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When I was 17 I lost a bunch of weight really...

When I was 17 I lost a bunch of weight really quickly and almost 6 years later instill haven't been able to tighten up my stomach so I went in for a consultation on feb 12th to see Dr. Colon. Since my trouble area is in my lower stomach he told me i didn't need the full procedure, but some lipo and a mini.. I'll post pics later on


So I had my pre op appt on wed feb 26th. A little anxious now because I thought with a mini u didn't have to get drains, and the nurse garunteed that I would. This is also my first surgery EVER, I've never even had stitches before so I'm pretty anxious about that too. Mover all though I'm really excited. My surgery is set for Thursday at 730am. I'll keep you guys updated

Post op

Well I had my procedure done yesturday morning at 0730 and everything went great. I'm still in a lot of pain it hurts to do pretty much everything, I think he may have really went to town on the flanks, but long as I keep up with my pain meds it's not too unberable. I have a really good support team and I can't stress enough how important that is because your body is already going to have you under enough stress so having someone or people to genuinely help and support you is great. I have my post op appt at 11 and I get new bandages and maybe a peak at it!

Feeling a little better

So I'm two days post op now still pretty sore but moving around a lot better. So far really happy with my results. still really swollen, puffy, and numb but I can tell it's going to look good, I can already see a difference.


Up late

I haven't took a sh!t since the day before surgery. ????

Up late or early either ways it's 0530

Second post op apt

Let's hope this drain comes out today... But I doubt it because I'm still draining a lot -_-

Just what I expected

Well the drain will remain until Monday... At least I got my stitches out I guess


Was anyone else still really swollen I week post op?


Still really swollen and I have an appt to get my drain out tomorrow but I doubt it because I'm still draining a lot, which I guess it's kinda good, I know it has a way to for the results. I just didn't expect to be this swollen 10 days post

2 weeks

Still bloaded like a balloon with swelling and fluids.. Have an appt
I a couple
Of hairs, pretty sure drain is staying in for atleast another a week

2 weeks before appt

Appt today

Drain still in of course! Still really swollen and hard. My ps set me up for some ultra sounds that I guess really helps with swelling and tissue repair, I'll have 3 before I go to work Thursday! Really hope my drain is taken out on that wed prior to my return!!


Other than the tenderness from swelling and the drain I feel great! And luckily I'm this perfect chocolate color lol because my tape is starting to come off and I barely can see the incision

First ultrasound today

Ultrasound appt

Today was my 2nd ultrasound appt.y drain is stitched to me and the stitches are ripping out of me!!!!!! I'm so ready for this thing to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swelling update

I guess I can see the ultrasounds paying off the swelling has went down a little bit


Idek know at this point. Besides the pain from the actual surgery, I've made 0 progress in recovering. Ik it's a work in progress but -___-


At this point I'm completely miserable! Still really swollen and tender and still wearing the drain! The stiches that stiches the tubing inside of you started to rip down( my drain is in my pelvic) and it was very painful. I had the stiches replaced yesturday and I wake up in the middle of the night wet becuause the new stiches didn't keep the drain in place and came out like 2 in the opening site was leaking fat and fluids all night! Then yesturday my ps had me go get a new tailored compressing garment, because he believes my binder is contributing to the swelling and not relieving it, the new one is pretty much nothing but compression shorts that come halfway up the stomach, and it cost 80 bucks! I feel like some swelling has come back since my last ultrasound and that's very dissapointing and discouraging but I have another one tomorrow and Thursday. Those appts should be back to back! Over I can't say I regret anything at this point I'm jus miserable! Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to return to work THURSDAY!


Ultrasounds paid off big time! Still some tissue swelling and some muscle swelling every now and then. Idk exactly why but my ps said that I'm pretty much 2 weeks late on my recovery but at this point I'm making good progress so now I can put my worries to rest.


It's weird I haven't seen any of the other guys TT turn out like this. Maybe it's my natural physique but I gots tha V lol.... Still puffy tho -_- bug as you can see I've made great progress


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