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So here we go. Im about to start my journey....

So here we go. Im about to start my journey. Ladies what we do for beauty huh, lol. Anyway I am 33 and a mom of 5, yes 5 lol and i am ready for my dream body. Im a new nurse ( hints the name) and i can now finally afford to have some work done. I have had a lap band procedure about 6 yrs ago and lost some weight. Now im happy with my size im just lacking the waist hips and butt i have always dreamed of. So heres my deal, I really want to get the BBL and I am so loving Yilys results. I do like Jimerson but since the TI show he seems way too busy for words. They gave me a consult day in 2014 WTF! Anyway It seems he doesnt do lipo as aggressively as Yily so I made my mind up and Ima fo w her. Im hoping to get my procedure next month after the 4th. I got aot of days off around that time so I hope I get a quote and a date set soon. I have been lurking this site and gave gathered a wealth of info from you gals thanks so much for posting. I hope i can help someone as much as i have been informed.
So now as far as my dream body... Emily B my fav, Tiny has a nice body too tho. (Idk i think she went to Jimmerson) i hope Yily can give me my dream body. I dont wanna have to do more than one round so Im tryn to get ths in one try.
I am a nurse and work 12 hr shifts 3x per week. I am hoping to recover quick to get back to the kids and work. I am only getting abt 10 days off so I hope for a speedy (i mean speedy recovery) when i had my lap band done ( in mexico btw) i flew in on the 11 had surgery on the 12 stayed in texas on the 13 home 14th and work on the 15th. So im hoping to do the same w the BBL. advice from u lovely ladies is more than welcomed. I am gonna start shopping asap and hope Yira or Yily gets back to me soon.

Got my quote butt.....

So i am super excited I got my quote from Yily tonight. But she included a TT. Does this mean that she feels my results wont b good without a TT. I really dont want a TT right now. It took me about 3 w or so to recover from my c section. This incision is almost hip to hip. I just dont want to go through that right now. My husband wants one more child and I would rather do that then. Has anyone been quoted w a TT and chose not to do it. I just want BBL and lipo. I just hope I have good results without the TT.

Frustrated i need july 5

Guys i have a delima. I really need to have my surgery July 5 with Dra Yily and she just emailed and said she is booked. She has July 9 available. I only get a limited amount of time off from work and my boss wont approve additional days. The 9 wouldnt give me enough recovery time. Please if someone is willing to switch their day from july 5 to july 9 i can put a lil cash in your pocket. Pm me as soon as you can. Thanks chicas

I really need 7/5 or 7/6

I really hope that someone can help me out. I wonder if i should look on the MMH site......

Should I consider another

Just wondering what you ladies think.... Should I consider another Dr that may give me the day i need or stay with the dr that gives the reults i love and leave DR with limited days to recovery? Any thoughts?

Starting my shopping for my surgery

Ok so im up watching tv and see a commercial for an item called chillow. Its a memory foam pillow that can be chilled and holds coldness for 6 h. I saw it and thought i could use this. You buy one and pay shipping for a second. Good for swelling hot flashes migraines ect... Thought id share someone may want to try it.

lipo foam
Compression socks
calf sleeves (to wear w my maxi dresses n flops.)
Floppy sun hats (for beach in DR)
Peri wash (for when i cant shower)
Mesh boy shorts
Arnica gel
Lipo boards front and back
Poferrin( to boost my iron levels prior to surgery)
Womens 1 a day vitamin
Chuck pads
Maxi pads
Vit c
Pure absorb (after surgery)

To buy:
Sheet protector matt pad
Wife beater t shirts
Microfiber bras (for under garment)
Chair (to cut butt out)
Foldable stool (dollar general 5

If im missing anything let me know girls. RS has been a life saver!

Little in the middle but she got much back....

Just thought Id add some wish pics!

More bootay wishes.....

I know i wont look exactly like my wishes but im hoping for nice results

K im done for now.... Lol

Pee ez funnel

Just got my pee ez funnel in the mail. Excited

Getting discouraged

I cant seem to get through to Yilys office. Ive been placed on hold the pady 2 time ive called for longer than 15 min and it kills my calling card each time. Ive sent money to her and she has accepted it. Maybe i shouldnt have sent it and went with another dr. I may try to get a quote from Duran... Sad cuz i really like yilys work.

You've got mail....

So today I got my mesh panties ( like the ones from the hospital after you have a baby)
Proferrin Iron
Compression socks
Compression calf sleeves
Lipo boards tummy and back
Picked up another maxi dress and wife b tees.
Should i wait to get my second faja from yily or buy online?

Late night walmart run....

So i stay up all night, im a night shifter... Anyway i decided to go to wanart while everyone was sleep and got some more things for my sx....
Tylenol pm
Assurance big washcloth wipes
Chuxs pads
Flushable wipes
Tampons ( i hate tamps but dont think ill be able to sit to use my diva cup)
Emergen c
Anti itch spray
Triple antibiotic spray
B12 tabs
Neosporin oint w pain relief
Some mios
Cute tote

I think im about done, i do wanna get like. Some hooks and Lysol spray or wipes.... Being a nurse makes u a germafobe... Lol ttyl

Yily confirmed....

So i finally got the email confirmation to book my flight. I was scared to just go off what Yira said. I wanted an email. So now my hotel is booked. I need to find a nurse for hire. If someone knows of one that will come out to hotel rooms please let me know.I just need to get my flight. Does someone from Yilys staff pick you up from the airport or do i need to take a Taxi on my own? Im at the dr office right now as i type this about to get labs done so i hope my levels are ok.... Ill keep u guys posted.

Bad news

So my levels are way low.... 9.9 my Dr put me on a high dose of iron 3x per day im praying that will boost me up over 12 by July 5. We shall see. I just had my period which is heavydue to my IUD im thinking this was the cause. Becaise i have been upping the anty on the iron. Anyway so i started putting all that stuff in my luggage and OMG how in the heck am I gonna pull that thing. Will i really need all this stuff? My maxi dressess and leggings and t shirts dont take up no space its all the other stuff. I do wanna still get me a fanny pack like back in the day to put my drains in. Still need lysol, hooks and headbands....
I plan to update my real pics so u giys can see my before n after. Cuz God knows it helps when you are trying to dec who to go to. Thanks to all the dolls here that has done that. Even if the only had them on here for a short while. Im grateful cuz i would have never known the great work yily does. Im been still on that expensive Jimerson train in 2015 yes... Thats when my durn consultation was. Is he really that busy???? Anyway im glad i got in with yily I just hope she takes her time with me and does a good job, Maintains professional and keeps me safe n healthy! My life is literally in her hands although i know God has me.... Anyway i will keep u guys posted on anything new i find out. Oh yeah baby magic the baby soap brand, they have a new no rinse baby wash that could be benficial when we cant shower.... Who wants to be lookin good and smellin all funkdafied? Def not her!!!! Lol ttyl

Flight booked

So my flight is booked guys.... Its getting real now. I may switch my hotel to the new recovery house. I am just waiting on a response from them. So im really getting super excited.
Im wondering, do i need to go abead and order a 2 nd faja from ebay or wait and get one fro yily? If i order on ebay how in the world do i figure out what size to order? What does yilis faja look like?

Real recovery hotel

So im planning to stay here. I think with all that they offer its best. I had plans to stsy in another hotel but adding the additional cost of a nurse massages food it would end up being more $. I will keep you guys posted.... But i tell you what, im excited.

Old Navy dresses

Oh yeah Old Navy has maxi and sun dresses on sale for $8 today. It should be going on all over the country. Im gonna go grab me a few before they all get gone. Ttyl

Last minute things

So i picked up a few things today... Hooks and headbands for my drains
Travel toothbrush and tooth paste
Bath n body works stuff
Lysol spray
Boppy pillow
So i think im done withe my list.... Now i just gotta get there.... Hurry up July

Almost my time!

Ok guys so Im getting super excited and the nerves are starting to kick in. I picked up my arnica montana and my fanny pack! Who guessed it fanny pack, lol I remember when i was like 7 or 8 w a pink and purple fanny pack that matched my biking shorts... Hair in a high ponytail w a teased out bang... Lol yall know yall remember the 80's lol
So im guessing the fanny pack is for my drains. I may keep my passport and money in it prior.
I have this boppy and i cant see how its gonna keep my butt off the seat. Unless im just too darn fat that i squish the thing... Lol
I am hoping all this iron im taking had boosted up my levels... Ill see in a few i guess. I got my labs done through the online lab place that one of the ladies mentioned here on RS. We shall see, ill keep u guys posted....

Videos abt bbl

So im on youtube and i should be sleep getting ready for work tonight and i come across theses videos from a Dr in miami. Hes talking abt what to expect each day post op. i think this info was very informative, esp for us going abroad where the conmunication may not be the same... He has vidoes post lipo and TT too!

Hemoglobin update

So i went up from 9.9 to 10.9 in 7 days still not where I need to be. But at this rate i may get to 12 by surgery. Pray for me guys.... If not transfusion it will be. But im hoping this works.

Almost time

So im packing and OMG my luggage is so darn heavy! Am I over packing. I guess you can never be too careful. I would hate to get there and need somethin and not have it, right? I added:
gas x
a small fan
Isoprobyl alcohol
Lg bandaids
A heating pad
Reuseable ice pack
My heated throw ( ppl say they are freezing post sx)
Plastic throw
Magic jack ( to make phone calls abd have access back home with out being charged)

Ready for the new me

I am so ready for a shape, you guys just dont know! I was getting a massage the other day an the guy sd "ah o you a pregoniy" ( oriental massage place) i sd no..Smiled butrealy wanted to cry! WTF guys Im so tired of this fat ass stomach....Flat ass... No hips .... YILY IM ON MY WAY!!!!! Help a sistah out. I know i wont get perfection but i am praying for a great improvement. So here goes im super embarrassed for yall to see my preop pics... Dont laugh :)
July 5 cant come quick enough!

Im hoping this

Im hoping this wish pic is a realistic one for my size. I plan to show this to yily. This is her work...

Some spanish terms post op

So im gathering my info from my weight loss procedure done in mexico in 07 cus yily may wanna see them..,, anyway I came across this list of spanish terms and phrases i was given by the office for post surgery. I thought alot of pple would benefit from it. I took pics so i hope you can see it. I may have to scan it. Hope this helps someone!

Cold feet?

So i leave tomorrow, and i know tht alot of ladies get those what ifs and now im getting them. Like what if she makes my butt too big or may waist so small i look abnormal. What do i say to my coworkers? Cus i know that ill be gettin looks....What if im still in alot of pain when its time for me to return ti work.... Ok ladies i still want and need the procedure im guessing Im just having pre sx cold feet....

At the airport!

So im on my way... First step to the new me!

What you know 'bout this....,



Thanks guys. I got one more flight. So im in beautiful Miami now. Its 90 degrees and beautiful out. Got about an hour before i catch my next flight. Its real. Yaaaaas ladies! So the money exchage was 34 to 1 and to sell it back is 50 to 1 plus you have to pay 8.00 just to exchange..... Gotta love uncle sam! Happy 4th by the way. Thanks so much for the encouragement that pulle me outa my 3am funk. I feel great ready for my new body. Im lookin around at these ladies in Miami and im like hmmmmm BBl ???? and to think when i used to see ladies like that id think they were born wit it... Maybe a few are but.... Anyway soon ill be struttin switchin and swayin my new hips w the best of them #shebekillin'em! Cant wait

Look what i got...

This was in my fourtune cookie...

So surgery eve

Hey ladies,
Im here The hotel just ate some yummy fish and papas fritas and fresh fruit juice. So now im NPO since midnight. Ive taken my iron and emergency. Now im going to take a shower and get some rest. Im up at 4 to be ready and out by 5:30. Its gonna take me 45min to get to cipla. DR reminds me of Jamaica. So far ppl have been very welcoming. I had tourist all over me today dressed in a red white and blue tank... When you land make sure you fill out your info sheet on the plane so you can go straight over to get your tourist card. (10 USD) there was even a kiosk that sold the cards. Get that then your off to your hotel.
Man ladies i made a mistake. I shoulda booked my hotel in santo domingo vs near the airport. Ill have to pay the driver 50 more USD to go from Boca Chica to santo domingo. They sd its a 45 m drive. Boca Chica is 10 mi from airport. I only have this room for tonight so ill be ok.
So ill shower again w the hibiclense to be ready for tomorrow. Im ready....
Its funny i dont have anymore butterflies. I wonder if I will in the morning.


Couple of pics so far

On the way to Cipla

Ok so im up at 415 showered and dressed . left my hotel by 5:30a. my taxi driver that took me from the airport was waiting to take me to Cipla. I was out of Boca Chica and on my way to Cipla. We got to cipla around 6:30 and I was the first person there. The doors to the clinic were open but no one was inside. Yira got in around 7:05. She introduced herself and made some small talk. Around 7:35 we went to Dra. Yilys office. Her office is small but decorated nicely. She asked some questions and had me fill out some paper work. Then she brought me back down to have labs drawn. The lab tech did well. clean hands with gloves. they drew 10 ml of blood with a syringe and transfered that to the red, blue, and purple top tubes. The needle was destroyed by this machine. It was ground down past the point it was inserted in my arm. It was kinda neat. She asked Yira what I did for a living because I was looking at everything. I told her a nurse... Yira translated inferma and ahe said ahhhhh comprende. The tech startes asking how we got rid of needles in the states and I explained our sytem. later I got my EKG which was very differnt. But the readings and strip look just like the states. The machine on the other hand was very different. The cardiologist connected colorful clamps on my wrist and ankles. Then little blue suction cups on my chest around my heart. He took my blood pressure then went over my medical history. He said my heart was great, and i was sent down to the lobby to get an xray of my lungs and heart by a hottie dominican xray tech.... That was fine so now the wait begins. Yira came and sd they were getting me a room and hour ago, i was already prepaired for this thanks to RS. If I hadnt found this site I would have been mad that now its 1030 am Im still waiting. Man the girls here do walk around with their drains like a fashion ascessory. I have meet two of Cabrals pt and one Duran pt. but its a revolving door of post op women coming in and out of the clinic. All the girls keep touching their lower back as they walk in like their back hurts bad. I guess they are agressive with back lipo. ill keep you guys posted on what happens next.

Oh no not more bad news

Yira comes to get me and takes me to the clinic to meet Yily. Yily was in surgery and came out gave me a hug n kiss on the cheek... And said lo siento.... I knew it was bad news then. So my labs dropped vs increased and I really uped the iron, pure absorb, iron rich foods, plus blood builders inceases vit c. Decreased caffeine, green smoothies n all. So damn frustrating. But Yily sd that she wanted me to be ok after. That she would write me a Rx that will build my blood. You know what I can totally respect that cuz at the end of the day its My Life in her hands. And there is no bodyshape greater than my life. I trust her judgment. She could have still did it to get my $$ but she didnt and explained why. And am happy with the fact that my Dra cares. So ill keep you updated. Right now its 1145a July 5 my old sx date, now awaiting my new one!
So i was offered a blood transfusion but im feeling uneasy about this because the blood products arent as regulated as in the states. I thought that i would be ok w it but when it comes down to it i dont think the risks are worth it. So now that leaves me with only 2 no surgery or a rx.

So whats next

I ended upnleaving Cipla at 4:40p all day without eating...... Got something to eat booked a new hotel bc I was to go to my recovery hotel. On the 6th. Checked into my room and balled my eyes out for about an hr.... fell asleep got up and showered ordered me some food to be delivered. i am just so frustrated.
So i plan to pick up my med in the am take it and pray for the best. Ironic how im now possibly having surgery on the day yily wanted. I struggled to get it on the 5th an now look what hap.

I met this girl

I met this girl that every time she came to the lobby kept trying to convince me to see Cabral. She said that she knew him personally and that he does the best. She had family that was there getting surgery with him. She said that with him the fat wouldn't come back. that I would have to return to DR for another procedure because the fat would come back. she gave me his card. she commented about my long wait and asked why I was still there. I explained my situation and she said that I should see her Dr. what do yall think?

Aunt Flow..... Welcome to Santo Domingo! Oh and please make your self at home!

Damn period, thats why my levels went down vs up! Geez i wasnt expecting it to come until the 11th or 12th when it was time for me to come home. I guess all mu stressing brought it on early! Man....

3rd time trying to update

So this is my third time trying to do this darn review. So i got to cipla like 7 a and had my blood drawn at 745 hgb 13.9 about 830 i got checked in and filled out admission paperwork. So i got my room and got setteled in enough to go to the bathroom. A nurse came in and gave me this lil blue gown some chux pads and water. Around 920 Yily and Yira came in to translate for her. She marked me up. She suggested a tummy tuck i told her not now. Then she went on to explain that i may of may not have loose skin after so she didnt want me to give a bad review because it has happened to her. I told her i was ok w the skin for now and may later return for TT and Breast lift. So i got marked up i took thr blue pill and she was on her way. No attitude just a matter of fact attitude. No joking around w her. She is anout her business. Like 30 min later i was rolled into the op room. Yilly and her nurse, techs and anesthesiologist were there. Flet them numb my back, iv put in. The the horrible pinch of the epidural....i was out like a light. I woke updur my upper back lipo... Omg i said duele duele and screamed then i was out again. After that i woke up in my room. Got some soup . the soup was great. water n juice to drink.
Pain like a 3/10 right now. Mainly in my back. But if i try to sit up goes to like a 5/10. Ok chicas ill update later .. My husband left and went to the hotel. So im alone now but nurses are in frequently to check my drain foley and ask if im ok.
I would advise make sure you look over the spanish words i sent. They help alot. You may need to bring some percocets for pain, your own thermometer. I have checked my temp myself. Since ive been here no one has checked my temp. Its good
Now and has been each time. Bering tylenol if you do get a fever to bring it down. I would reccomend downloading the majgic jack app and bringing one to make phone calls. This was a life saver. I purchased my meds from farmax while i was here around 45 usd for the antibiotic and pain med. they were out of heparin so ill get that tomorrow. Ill update more later chicas

My room

My room with a futon bed. Br clean...the controls on my bed doesnt work tho.

Hey ladies

Man does this hurt like. Biooooottcchhh! Boy was i not expecting this. I have so much to update you guys its insane but im still in pain. I say 4-5/10. I have no idea how im gonna make it at work. I get so out of breath with minor tasks. This darn fajate is the devil. I dispise it but take it off and my body feels like i been through a shredder. I feel like a wreck... Crying spells n all. I get so stiff at times.... Im still walking like a granny. I thought i was supposed to feel sexy post op.... Lol! Ill update more later!!

Post op pics

So here they are my post op pics...excuse the mess.

One day at a time....

Hey guys I know I havent been posting much, just trying to revover....the pain is getting much better, but im still relying on the pain meds i would say 1x per day now. Im still very stiff when i get up from a lying or sitting position. The sharp burning sensation has subsided but i do get these wave like pain sensations in my andomen from time to time. Feels like gas pain. My shape is getting better still very swollen. My vajayjay began to swell thru the hole in my faja po day 6. Diruetics has helped some. Boy did my feet swell after my flight. Silly me didnt wanna look crazy w those on my feet. Little did I know all eyes were on me anyway cuz of the way I was walking. So i shoulda worn them.
Ladies please get the wheelchair for your flight back! Major life savor. Its like VIP. But trust me you will need it! They help you to your gate, you are first to board, help you get your bags... Awesome!
Man i didnt even use half the crap i brought.. This is what i used
Triple antibiotic ointment
Arnica gel
Granny gowns
Tanks, i didnt like my hanes a shirts. (The ones i got from Charlotte Rouse camis that stretch worked better because of the stretch)
Maxi pads a must have
Pee ez funnel must have
Chucks pads a must have
Heating pad
Peri wash
My heated throw was a lifesaver at cipla. It was so cold in there. It kept me nice n warm.

This was prettymuch all i used. I coulda saved so much money beforehand. After buying the arnica montana i found out that its contraindicated w the heparin. Arnica increases the clotting factor, heparin is to prevent clots. Ladies dont take these together.

If i think of anything else ill let you guys know....

Idk why my pics didnt show

Here they go


I think she came close to my wish pic....

My pic

Tried to upload side by side.... Oh well

My recovery house

Ok so i planned on staying at the real revovery hotel which was ok, the bathroom was a mess and I had a young lil male nurse. No one could speak english. I stayed there for about 2h then. Dra. Ana Cedeno comes in to check on me and said she didnt approve of the recovery hotel. She said that she had a better cleaner place for me to stay. Appologized and had me pack my things to leave..., the real reason why I have no idea but I trusted her and packed up got in the car and we were off to the new place. Everyone was so helpful and attentive. The nurse was so sweet, she took great care of me. The food was wonderful. Breakfast lunch dinner and snacks. Everything was clean, ac wifi flat screens on the walls. If anyone wants info let me know.

Lymphatic massages

Ok guys i must be honest, i wasnt gonna get my massages bc i was so scared of the pain. Ok so yall know how I was saying how stiff I was well. I gave in and got my first massage today and all I can say is WOW! 100x better. Im so glad I did it. Im not walking like a grandma....I just hope I dont get right back stiff overnight.

My RH info

Heres the email to the RH i stayed at. It was great Mayra was wonderful, and Ruth (nurse) was a godsend, even with the communication barrier we were on the same page. She knew exactly what to do and how to do it gently. I cried when I left cuz I knew Id be in my own. They treated me and my family with so much love n care. Like I sd before every meal I got was delicious. If I ever go back for more work, Ill def stay w Mayra.

2 weeks post op

Hey thought id add a couple pics....i think i need to use the abd board.

Did you say curves?

Im loving my curves so far. Tried in this dress i bought offline. If fit so aweful w my tummy n sponge bob shape. Now look at her.... Yily diiiid that!

Side view

Had to crop

Damn damn damn.....(in my Martin Lawrence voice)

How in the hell can i feel sexy with these damn kankles? I cant fit none of my cute shoes and cant bend down to tie any tennis shoes. Its flip flops or crocs uggh! Geez like i sd before. I thought i was gonna feel sexy. Still feelin a bit granma-ish. After work Im so beat, my back kills me. Im still pretty stiff. Frustrated! Sorry just needed to vent...

Booty shots!

So im really starting to feel it jiggle. Alot of the hardness is starting to go away. I think the size is perfect for me. I wanted and asked for a natural looking butt that would fit my size. There is one spot that looks a bit flat, but for me sitting on it since day one i think its wonderful. Both cheeks are even.... Might look like it not but i had to twist around to take the pic myself.... Its funny cuz hubby is always like " stop twerkin your booty when you walk" lol i got this switch when I walk and its not on purpose. This ass just sways on its own! Lovin it. Mama got a lil junk now!

Had to edit

My lil one was in the photo.

Ok yall..... These curves are somthin serious!

The stares are unreal! If you dont want attention i would suggest you dont get this surgery! Cuz ya girl be turnin heads. Women men.... Haters. I over heard some girls talkn bout me in the mall yesterday.... All i heard was " yeah she thick" i kinda smirked and made sure i strutted out w my head high like " yeah bitch I AM THICK" lol.

This ass is like pow in everything i put on. Its crazy and i love love love my new body. Its changing everyday. Its getting soft and i feel it jiggle.
I told my older boys i was gonna get MILF on my car lol.... They sd nooooo mom. Lol. But foreal my self esteem is through the roof!

Thanks Yily.... So turned up!

Help!!!! Compression Garment shopping. Vets I need you!

Guys i so need a new garment. Ive been wearing a vedette i had prior to my sx. Size med. I ditched the cg yily gave me. It killed my thighs ( i didnt get lipo in my legs) it hurt so bad n left bruises. Not only my legs but it hurt my shoulders. Ok so i already had a squeem L but that gives me little compression and the rubber hurts cuz it flips up at my lower back. I like the vedette but i need to go smaller. Hubby is like " how many of these things are you gonna buy?" Lol i just need a good one that will give me compression and wont hurt my butt. What are you guys using? I see vedette come up in searches but i need to know the best cg for bbl. i dont want a long one so im up for suggestions. If you have a link or photos please send. I need help.
Please please please ladies.... Thanks in advance!

Guess who....

Guess who wears a size small belt..... ME! Ha ha im so excited.... I was buying a XL belt pre surgery. What!!!! Yeeeeeeess hunty! I just wanted yall to know that!

Who has got the itchies?

Gosh doesnt this itchy skin drive you insane? I swear i would be constantly taking a brush to my itch back n stomach if it wasnt for this spray. Its a Godsend! I just thought id share w you guys. Its cold when it goes on but it helps sooooo much. Try it! Also those exfoliating shower gloves. You can gently rub the itchy areas with your palm... Feels great! Use em in or outa the shower....

Forgot to upload the darn pic

The spray i got from wally world...

1 mo n 20 d post op

Just wanted to update some pics....butt n hips stilll here. Yay! Love my view from the back!

Pre op n post op

Yily took this square butt n made it bubbly

Cutt off my....

Idk what happ lol .....pic cut off

RH info as requested....

RH 809-221-4453
Cell 849-353-5456

So whats up w me ????

So i have been seriously thinkin of getting another sx..... am i nutz? Or is this booty greed? Today im lookin at my self like yeah id like my hips n butt just a lil bigger. I love the way yily sculpted me but im like my waist could be smaller....is this how ppl get addicted to plastic sx? I dont wanna end up looking fake. I know Dra Yily sd that the tru results wont show until months later.... But today im feeling like i want more. I tell you this has been such an emotional roller coaster for me.... My body seems to change so much daily. I know i should be satisfied but today im feeling a bit greedy.
I didt say that i would like to have a breast lift and tummy tuck one day hubby wants another lil one. So maybe ill just get a touch up when i get my other work done n be done w changing my body. What do yall think? Does anyone else go through this and feel like you want more? I know this was a random post bc last night i was lovin the way i looked, lol
Yall dont judge ya girl.... Lol

Vedette 136

So i got my new garment the other day. Its a med my other vedette the black one is a lg. its tight but feels good around my abdomen. But its aweful in the crotch area. I get some major camel toe lol. Sucks cuz im always adjusting. I think i will need to invest in another garment yet again. Maybe another vest... Im hating my squeem now. It rolls in the back and hurts bad. Im on the second row and i still have a bit of room. Any suggestions ladies? Other than the squeem vest whats a good solution for me?

Vedette pic

Pic didnt upload

2 mo post BBL, and more surgery in my future

I just realized i am 2 mo post op as of yesterday. Time sure flew by. I am still happy with my results and dont regret a thing. I would def do it all over again and with Dra. Yily! She is great at what she does!
I got a quote yesterday for my breast lift surgery from yily. She did Hella work on a RS doll! When i saw her breast i was in awe and wanted mine done asap. She got a lift no implant and thats what i want. Her lift is so good it looks like she has implants. If you wanna see just type in the search breast lift no implant, and see the wonderful results yourself.
So yily quoted me 2700 thats so close to what my BBL was, i may add arm lipo and a touch up on my BBL. Im thinking June of next year. Can you BF after a lift? Is there nipple sensation after? Or numbness? I gotta do some research. Ill let you know what I find out. Later dolls!

A godsend for that "itchyitis"

Lol my baby got me watching alot of Doc Mcstuffins, lol. Well this long handle brush reaches all the right spots and sooths that itch! Ahhhhhhh
Cuz man does my back itch something crazy. 2.88 at walmart

Round 2?????????

Ok so i have been debating on if i should just do another round of lipo to get the look. Lately ive been feeling selfish. Do i wanna have another baby? Or take this time for me? Honestly i have never had the time to enjoy just me. Ill be 34 soon and feel sexier than i did in my 20's. do i wanna press pause on all this, get back big w a baby wait 6 more mo to reshape my body.... I just dont know. So yily sent me a generic quote with BL TT and BBL.... I just wanted an email quote for BL and a touch up w the lipo. Because my first quote was on whatsapp.
So maybe i should just get my TT and BL and be done with it.
Forgive me guys, i know im all over the place. I just got so much to figure out, and as you vets know..... There isnt too many people you can talk to about your plastic surgery issues. No one really understands unless they are on this journey themselves.
Just a bunch of negative energy that i dont need. RS was so helpful with round 1, i kyou guys will have my back for round 2. Thanks dolls!

Playn dress up

Ok so i was up this morning and dec to take some pics. I put on some swimsuits that i bought 2 yrs ago and saved hoping one day id get into em. Well i did but my boobs didnt qiute make it in em. Idk. Im thinking maybe no TT right now. Just the boobies and maybe just a tad bit lipo. What yall think? I know a TT would make my tummy perfectly flat ang remove some of the stretch marks. Maybe i should just wait for my body to finish its changes before I make my mind up about the TT. Decisions decision......whats a gal to do???

Ohhhh sew right

Ok so this is what i did and im so glad that i did it, or should i say sew glad i did it!

I had this full leg garment that i purchased in DR for 140 USD. I could not for the life of me get in it, it was just not workin 2w post. So at 1 mo i was able to get it on buttoned at the first row. The issue was the damn legs... I dont know why i asked for long legs in my faja... I didnt have thigh lipo. I think mainly because Yilys first garment was hell at my knees. I always had to stuff maxi pads ath the bottom cuz it bruised me so bad.
So anyway with the second garment on i was walking like a stiff leg zombie, and "aint no body got time for that!" So i took the garment to a local alterations shop and had the legs cut off right under the butt lifting part if the faja. It was only $2 to do. You guys know i had already been on the hunt for the perfect faja. So if this was a bust then i was gonna buy another one anyway.
I rushed home and put it on and it fit wonderful on the waist area. Now at 2 mo post i can get it to row 3! And it felt so good on. So i wore it for a day. Then the inner thigh started to roll up. And that crap hurt like hell. So since the alteration lady told me to keep the legs just incase she had to reattach them i had an idea. I took one of the legs and the garment back to her. I had her add an extra piece in the inner thigh part to make the hole bigger for my big ass thigh.
While in the "cutting spirit" i also had her take in my squeem vest that is now too big.
Im so glad i did ladies in all i spent 10$! I woulda been out hundreds. My vest is now giving good compression and im back on the 1st row of hooks.
The legs on the garment fit perfect as well!

So my advice ladies before you go out and buy another garmet, go see if an alteration will work. We already spent a grip on sx and the garments. Before you kick out again for a smaller garment or one with a better fit, it wont hurt to try and get the original one fixed! Hey that rhymed! Lol be blessd yall!

Raising Hgb levels

I thought this was great info. A lovely lady posted in FB. I thought id share....


Profile name chnged

Still me, tweaked my name a bit

Dra. Robles

Ok so im thinking about my round 2 and looking for quotes. Checked out Salama here in the states, Yily again, Fatina Almonte, and Dra. Robles. And i must say so far i am very impressed with Dra Robles. I submitted fir a quote this morning and within 30 min I got a response email. The mail requested my photos of course but what impressed me was the questions she asked about my health previous surgeries family history. This is something that no one else had done. Then she sent an awsome pdf surgery book that had a wealth of info from the plane ride to DR what to take and not take as far as meds, what to do from one month on up to the day of sx. Ok so can i say awesome! She also gave a number to text, whatsap # and email for contact. She doesnt work out of Cipla. It stated that there will be access to a 24h interpretor for communication. And she said the quote (all inclusive might I add) will come in 24-48h. No worries abt a RH bc its in the quote, meds transpo garment and all. Im blown away! Just hope my quote is just ad impressive and guess what guys She willbe my Dra!
Heres her addy if you wanna check her out!

So i got my quotes

Ok guys so I got my round 2 quotes. Dr Robles just really impressed me wit her attion to detail and her response time. Dr Alamonte sent me a quote last night after i guess a lil over a week. Ok so prices are close. Both include RH stay in clinic meds and faja. Ive been eyeing Dra Durans work as well. I still havent rec her quote for round 1 lol. Resent for round 2 and nothing...lol
Anyway i gotta dec who Im going to so I can lok in a date and price.
Ill be turnin 34 soon and I need this body turned up!

Quote Details......

Tummy tuck+Lipo back,waist,flanks+BBL+Breast lift with implant
10 days in Recovery House with 24 hour monitoring,meals,Wifi, T.V
Pre operation tests and evaluation
Post operation medication
Post operation garment
Post operation consultations

Hello Swettie,

Dr. Robles Suggest the following combinations because is too much procedure one time and the risk increase, also she said if you reduces some pounds you will look more better after surgery:

Liposuction on back, waist + tummy Tuck + lipotransference US$5200.00


Tummy Tuck + Lipo on Waist + Breast Lift US$5900

Both packages included 12 days at the country.

She said "This is certainly a lot of surgery to be performed at on setting. I generally recommend that cosmetic surgical procedures be limited to no more than 5 - 6 hours for safety purposes. Your risks include your weight and length of the operation. I would advise dividing the operation it to two settings working on the upper body at on session and 3 - 6 months later the second stage"

* Price are in American Dollars.
* This price are guarantee for six months.
* Recovery House is optional; you also can ask for other recovery house prices or hotel.
* You can bring or buy an extra garment for an extra cost 100-150 USD.
* Non surgical guest to stay at the house: US$55 /day.

Our all-inclusive package includes:

•Personal Assistant Full Bilingual
•Pre-surgical medical examinations (Chest X-Ray, Blood test)
•Cardiologic Evaluation
•Operating Room
•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Special Garments)
•Supplies and disposable materials
•Medicines (pain medicine and antibiotics)
•Medical fees
•Two nights at the clinic
•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery
•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post operative
•Transportation (Between Airport-Hospital- Recovery house- medical -checkups)
•Hosting (Home Cooking)

The following are not included in the all inclusive package:

1.) Air Ticket
2.) Other transportation that is not medical.
3.) Any Additional drug.
4.) Surgeon views a hotel (You need to pay additional transportation, if you choose the hotel).

What you can use and is not included in the package

1. Iron shot

2. Blood Transfusion

3. Rosa mosqueta oil

4. Extra garment

5. Any other medicine that is not pain killers, antibiotic or vitamins.

For all the extra that is not included and you may use or need during your stay here can be cover with US$300.00

Almost 4 mo post

Ok so im almost 4 mo and i am still back n forth on my results. Sometimes im happy n others im not. Now that the swelling is gone i can really see where my ab muscles need hella work. So im really contemplating a TT. I really wanna be snatched at the waist. My booty well she is still on biggie, lol. I havent lost my volume there. The hips are lagging a bit. I still want more. I hope robles does me right, cuz i dont want to do another round. Here is an update photo. My booty will be 4 mo on the 8th. Later dolls!

9mo post

Hi ladies! Yes im nine mo post now! Yay! Im now looking to start my round 2 journey. I dont think its so much of booty greed, i think its more of a waist snatched syndrome... Lol so here is an updated pic, hope yall enjoy
Wanna B a Yilydoll

Dra. Yily gave me just what I wanted. I am very pleased with her caring bedside manner. Although she is blunt, she is also caring. She puts healthe before money and thats the way all Drs should be.

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