28 Year Old Mommy of One 6 Year Old & Mommy Pouch Will NOT Go Away :-( Norcross, GA

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Hello! I'm due to have surgery tomorrow, 04/04/16...

Hello! I'm due to have surgery tomorrow, 04/04/16 & i am a nervous wreck & both excited!! I'm getting the four areas done upper/lower abdomen. I found a really great offer on Groupon with Graceful Contours in Norcross, Georgia. My consultant/nurse Juliette is AMAZING! She answered any questions i had & was so patient & friendly. I met a few other nurses there also who were very sweet also. I haven't gotten a chance to meet the surgeon Dr. Gerry Sotomayor due to him being in the O.R. Will see him for the 1st time on surgery date... Hopefully he is as nice as his staff :-/ I will post my after surgery pics once i get home & settled... Just a few before pics i had my mom take today (day before surgery) ... Wish me luck & pray for me :-)

Day 1 & 2 of Vaser Lipo!!!

Ok i was a little out of it & experiencing slight discomfort yesterday so I wasn't able to update my 1st day of surgery my apologies

Day 1: So yesterday was my big day aka my surgery date!! Everything went well by the grace of God. They gave me some sedatives to relax me for the surgery & i was totally sleeping through most of it... I do remember the surgeon poking me with whatever tool it was to numb me all over my belly (abdomen) it was a slight sharp feeling but nothing too too bad... I fell asleep after awhile of her doing that then when k woke up they sat me up for a 45 min downtime for the numbness to settle & gave me a bathroom break. I looked down & my stomach was sooooo HUGE & swollen i was like wth?! Lol looked like they pumped me with water like a balloon & I couldn't even feel a thing... After my bathroom break they helped me back on the table to lay back down & hooked back up to the monitors & blood pressure pad. I fell asleep AGAIN (i know i know but geesh that sedative was the truth lol) ... I remember coming in & out of my sleep to the surgeon using the vaser suction & velt slight vibrations but that was about it. They made me feel so welcomed & comfortable i am greatly appreciative of the staff from Graceful Contours!!! Going home though for me was VERY uncomfortable the garment was/is extremely TIGHT & i had to keep adjusting as best i could without harming myself. It was really hurting my back. The good thing about their garment is it has an opening at the vagina & buttocks so easy access to use the restroom. They prescribed me hydrocodone & i took it once got home after i ate a grilled chicken ceaser salad from Zaxby's but i threw that up after like an hour later ???? (They said vomiting is expected after surgery the 1st day & 2 days) & the drainage was bad a few hours later. Changed my pads & went to bed afterwards.

Day 2: Ok sooo... Day 2 is not so good. Pain & discomfort is REAL! BUT nothing a little hydrocodone pill canyhandle so i am now relaxed. I'm about to call my doctor to see when i can shower because i woke up soaked from the drainage. Showering on the first day of surgery is NOT allowed & i am in desperate need of one now lol...

Will take more pics once i get the green light from my doctor i can shower... Then will show actual stomach without garment

No garment on

Ok i said i would take pics without my garment on after getting permission to shower from my surgeon... Here it is. Still swollen & not much results as of yet but there is a difference from my first few pics before the vaser lipo... i'm hopeful & will begin my walking this weekend :-)

Slight bruises not much. That shower felt sooo good! Felt all yucky from the drainage lol

I won't be posting day to day pics only 1 week later pics. But i will keep updating my healing process for those who are curious on how that whole healing thing works!

Day 3

Feeling very nauseous :-/ my mom believes it's because of he hydrocodone as vomiting & nausea is a common side effect from the medication. So I'm not going to take anymore Hydrocodone (though it helps a lot with the discomfort & helps me sleep) i will stick with Tylenol Extra strength. I can't take anything else besides the two for a while. I just hate the feeling of queasiness throughout the day. I keep changing positions in bed I really despise this darn garment but hey, they advised me to leave it on for up to 18-23 hours a day so i have to leave it on (outside of showering of course) & can only shower once a day ????

I'm able to walk around just fine, a little soar around my upper abdomen as one of the incision holes tend to sting a little. No pain though so day 3 is slightly better than my Day 2, thank God ???????? drinking plenty of water!

(No pics for today)

Day 6 of Vaser Lipo

Hey Dolls & gents! Just a small update with a few pics nothing major. I wanted to show how quickly the incision holes have healed & how my belly is coming along.

That garment is so freaking itchy after wearing allll day LONG omg lol nothing like a great shower after a long day of this! Soarness has left more than ever, i only feel soar when bending slightly but nothing excruciating or anything just a tiny sting to say "ssss" ???? Then back to being ok.... Hard fighting those fatty foods i have to adjust to eating cleaner than before. It's a struggle but i am so motivated to NEVER go back to looking like the gir i were in my before pics ????????????????

Check out latest pics for today :-) thanks for checking with me! Any questions u may have feel free to ask! ????

Incisions are healing fast!

I am back at work i stayed out for a week because i am a daycare teacher working around children requires a lot of movement that shouldn't be done after any surgery. But as i said i'm back, eating lighter, staying the heck away from carbs, & i go walking after work for about an hour/hour & a half. Still swollen & it is very uncomfortable without garment skin moves & causes slight pain... but also very itchy while wearing garment all day so "i'll be damn if i do damned if i don't" lol

A few pics based on how my incisions have been healing & abdomen

Loving what i am seeing so far :-)

Hey Loves! Just a little update here. I 1st want to say THANK YOU to those of you who are writing me with your appreciation on my updates & sending your congrats my way. I've read them & i am responding back!!

Let me say i am feeling AWESOME! It's like "surgery?... What surgery?" Lol if it weren't for me seeing a difference i would have been in denial that i even went forward with it. That's how healed i am! Lol... It maybe slower results compared to the typical liposuction procedure but that's ok because folks who go through that, their healing process is pure TORTURE.

***Let me also warn everyone upfront that it is said to be that you won't see MAJOR results up until like the 3rd month even up to 6 months. That is a bummer BUT at the same time i still recommend this because it is a HUGE boost in getting you to where you want to be & towards your goal that you want your body to be in. With whatever procedure u decide to get, you should want to put in work & work out/exercise to lose more weight as well as maintain your new weight. I am seeing results now so just imagine what yiu would look like when that 3rd-6 month hits??! Oh huntyy i am waiting & READY! Lol

In case you where wondering, i wash my garment while showering. Before i hop in the shower i throw it in the washer. After i put it in the dryer for about 15 mins (doesn't take long to dry due to material of fabric) This is my relax without the tight fabric (lol) talk about RELIEF!

Ok so signing out but check out some pics i took yesterday. I even took a couple in some high waisted jeans without garment on (i of course put it right back on after the pic must keep on garment for 2 weeks for up to 18-23 hours daily). I'll post a before pic in the same jeans i took last summer & one of me in them yesterday... a before & after comparison basically.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone & keep those questions & other comments coming! I welcome them ;-)

Checking In :-)

Good Sunday Evening loves! Just a quick check in. Aome of you have been asking to keep up my updates so as promised here i am!

I only took a couple of photos not too many. My lower abdomen is driving me nuts it's not going in like i want it too :-( i have to keep reminding myself that this procedure takes some time before seeing full results... 3-6 months at that! BUT... I am hopeful & will continue to keep faith in myself that all will go accordingly.

I have completely changed my eating habits i'm so proud of myself (pats back) lol... I cut out carbs completely the first 2 weeks & now i am on an extremely low carb diet. Well, I wouldn't say diet mainly proportion my foods that has carbs in it. I do NOT eat any pasta, nor white rice. Whole grains only. Bread for me in my case is definitely a NO GO it sticks to me so badly. If/whenever i do eat it is 100% whole grain wheat bread once a week. I drink plenty of water once a day & add a few lemon slices in my infuser cup along with cucumber slices for antioxidants.

For those who are looking for healthy DELICIOUS meals that are quick to prepare/make & hearty TASTY snacks i downloaded two free apps. One is called make my plate & the other is called Mealime. Both have been extremely useful & helpful. I made 2 meals so far & several snacks from using them. Make my plate app even list restaurants for u to choose when u are going out to eat & gives you healthy meals to select from at the restaurant! (Sorry to ramble but the apps are AMAZING!) i will share two pics of the meals i made ;-)

Incisions are still visible but closed so no more gauze using for me. I still clean the area using antibacterial soap just to be on the safe side & my regular Olay moisture body wash for the rest of myself.

Anyone have any helpful tips on how to lose lower abdomen?? I began doing 50 scrunches a day (25 morning 25 night) but ummm... Yea i need an alternative lol. Front view of belly looks more flatter than my side view i hate it :-/ But again im still in healing & swollen at the bottom half as it is still slighty hard at the touch. For those inquiring, yes i am still wearing the compression garment. I find it more comfortable to have it on through my work day than without it actually. I don't know if it's due to the surgery but I actually felt slight discomfort when i went to work without it being that my 2 weeks of having to keep it on is up. Either way it's still good to wear afterwards i was told so i will continue to i just don't sleep in it every night anymore. Only wear during the day for up to 10-12 hours

**Weight weigh in: I am now 201! Getting closer to the ones & i am extremely HAPPY!!!!!! (Starting weight was 210) Surgery was about 3 weeks ago.

Pics to see! Have a blessed Sunday evening loves!!

July 2016 update.... Been a minute

Hello all! I won't write much this time. Just coming in with some pics since i have left those of you who were asking for updates hanging & I apologize!! Been goong through some personal things that life threw my way as well as working on self. Also i've been working on making a banging comeback with this new stomach & body of mine!!! Lol still have more ways to go but i see a MAJOR change from my before self to now.

Only problem i have is still with the lower half of my abdomen. It's like it doesn't want to go anywhere!! Ugh! I may just have to get a TT or see if i'm a candidate for a mini TT.

Confession: i have more "cheat" days than i should!!! Smh so guilty! But eating bread & pasta though is a definite NO GO for me. That is truly my enemy i gain so much weight from that. If i will stop the madness with other eating habits i know for a FACT i would have loss more weight than what i already have. I am now at 186! Haven't seen that weight since before i got pregnant back in 2008 lol... I Was 212 or somewhere near there when i got on realself with my 1st post backnin April. I have to get my but in the gym to get much better results & i promise i am!!!

Anyway here are some pics of my journey i hope you ladies & gents enjoy! Any questions feel free to ask. Stay blessed #HappySunday
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