Going for my boobies June 30th too! I'm officially a Dr. Marco Saucedo Doll!! Pre vs post op pics of Dr. Saucedos art (my body)

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*Treatment results may vary

Today was my second consult, this time with a...

Today was my second consult, this time with a different dr. Dr. Marco Saucedo. He answered all of my questions, was patient with me, and gave me a great deal of ease from all my worries. I want to get my procedure done asap. Im thinking May 24th. I am going to try and get my labs done asap. I need some advice on what to bring with me. I plan to drive out to nogales az with a friend on friday then sat have surgery in the am. What would help my journey? I dont have anything at all please send me a list of things i need to buy. Thank you in advance...

Got my labs done, waiting for results...

Got my labs done on Friday i just want the results already lol. I decided if all is well with my labs then this is what I am meant to do, if not, well, i guess i was meant to just get my bmw lol...once i get the green light im scheduling my appointment. I want my bum to look nice in a bikini my last summer being in my twenties.. :(

Omg my labs are back!!

I got my labs back and all the results are good. This is my green light, im super nervous, yet excited. These mixed emotions are caused by my family and friends trying to talk me out of it by putting fear in my head. I do however have one very suportive friend who has no put any negativety in my head. I am going to confirm my appointment 5/16/2014. Got the sitters, got the date locked in, paying for it today. Now all i need to do is figure out who will take me home afterwords, what must i bring with me??? I am scheduled for May 29, 2014.

These are before pics

These are before pics

More wish pics

Hey everyone, here are some photos i screen shot off the internet that i want my results to resemble. Im super excited. Im going shopping this evening for my post garment/faja... any advice is appreciated... thank you

more wish pics

Omg 5 days away im super scared now. Just put half my payment in my dr bank account...

3 days until my bbl. Got butterflies omg!

Omg im super nervous. I cant believe I grew the balls to do this. Every morning I wake up and think to myself omg what was I thinking, im glad im still alive and didnt go through with it (maybe my fear of dying comes from the fact that i lost my Mom two years ago unexpectedly). By the middle of the day Ive obsessed over the new booty i so desire. At the end of the night when im stressing about the possible risks I get on this site and read so many happy endings I reconvince myself that this is what want. Today I found Arnica tea but I judt rearealized the package says external use only. Ugh!!! I been searching for this for weeks now and finally I find it and got the wrong one?? Someone tell me how touse the external stuff Iif I cant bathe or what ever? Im desperately searching for the post garment with open bottom as my dr recommended and I guess its the mexican half of me that usually works best under pressure who decided that shopping for my things last minute was the best idea....WRONG!!!! All internet orders are backed up for this memorial weekend wont be shipping until tuesday and expected on friday (after surgery) so ive gone to walmart, ross, macys, target, sears, dillards, body language, fascinations, fredericks of hollywood, genx, fashion.com, nordstrom, victoria secret.... and NONE OF THEM CARRY OPEN BOTTOM POST UNDERGARMENTS FOR BBL.

On another note the good news is I bought alcohol pads, my oil funnel for peeing assistant, firming lotion, baby wipes, dark loose comfort dresses, waist crincher, arnica tea (external use only) .

Still need to buy
Shower curtains (to use as liner for car, bed, couch, etc)
foam board
Fuzes for car charger
Compression socks

Any suggestions will help...

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Item list

My BBL post shopping list
?Oil funnel for peeing
?Travel size Shampoo
?Travel size Conditioner
?Travel size Body wash
?Travel size hand bar soap
?Travel size hand sanitizer
?24 hour infection protection ?neosporin+pain relief
?Extra strength benadryl itch cream
?Baby wipes
?3 boxes Arnica tea bags
?Arnica herbs (external use only)
?Carefree pantiliners for draining
?Gloves for cleaning drains
?Pro gauze pads
?Alcohol swabs
?Sports tape
?Skin firming lotion
?De scholl's compression socks
?Open bottom faja(ordered next day shipping)
?2 Waist crinchers Waist S and M
?Butt lifter boy shorts
?True waist slimming thong
?Top slimming faja
?Bottom slimming faja (i cut holes where booty is lol)

Shower liners
To pack my bag lol

Realistic Expectations or not????

Hello out there world,

For the first time i would like everyones honest opinion on my "realistic" expectations. The first set of 3 wish pics is my wish but my realistic expectations im uploading now. Tomorrow is my surgery and i am trying to mentally prepare myself for the out come. Please share with me your honest opinions, thanks.

here are more unrealistic wish pics lol

You never know so i do wish for these projections

Tomorrow I go in for my very first procedure Bbl Im nerve wrecked

I have been suffering from insomnia for the past week obsessing over this. I have no clue if im physically prepared for the paij some of you beauties are describing. No one has been specific...is it burning on your cuts? Bruising soreness? Muscle pain? I just am so shaky today and scared. I keep feeling like I wont make it to the other side. I saw on the news yesterday that nogales isnt safe right now. Im staying on the us part of nogales but my transportation (best friend) is nervous about it, I hope she doesnt back out. I keep telling my babies I love them and it feels like im saying good bye to them for good. Is this fear normal? Im anxiously waiting for Dr Saucedos assistant to call my scripts in for me and email me my reciept for my deposit. Im also panicing from not knowing if I have everything I need. I bought some more things last night. The gatorade, shower curtain liners, and packed my bag. I cleaned my house yesterday and got a baby sitter until tuesday. I have my full payment ready. Today I need to get my oil changed and fluids looked at. I bought brand new tires so those should be good. I want to check into the hotel early but my friend has work in the day and so I have to go by that. Im scared lol

Shit just got REAL

Got the call from Dr Saucedos assistant, Picked up antibiotics, and pain meds for tomorrow. Also my Faja came in today it was outside my door when I got home YES!!! Its getting more REAL as the hours pass by. I know my family is worried about me doing this since its my first time. I love them soooo much. I pray that all goes well. Im going to get my bags ready to be packed by the door tonight. Surgery is tomorrow at 2:30pm. But I have a 3 hour drive to get there. Tonight is drop my babies off and im going to miss them very much.

Just took my first dosage of the antibiotic

Just took my first pill...

HELP!! Am I supposed to wash my garments before I use them?

Garments are brand new should I be washing them before??

Information about Arnica Tea


I am freaking out

Today is the day and I cant sleep I am panicing cleaning
Like I did before I went into labor nesting scrubing down everything and repacking my bag lol.

Surgery at 2:30pm I just took my pre op measurements now.

Im 5'7 165lbs

Bra 34 inches

Small waist 32.5 inches

Love handles 41.5 inches

Booty 43.5 inches

almost there about an hour to go

Im so sick to my stomach i dont know why but i am scared i prayed and hopefully God is with me thru my surgery.

Here at the hotel

in the lobby i am shitting my pants ...well skirt lol

Im here in the lobby now, super scared pray for me thank u.



I made it to the other side

I finally made it and let me tell u ladies it was NOTHING like i expected. I felt NOTHING. Dr Saucedo and his assistant were absolutely amazing. By the way she is gorgeous!! And anyway let me describe the experience

I got there i was scared as shit but my bff started cracking jokes and made me forget that i was even doing the surgery.

I went in got the IV, then they put meds in my IV. I felt drunk off my bum lol.

Next we went into the surgery room

I got scrubbed down with soap all over my body
Next dr saucedo put the local anethesia in my back
They laid me down on my back first on a cross shaped bed and put the finger heart monitor on me and the blood pressure machine.

They put a blue cover up so i wouldnt see anything and get traumatized.

They put the radio on and i was feeling pretty good. I felt a few pinches from the shots to numb me but i felt so drunk i didnt care. I was more like turn down for what... lol

I was in and out of sleep

I kept talking to them and when a love song came on i told them i loved them both lmao.

I kept reminding the dr that i wanted a small waist and a huge ass...

He turned me a few times on my sides to mold and shape my body

then they flipped me over and i fell back asleep.

I woke up to feeling cold and like someone was pinching my booty (he was injecting the fat) not to bad tho.

I suggest u ladies bring some warm socks cuz my feet were cold and bring some blankets cuz i was shaking like crazy from being cold.
I layed there for a while and then got up

He did his final touch ups and then i left... not gonna lie my ass is HUGE im a lil embarrased to walk thru hotel cuz its really swollen lol.

Anywho i am leaking like crazy and so make sure u have an extra faja so u can change into after u shower its gross and bloody everywhere.

My body is so swollen i look 6 months preggers lol in three areas lmao jk

Well i was scared for nothing i feel fine and im walking around like nothing so far

I plan to take my meds like clock work to avoid the pain ive read. I do however feel like i did 1000 squats in my ass right now just soreness.

Up walking a little to prevent blood clots

Im awake now walking around the hotel to prevent blood clots. I have compression socks but they were soaked in blood so i hand washed them with anyi bacterial soap since i didnt bring detergent. I am soaked in blood now. I also threw up a lil damn strong antibiotics i can taste them. I still feel great just icky but i can shower today so im just waiting to call dr at 8am.

Saw Dr Saucedo around 10:30am

We discussed a TT which i dont want i can care less about a lil hangy skin i seen those videos and no thank u.

Anywho he told me to make sure i wear something to.prevent indents from my garment suggesting my elmers dry erase boards and the foam pads i bought (which i forgot to mention).

We drove back and i had to lay in the back seat which wasnt so bad.

Changed my gauze and already ran out

ALSO DO NOT EAT SALTY FOODS, i was doing fine until i got lazy and warmed up a cup of noodles which has tons of sodium in it. DO NOT EAT IT, ITS NOT WORTH IT.

At 8pm I can take off my garment to wash them and shower. Pics coming soon....if I dont pass out

At 8pm I can take off my garmentbto wash them and shower. Pics coming soon....if I dont pass out taking it off lol

strongly suggest open faja with angled oil funnel

strongly suggest open faja with angled oil funnel.... it is so difficult to pee in this garment so make sure u buy an open vag area faja with the oil funnel i bought. Press firm against your vag area so your pee doesnt go on sides on to ur faja.

im sorry i passed out

Sorry gals appearantly im afraid of the sight of blood and didnt realise it until now when i took my garment off i noticed a pool of liquid in my lower abdomen (looked like i had balls lol) and ive heard a lot of stories about women needing to.go bavk to have that stuff removed by a dr and so i am not trying to go the whole summer with balls until i can safely sit on my bum... back to the story i attempted to genly massage the fluid toward the holes and my left hole healed already so i pushed it out of my right hole and when i saw all that bloody substance come out wheeeeew im glad my kid was there to help me cuz i blacked out and landed on my kids arms. I could hear my kid speaking to.me but i couldnt respond. We slowly place me on my side on the floor like my dr instructed he said my blood pressure would probably drop so as soon as i felt light headed to carefully lay on my side even if in the shower. Well i was laying there for two minutes my kid got me water and fanned me. It helped a great deal i was able to get up carefully right away. I suggest having water and a fan near and a kid lol jk but someone there when u take ur garment off to shower.

^^^^^^^so thats why

So thats why i couldnt upload my pics last night... oh ya and prepare yourself for the swelling after u take off the faja the first time shit was no joke i cut the shit out of that faja it was war lol i cut it off so i guess i need to order another one online. Smh.

and this is how its done ladies lol

Example of how to pee using the funnel i bought

Tired of always being on my stomach feet and knees

Im so tired of being on my stomach feet or knees so i used the chair i bought at walmart for $9.88 and cut it so i can nicely sit on it. But do not sit for to long because u will get creases on your tummy and it may heal that way so only use to eat so u dont feel awkward.

It had a fight with my first post op garment and it was winning

It had a fight with my first post op garment and it was winning so i cheated and stabbed it with scissors (Cuz i dont play). The faja lost!! Lol

Post op photos

Day 2 post op.

More tips

More tips
1. wear a board on your abdominal area under your faja to help get all those extra fluids out quicker. U only drain for about 24-48 hrs and if some doesnt come out before your wounds heal itll have to be surgically removed.

2. Do not waste your money on inflated butt donuts they DO NOT work instead buy two river tubes for tubing so you huge booty can settle right into and u can recline into.

3. Prepare meals before surgery and freeze them. Tired of ordering out. I just want a home cooked meal.

4. Do not schedule your surgery until immediatly after your menstrual cycle. Cramping and pain from surgery is no joke. I started my per the day after surgery fml

5. I used evrything on my list so far but I needed more gause dressing.

6. Buy at least 2-3 fajas that fit u now before surgery because u will swell up bad at first.

7. Do not sleep the whole day away after, get your bum up and walk around the house for 10 mins every 2 hrs. This helps keep the blood flowing and keeps swelling low.

8. Dont panic fear is normal, you will make it thru.

9. Let me know if u have any questions, ill gladly answer them

Arnica Tea

My dr said to drink 2 cupsbof arnica tea a day to help the bruising and swelling. It has helped i noted. I usually btuisr real essy so i expected to be black after surgery but i just have bruising on the tight areas of my faja which isnt a bad thing it just means the healing process will be quicker cuz it rushed the swelling part out the way

Foam board on abdomen instructions!

What you need
1. Elmers dry erase boards (comes in 3 pack at walmart in arts area) $5

2. Peel and sticks foam
Sheets (comes in a pack of 40 asorted colors) $5

3. Faja that covers abdomen area $$$


A. First place 1 dry erase board smooth side down and non smooth side facing up. (As shown in photo)

B. Next use foam sheets to protect hard corners on dry erase board from indenting your skin by peeling the sticker side on the foam sheets and evenly putting it on the side up of the dry erase board. (As shown in photo)

C. Once sticked to board carefully place against abdomen and have someone help you put stretvh your faja/compression garment over it and press firmly so the sticky side sticks to the faja.

Do not use this method until the 2nd da post op.

If u have incisions on your abdomen where the board will be please use gauze or dressing directly on your skin so the area is NOT exposed to the foam boards.

Good luck

these were day 2 post op sorry

so i hear my kids singing

Mommy gots a big ol but i know i told u id be true but mommy gots a big ol.butt so shes leavinv u. I go into the room and they are singing to my undies lol. I feel bad cuz they are kids but i told them the truth god forbid anything would have gone wrong i didnt want to leave them in this world with questions. So now i feel embarassed lol, these kids keep single the bubble butt song to me and im like where are u guys hearing these songs at and they said when i kept searching brazilian butt lift on you tube the suggested videos came up and they watched them including sir mix a lot. Lol brats i told them those things are off limits.

Skin info

After surgery your skin will be numb and swollen and feel weird but by the third day post op it should get its sensation back, your bum will still feel hard but itll sften soon.

Make sure to have someone massage your calves when they start to feel weird cuz it could be sweiling and/or blood clots.

U may rub arnica tea cream on your skin not the wounds but do not put it on your booty

Protect your skin from indents by keping smooth clothing on and using foam sheets where underwear or faja lines dig in. You dont want your vulnerable skin healing with all those indents

And finally while youre in the shower 24 hours after surgery find your leak (should be in lower abdomen... start to massage the fluids down toward the incision and push it out the hole. Its going tobe gross but you need to get those fluids out before you heal.

Updated measurements 3 days post op

Height 5'7
Weight 165lbs


Pre op post op
Bra 34 inches 32 inches
Small waist 32.5 inches 30 inches
Love handles 41.5 inches 39 inches
Booty 43.5 inches 45.5 inches

Just took my first poop

LADIES!!!! take my advice and keep hydrated please drink water water water I was constipated and hadnt passed a bowel movement since wednesday. I didnt take the advice on stool softeners cuz I didnt want to be dripping blood and poop every where. The first shit is a KILLER it murdered my ass! I was sitting in my thighs and it was that peek a boo shit. It was not coming out for nothing. Usually im in and out but man I was on the toilet for about 30 mins trying to get it out. Lol sounds gross I kmow, I'm sorry but im saying from experience i stress u on pushing fluids and staying awaybrrom solids until u have yours first bowel movement. Take stool softeners please

Conpression garment stages and info

Compression garments are used to reduce swelling and bruising and increase healing circulation. Compression also helps to prevent sagging of the skin by comfortably pressing the skin and muscle tissues together. The compression aids the skin and tissue in reattaching itself smoothly as well as providing support to sutures by preventing stretching.

What is the difference between a Stage One and Stage Two compression garment?

-Stage One garments provide moderate compression immediately post surgery and may be worn for up to 2 weeks. This zippered garment with reinforced seams allows for easy application and durability during the critical immediate postoperative period.

-Stage Two garments provide continued healing compression and support during the second stage of recovery (typically 2-8 weeks post-op). This Is a non-zippered, pull-on garment is sized smaller for additional support to the newly contoured body. Second stage garments also fit smoothly under clothing as patients become more active.

Do you need more than one garment?
YES! Because patients are generally required to wear first stage compression garments immediately after surgery, it will become very soiled with drainage fluids the first week. For hygiene and cleanliness purposes it is recommended the purchase of one additional first stage garment. This will allow one to be worn while the other is being washed.

Why should you provide pre-op measurements instead of post-op measurements for my compression garments?
First Stage compression garments are sized to accommodate expected swelling right after your surgical procedure. Stage Two garments are sized smaller to fit your newly contoured body after swelling has subsided.

How do I determine the correct leg length for my body procedure?
The leg length should be at least 4 inches above and/or below the surgical area. Example: if you are having surgery at the hips you would choose a mid-thigh garment.

Do you have to remove your compression garment when using the restroom?
It depends on the type of garment you have purchased. For best results during postoperative recovery, patients are advised to wear compression garments for a prescribed period of time. This means constant wear even during bathroom functions. To address this sensitive issue, you may purchase an open crotch design that provides adequent clearance for sanitary functions without removing the garment. The crotch simply opens when seated, then closes when standing and is virtually hands-free. The new design is also more discreet and less visible under clothing. I personay have used an alternative method which is shown in my photos above which has worked for so far as far as urinating goes.

Why shouldnt you wear activewear or fitted exercise garments?
Because those garments are not designed for long term, 24 hour usage. And even though they may be fitted they are generally not designed to compress the skin and body as is needed after a surgical procedure. You need a garment specifically designed for that purpose and is comfortable for the length of your recovery. Your compression garment literally becomes your "second skin".

Day 6 post op

I wasnt feeling as much pain yesterday as before so i discontinued my pain meds and boy do i regret it. These bruises on my hips are no.joke they feel like my hips are on fire. Now i know why they gave me so many pills. Lol. Well time to pop some pills ladies.

Oh ya some of my swelling has gone down and my lower half hurts when i elevate posotins probably from my bruising.

Dont go out in the heat at all for at leases two weeks cuz my incisions were burning. Ill be posting more pics soon.

My swelling has gone down a lot

My swelling has gone down a lot. Not going to lie i ditched the faja all day and i bought a smaller size today at the the store to hold me up for my online orders. Well i was kidding myself i couldnt even get this thing past my hips let alone this sweet ass lol. I guess ill just have to wait for my shipment which wont be here until the 11th.

Shopping advice

Ladies please please do not plan ahead and buy a size bigger/smaller pre bbl i had some jeans that i used to wear padded butt pads with that fit perfect with padding and now stand no chance against my new ass. Best thing to purchase is those patterned silky stretchy pants and boy do they make your ass look great too. Anyway i suggest those because i went shopping for jeans and i was a size 11 before just fine but now im a 15 booty and a size 7 in my waist area BS!! I do not have a clue where they sell big booty jeans and i refuse to take a chance online and them not fit. Ive stuck to body hugging dresses and stretchy pants lol. Ugh i cant believe i can wear half shirts again i freaking love Dr. Saucedo!

Day 13 post op

Day 13 post op photos

BUY BENADRYL extra strength itch cream

Omg the itching when your wounds begin to heal please i push for you ladies to please by at least one tube of the benadryl extra strength itch stopping cream. I thought maybe the other ladies had an allergy but nope mine came in 2 days ago and i was scraping my incisions which is not good. Thankfully i purchased this cream before hand. I did not run the cream on my cuts i put neosporin on my cut but the benadryl cream in a circular motion around the incisions with bandages over and the ithcing stopped within 30 seconds.

Also my hip bruises arent hurting anymore but my butt cheeks are a lil sore. My lower back is still numb and feeling weird so i been gently massaging it. I have all my feeling back.in my abdomen thankfully.

Yes Im back!

Ladies ladies ladies let me tell u this is a lifw changing experience. Do not be discouraged by any unsupportive person on here. I went from stay at home mom to Popular milf. lol. Not only do I love my results but so does everyone else. When in doubt listen to snoop and jason song "wiggle" you will change your mind instantly.


Do make the triangle shaped cardboard for your lower back area for better results wear it 23/7. make sure u wrap some thing around it so the cardboard doesnt leave indents.

its been 3 months

im posting pics of my final results today be looking out

Dr. Saucedo is the absolute BEST!!

Ladies do not be discouraged by negative statements made by unhappy campers.

Something that I will be blunt with u about is unless you are j lo and have millions of dollars to fix every detail please, DO NOT EXPECT TO GO IN SURGERY WITH OPRAHS BODY AND COME OUT LOOKING LIKE NICKI MINAJ UNLESS OF COURSE YOU HAVE ONE OF THE TWO LADIES BANK ACCOUNTS LOL. Please expect REALISTIC RESULTS and I mean based off your body type. I was confident this surgery was right for me because of my body type. I already had a smaller waist and wide hips so my expectation photo was realistic. I seen a negative comment on my post but I cannot confirm her results or her pre body. To answer your questions YES I AM HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS. I will be posting my 1 year post open photos this week so stay tuned.

1 year post op BBL Dr. Marco Saucedo

May 29th marks one year since I had my BBL done by Dr. Marco Saucedo over at Women's Health and Surgery in Nogales, Arizona. Here are my 1 year post op photos. Yes I absolutely love my results, if I had to do it all over again I would, and I would go to Dr. Saucedo. I STRONGLY recommend him to anyone seeking a bbl in as. The prices Dr Saucedo offers are unbeatable in Arizona, and he's a very kind, caring man to his patients. Something I like about him is his honesty, he's blunt and doesn't sugar coat anything. Dr Saucedo let's you know what he expects to see come of your body based off of your body type, what he's capable of, and potential your body type has for the desired appearance. He is determined to get it right the first time around and assure the satisfaction of his patients wishes based on his promised result. If I should go through with another future procedure I will return to Dr. Marco Saucedo. Here is the link to his website which has pricing clearly marked on it (for most cases) unlike other drs that lure you in to costly consultations just to get a price. The surgery center offers hotel accommodations to its out of town patients, and I believe they also sell fajas/compression garments there. Dr Saucedo accepts care credit as well. On my posts you will find a lot of useful information I have documented throughout my journey. The best of wishes on your journey!

one year post op bbl measurements

Bust 37"
Under bust 34"
Small waist 25"
Booty 44"
Under booty 35"

For pants I have to buy size 11-13 must be high rise to fit my booty but I have to have a belt or have them altered to a size 7 at the belt line cause then it's super baggy up top.

keeping up with your new curvaceous body

May I advise that you must begin a diet before surgery. If you don't it will be harder to break the diet and it will defeat the purpose. A diet I began was simple. The only thing I eat is meat (no fried or breaded) and Fresh veggies or fruit. Water Water Water all day nothing else, no soda no cheat days. Something that helped me was asking myself. Do you really want tacos or a nice ass body which do u want more. Lol.
Dr. Marco Saucedo

Dr. Marco B Saucedo was very patient and aleviated all of my worries, answered all my questions, and made me feel confident that I was making the right decision. He shared with me his technique on how he planned to make my body as close to the photos i shared as possible. I will reserve my final suggesting him until my surgery is complete... UPDATE: Dr Marco B. Saucedo is definetly the best plastc surgeon out there. The photographs speak for themselves. http://www.womenshealthandsurgery.com/

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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