I Am 6 Days Away from my Surgery I Am Getting Lip in Four Areas Transferred to my Butt... - North Carolina

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Am 26 Years old I'm getting a surgery that I...

am 26 Years old I'm getting a surgery that I wanted for so long which is a fat transfer to my butt I'm getting lipo in four area I'm nervous cause I been smoking weed in paper and today I had a cup of beer I wonder if this is going to affect me? I hope Dr hamel gives me my thin waist & fat butt I want!! I will be posting before & after picture and a video of him in action...

one day away from my surgery! !#

I'm only one day away from my surgery very nervous but this is something I've wanted for so long I'll be posting some pictures of how I look now and tomorrow I'll post some pictures how I look after the surgery

Dr.John hamel March 11th 2016 Brazilian butt lift Brazilian butt lift

Today is my second day after my fat transfer I'm in a lot of pain I love how it looks now!! Dr.john hamel is great he prayed before he started made me feel really comfortable...he gave me 1000cc in each butt cheek and gave me that thin waist I wanted it's only the 2 day I hope I heal good I'm still in pain it's hard to sleep hope as the days go by it gets easier! !

2 day DR.John hamel

2 day and was throwing up all day long!! I want it to stop better pictures coming up!!--

the 3 day... going in for my message

Today is my 3 day feeling a little better it's still early going in for my message at 12 pm hopefully I don't throw up like yesterday! !

3days after my bbl

This is 3 days after my bbl still in pain & Uncomfortable

I'm getting the chills 7 days after bbl

It's 7 days after my bbl I went back to work after 3 day ...I am getting the chills and wanna know why? is it normal ?and what steps I need to take! 7 days after and still feel bad my arms hurt from sleeping on my belly I can lay on my sides cause dr.hamel put fat in my hips has well ....what is the worst that can happen? Can I die from an infection?I am very scared and worried

I'm 17days out from my bbl

The last time I post something I was not feeling good I went to dr.hamel the very next day ..he said it don't seem like anything but he still gave me a shot just in case if it's an infection it would knock it out....since than I am feel great my butt went down a little kinda upset but he did said it would go down and grow right back he said I would have to wait a year for final results ..the only thing I don't like is that one side of my butt looks fuller than the other it seems like it's a dent it bugs me to know one of my butt side looks perfect and the other one looks less fuller it bugs me but I'd over all I love it...but hope it doesn't get smaller and if it does I hope it grows back really really big I want a big difference

19 days since my Bbl!!!!!!

My butt went down soo much I hope it grows back if anyone else had this problem please tell me if your butt grew back after a few months????

2 months!!!

feeling better just hope it grows bigger i
Dr. John Hamel

let's see what happens the day of my Surgery..ill do before & after pictures of Dr hamel work I hope he does a good job

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