31 Years Old One Son. I Am 6ft Tall 180 Pounds - Norfolk, VA

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We'll I am going in for my final breast...

We'll I am going in for my final breast augmentation before my big day. The surgury date is jan 14 2014. So I have two weeks before my surgury. I am very nervous about choosing what was best for me and the look I want and my height and weight. But I think either way it better than what I have now I am a 36 c sometimes a d. I am getting 750 cc under muscle silicone gel. I wanted the 650 cc gel look and my surgeon said with it being under muscle to go with bigger size. So I am.

We'll went in for my last pre op appt. before surgury

We'll today was full if nerves and excitement and getting some answers answered. I have decided to go with 800 cc silicone under the muscle. High profile. I am 6"0 tall 180 pounds. Um found out so many more answers to questions I had. I have twelve days before my surgury can't stop thinking about boobs and looking at pictures and what mine gonna look like. We'll 12 more days.

Getting nervous 6 days before surgury

We'll I have six days before my surgury. I am getting more and more nervous. Anyone who had 700 -800 cc silicone under and have any photo please I would like to see. I am a full c right now and wonder what size I'll be when I am done. I am 6"0 tall and 180 pounds. I still can't believe six days is all I have left


So my throat feels scratchy and I gave cough mostly if I breathe in two deep surgury in two days. Will they still let me go through with it. What can I do to make my self better not worse. I tried all tricks heT steam hot tea lemon honey cough drops.

About four days after

We'll I did it I had surgury. I am liking the way my breasts look. But my left breasts is healing great my right one is killing me and making it hard to use my right arm. I keep trying stretch and use it everyday. I go back to see my doctor Tuesday. That right breasts is also up higher still than my left and brused. I heard that one they had a hard time with so I am assuming that's why. It like one minute if I could take this all back and do it all over again I don't think I would. But at the other moment I keep telling my self in next couple weeks I'll be happy I did it. And my stomach seem to have gotten so bloated. Still waiting for that to go down and I hope it will. I don't want it to seem like I'm completely not happy. Because I am. I am just having hard time recovering. And that making it hard for me be positive at the moment. I did have 800 cc silicone under muscle implant. Which is biggest u can have in the United States. As far as silicone.
Hague center for plastic and reconstructive surgury

So far they seem really nice and helpful. But feel like they wanna rush you in to decision.

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