Also they said swelling will continue to go down, but in my head I'm thinking, are my boobs gonna end up smaller? Because I def don't want them to get any smaller.. :(

Update: Incisions are 3in long :(

My implants won't be big enough in the future to fold over and hide them, so my only hope now is that they diminish over time. Sad days.. Let's hope they shrink or something? Sigh..

Well here are some updated photos. I love the shape and stuff though!

Fighting boob greed..

If you're in a 'maybe' position about a size, and debating if you should go bigger, just go bigger lol.

Even though one is 275 and the other is 310, I wish I had started in the 300cc range. Not that it'd make that big of a difference and I know I can use bras to make myself look bigger when I want to, but after having surgery, I seriously never wear bras. Lightly padded sports bras/support bras for the healing process make me look a lot bigger so that's nice.

Maybe I was self-conscious about other people finding out? Like other family members and friends that aren't that close to me.. But hey! I paid for them, so might as well haha.

I wish the healing process would hurry up so I can workout again. I still get morning boob in the morning, they feel stiff, and then getting up first thing in the morning kind of hurts. Then it relaxes and softens up a bit, then I feel better.

As with most people, my left is dropping and softening up faster than my right side. So now it looks bigger than my right side. I just hope it catches up and ends up looking even.

Also I have a cyst in my left boob and during the consultation, we discussed the removal of it. And stupid me, I forgot to double-check and reconfirm and all that crap, so now I still have it. I felt it the other day and ughhhh so frustrating!! I called the office like 3 times to ask them to confirm if he had or not (prior to me feeling it myself) and they had to ask around and look it up and ask different nurses and no one got back to me. Communication after surgery is definitely not as good. So.. That's disappointing.

Also my hair is super long and thick so showering has been quite the task. It gets a little easier every time though.

Anyway.. Woohoo to progress. I just try not to think about it too much now so that it'll make recovery feel like it's going by faster.

One month mark!

Soooo I've been avoiding pictures because I was struggling with boob greed the past few weeks and my left boob has been stubborn so it was starting to look uneven and it was extremely frustrating.

I'm almost out of Biocorneum for my scars. Anyone have any other recommendation for their scars or should I buy another tiny ass bottle? Lol

Anywho! I wore my wireless VS bra yesterday just to see how it'd fit and it really filled it up nicely. Sad part is the bra is only a 34A. But I guess that means I'll fill a 32B nicely too. My boobs still have a ton of softening up to do, so being braless is my favorite. That or those lightly padded sports bra/half tanks. Anyway, I guess I don't realize how big they look in real life. I took a bunch of photos in different outfits yesterday and I think when they soften and I am able to "push" something up or have them move around more like normal boobs, they'll look really great in clothing. After all, I did technically just want to be able to fill my clothes.. Which I am definitely able to do now. But still.. Should've started in the 300cc rage. If I could go back, I would want to start at 330cc+. Should've done the rice sizers and walked around for a day or two in them and stuff.

A/AA ladies, do not be afraid of C cups lol. They really are not as big as you think. What I thought a B was, was really what a C is. But how am I supposed to know when I started with nothing?!

Anywho, I'm still hoping that when they settle and soften, they'll be able to fill a small C bra.. LOL. *wishful thinking*
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