59 y.o. - Lipo and tummy tuck

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I had an appointment with Dr. Cole in Norcross. ...

I had an appointment with Dr. Cole in Norcross. He advertises tummy tuck alternatives. He uses Smart Lipo and skin tightening and Thermage to achieve the best results. I have what's called an "apron" hangover tummy. . .although not extremely bad. I know that a tummy tuck will give me the best results, but I'm afraid of surgery, pain and recovery time and I'm happy with the fact that my stomach wouldn't be totally flat and tight.
Has anyone tried the "tummy tuck alternative" procedure? If so, please let me know your thoughts. Is it worth the money? Were you satisfied?

Lopo and TT

After much research, I've decided to do a TT and Lipo. I decided to go with Dr Song in Duluth. PO date is 1/11 and surgery is 1/21. I'll post pics and updates soon.

Pre-op pics

Here's the awful pre-op pics. 6 days to go to get to the flat side!

Getting Nervous!

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm getting so nervous. Yesterday I almost had a panic attack! I thought what am I getting myself into. . .I should cancel. Finally calmed myself down. I know I've got a great Doctor and he will take care of me just fine. So, RS sisters, pray that all goes well for me and a speedy recovery!

8 hours to the flat side!

Just finished my last bath for a while. It will be showers until I'm healed. I was extremely nervous today but I finally calmed down. I'm ready to do this...looked in the mirror at this hanging tummy for the last time!

I made it!

Made it to the flat side! Surgery was at 10:00 this morn. On scale of 1 - 10, I'd say I'm a 4.

2 days Post Op

Doing good. I can creep around a little better today. I switched over to Tylenol. Pain level maybe a 1. Feel more swollen and tight than anything. Got two drains and they aren't draining very much. Hopefully the can be removed on my PO visit on Tuesday got a slight headache. Not sure what's that from. Other than that I'm great. No bm yet but I am taking miralax.

4 days post op

Doing great! No pain, so I'm not even taking Tylenol. Got up this morn, did personal hygiene and emptied drains. Which, btw are draining almost nothing. went downstairs and made coffee. Tuckered out after that so made it back upstairs to my recliner. Hubby finished making breakfast. Still can only eat very little. Had one piece of bacon, half piece of toast, couple pieces of pineapple and cup of coffee. And it took me about an hour to eat that! Was able to get on computer for about an hour to update work emails. Go to ps tomorrow for first post op appt.


I all of a sudden just started to swell. I feel like in going to burst open. So uncomfortable. Anyone else experience this? Normal?

6 days PO

Well, it's been six days since surgey and I'm doing great! Had a scare with swelling a couple days ago. My stomach swelled in a matter of minutes and was very uncomfortable. Called my ps in the middle of the night but he didn't seem overly concerned after our conversation. The swelling finally subsided and all was well
My drains were removed today and all looks well. PS is pleased with my recovery so far. I can start showers tomorrow. Drain removal didn't hurt, just a weird feeling. I was mentally prepared for pain so was pleasantly surprised when it didn't hurt
I'm off all my meds, no pain. PS doesn't want me to use anything on the scar yet. Just change the bandaging daily until I see him on February 2nd and then we discuss scar therapy. I'm almost walking straight up. My back is happy about that!
Still not much of an appetite. I'm ok with that because I'd love to lose 12 more lbs.
Hopefully the rest of my healing will be smooth sailing! Happy healing RS sisters!

8 days PO

I'm 8 days PO and doing well. I'm still quite swollen. How do you get the surgery tape gook off your body? It's slowly washing off in my showers but a lot is still there

One more pic

Comparison Pics

I figured out how to put before and after pics together so you get a better idea. Dr. says shape will be better after swelling goes down.

I know I needed a mommy makeover that included the legs, but I didn't have that kind of money of want to endure the recovery.

So I think this will be fine, I wear sarongs at the beach anyway. . .lol

13 Days PO

Today was my second visit to my PS post op. He said that my scar looked great, I'm healing fine and all is well. He instructed me to use an ear plug to shape my navel and continue to wear a compression garment and/or binder. I was concerned because my stomach isn't flat. But dr said that I'm still very swollen and he assured me my stomach would go down. Watch my diet and drink plenty of water. I can now start walking and light exercise...no ab exercises.
I've lost 10 lbs over the course of this journey so far. Now that I can start light exercise, I hope to take off more.

I can now start scar therapy. I was told silicone strips are good. Any magic potions anyone used that they can recommend?

The journey for me hasn't been bad at all. Nothing like I expected. I was off pain meds by the third day and was able to get around unassisted from day one. The worst part for me is the swelling! I feel it will never end and my stomach will still be puffy. But I have to keep reminding myself that I'm only 13 days po.

Happy healing RS sisters!

2 Months Post Op

I'm two months post op. Time has really flown by since surgery! The past two months have been pretty good...no real pain. The only problem I had, and still have is swelling. It has gotten better... But for a while I was in swell hell! I still wear my compression garment most of the time, which helps to control the swelling. Lymphatic massage also helps. My scar looks great. I've been massaging a mixture of castor oil and frankincense on it. Even my PS was surprised at how well it looked, and told me to continue doing what I was doing. I'm not back to full exercise mode yet. I usually walk a couple of miles a day and work out with light weights. No core exercises yet. My energy level is not back to where it used to be. By the end of the day, I'm totally tired! Still holding at a 12 lb. loss. Will increase the exercise and go back to Zumba class In April. Want to take off another 10 lb. by the end of May.
Good luck RS sisters! I pray that your journey be easy and your results spectacular!

5 months p.o.

It's been five months and I'm doing great. I'm still not back to my full abs exercise but doing pretty good. Haven't been heavily dieting or exercising but eating more healthy and getting in 12k to 15k steps a day at least 4x a week and Zumba on Saturdays. This's have swelling but not as bad as in months 1 - 3. Bathing suit pic is late afternoon and I am swollen a little.
Hope you all are having an easy journey.

18 months PO

Still a work in progress, but so glad I did a TT withDr. Song! Icing my new body!
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