46 Year Old Female, 2 Kids - Tummy Tuck Due to Weight Loss - North Adelaide, SA

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Ive never wanted to be a super skinny model...

Ive never wanted to be a super skinny model looking person. I just want to look good and feel good about myself. I have been on a weight loss journey since 2nd May 2013. Having my TT on 17th April and this will be 2 years since i started my journey. I will update my posts along the way and answer any questions. I will post some before TT and after TT pictures.. Be patient - Im a work in progress :)

Getting Brave

Only 9 more days till I have my TT. Getting nervous but also excited. Will post some before TT shots. Gosh I'm getting brave.
To be continued.

One week to go.

Starting to get real. Have begun to buy things in preparation for my hospital stay and post TT care at home. New nighty since I will have drains and can't wear pants. Lotions and potions and dressings and tapes for the scar repair to take place. This weekend will start making meals to freeze for my kids to heat u when I can't get up and cook. Need to think about packing my hospital bag. Roll on next Friday.


I am postponing my surgery. My girls dad is in final stages of cancer and has been on morphine in palliative care for 9 days. He hasnt got long to go and I can't go ahead with surgery and not be there for my girls. I need to be able to spend his final days with him and our girls. I am calling my surgeons office on Monday to reschedule. It's the best decision. I would never forgive myself if something happened when I'm in hospital and I couldn't be there for them. I will update when I find out new surgery date.

New Surgery Date

After postponing my surgery and i should have gone under the knife last Friday, my girls dad passed away on Monday and Funeral was on Friday (surgery day). Im glad i postponed it and we were able to spend his final moments together. Now the funeral has been and gone it is time to move on with our lives and i have rescheduled my surgery for 12th June. 1 month and 22 days to go. New countdown now. This will give my girls and i time to heal and get back into the swing of life...

Surprise surprise. I'm All done

Guess what!!! I've had my Tummy Tuck. My new date was scheduled for June 12th. Got a call last week saying can I come in and have it done on 13th May. So no time to think about it. I said yes.
Yesterday I had my hip to hip Tummy Tuck. Yes I also had extensive muscle repair and yet another surprise I had a hernia so I had that operated on as well along with TT and new belly button scar I'm a bit worse for wear. Today I've only got up out of bed twice with assistance to go to the toilet. Have had my IV fluid removed. My lovely leg compression machine removed. On oral Endone and Panadol. Had a jab of morphine today as I was in excruciating pain. Tomorrow I think I will have to go for a little walk. See how I go. Here are some pics of day 1 and day 2.

Day 1 and Day 2 Post TT

Yesterday wasn't too bad. Managed to get out of bed twice to use the toilet. That was a bit painful. Didn't leave my room all day. Lots of rest and a few visitors at night. Today I woke up in a bit of pain. Dr came to see me and said I could get up and shower and have a very small walk down the hallway. I had my shower and washed my hair. Sitting in a shower chair. Felt good to wash but it was tiring to do. Got back into bed for a rest. After lunch did one lap of the hallway and when my visitor left I walked them down the corridor. That's my excersize for the day. In bed now and that is where I will stay unless I need to wee. New pics posted.

11 days Post Op.

Wow. Who said this would be easy. Post Full HipTo Hip Tummy Tuck with extensive Muscle Repair and Hernia Op. Stabbing pains in the tummy were a worry. Had my first post op appointment with my surgeon and he said its the muscles and nerve endings repairing so not to worry. Gave me some pain meds to get me through the evenings and bed time whet the swelling and pain is worse. Got to see my incisions without dressings on. Will post pics. Will update again when I have more news.

Progress Shots

20 days post op and starting to feel a bit normal. Still have some pain from the muscle repair and Nerve endings are healing. One week left till I go back to work. Have had all the stitches removed from my belly button. Tomorrow I have my 3rd post op appointment with my surgeon. Posting new pics.

2 months and 1 week post op

Here I am 2 months and 1 week post op. Had a visit to Dr Mark Moores office two weeks ago. Had a red lump and a very sore red part of my scar. Called up and was told to come in to get it checked. Turns out to be a stitch trying to pop through. Got a course of antibiotics and come back in a week. A week later and it's not as bad. Still sore but not as red. Just have to keep massaging the scar line. Still have a section of my upper belly area that is muscular pain. Feels like I've done far too many sit ups. Dr said this s my muscles and hernia repairing still and will take up to 6-12 months to be fully healed. Omg. Lol. They say no pain no gain. Anyway I'm still wearing my compression undies. Dr said I can reduce my time in them so I don't wear them to bed. Gel funny not wearing them and still hold my belly for support when I turn in bed or get up to the loo. Anyway that's just a small update for now. Will post a couple of pics.
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