Trying Vaser Liposuction - Norcross, GA

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I saw a Groupon for Vaser Liposuction by Graceful...

I saw a Groupon for Vaser Liposuction by Graceful Contours in Norcross GA. I went for my consultation yesterday (1/26/2015). The staff was nice, explained the procedure and showed lots of before and after pictures. I am still afraid but I believe that I can handle the outpatient procedure. After about 1.5 hours of rapid fire questions (from me to them), I scheduled my session for 2/18/2015. I am having my abs (upper and lower) and flanks done. I am excited and afraid.

Now that I am past the blood test scare

Whew, I had a false positive blood test and almost lost my appointment. I understand their concerns but I was in a panic about my health. Crisis averted....on to my lipo date (February 18, 2015). Will post pictures soon.

3 days until my lipo

Added my before pictures. Office says to expect a 50% improvement. I'm hoping for more.

surgery day

Ok I'm going to make this fast beca use I just took a bunch of drugs and I will be asleep soon.

1. Arrived at facility, they were short staffed but didn't miss a beat.
2. I took care of paperwork and paid my additional fee (it wasn't a surprise, I added flanks.
3. I was ushered

Surgery Day - Part 2

Writing on my phone was too hard. I don't know how to delete the previous partial review so you get a 2 for 1.

Ok I'm going to make this fast because I just took a bunch of drugs and I will be asleep soon.

1. Arrived at facility, they were short staffed but didn't miss a beat.
2. I took care of paperwork and paid my additional fee (it wasn't a surprise, I added flanks.
3. I was ushered into a private room where I asked the anesthesiologist "Dr. B" a million questions. She was kind and answered all of my questions with care. Bedside manner ....check.
4. After I changed in the private room and took my relax pill. I was then ushered into the other facility where the procedure was going to be conducted.
5. I laid on the table and Dr. B took her time making me comfortable and arranging the anesthesia to where it would be most comfortable. After this point, I remember little because I was so comfortable I fell asleep lol.
6. The doctor (Dr. B) spent time injecting the local anesthesia (it took more than an hour). It didn't hurt and Dr. Sotomayer was in and out during the entire procedure. He even answered a few of my questions when I was awake.
7. After Dr. B was finished, I got to relax in the office for about 20 minutes or so. I am pretty sure I was still asleep.
8. The doctors returned to the room after my cat nap to start the procedure. I immediately put the covers over my face because it was too light, I was enjoying the sleep.
9. For over an hour, BOTH doctors worked on me (one at a time of course). Dr. Sotomayer answered more of my questions. I was very interested in his gyn background as I have a few non-lipo issues. That is one of the reasons that I picked him.
8. Everything went well, no pain at all. However, my stomach is huge like a balloon. I was assured that it would go down after a while.
9. Dr. B assisted me with my garmet...that was a joke getting it on. We did it though. I immediately started leaking down my leg, Dr. B said that was normal.
10. I felt numb...I even went to dinner before I went home.
11. I got my medication and started taking it at the first sign of pain so I am pretty good right now.

I will have my boyfriend take a picture with me in and out of my garment tomorrow morning.


1 Day Post Op

Note to self: Make sure that you get more than one compression garment; after one day of consistent bleeding it stinks something terrible. Luckily I have a boatload of girdles in my drawer. I will make due until that one dries.

After surgery I felt like a leaking faucet. Liquid flowing from my body something terrible. My doctor said leaking is a good thing so I spent the rest of the day and night with towels and consistently changing my shirts.

My pain level was tolerable as I was still numb until I went to sleep at night. The next day was a bit difficult because I couldn't take my medicine because I needed to take care of business and didn't want to be groggy. I couldn't wait until I was done to get the pain under control. It wasn't bad though; just hard to bend or sit. Once the medicine kicked in everything was fine.

Boyfriend helped me with my first shower. I had to shimmy out of the compression garment. I think I had more fear than pain. My wounds were manageable and were not nearly as leaky as the night before (and the morning).

I am still pretty swollen so I am not going to judge my progress as of yet.

The doc said this would happen

Today I'm swollen and I feel bigger than pre-surgery. I mean I have swelling even in my feet. I would really be stressed if the doctor didn't tell me to expect the up and down for a few weeks.

Feeling a little discouraged

I taped myself yesterday and there are absolutely 0 inches gone. I don't understand how they can suck a ton of fat out of me and I have not lost any inches. Maybe I am measuring too soon, it has only been a week and I am still healing.

I can't blame the doctor for this one

Ok, here are the pictures from surgery day and my 2wk checkup. Granted, I had a colonoscopy yesterday and they filled my belly with air (and it is my TOM). It actually looked better last week. Even now, my stomach overhang looks better and my upper stomach that starts under my breast bone has decreased significantly. Overall, I am pleased (not happy yet though).

Interesting discussion with the doctor though. They wanted me to schedule and pay for massage the tune of $345. I don't think I am going to do that; me and the honey bunch are going to have to work that out.

3 week update

Ok I can see a little difference now. I'm itching like crazy and am still wearing my garment 24 hours a day. I can't wait to hit the gym again.

3 week photos

5 weeks in-I can finally see improvement

I see a difference in my belly finally. My sides/flanks have improved from the beginning. Time to start working out again.

six weeks

I definitely see a change. I see the realistic explanations that the staff spoke of (50% improvement). Time to hit the gym again.
Duluth Physician

This bilingual doctors bedside manner is phenomenal! He answered all of my questions, didn't rush me or my questions and actually talked to me after my procedure. His English was great (all the staff is bilingual), his clientele is diverse.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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