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Hi, I have light,sensitive skin,blue eyes, tend to...

Hi, I have light,sensitive skin,blue eyes, tend to breakout on chin if I do. Some freckles and sun damage from tanning outside with no sunblock. Sunblock was foreign to me. Now I use it but was given a prescription of tazorac in both doses 1% & 0.5%. Originally I liked the 0.5 because my skin just gleamed, tight pores no breakouts mild peeling. I rarely used moisturizer with it, because I figured alittle dryness would be good. If your knew to tazorac start with low dose. Remember, treatments can make things worse if done wrong, trust me more is not always better. I have for past 2 weeks been using 1% mostly nightly. At first I didn't like it, I had acne in places I've never had. So I stopped chilled out. Then try again. Added cerve moisture pm. after applying tazorac. Treatment has been very good. The only downfall with any treatment to skin is sensitivity to sun. Please listen to the doctor. Tazorac,moisturizer, daily spf. If you don't moisture you will look like a raisin. You won't break out. I got moderate burn from going out to water my plants in hot sun with no spf. ,it was only like 15 min.I wanted to pass this on. Maybe because I've been using 1% nightly? Still the dowfall, skin can't tolerate sun!! I like sunshine, hopefully it will adjust and toughen up!

Tazorac for rejuvenation

My update is more advice for new users of tazorac. Let my mistakes be your benifit. Okay, what I've found helpful. Try focusing only on bad areas not your whole face,be consistant and add moisture cerve cream or lotion. Example, I'm focusing on just forhead 1% and overall irritation is milder plus you see the effects on 1 area and arent going mad at odditys in places, ive noticed tazorac has caused some mottled appearance on cheeks, not pleased with that but it's also treated certain areas. Dont dont apply it where you don't need it. It's treatment afterall. Just my quick tips for better results. I think the trick to tazorac is knowing when to use it. Apply as needed and you'll save more 2. Much peace!

If you have sundamage...

OK, I was going to delete my review but it will only allow updates! My final review for tazorac is its not that great!! I've been using it consistantly for almost year, and my skin has gotten worse, I think. Seriously, don't believe the hype. My skin almost looks more damaged, acne scars are showing up, dimples in places I've never had. Maybe aging has its advantages!!!
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