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I have been learning about and from so many of you...

I have been learning about and from so many of you for several months now. I would have given up except for all the strength that I found on this site. You made all the difference for me. Thank you all!
I am happy to share that I am scheduled for BR September 19th!
Excited-stay tuned for my panic!

A little background. I am 5'1' 155 lbs and...

A little background. I am 5'1' 155 lbs and overflowing a 34DDD. I hope to be small enough after surgery to never have "that" kind of backache again. I was a B cup when I was 12. Over the years, through pregnancies, weight gain, weight loss, hysterectomy,menopause and life they continued to grow and get heavier. I however continued to be "short" LOL! Funny how that works.

I first considered breast reduction 10-15 years ago but family and financial considerations made it impossible. Several doctors over the years told me just lose more weight. That never worked for me. My breast never lost weight but the more I lost the greater the strain on my back. Years of poor posture either from trying to hide them or from the weight of them did not help either. I really started to think that I was just too old for BR (62) and that I should just deal with it. Then the back pain got a lot worse.
Pain was my motivation. I love to walk, garden, travel and sew. All have been severely limited by my back pain. I am so excited that the surgery will give me the opportunity to do these things once again.

My PS is wonderful. He is a great listener and answered my questions before I even asked them. He reassured me and I left feeling very hopeful. Other than my chiropractor, this was the first time that I felt that way after speaking to a doctor about BR.

Four weeks and counting..... I hope I will be able to help others the way I have been helped by this wonderful group. I am so glad I found you. Thanks again!

My surgery date has been confirmed by the PS...

My surgery date has been confirmed by the PS office and the hospital for the 19th. They have told me what my deposits are and I have paid them....so this is for real... My pre-op is not until Thursday the 13th, but since I had already given them my physical exam report, mammo and cardio clearance I hope, hope, hope there won't be any last minute surprises...
Having a little trouble keeping the boob underside "rash" under control so I have started putting gauze and cortisone on it even when it isn't flared up to keep it "quiet" until surgery. Also avoiding my under-wire bra because it is really digging in. They seem heavier and my back pain has also spread to the shoulders. Sure do miss my alleve and excedrin!!!!! tylenol just doesn't work as well.
Making lists and trying to keep really busy because the panic is making every effort to creep in. Still mostly excited, counting the days and can't wait to be on the ibt side....

Pre-op went well at the PS office - the Doctor's...

Pre-op went well at the PS office - the Doctor's assistant answered alot of my questions and then he came in and finished up. We figured out what antibiotic I was not allergic to and finally settled on one that would work. He will give it IV in surgery and no antibiotic after unless I have a need because I am so limited as to which ones I can take. Too many allergies.

Follow up will be Friday when the drains and pump will probably be removed unless too much drainage going on. I am to leave the steri strips alone they are attached with silicone (helps with healing) and will fall off in two weeks or so (maybe). Husband liked the doc, they talked about doing the surgery with exacto knives from wal-mart....sick male humor.... yuck, yuck!

Doctor hates surgical bra the hospital uses but said keep it on for the two days and then bring in a sports bra that hooks in front and that is what you will use..just get one until we figure out what size. Needs to be snug!
Hospital pre-op took hours.....crazy questions and you go from one person to another, but after a million questions, blood work, vitals, and ekg (normal) I was sent home with a see you next wednesday, but if the anesthesiologist has any more questions he will call.
They will call me tuesday by 3:00 to tell me the time to report to the hospital. What the heck I can go now and be ready when they want me!
So all in all I feel very blessed and happy that today is done and six days (5 days and a wake up if I actually sleep) and I will be READY TO ROCK AND ROLL!!!!

I have had a bit of a speed bump today, my labs...

I have had a bit of a speed bump today, my labs came back with low potassium - too low for surgery so I have to quadruple up today and double up each day of the weekend on my Potassium script and go back for more blood work on Monday first thing and hopefully they won't have to cancel me.... argh!!!!! Prayers would be good here, please!!!!!

Hi Friends! two days to surgery and still not sure...

Hi Friends! two days to surgery and still not sure if it will happen :-(
Went for my blood work and got the results in under three hours.. I knew that wasn't gonna be good! POTASSIUM STILL TOO LOW!!!!!
But it is only .2 of a point off the low level guidelines so there is still hope..... boy if this isn't a distraction I don't know what would be!!!!

Taking much larger amount 3X my daily dose. All weekend I had 2X my daily dose and that was almost enough. I have been and will continue eating everything high in potassium all day and going back in for blood work first thing tomorrow for one last shot at surgery on Wednesday... I am soooooo upset......
Muscle Milk has a good dose of potassium in it, so i will have several of those today instead of my usual one and my least favorite which is highest in potassium yucky - lima beans. Also avocado and bananas and orange juice and greens and and and.....
Never expected this in a million years!!!!!

As some of you know, unless I got my level up my...

As some of you know, unless I got my level up my surgery TOMORROW was to be cancelled. Well I failed yesterday by .3 of a point needed 3.5 and I had 3.2 so surgery was pending .... Doc ordered 6x my normal dose yesterday and mega intake of potassium.... I EVEN ATE THE DREADED LIMA BEANS AT LUNCH AND DINNER....raisins, bananas, quart of oj. 5 protein drinks and went back for labs this morning..... after an 8oz glass of oj and another prescription potassium at 3 am.....
The doctor called and said you did it you got it up to 3.6 see you in the or tomorrow.... I cried and cried, what a relief.... I am not even stressed anymore about the surgery cause I was so afraid it was going to be cancelled.... my back has been a horror without the alleve and I am just so ready.... so glad that you guys were already praying cause they were very needed.... Thank you all so much for the support.... and prayers!!!!

Doing more than ok... drains are still flowing so...

Doing more than ok... drains are still flowing so not sure if they will slow down by this afternoon enough for him to remove or leave til Monday.... either way, PS has done right by me so I trust him completely to make the right decision!
Less pain that I thought, discomfort, burning but pain not bad at all compared to the time waiting!!!!
Feel lighter, will update after my post op with the scoop!

Thanks for the advice to rest and hydrate, it has made a huge difference I am sure....when I tried to do a little more I got tired really fast and very sore just as fast.... I will behave!

Hope all of you healing ladies are doing well.....

Hope all of you healing ladies are doing well...and sending all my prayers and good wishes to those coming up this week! I can still pray when I am half asleep.... and it counts!!!!! The waiting WAS THE WORST PART, THEY WERE TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH FOR SURE!!!!
As for me, I am very, very happy - drains are out and the girls look great... the pain has found me today (day 3 post).
Not eating "lima beans" but keeping up with my potassium foods intake. No appetite so trying to make whatever I eat count towards healing.

As far as drain removal, my PS was magical taking them out... no pain just felt them leaving the body!

I am keeping up with the wonderful advice from ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL LADIES who went before. Rest, hydrate and keep on top of the pills. Also, thanks for the stool softenener advice when taking pain pills, has made "that" a non-problem... LOL
PS said intermittent ice was ok and that has helped ALOT too.

I have taken pictures and will post as soon as I am up to it. Going back to sleep catch u all soon.... :-)

Hi all! I have been checking but had not been...

Hi all!
I have been checking but had not been getting many updates or emails and finally realized that my internet provider had been having a problem and I had over 300 emails in my web-mail junk mail that were not being delivered to me, have no idea if what I sent out actually went. Must have still been having internet problems yesterday because my update was never received and that is why it had not posted.
Not because I broke the site by finally posting my pictures... LOL

What I have been up to: Rest, water, eating smart although I have had no appetite until now, juice, ice pops for the sore throat, protein, fiber, arnica montana, stool softeners (when taking pain pills) and learning to not jump up every time I thought of something I wanted to do or wanted to get (that was the hardest). That “asking for help thingie” I have yet to master... All of these wonderful suggestions from my BR sisters have brought me to Day Eleven feeling really pretty good.
Breast area, chest and ribs still really sore but improving. Sleeping in recliner is getting old...not much longer but I think it really helped me from rolling over since I normally sleep on my side all curled up.
Right after waking up from anesthesia my pain level (actually burn/sting) level was a 12 . They immediately gave me something in my IV and it was never that bad again. Burning/stinging continued at a lesser degree for two days, pain pills as needed, intermittent ice and sleep was the plan of those days. Day 2 afternoon - drains and pain pump were removed and I changed from the “velcro tourture” bra to the Walmart snap in the front bra that my PS had told me to buy. After the drains and pump were out I was allowed to shower but didn't get my nerve up until the next day. It was heavenly. PS said no soap on strips and dry well after shower. I used the hair dryer at a distance on low and cool setting to dry them and that has worked very well.
I started feeling less burn and more pain/pressure/discomfort after day 3 or 4 but Tylenol in daytime if needed and just one Tylenol PM at night were enough. The zingers and fluid movement feeling also arrived. Nipple sensation was never gone. My PS said no heat but that I could use ice intermittently and that was great for my pain and the increasing pressure and swelling. Abdomen swelling surprised me...I was one big bloat. That is now starting to improve also. Too much salt and not enough fluid didn’t help matters. The increased fluid also helped the irritation from the catheter.
Days 9-10 Breasts were tight, painful and swollen and I really pumped up my fluid and cut back on my salt intake, I had slaked off and I have also been more mobile and they are a little better today day 11.

I go back for my two-week post op on Wed. 10/03 and will post more pictures after that.

It looks like I will be a large B or small C which is exactly what I hoped for but it will be a while before I really know.

The important thing is that I left the shoulder and back pain in the OR and am happy to say that my hand tingling that I thought was carpal tunnel is gone also! Bonus!

I will continue to pray for all of the upcoming ladies and those of us already over this wonderful life-changing rainbow!

Hi my BR buddies! Sorry it took me so long to...

Hi my BR buddies!
Sorry it took me so long to update. I am adding a couple of three week pictures but am actually four days away from being a month out of surgery.
I feel as if I am improving daily but am still getting tired faster than normal for me especially afternoon and evening. Not really sure if that is a result of the surgery or the fact that I am still having trouble getting my potassium levels and my blood-pressure stable. (I had issues with this pre-op.)
I am over the moon happy at having this reduction – as I’ve said before the only regret is not having it done sooner. All the back pain and shoulder pain is just a memory and all that remains of the surgery discomfort is the persistent hyper-sensitivity to touch and cold and occasional zingers. I change up the bra type/pressure a couple of times a day and find that helps with this too.

The best advice I can give those coming up is to rest, eat right, avoid salty foods and hydrate-especially those first two weeks. Again, if you take prescription pain medicine, take a stool softener with it and that difficulty “going” and bloating will be avoided or less.
I love the Palmers Cocoa Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil to massage my incisions. PS told me I could use it or lotion of my choice once the incisions were closed. I try to massage twice a day….but if they are driving me crazy I will massage anywhere and anytime…. So I may wind up on “you tube” as the crazy massaging lady someday…. LOL .
He also said I could use the Arnica Montana after surgery and I think it helped clear up and prevent a lot of my swelling and bruising.
I hope that those in recovery are doing well and improving daily and that those coming up will be encouraged and know that “THEIR BEST BREAST DAYS ARE YET TO BE” … as you will read in so many of these postings, even the ladies with complications do not regret having the surgery…. Prayers and hugs to all!

Researched which PS were in-network providers for my insurance. Then researched each of them and planned to go see the top three. Went to Dr. Timmons first and cancelled the other appts., because I knew I was in the right place! From my first nervous call to schedule a consultation, my first office visit, phone calls for "just a question", pre-op, surgery and post op I have have been treated "like family"! Not only is Dr. Timmons a master at his craft but he and his staff are real people with kindness in their heart. Would recommend them to anyone without any hesitation!

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