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Hello. I have wanted a rhinoplasty procedure done...


I have wanted a rhinoplasty procedure done for as long as I can remember. I dislike my nose because of the nosetip, it dropps down when I smile and that is what I want to correct with a nosejob.

I finally decided that I want a rhinoplasty procedure done in Wroclaw, Poland with the surgeon Adam Kalecinski. I found the surgeon through realself (a girl had her nosejob done by him and she got her nosetip corrected so it doesn't drop down when she smiles widely) and then I contacted his staff on the page.

I have finally booked a surgery on the 10th of June in Wroclaw and I hope there will be an improvement. I was quoted 2000 GBP in total for the rhinoplasty (which is about 2820 US dollars).

Next time I'm updating will be when I'm going to Wroclaw, follow if you want updates.

Some more pictures of my current nose

Here are some more pictures of my nose that shows how bad I photograph with my nose most of the time and the reason I dislike my nose. I really hate it. The profile views of it shows the problem with the nose and I feel confident that Adam will be able to fix it, two other girls on realself have gotten good results by him and if I get similar result I will be over the moon.

Finally booked in hotel + flight

Now I have officially booked in accomodation (hotel) and flight. Travelling to Wroclaw on the 10th of June and hoping that everything goes well. I booked a hotel near the clinic as it was recommended by other patients. I'm so excited and over the moon that I'm finally doing this.

Some noses I like /result I want : elevated nosetip and more pointy nosetip

I'm going to update now as everything has been booked and I have gotten confirmation from David who is hired by europesurgery (Adams clinic). Some noses I really like, I would like a more refined nosetip from the front and a bit more pointy nosetip from the side.

I really hate that my nosetip dropps down a lot when I smile widely, I'm so looking forward to getting that correct just that will improve my appearance significantly.

Why I choose Adam and experience with other surgeon (consultation)

I'm going to be honest, the only ones I would want to have rhinoplasty surgery with was the following: Dr. Grigoryants and Dr. Anil Shah. But since I'm not located in the US it would be more expensive for me to go to one of them, but I did have the money to go to Dr. Anil Shah but as he didn't want to perform a nosejob on me, I'm left with only one possible option for me, Dr Kalecinski as I have found no other surgeon in Europe whose results I really like.

I had a skype consultation with Dr. Anil Shah two years ago. I'm extremely happy for people that had good experience with Dr. Anil Shah, he is a great nose surgeon but it does bother me that a lot of pre-noses that he does perform nosejobs are a hundred times better than my before nose (a lot of them have good nosetips and I dont). I had a skype consultation with him two years ago and it seriously postponed me in my deicison making for the nosejob - he didn't want to perform a nosejob on me at all despite contradictory statements such as "the bump is what makes your nose look short, but I can shave that down if you come to surgery". Ehm that means my nose would look worse if that's the only thing that he would do. Unfortuneatly, I feel for me that he is pretty much like the surgeons in my home country they will come with execuses when it comes to ethnic patients that "oh you don't need a tip reduction" despite obvious tipwork needing to be performed - justfying to do less work instead of going the extra mile to actually please the customer (this has happened when a relative to mine had consultation with one of the best surgeons in my home country he didn't want to fix her nose at all despite her nosetip dipping down). Instead of just admitting that "No, I don't have experience in ethnique rhinoplasty" or "No, I think you would look worse with a nosejob and that's the reason I don't want to make a rhinoplasty"

The cost thing is obviously a factor as well for me choosing Adam but not the only reason I'm choosing him, I feel since my nose is so similar to the girls that had good results with him I'm basically not taking that much of a risk.

Dream noses

Some noses I like
Adam Kalecinski

Straightforward and very honest.

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