28 Yr Old Mommy of 2.. In Research Mode - Norfolk, VA

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Ok so to start I have been doing alot of research...

Ok so to start I have been doing alot of research thru various sites including this one and have found everyones reviews extremely helpful. I have been small chested all my life and only had big boobs while breastfeeding my children. Since the milk disappeared they now have turned into mushy sacs..for lack of a better term. I have even cried over them, which is sad I know but currently im only an A cup and I just really want to feel pretty and not so self conscious. I havent had the BA I want yet being that im way in research mode and am planning my finances. If anyone has any questions or ideas/suggestions for anything please let me know. I do know I want this sooo badly its just a matter of planning at this point.

still researching and wishing...

So still researching and wishing I could get my BA and totally feel better about myself. I have constantly battled with my self conscious ever since I can remember. I always get told im pretty but I personally don't feel that way. my boobs were little but perky prior to having kids and now 2 kids later and breastfeeding..they have withered. I hate wearing bathing suits cause they just dont look right to me, as well as being intimate...extremely nerve racking...

I think I made my decision to want this done last year, but its finding a way to do it and the time. Oh first some stats on me:
Im 5'0, 98lbs, and right now sized between an A cup and a B cup.(vs has me in a 32 b, push up).

I really want this change in my life and im hoping that soon ill be able to feel better about myself.

financing blues...

So called around to a couple of physicians and for consultations they charge a small fee which can be added to the amount for the surgery but u have to have the funds for the surgery...atleast part of it. Which I unfortunately don't have right now. So I wanted to ask...how all of you ladies that have succeeded in this managed to gather the funds for your dream? I am trying to think of different ways to get this started but opinions and suggestions would help.

Wish boobs!!!

So I know it may be early but I found wish boobs id like to have. Also I will post some pics of my current boobs. Im still researching different doctors and have been given estimates in price for around 5,000. So with that I will comence saving. I also figure ill get through this summer as I am and save money to have it done during the winter months when I want to hibernate anyways...lol

right now im feeling over anxious..I want this so badly but I have no choice but to wait right now. Im still reading over the reviews on here and I want to say congrats to those that have made their wish come true. Hoping to join all of you soon. Post more later.

still on the hunt...frustrating. ..

So I am still on the hunt for dr's that do a free consultation. I think I may have found some but I wanna see how good they are. Ive checked out their websites and they seem fine as well as being double board certified which im assuming is a good thing...as far as everything else though its still financing blues...ill see what I can do to earn the money, although it may take some time.
well the bright side of this is it gives me time to find the right dr for the job...lol.
also big congrats to all those women who have made their dreams come true!!!
And thank you for all the guidance so far. ..

It's been a while...

Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since I updated. Just wanted to stop in and say that I've made some progress as of my last update...on Monday I have a consult with an extremely good Dr in my area. From what I know he's top rated, and very well liked. I have a ton of questions, and am a lil nervous but mostly excited. Fingers crossed that everything goes well...and I'll update more after the consult...

A few questions...

So if anyone has any advice or answers that would be so helpful. A few questions I have is if those that have had a BA and have been smokers...did u have to quit?
Also what were the most helpful things during recovery that you had bought?
Any other tips or advice would be awesome...thank you all!

Sizing appt!!!

Ok ladies, I went to my sizing appt yesterday and paid my deposit so they could order my implants!!!! Yay!! I chose 495 cc size and my PS recommended that I get round and probably HP. But the implant I'm going with is newer...it's called Ideal- and it is saline but feels like silicone...wow...it apparently has 2 chambers like a bag within a bag...no rippling and no MRI's every 3 years....sweet!
I'm soooo excited and in love with my choice of PS. I have also been a nervous wreck periodically, so trying to reign that in.
I have to save the rest of the money for the surgery and make payments so I have set a tentative pre-op and surgery date for Jan 28th, 2016 and February 12th, 2016. That gives me about 5 months to pay off the balance...
I've noticed alot of women say after their sizing appts that they freak out about the cc's they chose, wondering if it is going to get them to the size they want....I have to say I'm in that boat too....only problem is that my type of implant is so new that it doesn't go any higher than 495...ugh.

But from all of the opinions I got at the appt and from family I feel like I made the right choice for me...the 545 just felt like I'd fall over....definitely don't want that...I told my PS and the nurses that I wanted to be noticibly bigger but not like "omg u have a boob job". Something natural looking just bigger and perkier...
So I posted photos of right now with a push up and then the sizes I tried...opinions would be great...looking forward to hearing from you all...

Also to those women that have achieved their dream...a big congrats and I hope to be joining you all soon...
To those that are just starting like me...I wish you all tons of good luck and hope your journey is a smooth one...
Please let me know what you all think, I do hope to connect with some of you on here and share our journey...

Happy boob journey guys, check in laters.


So I've officially started my count down to boob land....19 weeks and 3 days left.. .I'm excited but also nerve wrecked...I've had some back and forth in my head on the size I picked but from several of the reviews I've read on here, for those women with similar stats...everything seemed to have gone well...and size didn't seem to be an issue...I think I mentioned last time that I placed my deposit and am currently working on paying the rest of the balance...my surgery date is scheduled for February 12th as of now...but if the balance is paid off sooner then I can move the surgery up....
My PS explained that if I go in on a Friday morning and get it done then I can be back to work by monday...which is awesome because I can't be out of work long. He makes smaller incisions and uses a scope to assist so it's shorter healing time. ..ends up feeling like your engorged or pulled a muscle...I hope he's right cause I can't afford to be out of work long...my job isn't strenuous so it shouldn't be too big of an issue.
I'll keep you guys posted as the countdown continues...any advice or pointers anyone could offer would be great...

the countdown continues...

Hello ladies,
so im at about 15 weeks 4 days left on the count down til boobie day...emotions are crazy, i go from excited to sad and nervous, to extremely impatient almost all at the same time. I am currently working on saving the rest of the amount needed for my surgery which is proving more challenging than i originally anticipated. grr... but i figure its a work in progress. I made a preemptive list of the things ill probably need after surgery and i figure ill fine tune it as time gets closer. I know this is short but things have been crazy busy lately. Ill update more later on...
Happy healing to all the ladies out there!

Crisis situation

So I realized that my original time frame to get the funds together was wrong...instead of 15 weeks I have 12 if I don't get it together by then I'll have to move the date which I didn't wanna do because of summer...I gave tried just about everything I can think of from applying for loans amongst other things. Any suggestions you guys have would be so helpful. Please let me know...
Big thank you!

Its all Happening!!!

Sorry its been so long! A lot has been going on in my little bubble but i figured now that i had more updated news id share. I originally had to move my surgery day out until April of 2016 as i did not have all of the funding together to stick to my original date. However, on the flip side I have figured out a way to have it all paid off within the next month so I can move my date sooner than April!!!!

Super excited that its all finally coming together and i can reach my goal of the "new year, new me" that i have been trying to stick too. I have already ordered just a couple of sports bras for after, although with the sizes im not sure what size sports bra to get???? So i ended up getting 1 medium and 1 large just so id have something to go off of. If you ladies have any suggestions on how to better determine sports bra size for after please comment below.

So the count down has officially intensified! My feelings at this point are mostly excited and anxious.
I think thats all i have in my head right now, will post more later.

If anyone has any advice on do's and dont's or anything else, your comments are appreciated!
Happy healing ladys and congrats!

Driving myself Crazy!!!

So I am hoping to schedule the surgery for February 5th of this year. However I am noticing that I am going through that 2nd guess everything phase. Which makes me want to schedule another meeting with my PS to try on sizers again. I know I picked 495 cc but im having that nervous feeling like it wont be big enough....from what ive read on here alot of women seem to go through this too right before surgery. What is the best way to handle it all? I feel like im driving myself nuts with the waiting, even though its only like a week and a half. (Hopefully) I suppose i will just pacify myself and set up another consult...hmmmm....so many decisions....

well off here for now, will keep you posted as things progress.

Possible Set Back...

Hello Ladies! So im still on a countdown for my surgery day, however, I found out some news that may cause a set back in my plans. As a little bit of a back ground, I have been having horrible lower back pain for quite some time, which was made worse by my falling several weeks ago down some stairs. A few days after that I was in excruciating pain, couldnt walk and was carried into the ER to be seen. The ER I went to took me into triage and asked me a bunch of questions, poked at my back, and gave me pain meds and sent me home. No x-ray or anything else. Fast forward 3 weeks to yesterday and i met with a specialist. He took x-rays and told me that my lower back is broken. That he was going to try to avoid surgery and scheduled an MRI, then a follow up with him to decide what to do next.
I guess my question to you ladies is...Have any of you gone thru this or something similar and if so did it get in the way of your plans for augmentation?
I really want to go through with my augmentation as soon as possible, as I have wanted this for so very long. I guess im just not sure what to do.
Any advice you have please feel free to let me know, It would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Healing!

Definite Confirmation-Countdown Continues...

As many of you lovely ladies may also be doing, I am awaiting the arrival of my taxes to pay for my BA. The anxiety of the wait has been frustrating to say the least. But I have my Pre-op Scheduled for the 8th of Feb which is in 3 days!!! and my surgery is scheduled for the 12th of Feb in 7 days from today. My feelings right now are excited and impatient as the days get closer.
Also my Dr called me the other day and said that the anesthesiologist wants me to use an inhaler from now until 2 weeks after my surgery to help oxygenate my blood and help with the healing...has anyone else had to do this as well???
Found out for definite that ill be paying my surgery in full on the 10th which will be 2 days prior to surgery. My PS office told me that as long as its paid before the actual surgery day everything should be fine so im crossing my fingers....
Hoping everything goes smoothly, will update as time goes on...


So today ladies is my pre-op appointment and im super excited/nervous at the same time. I think my nervousness stems from hoping that i dont get a cold right before or anything. I have had alot of other issues come up and im hoping non of it gets in the way of my surgery. Currently at work now but appt is at 1130 so will update more after wards on what happened and what was said. T - 4 days and counting....

Pre-op Take 2

So yesterday I had my pre op and they showed me the recovery room and the operating room which was nice and put my mind at ease. I also did another size test to make sure of what i wanted and my ps came in to look and recommended for my frame that I go up to 535 cc's instead of 495. It will give me a fuller look and put me roughly at a full C small D after all is said and done which is what i wanted. Now to add to that, previously I was told that for the type of implant i was getting (Ideal) that they only went up to 495. But i asked yesterday and found out that now they go up to 535!!! So ps agreed that, that size looked much better on me and i was ecstatic!!!
As per the anesthesiologist i had to do a breathing treatment which only took about 3 mins and then my ps took before pictures of the twins, Which i have to say made me a lil self conscious but i thought this is only temporary. After all that I got my prescriptions and a list of what i needed to get so i went to the store picked up the stuff i needed, like sports bra and frozen peas. Also i got my prescriptions filled and brought them home and put them in my newly created surgery day bag. Which i have filled with everything i may need for that day.
Fast forward to this morning and i wake up with a stupid cold!!! ugh! But in speaking to my PS yesterday he said as long as i didnt have a fever it would be fine and they wouldnt postpone it...so fingers crossed. in the meantime im nursing this cold and trying everything i can to get rid of it in 3 days....im hoping i succeed. If anyone has any tips or tricks to help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
So T - 3 days til boobie day and im feeling excited a lil nervous, and anxious. But my PS has been totally great and reassured me every step of the way, I feel confident in his abilities and appreciative of his "bedside manner". I feel like he wants to do everything he can to make me feel better about myself, give me what im looking for in my self image and also a smooth and easy recovery.
So heres hoping in the next few days this cold goes away and all goes well. Oh forgot to add the prescriptions i have for after are vicodin for pain, phenergan for nausea, and keflex antibiotic. as well as an albuterol inhaler to help oxygenate my blood to help with healing.
Anywho, will post more as time goes on, Happy Healing Ladies!!!!

1 Day Left!!!

So today is my last day in the itty bitty club!!! I have everything I think I need for tomorrow including my meds, a sit up pillow, button up shirts and zip sports bras!!! Last night I had some anxiety and today is more if the same, anxiety about tomorrow but also excited!!! I got a cold 3 days ago and today it feels like its leaving my body...yay!!! Did anyone else feel this way prior to surgery day!!! i feel like im going slightly crazy and anxious at the same time....EEEK! I think i stated before in a previous post that I upped the CC's of my implants from 495 cc to 535 cc!!! I talked to my PS about making that change before i did it and he looked at the sizers as well as my frame and said that would be a good fit. It would give me the larger size and fullness i want without making me look too huge. So totally excited and cant wait to get to the other side.
I have had alot of mixed comments from people ive told about this and i decided to ignore the negative and focus on my reason for doing this in the first place. That reason is because i want to feel more womanly and be able to see myself as pretty in my own mind and not for anyone else. I love my children but in having them and breast feeding it has taken from my boobs and every time i see them i become self conscious.... and i hate feeling that way. so i made the leap and paid off my surgery completely and now is the wait....
I will update more probably once im on the other side of this... I dont know if ill have time between then....Any advice or positive encouragement would be wonderful...and help to keep me sane!!!
Happy healing ladies and see you all on the other side....

2 days after

So it's now officially 2 days after surgery day and I'm feeling a lil better than I was the day I came home. The surgery went as expected and everyone was very nice. They numbed the spot for my iv and gave me antibiotics and meds to relax. The next thing u know I was in the OR laying down and I don't remember anything except for waking up which seemed like only a few minutes. Everything else is kind of a blur, I got dressed and came home and went straight to bed. The last couple of days I have been sleeping off and on about 2 to 4 hours at a time and trying to keep up on my pain meds. Icing has been helpful too.
On my first day home I ended up throwing up after trying to take some pain pills...not fun. After that it's mostly been the pain from the muscles trying to stretch. I have been doing deep breathing exercises which hurts a lil but gets easier everyday. Yesterday I took a shower and I have to say it was wonderful. I will post after pics soon. Happy healing ladies

Night 2 after

Hello all, tonight is night 2 after surgery and I have to say I still feel pretty bad, vicodin is not really helping the pain and I've been trying to ice them as much as possible. I have a low grade fever about 99.9 and I called my PS and he told me to come see him tomorrow so he can make sure everything is going well. I'm also not really eating either...any tips or advice would be great.

Day 3

I am feeling much better today than I have been. I finally think I have the pain under control. Also it was my first day back to work and that went fairly smoothly as well. I wore my sports bra while at work and by the time the day was done I couldn't wait to get home and take it off....lol the swelling had gone back up so I needed to ice them, which I did as well as eat dinner. Right now I have mild pain but it's tolerable, and some tightness. Tomorrow will be my first appt with my PS after surgery and I get to do this oxygen chamber thing which helps to speed healing, which I thought was pretty cool. So we will see how that goes. My appt isn't until after work so I'll see how my day goes before then....also morning Boob is a thing apparently and it's not fun....omg.
Here are also some pics of swelling up top and stitches underneath....I'll post more later on...all in all pretty happy thus far...
Happy healing lovely ladies

Day 4....

So today is day 4 of healing and for the most part im doing alright pain wise. During the day its little pains every now and again but mostly swelling. so im icing alot!!!! I have read on many reviews about something called "morning boob" which is apparently when u first wake up and everything is stiff and really sore...and it hit me this morning that it really is a thing. so ive been dealing with that too....still waking up in the middle of the night really sore so i have to take pain meds then too and not really comfy sleeping on my back either. Also, i dunno what the deal is but ive been really freezing at night right before bed, which doesnt help the soreness so ive had to turn on a heating blanket on my bed at night too.... Other than that i pretty much have my range of motion back except for a little soreness every now and again, and i still have to take things slowly for now. I also tried to put on a small tank top the other day and couldnt fit them over the boobs...lol My Bf had to help me out of it...Well at work currently so ill update more later....
Happy healing Ladies!!!!

1 wk post op

I had my 1 wk post op yesterday and everything was wonderful. The took out the stitches which felt weird and my PS said everything looked great. Next Tuesday I have an appt with them for ultrasound massage...I thought that was pretty cool. As far as the twins they are still sitting high and swelling some but not too bad. I'm still icing for the swelling since I can't take ibuprofen due to other meds I'm on. I've also been using a heating pad for my back since it gets so stiff which helps alot. Pain wise is not too bad, just feels really sore like I pulled some muscles, so I manage that with tylonol during the day and vicodin at night. My appetite has come back some and I'm doing my best to eat health complete meals instead of junk and snacks.
Things that are still a work in progress is mainly sleeping through the night. I wake up sometimes with some pain and discomfort, not a whole lot. But I found it helps if I sleep in my sports bra elevated with pillows.
Walking long distances right now is a pain and wears me out quickly. But other than all that everything seems to get better everyday.
Happy healing ladies I'll post more later!

Day 13...

hello ladies! I am now 13 days since my surgery and i feel as though the more the days go by the better i feel. the twins are still sitting high and the bottoms of them ache more than the top now. Im doing alot of stretching and recently had a massage appt that my PS office offers. Apparently its the same thing used in sports medicine for muscles, and i have to say after that appt it was like instant pain relief. I go back for another on march 1 st which will be great. So far besides the pain ive noticed that my right one seems to be the more behaved. It also seems to be dropping faster and softening more than the left. On the flip side my left one is completely acting up. the skin on the top is very sensitive and has a burning sensation as well as it seems more stiff. I am not sleeping at an incline anymore and i havent woken up in the middle of the night for pain meds in about a good couple of nights so im happy about that. During the day i am taking tylonol but that only seems to take just the edge off the pain. So by the time i get home in the afternoons im over being in pain and end up taking a vicodin to help. I have been using a heating pad for my back since that gets stiff and sore during the day as well. I am loving the new me though and according to my PS it is going to take about 12 weeks before they are in their final spot and healed. Which will put me at middle/end of may, just in time for bikini weather! On a side note (I just thought of this) I have random pains in the twins every once in a while which apparently is normal, and even though im sleeping through the night i still end up feeling very tired during the day which is odd to me but i do my best on the weekends to catch up on sleep.
Other than that ladies I hope you all are doing wonderfully.
Update again soon

2 and a half weeks out...

I had my last massage appt yesterday and i have to say it was great. Instant pain relief. For the most part things have been going really good. Im still in some mild pain but stretching and tylonol seems to help. The biggest thing is that both of the twins are super sensitive to the point that even clothing kinda hurts. Im still icing every so often to reduce some of the swelling thats still there, but they are getting softer and more squishy/ movable everyday.
I have not been able to sleep on my stomach yet, my body keeps trying to roll over during the night but i end up getting a really sharp pain in my boob when i do. This may sound weird or hilarious but i got curious as to roughly how much they weigh so i asked to be weighed yesterday to see if there was a difference. I went for 105 before surgery to now about 110. Which if im correct then the twins weigh roughly 2.5 lbs each. Silly i know but curiosity got to me.
I still end up being very tired towards the end of the day so coffee is my friend during the week. Most of my tshirts and some of my tank tops still fit surprisingly but im awaiting summer to try on the rest of them to see how much of a wardrobe change ill have to make. I am also waiting for about may which will be my 12 week marker for when my PS says i can get underwire bras (not that i need them now) and a bikini for beach time. The way he did the surgery he said its gonna take 12 weeks for them to finally settle and not look weird. So im on the count down for that.
My stitches are still bumpy feeling and a lil sensitive but my PS says that will smooth out as they heal and drop.
All in all im loving the new me and cant wait for them to finally heal!!!
Happy healing ladies
Your all wonderful
Dr. Glaumbeck

Let me start off by saying that so far in this process dr glaumbeck has been amazing! His entire staff is kind and considerate and made me feel extremely comfortable. Dr glaumbeck came in for the initial consultation and spoke with me about the procedure and took his time to answer any and all questions I had. The nurses and staff were lovely and the building is absolutely gorgeous, it looks and feels extremely state of the art and very clean and sterile. All in all so far I felt completely comfortable and definitely NOT like a number....I completely recommend dr glaumbeck for anyone who is seeking a change...

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