36 Year Old, 5'7, 138lbs; Liposuction of Inner, Outer Thighs, and Waist. - North Carolina, NC

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I've have disliked the appearance of my thighs,...

I've have disliked the appearance of my thighs, since as long I can remember. I've dieted as most have on this site, and have seen great results. unfortunately they overall size would get smaller but the stubborn pockets of fat and disproportionate fat still exists. After a bout with Cool Scultping, (which does not work if you have really stubborn fat or a lot of it). I just decided to bite the bullet and just decided to do it already. I have researched lip for years. I eat clean and work out hard, 5 -6 days a week. I run half marathons, I teaching spinning, and I do crossfit. However, my legs did not look like I did, no matter what. Ugh, so frustrating.

So day of procedure I was a nervous wreck. Overally, it was not bad. I was knocked out. I went there at 9, I was out by 12:30! My most notable feeling was burning soreness. My first night I did not sleep well at all. I actually got out of bed, and slept on couch sitting up. My boyfriend got up in the middle of the night to check on me. I only however, took pain medication for 3 days. By day four I was on my way!

I had my follow up appointment on Monday and everything is good, per my PS. Stitches come out on Monday, the 30th. :) Still no working out or swimming. Walking he said was fine! Whooopie!

Today is Day 7 and I have almost no pain and the bruising is gone! I walked 2.5 miles the other day, about 1.5 yesterday. I am wearing the binder they gave me, but have started wearing spanx as he said I could.

I have also be eating super clean and been using my fitness pal and am trying to also drop a few pounds as well. Why not? I'm also going to Hawaii, next week.

SWELLING: I'M A LITTLE UPSET that my results are not better. HOWEVER, i do realize that swelling is a big factor. I'm hoping it continues to go down. My PS said whenever I lay out in the sun, or workout swelling will be expected for about a year! Wow. That's okay though. I know it's a healing process.

Missing pic -pre surgery pic

Here is a pre surgery pic

Day 9 post op

Hey all! Finally feeling great! No pain and moving around just tender to the touch feeling awesome. Getting my stitches out on Monday. You can see the bruising is a little less. I'm pretty happy with the before and after but from everything I have read, researched and read online as well as heard from my plastic surgeon the results will continue to improve all the way out to three months, even a year! So I'm pretty excited. Here's some Day 9 pics!

Day 11 - Post Op

Hey, Day 11 post op! STITCHES came out today! Whooop Whoop. Got the OK to "resume normal activites" as I see fit.

Yes, back to working out. I'm going away on Wednesday on vacation for 10 days, so I plan to really pick this up when I return. By then it will almost be a month post op.

I'll post a day 12 pic tomorrow.

I also made my 3 month appointment in June for "after" photos at my plastic surgeon.

*Bruises/Swelling*: As far as I can see the bruising continues to improve. Obviously if there is bruising there is swelling. (Ever get a bruise on your shin? If you feel it - it's raised). So I assume the swelling will continue until I can't really see any bruising whatsoever, and even then some.

More updates to follow.

3 weeks photo

Hi! This is a picture taken yesterday. Bruising Is gone and I can finally sleep in my side! The incision marks are barely visible! I still can run yet for exercise but plan to go back to normal workouts next week (Monday or Tues) which will be about 4 weeks. I'm still swollen. So although I like the results I have to remember this isn't all of it yet. At the end of the day, my feet swell. Which is a weird phenomenon for me. The swelling my legs experience drifts down. I've been on vacation and trying to walk and stuff. Trying to keep it healthy too. I wear my compression garnet at night (because I'm on vaca) but will probably wear it 24/7 when u get back. Good luck everyone! Xoxo

4 weeks post op. Doing superb!

Hey RS gang, ........

So 4 weeks have passed since my procedure, (well 4 weeks this Thursday) and I'm doing great. I'm back to working full throttle and I'm wearing my stage 2 garment almost 24/7. I feel better in it. After I work out I swell a bit, but I'm totally okay with that. Swelling is starting to go down, but my feet still swell at the end of the day. (The swelling in my legs drifts down to my feet!). All in all doing fine! Good luck to all.

5 week progress report!

Hey all RSers!!!!

Five weeks and doing really great. Back to working out and my normal routine. I will say though I seem to swell a lot at the most random times. I'm more swollen now sometimes as perhaps I were maybe two or three weeks ago (WTF?!) but I think it has a lot to do with my activity level. I'm also noticing that my body (THIGHS) Are or seem to be incredibly sensitive to sodium intake! more so than maybe pre-surgery - not quite sure why, but such is life. A little disheartening when I take underwear photos and see some swelling but all in all much progress is being made!!! Then he went out there get the scourge at swelling look at your preop photo and then bounced back to reality !! :).

I'm down to 133-134 pounds with a goal of 128. 5-6 to go!!! So far so good I'll post another six week pic next week.

Good luck out there everyone. Be safe! Happy Spring!!!!


Ugh...sorry about all the typos. Not sure what is up with this site....anyways, the swelling is annoying, overall, what an improvement then my pre-ops photos. I just take a look at them and then bounce back to reality. LOL.

3 month Update.

So three month post op, and everything is back to normal! :) I work out and run, and teach spin and everything is just fine. Scars are healing nicely too, which is good. Here is a pick below. I still feel a tinge of numbness and on the outer and my doc encouraged me to get a lymphatic massage which I will start doing.

So here is my photo. As you can see there is a big difference. However, I am 100% honest, I am not 100% happy. Don't get me wrong, I would do it again, but I just feel like he didn't take enough fat out of my inner thighs. I think he wanted it to look more natural, and for someone who thighs have touched my whole life, I think I wanted more out of that area. So all in all I am happy, but I think he could've sucked out more fat. Now, before you all freak on me, ha ha ha, I know hands down that conservative is better than a mistake and having dents and whathave you. So it's a delicate balance, on what is too much and what is too little. In addition, I've been really healthy about eating and dieting and I want to see if I really do loose these 8-10 pounds - how I feel then.

Finally, last but not least, I'm not fully done healing. I know this. I also know at the 8th month mark I may see another improvement, so I am still hopeful. So plan is to: 1). Get lymphatic massage 2). Keep eatign healthy to loose the last 6-8 pounds 3. See what I look like in November - 8th month mark.

I hope my review is helpful.
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