44 -2 Kids Tummy Tuck - Norman, OK

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I'm super excited. I've been wanting a tummy tuck...

I'm super excited. I've been wanting a tummy tuck for over 25 years ..... I'm nervous but yet so blessed that my husband is giving me this life changing gift!!!
So next Sunday at this time I will be waking up and going in for surgery !!! Can not wait . I've watched over a 100 YouTube videos and have listened at several stories.


Went in for my pre-op today and made final payment !! It's so nerve wracking and so exciting at the same time . My nurse was awesome and answered all of our questions today. Now I'm just counting down the days which is 7 ....... So this time next Monday ( the day before my birthday ) I will have a flat tummy and it's absolutely a dream come true.....
I also have all my med cart ready to go :)

More before pics

More before pics.....so ready to get rid of this and be on the flat side!!!

Losing weight

I forgot to mention that I am trying to lose 10 pounds before surgery . A week and half ago I weighed 155 now I am down to 148 I would love to be right at 140 when I go into surgery next Monday. Crossing fingers I can do it!

5 days and counting

5 days till the Flat side ...... I cannot believe at almost 45 this dream is finally coming true ....... My husband and I have been together 2 years and I've always been self conscious of him touching me and although he loves me very much and says he loves me the way I am it's something I've wanted since I had my daughter at 17 !!! God is Great!!


Could someone please let me know if my post are being seen!??? I don't see my profile on the news feed!

Ughhhh the wait!!!!!

Geez the wait is killing me it's like waiting to go to Disneyland or waiting on Christmas morning..... (Lol)
I went today to finish buying my PO supplies.... Actually bought the toilet seat riser. A couple cute gowns,sweats and a cheap pack of " Granny Panties" all the tapes,pills,lotions,oils ..... Even bought a oil diffuser with lavender oil to promote calmness . Not that I am into those kinds of things but what could it hurt,right!?? Oh goodness tho the closer it gets the more nervous I am about the healing...... I know it will be sooooooo worth it when it's all done and I'm bikini shopping this summer and not having to get a tankini to cover up the skin flap and stretch marks . I guess I'm more nervous also about complications because I had breast augmentation a few years ago and ended up losing my left nipple and areola because the blood supply didn't take back so I had a bad infection and it all turned black and had to be removed to save my life. I have had nipple reconstruction although it's not as big or real looking as my other it's ok :)
It doesn't define me as a woman !!
Anyway ,guess I'll hush for now but will be back !!!

Annnndddddd it's almost the weekend

Well here it is Thursday evening .....3 full days left to go ........ I've been a bit cranky today and not feeling real well ! Not sure what's up with me ..... Anyway emotions are all over the place ..... My gratitude first and foremost is very high right now ! I've dreamed about the day coming up forever!!! But the weekend should go by pretty fast ..... My husband is throwing me a birthday party on Saturday at a comedy club and then a local bar that we love ......my birthday is the day after my surgery (((( Happy Birthday to me))))
Anyway gals I'll get back to ya as my anxiousness builds :)

One more night!

Well it's the Saturday before my surgery ....Monday at 7:45 I can not wait!!!!

The final countdown!!

Ok getting nervous it's the final countdown.........tomorrow is the day I've been waiting on for 27 years !! It is very surreal !!! Thoughts as I'm getting closer to the FLAT side ....... I'm scared, I'm excited,ready!!! This time tomorrow hopefully all will have gone well and I'm at home sleeping ????
My husband has been amazing .... Seeing what I will need and we are running around as we speak getting last minute groceries and actually looking for me a recliner because I don't have one and our bed is very high to get in and out of! So anyways I'll check in later tonight .... Hopefully I can sleep !! Haha

May have a cold!!!!

Question ladies ...... All the sudden I'm getting a cold.... Not running fever but have a sore throat and runny nose . I'm terrified that my surgery will be postponed because of this and I don't want that!!!!! So the question is does anyone know if I can still have surgery with a cold???

1 hour !!!!

Leaving the house headed to surgery..... Scared,scared,scared !!!! I woke up with a small cold and now I'm freaking out that they will cancel when I get there. I don't have a fever but a small tickle and some drainage . Anyway I am going in to let them check me out to see if we can proceed !!! Pray we can I can't take the waiting anymore!!!!!
Ok so been up for a few hours ,couldn't sleep ..... "WHAT IF's" keep coming into my head all night . Like what happens " if" he cuts into a main blood supply and can't get it to stop,or punctures something ...or "what if" I don't wake up !!!??? Omg I hate this . I hate thinking bad but I can't stop :(
Anyway almost there .... Not sure when u all will get another update from me so please keep me in your prayers!!


Waiting here at my surgery center and I get a call from my nurse saying she is stuck in traffic.... Lol
So my surgery prep will be delayed a bit but that is ok .....Dr Magnussum's staff are so amazing and sweet. She actually said we would all pray before surgery and that makes me feel at ease!!! Anyway next update maybe on the FLAT SIDE :)


Absolutely the worst pain of my life!!!! :(
I got home about 3 yesterday and my hobby has been great even tho he gets a little crabby himself form not sleeping .... I cried all evening and have taken a crap ton of Norco
My chest,ribs and upper tummy hurt so bad!!! I'm sure the worst is the first 24
Anyway catch u all up later

Day 2 pain

Well I'm not sure I would do it again ......the pain is almost unbearable:(
Headed to my follow up day after visit . I am having trouble peeing and breathing..... Help when does the pain get better !???

Day 4 post op

Still feel like poo .... Haven't hardly gotten up to do anything. I am though trying to today go potty by myself and I'm gonna take a shower in a little while . I think keeping pain pills in my system the entire time. Helps because a few times I went to long without it ! My biggest pain today is cramping in my lower abs and the back pain. Praying tomorrow is way better because my husbands daughters come home for the week .... Don't want them to see me in so much agony .... I can not wait till I can see the light :)

Ready for recovery

So ready to be done with the pain already.... My husband is awesome but don't think he truly understands the pain I'm in ....I did get out of the house this afternoon because he felt like I needed some fresh air!! The pain is very weird now it feels like I'm bloated so badly and also like I've eaten so much that I will blow up!! Haven't pooped in over a week :(
So with all these things going on I just want to sleep lol

5th day post op

Ok here it is my 5th day post op..... Last night was very painful because somehow I accidentally tugged at a drain in the middle of the night . Woke up crying in pain yes pain ...... I love the results so far .... I've taken a few pics and actually showered today and fixed my hair and makeup .... That always makes me feel better ! So I haven't lost any weight yet and I've barely eaten anything in 5 days not sure why the numbers aren't budging but I'm guessing it's the fluid retention ....I said the first couple days that I wouldn't do it again but looking how great this will be In the long run it will be SO WORTH IT ..... The pain I'm feeling now is just a bloated feeling and it feels like that something is scratching me on the inside ..... Exhaustion is another big thing .... I start feeling froggy so I get up all ready to jump and do things and I get so worn out fast .....Gonna try to go do some errands with my hubby and he has taken such good care of me !! Blessed in that area . He had no hesitation when I said I wanted this surgery so badly all my life he said well schedule it .... I did and now that dream has come to fruition I can not wait for the next 3 months to pass and all back to " normal" lol
Ok girls until next update .... Take care

After pics

Behind hernia

Ok I'm sure it's normal but I'm having a lot a pressure and pain behind my belly button .... The dr had to remove a hernia behind my belly button but it feels hard and like something is trying to push thru !! Does anyone know what that pain could be !??


1-week PO and I can not say I'm still not feeling good :(
Got one drain out today and hopefully the other on Wednesday ...... I can barely eat although I'm hungry and if I do take a few bites of something I feel miserable ... Can't take a deep breath because I have a severe stabbing pain of I do.... I guess I was under the illusion that by the 7 day or so I would be up and about but honestly I just want to stay in my recliner in my room!!! My husband has been amazing but I'm sure he is tired of my emotions being all over the place .... I actually was mad at him this morning because I wasn't feeling better . Please tell me there's a turning point in my near future!!??!??

10 days post op

Well girls I've made it to a little better place .... I even put on jeans and loved it today . My incision doesn't hurt its my back and on my left side having a lot of sharp pains but all and all slowly I feel my energy getting a looter better everyday!! My dr took off the bandage today and gave me the go ahead to start using the bio oil . I can see the light :)

15 days post op

Well 15 days post op and I'm feeling way better and starting to love being able to wear clothes without having to tuck my belly into my pants !!! Down side is that my back still hurts and still get really exhausted getting ready ,showering ,doing my hair etc........I will post pics tomorrow . Oh plus hated the binder they gave me so went and bought a few different options but I have begin sleeping without it because it's very uncomfortable with it a trying to get a good nights sleep !! Regret!!??!! ...... Only that I didn't have it done sooner . The first 2 weeks was hell but turned the corner about the 13 th day !! It gets better I promise ladies ... Hang in there :)

16 days PO

Well best tho g I've bought so far..... A spanx of brand Walmart brand whatever you want to call it lol
Way cheaper but I bought the one that's like bike shorts attached to the whole waist part .... Love it . The dr said I could get a bit bigger size so that it was comfortable but still tight enough . Good choice !!!

16 days PO

Post op pics 16 days

Well here's some pics .... Not where I want to be because I still fell thick :(
But I know it's because I'm swollen


Almost 3 weeks out..... And I am feeling fat still . I'm praying that it's just swelling but scared that this is it :(

4 weeks today ......

It's been 4 weeks today ..... I'll post pics later :)
I've had so many ups and downs this past month. Happy and not ..... I am not happy with the up and down weight and not happy with the swelling ...... Very happy that I can slip on jeans and not worry about that loose flabby stretched out belly hanging over them!!! All and all of course it was a Great decision .... So glad that o did it .... Headed to see my PS so I will update what he says later today :)

33 days P-O

Well it's been 33 days I know I look way better but still want to lose 10 pounds and this week I've gained 3 pds and haven't changed anything :(


Can't see pics

I'm not sure what's going on but I can't see anyone's pics and I can't see my own . They are all blurred out !

Not happy

Not happy with results .... Still have extra skin on mon and a tummy bulge 6 months later :(

He is gonna do more lipo and elipse the scar but I'm scar I still won't be happy with it !

Almost 6 months post op

Ok well. Almost 6months post op and I'm not happy at all :(
I feel I have a double bubble and my mon is huge :(

I have a big belly again. I was thrilled the first 3 months but have hated it now ! I'm praying it can be fixed but idk!!!

Liposuction and revision

I had lipo on my mon above my vagina and also above tummy tuck scar the dr also revised the scar but I am very lumpy and still 8 pounds heavier 5weeks after surgery ..... Just not happy with the look yet :(

Revision still not happy

I've got a bump above my tummy tuck incision and lumpy right above my Mon
Dr James Magnussum

I adore my Dr and the staff . Dr Magnussum is very patient,kind and encouraging !!

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