This is my Year! Taking my Body Back!!!! Full TT, BL/BA with Silicone - North Carolina, NC

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I had my first son at 18 my second at 24. Boys...

I had my first son at 18 my second at 24. Boys were 9 and 8.4 lbs and both breast fed. I am a nurse and through crazy work schedules, a subsequent divorce and single mom stress, I have had many weight fluctuations over the past 16 years! In 2011, I got a second chance at love with the man I was meant to be with and life is good again!
In this past year alone I have lost 20 lbs through diet and exercise, and the once awful loose skin is made even worse. I have significant stretch marks around my abdomen and breasts are deflated C cup. I've always had and appreciated my full "trunk" and have no interest in appearing anything less than curvy!
I always wanted the excess skin removed from my tummy but wanted to be 100% sure there were no more children planned so after years of discussion my hubby and I are both ready for this exciting change! I am fortunate to know several people who have had procedures done and with my nursing background and previous experience, I have entered this journey with a decent amount of general knowledge about what to expect and what it takes to get there.
I am planning a full TT with BL and silicone implants (315ccish). I would love a little lipo in the outer thighs (saddlebag) but may wait on that a bit. I've looked at thousands of pictures (not exaggerating even a little bit) and really worked hard to try to find results that are similar in appearance to my pre baby body/or similar to my natural breast shape. I'm not sure I'll have the guts to post pics yet, I'm sure after my surgery will be a different story!


So, I'm about 2.5 weeks out from the big day and I cannot comprehend how you're expected to tolerate this anticipation!!! Between research and dreams at night, I've seen more boobies than (insert 80's rock band front man here).
I told my mom this week which was amazing! She and my dad are both conservative Christians (no, I'm not a preachers daughter) so I wasn't quite sure what her response would be. She was so encouraging and surprised that I was worried to tell her! This is awesome ALSO because she's offered to help out however she can thus alleviating my sweet hubby of all the literal and figurative heavy lifting : ). The woman not so encouraging, was my best friend of 20 years. A NOT religious, NOT conservative girl who felt at liberty to tell me all the reasons she thought I should second guess this decision. Ouch. That stung. I will move past it and luckily there is a big enough support system around me that her absence, though noticed, isn't crucial. Hey, if your bestie can't be honest who can...I guess?
So, I'm not a huge social media fan due to my overwhelming disgust of this generations, "hey, pay attention to me" mantra. While I feel I am behaving similarly here, I have to say that RS is an amazing outlet. I find it refreshing that strangers from around the world can reach out and support one another. I enjoy reading both the informative and the 'just venting' posts. There is so much physically and mentally that goes into the decision for cosmetic surgery, it's nice to see how each person approaches it!
This post is completely unuseful (which is not a real word I think) but it is saving my amazing husband from having to hear another rant from me. So if you're listening out there ladies, thank you. Even if you're not, it feels better just saying it! Good luck to all having surgeries soon!!

Wish pics

Post op day 1

Finally coming out of Percocet haze....

It wasn't a lie! Every day gets a little bit better.
My first 2 nights were AWFUL. The recliner we had moved to my bedroom from the basement ended up being a mistake. It's oversized and has a rock/swivel motion, so you couldn't really lock into a recumbent position. I'm now in a wing back chair w ottoman which has been better. Tried my bed with wedge pillow last night, but not quite ready for that temper pedic yet!
I'm still needing Percocet every 3-4 hours, but am now more consistently on the 4 hour side and would probably be even less if I had a better recliner situation. Thought about renting one, but now I feel far enough out it may be waste of money. What was NOT a waste, was my sweet hubby's surprise gifts of a walker and bedside commode. There are times I feel great and able to do lots, but the times I don't, it kills to have to push myself to get to bathroom. He's doing so great!
Magnesium citrate and I made friends yesterday. I think my colace and prune combo is jealous, but oh well. They should've stepped up their game!
So I'm in swell hell today (day 4), my boobs feeling like I'm weaning my feeding babies. I'm hoping to fully shower later (so far have sponge bathed) and will post pics of what I find under these garments : )
Thanks for the words of encouragement girls! Surgery sisters are the best!! XO

4 days post op

Ended up with 425 moderate plus profiles! Anxious to see the drop and fluff

Pre op

Ok, here it is. Ugh.

6 days post op

Had my first office visit today. I even did my hair and make up! While incisions all look great, output in JP drains is too high : /. Was instructed to go home and DO LESS, which I kinda thought I was already doing. Will record output over the next 24 hours and reassess tomorrow. Boo. I'm ready for these drains to be gone! Sounds like movie-a-thon is in my future. And my belly is so swollen, I'm trying to be positive that's all it is. This is not my final result. It is only swelling. Repeat.


Today is PO day 8 and after 24 hours of strict(er) bedrest, my output levels were low enough for drain #1 to be removed today!!! Worth the temporary pain to have one less to worry with. I definitely have lower and swelling that started 2 days ago, worse last night, but better today. Just trying to take it easy at this point. Had my second shower today which actually felt good this time (last one felt painful but necessary). I can tell there's an improvement in overall energy level and I'm able to decrease my Percocet dosage and frequency. I love, love, love my boobs already and can start to see how they will look once they drop into place! I should be receiving Coobie bras I ordered any day now, any one out there worn them before? Attempting to post pics unsuccessfully. Will try again later.
I'm trying to stay positive about lower tummy and am overall so happy with my results! Hope everyone else is healing well : )



Both drains are officially out now! It's a big step towards feeling like a real person again, instead of just a patient. I am encouraged to continue to do less for the next week while I continue healing sans drains. I do not want want to sit on my ass anymore. I do not want a seroma. Ass sitting it is! Tummy swelling is much improved, will post pics as soon as I see another big change!

PO day 17

Saw PS yesterday and he's pleased with progress! I was a little worried about the lower abdominal swelling, but he reassured me it's normal. Also got clearance for scar treatment (he likes Cortisil), as well as 3 lb dumbbell arm exercises and walking for 10 mins! Yay! The girls are beginning their decent into the breast pockets and scars are looking good to me : ). On a fun note, we booked a tropical vacay in late April and I'm actually excited about bikini shopping for the first time in SIXTEEN years! (I've worn bikini, just not excitedly so). The challenge is finding a bottom that covers the scar (both for vanity and some sun protection). I need one of those higher leg cut out 80's styles or I could do the high waist retro thing, but I'm not crazy about that look on me. Still plenty of time, not to mention things aren't exactly where they're going to be by then anyways!
Energy is picking up a little and I find I am recovering more quickly after exertion. I'm able to get kids to school, do light housekeeping and meal prep, little things without getting too tired. I did think I'd be doing a little more by now but will take what I can get! Will post new pics soon!

Girls day 17

Starting using my Coobie bras, very comfy!

Girls day 17

Under scars

Week 7 check up

There's been a big lapse in updates, but not a whole lot to report. All workout restrictions have been lifted (yay), just have to take it easy with ab work. I can't foresee that as being a problem, my tummy lets me know quick and in a hurry if I'm doing too much! I'm standing fully upright without having to force it. Today is my first day in a regular bra and no compression garment. I've enjoyed my cg and I'm having to wean myself off!! I still have quite a bit of lower tummy swelling, but ps assures me it will continue to improve. Every week it's a little better. Will upload pics soon

4 months post op

Almost at my 4 months mark. Scars are healing well with Cortisil use. Feel like my implants are almost settled. Best decision I ever made!
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Morea and his staff were everything I'd hoped for in a cosmetic surgery team. He really listened to my wants and also provided realistic expectations. He really spends time with you, which sometimes means you have to wait for your appointment, but it's 100% worth it. Highest recommendations.

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