43 Year Old, Time for a New Look - Got Hasanified, heading to Dr. Blinski for a TT!!!!

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So, I have done all the extreme dieting and...

So, I have done all the extreme dieting and working out that I want to do for the moment. I've been wanting lipo & the BBL for a couple of years but I figured I'd try some discipline to get my ideal results first by exercising/dieting, it worked and didn't work so now I am finally financial and emotionally ready for the NEW ME. I am a tad nervous but focused so I know I can do this and will be happy at the end. I'm 5'11", 191 pounds, I would like a more defined waist , defined butt and defined hips. I live in the Atlanta area and will have my surgery done by a board-certified medical leading surgeon. Can't wait to share my journey with you all, feel free to start chatting - I love comments and feedback.

Just a few of my WISH pics!

So I located a few lovely shaped women and I plan to discuss more with my surgeon, my interest in the way I would like to contour my body. Surgery still a little ways away but the hype is here when thinking about how I plan to look:)

This site is so addicting...

So am I going to be on here everyday reading, lol. I'm 130 days away from my surgery and already I'm ordering items to aid in my recovery. I've posted pics of me on my first review but wanted to get some opinions of whether or not I will have enough fat being removed from my abs and hips to give me a more projected butt... Any thoughts ladies?

Nervous feelings all over the place....

So, I am 128 days away from my surgery and I am starting to buy things left and right. My current weight at my consultation on 7/7 was 191 and today 7/14, I weighed myself and I was 186.7, lawd have mercy is my nerves kicking in already. Geez, there will be no need for lipo on my abs by November, I will have scared all the fat away, lol. Ok, ladies talk to me, calm me down. your thoughts etc. I am reading up on all journeys on RS and am so amazed at the success stories....

Lymphatic massage Therapist in Atlanta, Ga??

Hey ladies in my area or surrounding area - happy Sunday and hope you're all either healing well or excitedly preparing for your special day. Have a question, does anyone know of a lymphatic massage therapist in the Atlanta, Ga area? Thank you????

Let the purchasing begin.....

Well I've ordered my boppy pillow, should arrive by next week; next on my list is the BBL pillow and chair. As of today, I have 17 weeks to go, so I figured I'd purchase at least 2-3 items per week. Am I crazy or just being proactive, lol? I will admit I'm nervous????. Any input is greatly appreciated.

With tumescent lipo, which massages is needed?

For those that had 'tumescent lipo', did you have a lymphatic drainage massage or a dermasonic massage post recovery? Thank you ladies and as always happy healing.

Hmmmm high clolesterol

Hi my BBL peers...quick question, does high cholesterol levels affect BBL surgeries? My cholesterol level dueing my Feb 2015 physical was 221 (elevated but not extremely concerning), my BBL surgery isn't until Nov 2015 so I was wondering outside of everything else that doctors check for during the blood work, is high cholesterol a problem?

I have changed my diet and trying to exercise more which are obvious factors to lowering high cholesterol but still wondering the affects of this. Thank you ladies for your feedback.

Which pillow, the BBL or the Booty Buddy?

Hey RS peers....which pillow did you find offered the best support for remaining off the butt, the BBL or Booty Buddy? Thank you for any advice....

Countering pillow

Hey ladies...I saw this on Groupon, thought I'd order to help aid in some relief post surgery, looks like it may bring some type of comfort when laying on our tummy. Just wanted to share....

Your opinion matters...

So ladies...I was playing around with the Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite app (iPhone6+) and I figured I'd create my own wish pic....what do you all think? The left is me now, the right is my simulated picture(fuller butt and snatched waist)....all suggestions and comments are welcomed. Thanks Kim....

Foam Mattress Topper

Hey RS ladies....saw this great idea on another RS peer profile. What are your thoughts? Anyone used this during their BBL or anyone plan to? Would like your feedback on whether this was a good or unneeded investment....

Just remember though, if you're having your hips lipo'd, your hole must be cut large enough to not disturb them also; got to protect the butt and those hips.

Garments, garments, garments....

With so many to choose from, which is best? Butt in or butt out..Vedette, Leonisa, Lipo Express, Marena or who? Ladies, give me your opinion, especially the vets that are post surgery?

To wear or not to wear?

Hey my RS sistas, kind of premature question but a need to know. So I was in Finish Line today, they're having an awesome 40% off, I'm loading up on tights and then I think to myself, hmmm, what will my size be post surgery; waist will be smaller but butt will be fuller. So the question goes something like this, in tights, do you go up in size or down? I'm sure the same applies to jeans/pants but I can buy those later. Thank you all and happy healing to the post surg dolls and good luck to the future surg dolls.

Liposuction: What you need to know

Sharing some great knowledge to you ladies, passing this on from one RS sista to the next.

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that uses gentle suction to remove fat deposits from different areas on the body. Some of the most common areas treated include the thighs, hips, buttocks, or abdomen. Patients who undergo liposuction find that they are able to achieve a more proportionate body contour by directly treating their problem areas, which cannot be accomplished with diet or exercise alone.

Are you a candidate for liposuction? You may be a good candidate for liposuction if you are:

Healthy and have no major medical issues.
Near your goal weight (less than 30 pounds overweight) but have specific areas you wish to target for fat removal.
Between the ages of 30 and 60, although liposuction has been successfully performed on both younger and older patients.
Have good skin elasticity, which helps the body to adapt to its changing contours quickly.
Informed about the benefits and risks.
Have realistic expectations
Liposuction can be performed on patients who are overweight but whose weight has been stable over the past several years.

You most likely are NOT a good candidate if you are:

In poor health, or have serious medical conditions.
Taking certain medications.
Planning to become pregnant or lose a significant amount of weight in near future.
Mentally unstable
When considering liposuction, it’s important to have realistic expectations. This procedure cannot make you look like a supermodel, and will not remove every ounce of fat from your body. Patients should not think of liposuction as a fast-track to weight loss, but as a way to create more aesthetically pleasing silhouette through removing five pounds or less of targeted fat.

Types of Liposuction:

There are many variations of liposuction, most of them designed to allow for easier or more precise fat removal. The following provides a brief overview of the different techniques used to remove fat deposits during liposuction surgery.

Before the fat is removed, wetting solutions containing saline and epinephrine are infused into the target areas. The purpose of this fluid is that it substantially minimizes blood loss and increases the safety of the procedure. It also distends the fat compartments which make it easier to suction out the fact. The following are the most common types of wetting solutions used:

“Wet” Technique: Infusion of 100 to 300 ml of fluid into each treatment site. With this approach, 20 to 25 % of whats is suction out is blood.
“Super-Wet” Technique: Infusion of fluid greater than the “wet” technique which results in less than 1% of what is suctioned out is blood.
Tumescent: Infusion of 3 to 6 times (greater than “super-wet”) as much fluid as volume of fat, fluid and blood to be removed. As a result, it swells the tissues making it easier to remove fat.
After the solutions are infused, the fat is vacuumed out using one of the below methods.

Traditional Suction-Assisted Liposuction (SAL) A small tube (known as a cannula) is inserted under the skin into the fat layer.The surgeon moves the cannula back and forth to break up the fat layers, then suctions out the excess fat tissue. It is the standard method and most widely used technique. Ideal for targeting larger amounts of fat deposits.Can produce very dramatic results. Not ideal for delicate areas such as in the face, neck and chin. Requires larger incisions. In general, a longer recovery period compared to other techniques.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL)
Brands: VASER Liposelection, UltraSculpt, etc. A special cannula that emits sound waves is used to break down the fatty tissue that is being targeted for removal. Technology breaks up fat for easier removal causing less bruising and swelling. Reduces the surgeon’s work effort so he/she can concentrate on smoothness of contour and finesse in results. A good option on more fibrous areas such as the upper back and male breasts. Increased cost because ultrasound introduces an additional step in the operation and increases the duration of the procedure by 25% or more. Since ultrasound uses high energy to melt the fat, it is possible to cause a burn of the skin or elsewhere.

Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) (This is the type of lipo Dr. Salama uses)
Brands: Tickle Lipo, MicoAire PAL LipoSculptor, etc. This technique uses a high-speed vibrating cannula to break up the fatty tissue which is then vacuumed out of the body. Similar to traditional UAL, but the surgeon does not need to make so many manual movements. Duration of the operation is shorter because the fat is suctioned more quickly by the powered cannula. Surgeon can focus more on the sculptural aspects of the procedure and less on having to extract the fat.

Does not use heat, so there are no concerns for the accidental burning that can occur with other techniques. Does not help tighten skin.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction (LAL)
Brands: Smartlipo, SlimLipo, CoolLipo, etc. Involves the use of laser energy to liquify or “melt” the fat for easier removal. Less invasive than some other techniques. Reduced swelling and bruising resulting in faster recovery. Positive effect of tightening the skin. Less invasive and bloody procedure than the traditional liposuction If the temperature becomes too hot, it could cause burning and scarring of the skin. Unwanted fat cannot be used for fat transfer procedures. More costly because of the additional steps involved in the operation

Water-Assisted Liposuction (WAL)
Brands: Body-Jet, AquaLipo, etc. A large volume of water-based solution is used to loosen fat cells for easier removal. Removes fat more gently than some other techniques. Very little or no damage to surrounding tissues resulting in less bruising or swelling and shorter recovery period. If desired, fat cells can be saved and used to plump up other areas of the body. Not ideal for individuals with large amounts of body fat. Does not contour loose or hanging skin. Increased cost because of the additional steps involved.

During a consultation, your plastic surgeon will cover your medical history, areas of concern and skin quality (elasticity). Based on these results and other information discussed, your surgeon will recommend the best technique to meet your goals.

Risks & Complications
Liposuction is relatively safe however there are risks that you should be fully aware of before proceeding with surgery. Some possible risks include:

Adverse Reactions: Resulting from anesthesia or medications.
Scarring: This can occur from the incisions that are made from which the fat tissue is removed. These incisions are typically only 4 to 10 millimeters in length and oftentimes hidden within the natural creases within the skin. In most cases, the scars should fade away within a year’s time, leaving only a thin white line as a remnant. However its something that should be considered before undergoing surgery.
Bumpy or Uneven Results: These complications may detract from the desired appearance you were expecting to achieve as an outcome of the procedure. These imperfect results could be caused by a number of factors such as an inexperienced plastic surgeon, the uneven removal of fat, abnormal healing of the skin, or inadequate elasticity of the skin. These complications could be either temporary or permanent.
Infection: Caused by bacteria entering the incision.
Loose Skin: Older patients or people who have a relatively large amount of fat to remove are the ones who are most susceptible to this complication. This depends upon the elasticity of your particular skin. If this occurs, you may need to undergo a secondary surgery to remove the excess skin, known as a “body lift” operation.
Nerve Damage: Resulting from the insertion of the cannula, which is the metal tube used to suction the fat cells out of your body. This can cause numbness in the impacted area of the body, which could either be temporary, or in rare cases, permanent. On rare occasions, a cannula may be inserted too deep into the skin, to the point where it punctures a bodily organ, requiring emergency surgery to seal the puncture.
Fat Embolism: Resulting from the way the fat is suctioned out of the body. Minute particles of fat may end up being redirected into a blood vessel rather than exiting the body through the cannula. If this occurs, deposits of this fat could move through the blood into the lungs or the brain, a situation that constitutes a potentially life-threatening medical emergency.

Depending on the type of liposuction procedure, there may be other risks involved. To reduce the possibility of complications, it’s recommended that you choose your plastic surgeon carefully.

Time is drawing near!

Can't believe I'm roughly 2 months away, post op is 10/20, surgery 11/22, I have my balance in my savings account so I'm physically ready. I'm 3/4 of the way done with my shopping list and will be posting my pre-surgery journal with you beautiful ladies real soon. One thing that has thrown me though is my surgeon previously used Marena garments but have now switched to Lipo Express, so now I'm reading up trying to find Real Self Admirer reviews on the Lipo Express garments. I have always been an advocate of Vedettes and Leonisa (actually have purchased one of each), but my Lipo Express (both 1 & 2 garments) are included in my surgical fee...so I guess we'll see how my body starts responding to what I'll be placed in post surgery. I'm even thinking their garments are butt out so that scares me but then I see nicely contoured dolls on Real Self with butt out garments and they are looking nice. However, one consulation that I am very greatful of is my coordinator Yesenia, she responds to every email I send and that in itself is very comforting, even if I email about my nervousness, she's always comforting. I'm on this site so much checking in on you ladies and wishing you all much success with your future surgeries and recoveries. (My husband actually just walked by and said, you still on that site, damn girl, you should be a surgeon by now, lol). Anyways, just sharing my time table with you ladies and will update soon with my journal. Good luck to each and every one of you, no one is exempt, we're all in this together.

Final Wish Pics

Trying to identify the right butt to show to your surgeon is just as time consuming as purchasing all of your items, I swear my phone has about 200 different pics in it, I've toiled with wanting projection, then a shelf butt, now I'm stuck on just having a nice upside down heart butt with fullness with a snatched waist. My doc will be performing tumescent lipo with a skin tightening laser on me so I'll be awake the entire time, so I'm definitely hoping he can be as aggressive as he can on that waist/abdomen and contour that butt right. Keeping my fingers crossed and any comments are greatly appreciated.

Post-Op is right around the corner: Oct 22nd

Time is drawing near....had a dream recently about my sx BUT I can't remember nothing! Is this what happens when reality is kicking in?

Sometimes you have to follow your heart - doctor change, I now will be Hasanified!!!

You know sometimes you just have to follow your gut instinct and after careful consideration, I have decided to change surgeons. I have tossed this decision in the air for a couple of months and after discussing things with my husband, I have chosen Dr. Hasan to provide me with the look I am destined to have. It had absolutely nothing to do with the amount my former surgeon was charging ($9456) and Hasan ($4000) because after flights/hotel/transportation/caregiver/massages/supplies, I was still under the old cost but not enough to run and tell the world, I saved thousands of dollars, lol. I was continuing to have dreams (not all good ones), seeing and chatting with other RS dolls, reading Hasans' reviews/before and after pics and the fact that I just wanted to be happy with my life changing choice, I made the change. I contacted Vanity and lucky for me, my same date was available, this is when I knew I had made the right decision. So, I paid my surgery deposit, booked hubby & I flights, secured our hotel, reserved our transportation, contacted & secured a caregiver and reserved my massages so now 11/19/15, we will fly from Atlanta to Miami to get Hasanified on 11/20/15!! After securing my date, I no longer feel the need to look at wish pics since Hasan has an instinct of delivering without looking at them. My Vanity Coordinator has been very responsive and I am satisfied thus far with that, since I am 41 days out, I will wait at least another 12 days and have my labs completed here in Atlanta. I am very excited for this moment and again feel I will not regret my decision, thank you all for the support you've given thus far. As always, any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.

35 days away and kangaroo pouch has to GO!!!

So these are the final pics that I'll take of myself pre-surgery, standing tall at 5'11", 191 pounds, BMI 27; hopeful that Dr. Hasan will deliver all my hopes and dreams. Life is so surreal at the moment. Giving thanks to all of you ladies for being a true inspiration to myself and others. I promised myself that once I reached this mark, the mental aspect would be positive moving forward. Guess what, I feel good, ttyl!

Labs are in!

Went to LabCorp yesterday at 9am, completed labs, contacted customer service today @ 4pm and results were in. Since they mail and/or fax to the requesting physician, I requested a copy as well - no way I could live with this anticipation over the weekend. A consent form was emailed to me within 5 minutes of completing the call, I emailed the consent form back and within 5 more minutes, the results were emailed to me. According to all interval levels, I am within range of normal, so all appears to be satisfactory. I emailed my results to Vanity via the patient portal, she confirmed receipt of them and have passed them along to Dr. Hasan to get his stamp of approval.

This is now the moment, when I can go home and begin packing. Everything paid, surgery, hotel, flights, rental, massages and caregiver. 27 days to go....thank you again ladies for your continued support and to all future and post Hasan Dolls, THANK YOU for being the extended family we all don't know about but love!

The week has finally arrived - Hasanified, here I come.

Hey dolls, so sx is this week (Friday), hubby and I are flying out on Thursday to do my pre-op. I guess my nerves have kicked in because everything I eat makes my stomach queasy, sleeping at night is uneasy (although I took the past 6 months to learn to become a stomach sleeper), we are all packed, my caregiver has been the greatest - have literally been texting to confirm if I need anything prior to my arrival on Thursday. Had dinner this past Friday with one of my Real Self sisters and she arrived with the cutest get well card (with $20 to buy my first pair of jeans post bbl), got to love her; her presence made me feel so much better and not to mention, her body was banging too, lol. I will update you ladies on my remaining journey this week and post surgery, I will update just as soon as I can while recovering. I realize it will be an experience but I have prepared mentally for this and can't wait to share all reviews with you dolls.

Lastly, I could not have done this without many of you Real Self sisters, so many to name so I say this to you all: The most invaluable asset I have is gift of your REAL SELF friendship. Your friendship has rewarded me with love, understanding and support; thank you.....

Preparing to fly out - Miami, here I come!!!

Well ladies, today I start my journey into my dream thats coming true. Hubby and I are currently at the airport awaiting our flight, he's not a morning person but I am...so he just looks over at me and says, you just move around too much in the mornings, lol and I'm like honey hush, you know this moment has arrived - who's calm 24 hrs pre-surgery and bbl surgery at that! Anywho...just touching bases with you, will continue to check in with you all, I know how important it is to keep the future dolls abreast of everything - I was once there. Next stop Miami; ttyl!!!

Accomplished my Vanity visit....

Arrived at 11:45a, was done by 2p. Sat in lobby for about 40 min before being called back for garment fitting; tried on and purchased garment, sat in back lobby for about another 40/45 min until being called to fill out paperwork. Dr. Hasan walked by smiling and I immediately glowed, felt like I had seen a movie star, lol. Total process went down without a hitch, no complaints. The facility was extremely busy and nothing but lovely butts in every direction. My husband acted as if he had seen none, trying to be the calm guy he is but I'm sure he'll get back to his homies and be like man, there was azzzzzzz everywhere, lol.

Next stop now is lunch and grocery shopping, will update you dolls on the next step - awaiting my call from Vanity on surgery time tomorrow.

Faja at Vanity

So, here's the faja I received from Vanity today, size 44, cost $120. It fit really well and I'm satisfied with it. Kind of lose at waist line but snug in stomach and not tight on butt; I'll continue to get this altered along my recovery journey and after the first month or so, I'll slide into my Leonisa since it's a soft compression garment. My current stats are 5'11", 36DD-32-45 (don't y'all think my butt go be a 48", I just need Hasan to give it life, lol). Feel free to ask questions, that's what I'm here for.

It's show time ladies...

Asking for all prayers, will update as soon as I can today; surgery time is shortly. Loving you all and again - I appreciate each and every one of you dolls.

Made it ladies...

Will update later, having hard time coming out of anesthesia , pretty sick on stomach. I'll update you later, thank you for your prayers..

This is no walk in the park....

Hi ladies...I'm back, very rough recovery. Hemo was 13.7 going in but I'm sure I lost a lot post sx. Amy my caregiver is great, lord knows she's worth every penny. Started my massages with @medicalmassageprofessionals, they're the greatest. Ladies book your massages do not skip therapy. I'll load a few pics but will be more responsive tomorrow when I arrive back home. Thank you all for the support.

My experience....

So where do I begin, surgery is no joke:

Surgery Day Friday - Arrived at 7:30a, surgery started at 9:30. Hasan came in, had a nice conversation about politics, while he marked up my body. Advised me that I had bad skin (stretch marks), of course you know this going in, so my response was I know you can't make me beautiful, just make me better. He smiled. Anesthesia was inserted and I was walked away to the surgery room. Bathed down with iodine and laid on table, lights out. Didn't wake up shivering, woke up to Amy my caregiver being present assisting me to our vehicle. Arrived at hotel and was nauseous for 24 hrs, thus meaning a week first day.

Day 2 Saturday - Had my post op that morning with Kayla, was cleared to bath & massage. Went to first massage with Marian on day 2, was very weak to complete first hour, therapy reduced to 30 minutes. Arrived back at hotel, Amy cooked lunch and dinner for hubby and I and we rested for the day 2. Still very weak but Amy is amazing and diligent with doing vital rounds and baths etc so there is no in between with recovery, Ensures you drink, Pineapple juice you drink, Liquid iron you drink, meds you take, meals you eat etc, Amy misses no beat.

Day 3 Sunday, repeat of above, massages etc. No nausea, still weak but Amy assisted me with walking with a walker - strength regained through course of day.

Day 4 Monday, repeat of above, massages at Marian's and because I was flying out the next day, I wanted to ensure more massages were done, so I paid for a different massage therapist to visit with me that evening - she was the BOMB - dimmed lights and started with neck, toes - you name it! Only caveat with Marian is your therapy is dependent on how long you can stretch them out to be over 10 days, so I honestly don't think I was getting the full workouts but she is good at her work, so needless to say, I paid for the other non related therapist to Marian's office to do my therapy on day 5 simply because I knew it would be in depth.

Day 5 Tuesday, visited Vanity for release, Hasan was in surgery so I was cleared by an assistant, no draining recommended and I was out in a hour. Had final massage and was again extremely happy - please ask Amy for name, or inbox me for privacy reasons. Departed to Ft. Lauderdale airport, had wheelchair assistance but omg, ab board stopped me like a terrorist. Had to get out wheel chair and enter TSA private area and unzip garment to reveal nothing explosive was under an board. Ladies were nice though but protocol. Plane ride was ok, 1.5 hrs, sat on boppy pillow and bbl in 1st class with hubby, had a lot of space and no complaints as far as pain. Do not feel the pillows affected my butt, lol. Just landed back in Atl just now and will resume massages tomorrow. I will post more pictures after my evening shower for you ladies.

We stayed at the Residence Miami Airport, had a free breakfast buffet so Amy prepared my breakfast there (oatmeal and eggs) and evening happy hour through the week so if you're taking anyone with you, this will offer something for them to do. I will take measurements once my swelling is down some but thus far, a lot of bruising and swelling. I'm wearing foam and ab board and using arnica gel and oil like there's no tomorrow. Hasan needed no wish pick, he gives what's ideal for you but my advice ladies is plz do not take him wish picks if they are not equivalent to your frame, he shared his thoughts about that and he doesn't want girls having false hopes of what will not work on their frame. Vanity was very busy at each visit but no bad customer service while there. I think this sums it up for my recovery and surgical experience - feel free to ask more questions dolls!!! Thank you again, your prayers worked.

Just showered....

Will take more later, very fatigued from therapy and flying. Sorry dolls.

Bowel, lol

Forgot to add that they moved on their own without any stool softeners needed, Amy cooked healthy meals from day 1 and on day 5, they moved themselves just as I woke up that morning. Just wanted you dolls to know.

Back Triangle....omg, excruciating pain at night!

Ok vets, quick question. How long did you wear your lower back triangle or some may call it a board. I wear it all day but for some reason around 3a, I awake in horrible pain and I ask hubby to remove it, placing it back in after I awake in the morning. How long during recovery is this needed - how many weeks? How many hours of the day during recovery should we also wear? Could there be a such thing as 'triangle that's too large'? Plz share your thoughts....

Back at work today...

Sitting on bbl pillow and lord knows this isn't comfortable, ladies, what did you use?

10 days post op pics

Hey dolls...as requested, here are pics taken last night. I put on a pair of panties just so you can see the progressing shape - sorry for slanted angles, I'm no photographer. There is still bruising on my butt and thighs, still taking supplements and Arnica for that. My skin (back and sides) are still hard like a reptile, lol so I'm massaging like crazy twice a day and still having lymphatic massages twice a week. Any advice for a softer skin regimen, please share. I'm wearing at least 4-5 foams under my stage 1 garment (may not switch garments until after week 4) and even then will continue with foams and ab board for a while longer - just may decrease foams due to smaller garment. I've returned back to work and as you've read earlier, had difficulties with the bbl pillow so I only use it to drive but I'm using a buck wheat neck roll pillow to sit on and it's giving better relief. I haven't taken measurements yet because I'm waiting for more swelling to reduce so I can have a more realistic number as opposed to a number that will fluctuate and make me feel like I'm having a major set back, lol, however, I'm hoping I lose at least 2-3 more inches from my waist....wink wink. I do not know how many cc's were injected but will find out. I am not waist training, the doc recommended waiting 2-3 months before even attempting to do so as he feels since our skin is still retracting and trying to contour, no need to apply any tightened compression, this can increase swelling and produce hard bumpy areas within the skin. Some dolls are successful but knowing me, I'll be that 1 in 99 that would have an adverse affect. I'm still taking my iron everyday and just trying to get better. I hate waking up stiff in the mornings but that's to be expected. Butt has some sensitive areas that hurt to touch but again to be expected. I have started to apply ScarAway on my upper incisions (as shown on my back pics) to help minimize the scar appearance so hopefully it works, my bottom incision stitches are still attempting to dissolve so I'm not applying anything on them. I'm also using Nivea 10q and Bio Oil to help tighten my stomach and will continue to use my arinica massage oil for my bruising etc. I also wear a marble in my naval to help turn it from a frown to a circle and it's definitely working. I'm grateful with my looks thus far and as my neighbor said last night, I will be the Mrs. Parker of the neighborhood soon, lol. Again, I stand 5'11", my goal is a 27 waist and butt before surgery was 45". Will keep you dolls posted with more pics soon but as always, do let me know if you have questions.

Developed a seroma...ugh!!!

Seroma on left side of stomach
So I had some discomfort today on my left side but I didn't want to strip down at work to remove my armor, lol so I waited until I got home and ta-da, a seroma! Yes, it's painful but luckily I caught it at the early stage. My feet are swollen so I have placed my embolism socks back on for the evening and have elevated them - lying on my stomach, feet propped on 3 pillows. The best thing is I'm scheduled for my massage tomorrow and in the building is a plastic surgeons office where they drain seromas for $100. Yes, pretty steep but what else do we do when we can't drain them ourselves? Anywho, let's hope tomorrow brings a better day, any recommendations are welcomed. Love you dolls:(

Seroma drained....

Hi dolls..had my seroma drained yesterday (170cc) followed by a massage, instantly felt better and stomach returned back to its flat state; still swollen though but that is to be expected as I continue to go through my recovery phase. The fluid aspiration was not painful at all, I actually wanted the doctor to continue draining but you know how it goes, they want you to return back for more draining (extra cost to them) so I'm hoping any fluid left with dissolve over time with my self massages and my lymphatic massages. I'll also lean on my RN neighbor to assist if necessary. I've added another foam into my garment to further compress things and I'm still wearing my ab board and back triangle. Recovery is still progressing, wake up very stiff in the mornings but after I do my 30 min self massage, things tend to loosen up. I still have areas of sharp pain which would be the areas where the lipo was more aggressive but I'm not complaining - a snatched waist is what we ultimately want so beauty is pain. I do not have any measurements yet but will take some soon and more pics possibly tonight. Hasan aspirated a total of 4000 cc of fat and transferred 1020cc into each butt cheek. Hope you dolls are happily healing and for those preparing, I'm wishing you nothing but the best....your moment will be here soon, kisses.

Faja for thick thighs???

Hey ladies...can anyone recommend a great garment for thick thighs? Name, style and where to buy - online? Thank you dolls

Day 16 of my journey...

Hi dolls...here's a few pics taken this evening. I'm still not myself, tired etc but making it. I had 170 cc of fluid aspirated on last Wednesday and another 90cc on yesterday; still having my lymphatic massages done twice a week and self massaging twice a day. Using my arinica oil religiously but due to the skin rippling feeling and sharp pains, I've ordered Penetrex (Amazon) and Thrombocid (EBay) to help with these eiry pains - which are normal for this recovery. Every morning, I wake up stiff but after immediately doing my am massage, I feel better. My garment is very big now so I've ordered the Diane & Geordi 2393 from eBay (shipping from Miami) $62, so it'll be here this week. Currently, I'm able to wear 6 foams and and an ab board so it's time to switch out, I'll get my current one altered and it'll be used as well but possibly later. I had a lot of fluid retention this week in both feet, so I placed my embolism/compression socks back on for a few days and the fluid subsided. Other than walking around like a penguin with all of my armor on, I'm doing ok. Also, I had no hip work done, naturally hippy. This is a very emotional journey as your body changes every day, sometimes, you take 2 steps forward and then drop 5 steps back but in due time, the body catches back up. All I continue to say is be patient, the doctor said the minimum time is 3 months but the maximum is 6 or more...I'm loving my results and hoping my waist shrinks a little more. Happy healing dolls and to my future dolls, your time is coming, I'm following you. Good night!

Guess it's time to learn to pee the other direction...a little humor for you dolls

So, with the P-Ez urinal, we learn after surgery to urinate facing the toilet, which is how I continue to urinate at work, (unless my garment is off at home, I sit on my half foam roller) - takes too much time to strip down the garment at work. Since I am a HR Manager and a private person, I also have not disclosed to any of my co-workers or peers that I have had this type of surgery, no one needs to know my journey, just letting them think I bruised my tailbone and am wearing a back brace. So each day I try to time myself to use the restroom after I know the majority of females have used it, which is right after lunch, but today, I wasn't so lucky.

My nosey business manager entered while I was facing the toilet urinating and said, "Girl, what kind of surgery you had again"; then to top it off the urine was already hitting the toilet water hard as if I was a guy....lmao.

I'd just like to leave it like that with you ladies and hope you find the humor in this as I did - after the fact. Hope you are having a happy hump day, love you all...kisses!

New garment arrived...vets, I have a question.

So my new Diane & Geordi 2393 garment arrived today, feels good on BUT is it me that when you're switching garments, there's some hesitation that it could be affecting your butt because it's fitting snug - all the way around? I'm 3 weeks post op now and my former Diane Poitiere garment was toooo big....hmmmm

Thoughts before I freak out, lol.

Foams, how long did you wear them?

Hey dolls....understanding foams are for added compression, how long did you wear them after sx? Did you just wear them after your garment became loose or did you continue to wear them in your garment 24/7? Thoughts please....thank you ladies.

Lawd help me...my hubby will never let me out the house this summer!

So a dear RS friend of mine asked that I take a few pics with a sun dress on and so I did, all I can say is what in the world...Hasan came through but now I'm going to need an ankle monitor on when I leave the house, lol. Ladies, oh my.....

Which firming gel do you like better?

I purchased the Nivea Q10 firming gel prior to surgery, received the Ann Cherry Slimming Cold Gel free with an item purchase and received the Hypothermic firming gel by LipoExpress as a gift; which do you dolls recommend to work the best to tighten the skin after lipo? Thank you as always....

Found the right garment for thick thighs...update from prior post

Ok to my thick thigh sistas, I finally found the one and it was right under my nose the entire time. Vanity recommended the Diane Poitiere garment for me (size 44 - see 4th pic) at pre-op, I didn't like it at first because it wasn't the one that I had seen all other dolls wearing (which was the Diane & Geordi 2393, no pic shown) in black that I thought was giving the best contouring and better appealing look, but I settled with it because I figured they knew best. So fast forward 4 weeks later, my garment from Vanity has gotten too big but I wasn't too particular with altering and putting it back on for the next 2 months because I just couldn't get with the full upper body tank straps, I preferred the thin straps and garment that stopped at my breast (better concealed under clothes) so I ordered again a Diane Poitiere brand but style number 2397, size 44. I am wearing it in the above photo (pic 1) and will just have the sides altered this weekend; this garment will take me through the entire recovery period. It fits GREAT dolls but the thing to remember is if you have thick thighs, I highly recommend if your preference is to change garment styles, order your new garment in the same post op size garment and brand and just alter, I ordered several others and they just didn't work for me. Trust me, I love reading about the dolls that have gone from a 2XL to a S but realistically, that ain't happening for us thick thigh girls, lol or at least for me.

Hope this helps, it did for me. Love you dolls, all vets and future She-ro's...until next time...

RealSelf now has an app!

Not sure if it's compatible with all mobile devices (I have an iPhone 6+), but thus far, it's pretty cool.

Back pain in the mornings...ugh

Hey dolls...just a quick question? At which week did you no longer wake up with the initial back pain? After laying all night and making that first attempt to get out the bed is truly such a nuisance, I'm slowly crawling out of bed but after about 10 minutes I begin feeling better. When did it stop or what did you do for the pain? Thank you dolls.

Merry Christmas...

To each and everyone of you fascinating women...hope you're enjoying your holidays showing off those beautiful figures and preparing for one. Love you dolls....

Lumpy stomach concerns

Hey dolls...first and foremost, I'm loving my results thus far. I am now in my 6th week but I have a question and I'm not sure if it's a question based on skin type or just recovery so all vets feel free to weigh in. While my stomach is definitely flattening there are areas of lumpiness. While I'm hoping smoothness is the final result, I would like to know your thoughts or suggestions. I've noticed and again this could be based on skin type/condition but I've noticed some dolls have smoother stomachs results at week 1 whereas myself I do not (in some areas - see pic). I do understand I have stretch marks and I'm working to fade them as well but around the stretch marks and in other non stretch mark areas is the lumpy skin. On a side note, I've personally chatted with a doll who is also African American (with no stretch marks) and she also has the lumpiness, coincidentally she's also in her 6th week.... so the question is....does this smoothen over time, is it based on skin type and is there something I need to do to help smoothen out my stomach?

I'm wearing my ab board at least 19-20 hrs out of the day, foam still in faja 24 hrs a day and faja is altered for fit so there's no looseness there. I have attached progress pictures for you dolls also (sorry none include my butt, lol - will update that soon).

Here she is....6 weeks post op

Ok dolls, here's my butt today at 6 weeks. She's still measuring at 46 inches but I know I'm still in my fat harvesting period so I'll possibly lose some volume but as of now, here you go. Happy Monday dolls!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my RS sistas, may this year bring you much happiness. Let's continue to happily heal and our future surgery sistas, I hope you're preparing yourself for your special moment, it's almost showtime for you, we're following you. Kisses to you all!

Coming along...

Progressing along...
Hey dolls...so here's my progress thus far, still a ways to go. Dr. Hasan indicated my final result would be at month 3, so here I am today at 6 weeks and a day. My butt is still standing at 46", no volume lost but it is settling, not sure about fluffing as I'm still unclear on what fluffing really is, some say when the butt is completely soft and some say when the butt is soft and gets bigger (feel free anyone to define fluffing). My butt now is probably 85% soft. My waist is coming along as well, I'd definitely like to see another inch or two reduced so I'm hoping for that to happen as time progresses, onto the stomach - Oohhh child, these lumps, praying for them to resolve themselves within these 3 months. I'm moist heating at night, self massaging twice a day and continuing my lymphatic massaging every Saturday. Now let's move on to my back, it's looking nice but dolls let me tell you, the stiffness is real when I wake up in the mornings, my back is still numb and tender, at night I find myself crawling up on all 4, tooting my butt in the air and finding relief then I wiggle back down and go back to sleep, lol..poor hubby is probably tired of me disrupting the cover but he seems to just understand I guess, lol. I plan to start Endermologie cellulite treatment next week on my thighs in hopes of reducing my cellulite and then I'll begin the treatment on my butt after month 3 (cellulite is shown in my video).

I am not waist training yet, plan to after month 3 (maybe before), just not right now since my stomach and back are still pretty tender. I'm still loving my garment, had it altered only once thus far and it's snugging the body really nicely. I am no longer wearing my 4 foams, only 1 in the front along with my ab board. My plan is to continue garment and ab board for 5 months 24/7, then only at night afterwards where then I may transition into a Leonisa soft compression garment. I'll start back at the gym also during month 3 as well but for now, I'm walking 1.5 miles (entire subdivision with my dog) every day. I haven't began to purchase any new pants yet but by next month, I will do so. I began sitting on my boppy pillow this week, before I was either sitting on neck roll or bbl pillow. I'm hoping to start naturally sitting in another week - just letting the other 15% of my butt soften first.

Well dolls, this is all I can think of at the moment so feel free to ask any questions vets and to our future sx sistas...get ready, use this time to not just get ready for the day after your surgery but please read our posts to prepare for the weeks after your surgery - these weeks are where your emotions will get the best of you. Good luck and again Happy New Booty Year to us all....xoxo!

Lumps in the stomach...little advice

Hey dolls….just wanted to give you ladies some info that I received recently – just in case you are aren’t aware. I’m sure you have read my post above where I indicated my concern with the lumps in my stomach, some of the lumps have resolved but what I found out and especially with dolls that are further down the recovery road than myself and still suffering with the lumps, these lumps could ‘possibly’ be scar tissue that has formed which is why we are dealing with this weeks and months beyond the typical recovery period, however, this scar tissue can be broken down with the help of a deep body massager.

Either you can perform your own deep massage by hand which will take some time, you can purchase a massage device that can help break down the tissue much quicker or you can visit a therapist that specializes in deep tissue massage so that they can also do various massage techniques on you BUT if you are like me and have spent a ton of money already, I plan to purchase a body massager from Walmart tonight. I have included a picture of one for you – but make sure you have a massaging head that works to break down this tissue (one to include the 4 prong device shown in the center of this picture and one that smoothes over the skin after using the prong to break down the tissue) – can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Walgreens...just make sure you are twisting the prong over the scar tissue breaking it down just like you mashing potatoes. etc. (see YouTube for actual videos also on how to break down scar tissue).

Good luck dolls and happy healing and to all future surgery dolls, this is just some advice for you. XoXo

Massaging - video

Self massaging
Hey dolls...just wanted to demonstrate how I'm resolving my scar tissue. Purchased the Wahl Hot Cold Therapy Body Therapeutic Massager from Walgreens for $40, cheaper at Walmart but they were out of it when I visited there this evening. I first rubbed my stomach with arnica oil and massages for 30 min, afterwards I could feel the penetration to my skin. I'll update you gals in about a couple of weeks in my progress.

8 weeks today.....

8 weeks and progressing
Stats: Hey dolls..so I'm 8 weeks today (2months), 36dd-27-46. I haven't lost any volume since day 1, my butt is basically 90% soft so I gently massage the hard areas twice a day. Not sure if I'll lose any volume or when, the coast is pretty clear at month 3 so I'm just moving through the recovery.

Discomfort: Still have numbness in my back but good news, I'm starting to itch so that's a sign that my nerves are finally waking back up. Only pain is when I lay down for a period of time and attempt to get up, the stiffness is still real but once you're up, the stiffness goes away. Stomach is coming along, attending my massage therapy every Saturday, no longer doing lymphatics, I've started Endermologie, working on my cellulite and firming my stomach, then I'll hit the gym at month 3 since Dr. Hasan advised me to. My Wahl body massager is great, love it thus far, too early to tell results as I just started using it this week but it's giving comfort to this aching body that's for sure.

Daily life: Started sitting on my boppy pillow this week, no longer using my neck roll or bbl pillow. I've sat on my butt at least 2 hours of every work day this week, so I'm weaning myself off of the boppy. Sitting is weird, feels like I'm sitting on a water balloon. My hips feel the same as well - like a balloon, Hasan molded my hips with fat also so I've not started laying on them either, still sleeping on my stomach in which I'm ok with, trained myself to be a stomach sleeper 6 months before surgery. I've always had a thigh gap, so no ladies, he didn't create that. The stares are real from both guys and gals so I just hold my head high as if I woke up like this (quoted by Beyoncé), lol. Only 1 person at work has mentioned that I look like I've lost weight but he's one of my field employees (I'm HR), so I'm sure he wanted to ask about my butt BUT he knew not too or anyone else, lol...you're fired (quoted from Donald Trump). I haven't purchased any new clothes as of yet, plan to do so next month.

I guess this is it my sistas, so as always please ask me any questions. To my vets, I hope you dolls are doing well, loving your new you or preparing for your round 2's, to my future sx dolls, it's your year, your time is here. Love you gals to pieces.....XoXo

Faja for Sale...

Hey dolls...so if you followed my post earlier on, I expressed my concern over finding a garment that would fit over my thighs. During that ugly phase, I ordered several garments in search of that right one, well I found the Diane & Geordi 2397 to have worked for me but I ordered the XL (40) and the XXL (42) trying to identify the right one that would fit, fortunately the 42 worked perfectly with just the first try on leaving me with an unworn, unpackaged size 40...,so dolls it's for sale. I am including the purchase price and will sell this faja for $70 including shipping. If you or any other doll is interested, please inbox me and we can discuss. Thank you and as always, happy healing or wishing you luck on any upcoming surgeries.

Not about me today, its all about YOU!

This message is not to educate you dolls today but to inspire others.....Life has a way of kicking us when we’re down. And just when we think we can’t fall any lower, we get kicked again. But it’s important to remember that setbacks, failures, and tragedy are a part of life. Whether we manage to find joy and success in the daily struggle of life is largely dependent on our ability to persevere through even the toughest adversity – I know so many of you are angry with the unprofessionalism with Vanity, you have every right to be, I can only empathize with you but let’s put on our big girl panties and move forward with your dreams of designing the new YOU, we prepare ourselves in life for these struggles, it is still attainable, your DREAMS!

Not one time do I sit here and say, I am so thankful I did this when I did, you all are my sisters and when one member of the family is affected, we all are – and I am sure I am speaking for all VETS!

12 weeks today

Hey dolls....just touching bases with you on my progress. Today, I made 12 weeks and this is still a journey for me. Back still stiff at night which is still annoying but I sleep on my contour pillow (see previous post on body pillow) and that does offer great relief, I am still sleeping on my stomach, I trained myself on this prior to my surgery, so its now 2nd nature when I lay down at night. I am still sitting on my boppy pillow at work and when driving, not because I have to, but again, I think it has just become 2nd nature also - to just plop down on it, maybe a mental thing. I do not sit with any pillows when I am out to dinner or hanging out, my butt feels so weird when I do, as if I am sitting on a water balloon, lol. My sides are settling well also, but I still do not lay on them either. Now, on to my stomach, you dolls know that has been my gripe and still remains my gripe, my right side completely flattened with no issue, however, my left side still has the lump in it, which is scar tissue, so my therapist and I are still doing massages and Endermologie to help reduce that, still a work in progress. I am only able to go once a week, in which in my opinion, I do need at least 2 treatments a week but in Atlanta, nothing is close, so I need to locate another therapist closer to my job and have a treatment done on my lunch break - this will definitely help speed up the process. I also am still continuing to do my self massaging twice a day and still using my Nivea q10 firming gel to help with skin tightening.

Ladies, this journey is definitely an emotional one, I have come to learn that there are good days and bad days, still even at 12 weeks, when I remove my garment for more than a few hours, the swelling reappears BUT I do also know that the recovery period is 3-12 months and that my body is different from everyone else, some dolls can recover more quickly than myself; which means I may require more of a recovery time frame, so I am accepting of that.

I can say that I have made great progress as I look back from where I began. All of my pants are bigger in the waist, so now that I am finally 12 weeks, I plan to have my pants altered and also begin hitting the gym in an attempt to start toning and locking things in place. The surgery was the first step, healthier eating is the second step an gym/exercise is the last piece of the puzzle to maintain this body. Here are a few pics taken last night, now let me caution you, that I do not plan to wear that dress out anywhere, I know hubby would be stuck to me like glue, hell, I'd be stuck to me like glue if I saw it, lol.

I have posted a few pics for you dolls, so you can see my progress. You can slightly see the lump on the left side of my stomach (its where my middle and ring finger rests). I will continue to update you on my body transformation, but as always, I welcome all questions and comments. I hope all of my surgery sistas are happily recovering and for those that are preparing for your special day, I am wishing you all the best of luck, prayers to you; again, this is your moment, it is almost show time......XoXo


Pre-surgery: 36dd-32-45
Post surgery (12 weeks): 36dd-27-46

*Note, I already had a butt prior to my bbl, Dr. Hasan just blew it up and gave it life, basically, he filled it in*

15 Weeks Post Op

Hey my dolls...just touching bases with each and every one of you and updating you with my progression. Life is much better now, I can say that I have no more back stiffness, not sure if it is the Sleep Number bed hubby bought or the fact that I am beyond the dreadful 3 month mark, but I finally look forward to waking up pain free. I would say that my body is 90% healed, however, the only issue that I have is where my skin on my stomach didn't fully retract (see picture with panties on and loose skin above navel). I am not displeased with this because Dr. Hasan did pre-warn me that my skin was bad, so I have come to realize that I will work on this at the gym, sit ups - here I come. I did speak with a skin specialist and she recommended 1 treatment of cool sculpting but when she said $700, she lost me, lol. My butt is still the same and I will take a picture of her soon for you dolls but for now, here I am last weekend, day and night attire. I do have the lumps still in my butt and am massaging them twice a day in an attempt to break down the fat that lumped together, the area around the lumps have soften so I do believe the lumps are resolving themselves (1 in each butt cheek). I am still wearing my garment 23 hours a day, yes still at 15 weeks because I do notice that if I try to go without it to dinner, once I return home, my stomach is back on swell mode, so to me that means there is still swelling underneath the skin, so I continue to compress. I haven't measured my body in a while, maybe I will do so this weekend. All jeans/pants have to be altered, so this is my clothing struggle at the moment, even when I do purchase pants, I am a size 12 but have to purchase a size 14 due to my butt, but for a 6' tall girl, I am not complaining. I am still continuing to use shea butter at night, nivea Q10 skin tightening during the day. Flaws: I do have cellulite on the bottom of my butt, so I am dealing with that also, not a big deal since I am not looking to become a swim suit model anytime soon, lol.

Now enough about me, how are my dolls doing. For those that are still faced with having to choose a new doctor due to the untimely issues of your preferred surgeon, please keep your head up and don't let this deter you from your dream body. In life, we have to sometimes be prepared for plan B, C & D. There are great doctors out there, some that aren't getting the accolades as others, just take your time and look for him/her. I hope you all are doing well and still preparing your lives for this journey, your time is still coming.

For my dolls that are recovering, I hope all is doing well with you. This journey is not an easy one but each day, life gets better. Just remember the magic number 3, tight compression for at least 3 months are more, no waist training for 3 months - you don't want to cause anymore trauma under your skin, no gym or strenuous exercises for 3 months or more, watch what you are eating for 3 months and maintain your pre-surgery weight for 3 months, it'll all go directly to your butt if you are not careful, lol.

Well dolls - just checking in with you all, please ask any questions that you have and as always I am here for you. Much love from Atlanta, GA......xoxo!

20 weeks today!!!

Hey dolls...how are you all doing? Just passing through to update you beautiful sisters. I'm 20 weeks today and still working at this body. Still wearing my garment 23-7, I try to go without it on Saturdays only but I'm back in swell hell once I return in the evenings, signs I guess that I'm still healing. My problem area is still my stomach, still hasn't flattened so I'm taking the stance to say I've encountered a case of poor skin elasticity, not sure if this means I can resolve this by gym activity to tighten my abdomen or if I need to look into something less evasive like cool sculpting so either way, I'm not thrilled about the look so I know it's time to put on my big girl panties, well maybe my lil girl thong and get to resolving since summer time is near, lol.

My butt is still holding up, little cellulite under my cheeks, I guess no big deal because it's not stopping heads from turning, lol...but I do feel I need to start toning because we must keep these butts strong and standing in attention.

I'm so happy to still read that you dolls are still progressing with your surgeries, although you've made surgeon switching due to unforeseen circumstances, keep your heads up dolls, still chase your dreams. To the vets, hope you girls are doing your thang and WERKing those butts into existence. I've made a lot of really cool associations through this journey and I'm so happy to be apart of so many of your lives. You dolls know I'm here for you and to those that continue to follow my journey, much love....NO ROUND 2's here, EVER - NEVER, lol!!

Cool sculpting has been recommended!

Stomach life!
Ok...I'm back dolls; you all know I've shared my trials and tribulations about my stomach after my 11/20/15 lipo so I'm sharing a video so that you dolls can see my tummy issue. I have visited 2 skin specialist here in the Atlanta area and both have advised me that my issue is poor skin laxity and that I have volume left through my recovery, again Dr. Hasan did indicate I could have this but we were both very hopeful that the skin would tighten without much notice to the naked eye. What has been recommended is cool sculpting (you can view this on You Tube), so I'm scheduled for a one time treatment of this on 5/21/16. I can not benefit from a tummy tuck (nor will I even go this route) because I have no loose skin to pull down under my navel, my area is above my navel. I have also visited a gym and although I will be starting soon, gym/exercise activity will not cure this either but I'm still following along with exercise for toning.

I'll continue to keep you dolls updated and if anyone has any recommendations or advice on the cool sculpting or other treatments/therapies, feel free to share, cost is $700, not what I wanted to put out but I've budgeted for it because I know how important this journey is for me.

Stats today are: 36DD-26-46. I'll caution you that my butt looks huge because the video was filmed up close, lol. Butt before sx was 45" with no volume/projection. I'm also still living in my garment 23/7, stomach slightly swells without it - indication to me, I still need it.

Thank you dolls that are still continuing to follow my journey and to those that are still in this journey, whether past or future, this is your journey, keep waking it. Much love....

25 Weeks!!!

Hey my dolls...just swinging through to check on you and to share my progress. Tomorrow, I will be exactly 25 weeks and things are still maintaining. Waist 27", Hips/Butt 47". I was hoping my waist would shrink more - at least to 25" but hey, we can't win them all. As you can see from my pics, I'm still dealing with the loose skin that didn't retract, so that's my only gripe. I'm in the gym now but there's no exercise that repairs poor skin elasticity so I'm still in search of an alternative, yes I'm determined, lol. Cool Sculpting I have confirmed will not help me as it'll just melt more fat underneath still leaving loose skin. I've been told also that I would need a mini TT but since there's no fat to pull downwards, a surgeon would need to pull the loose skin upwards under my breasts - now I'm not sure how much that would cost or how that would turn out so any folks who has first hand knowledge do share your thoughts. My butt is still holding up, some cellulite but I can deal with that, hey, I'm 44 so somethings are just acceptable in this circle called life. I'm no longer as of this week wearing my garment during the day but soon as I arrive home from work, it's dinner, a bath and garment time until the next morning and my day repeats itself. Why do I still wear it at night, well because dolls our bodies swell more at night and since I still have a slight swelling sensation going on, I do feel my body is still in need of the compression. I've also started receiving injections in my incisions (by my dermatologist) to help shrink them, I have keloid skin so any cut raises once healed, the injections are needed once a month for 4-5 months, she also prescribed me a compound fade cream as well, to help fade the appearance of them as also. Overall, I'm doing ok and haven't forgotten about you dolls. I continue to check and respond to direct messages daily so feel free to ask your questions. I've made some great friendships with a lot of you and I'm always here to help those that are preparing for their special day. Until next time, continue living your dream and know that this is your moment...always with love xox

Tummy tuck has been recommended...

Skin elasticity
Hey my dolls, just touching bases with you. First off, I hope everyone is healing well, no matter what stage you are in and I hope all future surgery dolls are preparing to become the new YOU, this journey will forever change your life... Ok, so for everyone that has followed my journey, you know I have been having some unfortunate skin elasticity issues, skin that didn't retract after surgery. Good news is Dr. Hasan informed me of this possibility and bad news, I can not accept the look of my stomach so the unfortunate dilemma is here, to do a tummy tuck or not? I have been at the gym working with a trainer and we have worked hard to work on this loose skin but what is happening is my muscles underneath are tightening but the skin is still sagging. I have tried Endermologie, Carboxy and Ultrasound Cavitation but nothing is curing my problem so I am leaning towards this dreadful decision. I still wear my garment and apply skin tightening creams as well, still nothing is working. I am not a candidate for a mini tummy tuck because the loose skin is above my navel and not under it, so the complete abdomen has to be stretched downwards. Sitting down gives me the worst look but standing up, things are not too painful to the eye, so please understand this is not an easy decision. I am still loving my butt but the stomach just needs tightening. I have contacted 3 doctors in the Atlanta area, all ranging from $7500 - $9200 and while I do want the best outcome, I absolutely can not exhaust my savings for this procedure so it looks like I may have to lean towards revisiting Vanity and scheduling this with Dr. Fisher. My question for you dolls is your honest advice on his work or your recommendations on another doctor (between the states of Florida - Georgia)? Never thought I'd be saying this....but my journey still continues xoxo! Can't wait to read your thoughts.......

Looking for Amy

Hey my dolls....just reaching out to see if anyone knows how to get in contact with Amy, caregiver in Miami? I have her number but she's not reachable. If you know of any other method of contact or a doll that may be receiving care from her, please let me know.

Thank you all so much and hope you all are doing well in what ever phase you are in of your journey...xoxo!!!

Floating Tummy Tuck with Dr. Ortega

Hey dolls....so I have booked with Dr. Ortega for my tummy tuck, great news is Dr. Ortega recommends a floating tummy tuck (I will define below) as opposed to a mini or full tummy tuck. I have booked for November 19, 2016. Only question I have for you dolls is will I need a caregiver, (hubby will be accompanying me as well)? The aftercare after the bbl/lipo I definitely needed a caregiver as it was hubbies first time and I am sure he appreciated the hands on experience given by Amy, but is the recovery for the TT more intense? I have lost contact with Amy, my former caregiver as her number is no longer operable, so I have no means of making contact with her - unless you dolls have a means of other contact, please inbox me or if you have a caregiver as a referral - who comes to you,, I'd appreciate that as well. Thank you dolls and if anyone has had a TT with Dr. Ortega in the past or know of anyone that has, please share the story with me. Thank you dolls so much.

Oh yeah, quoted price for the floating tummy tuck is $3500

Real Self quoted definition: Floating TT uses a small incision in the lower abdomen to allow for the tummy to be tightened and shaped. No incision around the belly button is needed. Through the incision, excess skin is removed and muscles can be tightened. The belly button is temporarily detached during the surgery to allow for this. You experience muscle tightening from sternum to pubic area. After the belly button is reattached (and moved down if necessary) the incisions are sutured. Liposuction can be performed if necessary to eliminate excess fat.

Surgery coming soon....

Hey folks, how are you lovely ladies doing? I hope all is well and everyone is enjoying their summer. Just updating you all that my surgery has been scheduled for 11/19/16, yes on a Saturday and I have a sx buddy that I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with; we connected well via Real Self on our first journey back in November and here we both go again both of us are preparing for some touch up's this November. So we are in search of a caregiver and a place to stay (non recovery home atmosphere). If any of you dolls have any recommendation of a caregiver, please share details. Unfortunately, Amy is no longer providing care and wow am I saddened by that, she was truly Heaven sent, a true blessing.

I'm very excited to cure my excess fat issue, I am not saddened at my results because Dr. Hasan did everything he was suppose to do, he sucked my fat completely out however, my skin being 44 and having had 1 child, my stomach just couldn't retract so TT, here I come, lol.

Hope you dolls are doing well, I've met some lovely ladies through this journey and am still here 8 months later supporting you continuously, this journey is one that support is number 1....kisses to you all xoxo!!!

Surgery procedure and new surgeon update ladies....

Hey dolls, hope all is well with each and every one of you. Just wanted to update you ladies that there has been a change of plans with my surgery type and doctor. I have chosen a different surgeon for my TT, Dr. Blinski (IG name doctor_fixit). Dr. Blinkski is a Miami area board certified surgeon and after speaking with him, I felt most comfortable allowing him to revise my stomach. Other than the fact my surgery sister (Azzzfor2015) recommended him, what won me over is that I emailed Dr. Blinski using his personal email address (not a coordinator) and he immediately contacted me between surgeries within 15 minutes (and also provided me with his personal cell number for any questions). He viewed my video, paused it and later played the video again all while we were on the phone assessing my body concerns. Dr. Blinski never spoke negatively about my bbl/lipo surgeon (Dr. Hasan) nor my previously TT surgeon choice (Dr. Ortega), but what Dr. Blinski did was confirm to me that he didn't recommend the floating TT that Dr. Ortega had recommended since the floating TT would only correct the fat below the belly button with muscle repair below the belly button ONLY and my issue was the excess fat above the belly button (see my video under my June 6th post). Dr. Blinski recommended a skin only tummy tuck with full abdomen muscle repair and I 100% agreed; why did I agree, if you look at my pictures and read all my posts, you will see my concern has only been about the excess fat above my navel, so having the floating TT would not do the trick. I had always had that thought haunting me and I emailed my coordinator multiple times inquiring and was constantly told the floating tummy would fix my problem but NOPE it would not have fixed the problem!!!!

So basically, I am having a full abdomen muscle repair and skin only tummy tuck (no lipo since Dr. Hasan removed all the fat during my bbl/lipo last November). After speaking to Dr. Blinski and reading that he visits his patients at the recovery homes/hotels if there are any concerns, completely won me over. Just the thought that I would not have been possibly satisfied after going through this again, 1 year later and more money spent would have been devastating, so I am forever grateful that I chose Dr. Blinski.

Ladies, do your research and make sure you are choosing the best surgeon/dr for your issue that your body needs, not the best surgeon/dr just for the wants, this is our body and we should want it to be right. Anyways, just wanted to update you ladies, I promised I'd stay connected with you through my journey and yours. Good luck to all of you future surgery dolls and happy healing to all of those that are recovering, kisses always....now I have to run and start buying supplies.

Recovery House (Miami Escape) booked, resort lodging booked for transition after the RH, flight purchased for hubby & I, SUV rental reserved; surgery sister (Azzzzfor2015), here we go:) xoxo

Derrière update with video

Here she is.....
Hey dolls...I was asked to post a video of my current butt view so here she is, still measuring at 46" but with some dents/cellulite which at this point will be ok since I'm focusing now on correcting my excess fat issue on my stomach.

This butt is still turning heads here in Atlanta, compliments from both men and women. Ladies for those that are entering into this journey, get ready for your life altering event, lol.

Just passing through to post, wishing you all a happy Sunday. Kisses to you all.
Miami Physician

Dr. Hasan, in just a few words…..he has a very special gift. He is very passionate about his job and takes the time to listen to you. He can identify how you should look without a wish pic and will go the extreme in contouring your body all while giving you your dream body. He is very down to earth about everything, and willing to go that extra mile to please his patients! He was very honest about my body and ensured me that I would have a nice frame after surgery and with exercise and healthy eating, ultimately a nice body. He made my post op experience a very calming one, going into surgery, I trusted him with my life. I knew he was the one when I after we did our post-op, the anesthesia was being started, he returned back into my waiting room area and said, I got you, I know what to give you. I just nodded my head and winked. I encountered no bad experiences with Dr. Hasan nor with Vanity. Very excited I gave them the opportunity to care for me. Both gets a 10 star rating.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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