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I've decided to write my own review as I've read...

I've decided to write my own review as I've read so many other peoples and it's really helped me and if I can help someone then great
Did loads of research on lots of local surgeons in the UK and while doing this I came across Europe surgery, emailed them and got lots of details and joined their face book page, met lots of people on there all telling their experiences it's a great way to find out how good your surgeon really is. Didn't speak to anyone for ages just stalked the site lol.
Finally posted a question asking about their TT experiences and got so much advise, support and it really helped make my decision.
Where else can you talk to REAL people about their surgery with the surgeon you have found. They tell you the good the bad and the great. The only bad side that was evident was after care, but if you choose surgery abroad you have to remember that you can't just book a visit.
Contacted Europe Surgery, spoke to David and Bridgette got all the Info, David seems really nice and friendly so that put me at ease
Booked my surgery......yikes after all these years I'm finally doing it.
Feeling excited, nervous, sick!!!
Never had any operation before and here I was booking in for two major operations,
oh well in for a penny in for a pound.

3months pre op

Booked surgery, sent before photos they are awful no ones seen me naked except me. So embarrassed sending them to him.
Got a reply back from the clinic that I was a good candidate for TT and BR and recommends lipo to midriff.
Great book the date 26th September 2013, booked flights and hotel.
Sudden realisation that this is going to happen, no going back now

2 months pre op
Get loads of advise from the face book site, realself and loads of other websites, I'm a women obsessed I need to find out everything about my procedures, recovery, what I need to do and buy.
I'm on the iPad day and night doing research, reading reviews, it's taking over my life but I need to be prepared for complications, what happens, what to do and how to prevent and notice them.
Got a list go what I will need pre op and post op.
There's so much can't believe you really need all this stuff.
So now I'm doing research on arnica, scar gel and sheets, micro pore taping, laxatives.
Boy there is so much it's going to cost a fortune.

One month pre op

Gone on holiday, two weeks in gran Caneria all inclusive, trying not to eat and drink too much.
And I'm squeezing my boobs into a swimming costume and I bought a tummy control one to help keep my belly flat, I look and feel flabby and horrible but I realise that this will be the last holiday I look like this and that somehow makes it easier to have fun.
Get back from holiday and start taking vit c. All research says this is good for healing so I'm getting it in my system now.
Didn't bother with arnica, no evidence it works and I don't want something in my system I don't know about.
Stop drinking alcohol
Start drinking more water to keep me hydrated
Eating more protein as this again is good for recovery.

Two days pre op
Get text from clinic Chris there taxi driver will collect me from the airport and take me to the hotel. Gulp really doing this

Traveling day

Get up at 4am put kids into car ( 4 and 16 months) take to my mums, I've never left them for more than one night.
I'm a wreck crying my eyes out, they wave, smile bye mummy.
They will be fine I know that it's me :-(
I'm surprisingly calm all the way over to poland
Chris picks us up and he will pick me up in the morning to take me to the clinic, it's like having a chauffeur lol
Our hotel is amazing The Puro

Op day
Get picked up by Chris
Go to clinic, I'm really calm and excited... Surprisingly
Meet Adam for consultation, he's really nice, firm, I immediately feel confident he knows he's stuff.
Explained what will happen and I ask about my hips and thighs can they have lipo. He agrees on the hips as this will help with the overall look of the TT, but says no to the thighs, too much surgery for one body, that's disappointing for me but reassuring as well that he is actually thinking about me as a person not doing a procedure just to get more money. He Aldo says I nosy need a small vertical scar as there may not be enough skin to pull right down, this would be my where my old belly button was and sewn up above my scar. I tell him I don't want this, he says he will try.
I go to the desk and pay.
I have to admit now that if I had had all these procedures in the UK it would of costume about £11,000 pounds and in Poland because everything is so cheap and wages are not as much it's £6,100
pounds. That did help in choosing Adam
In the waiting area you see people going home from surgery all smiling, people waiting got dressings to be changed all smiling. All mostly from the UK and I met done nice people out there.
The clinic is spotless and the staff friendly.
I'm shown to my too told to shower put gown on and Adam will be in to mark me up. Had interview with psychologist to make sure I'm doing it for the right reasons she gave the go I'm all set now.
I have bloods taken put on stockings to prevent blood clots and walk into theatre.
I turn to say goodbye to my daughter, her face is white as a sheet, I face the theatre and am scared to death, told to get on bed, I do and then I sob and sob, the anesthetist says don't cry Sara, I'm shocked she knows my name but I still cry I feel a small prick look at the clock it's 2.50pm. That's it till I see my daughter in my room 4 1/2 hours later.
I feel really sick, they give me anti sickness
Good news I didn't have the verticle scar as well yippee.
I'm not in pain just sleep

1day post op
I felt sick all night and they kept giving me anti sickness meds, but i feel ok, tired a little sore but not in pain,
Nurse gets me a sandwich and tea, tasted great I was starving. I need to wee. I'm still propped up she helps me sit up
Do not use your muscles, you really don't realise how much you use you stomach muscles, even to laugh and I thought 3 pregnancies had left me with none, but the muscle repair has worked I can feel them hee hee
I got very dizzy and had to sit still for a while, but managed to get off the bed and go to the toilet on my own....yay I walk hunched but it's ok I thought it would hurt much more than this.
Time for dressings to be changed Adam comes in has a look. I can't I'm took chicken, says looking good, you have nice boobs, I say really he smiles x I'm way to scared to look but if my surgeon is happy then so am I. Drains from my boobs are removed, uncomfortable having the stitch removed but no pain with the drains :-)
I'm in a thick white binder can already feel that this is my friend and will keep me secure. I had read that others felt like this
Get picked up by Anna another chauffeur and go to hotel and sleep take meds, eat soup, sleep, take meds etc etc.
Day 2 post op

Getting into and out of a high soft bed is a mission.
I'm propped up on pillows, drains tucked into my surgical stockings and to get in and out of bed I hold my daughters arms and I slowly pull my self to sitting and then shimmy off the bed, she doesn't pull just supports me, it hurts like mad to use your muscles and I can't use my arms too much because of the breast reduction,
I ache but not really painful, go to clinic and have dressings changed, car ride is HELL
I feel every bump this causes my boobs to ache so I support them as well, it's best to relax into it but hard to do.
I get my first look, really impressed, my old belly piercing scar is now just about my pubic hair line lol,
My boobs look good I'm so pleased,
No regrets no rolls of fat my tummy is so flat and scar is low and neat.
I'm in Poland for 6 days, everyday I go to the clinic have dressings changed, on day 5 both drains are removed.
I won't lie one drain didn't hurt but the one that went from my ribs zig zagged down and out the young nurse pulled it gently and it killed and really hurt,Adam took over half way through and pulled it quickly, it's better done quick.
But I'm free of the drains, I'm nearly walking straight ish, as I get tired and do more I tend to hunch by the end of the day, but I had my op on the Thursday, had pain meds from the clinic on the Friday but Saturday had paracetamol and I was fine, I did however take other stronger stuff but didn't need them.
Be careful as the medication people were recommending me to take when you read the complications can cause bleeding and if you have just had lipo or surgery you do not want bleeding, so please check with doctor first x stay safe don't self medicate or you may cause your own complications.

Return home, journey home made me sore, and tired but felt good to see hubby and kids and sleep in my own bed, recliner not necessary plenty of pillows behind head and one under your bum do you don't straighten your legs in sleep,
Up next day shopping and house work not major but felt so good and in no pain haven't taken pain meds since day 4
Haven't had a shower since op because of drains and today was the day was looking forward to it,
But now the time had come and I had never had binder or dressings off standing up always had them at the clinic laying down. I felt sick scared I would split stitches, how would I dress them oh god I was dreading it now,
Got trough it didn't wash hair as was scared to raise my arms but it was a quick shower.
Adam said to use a delicate un perfumed shower gel, I borrowed the kids Johnson's bubble bath. All advise to use antibacterial soap I ignored. You need some bacteria to heal.

Day 11 post op
Was doing do well but got cocky and did too much reaching above my head and that night my right boob swelled so much it felt like when your milk comes in after you've had a baby.
I knew I was in trouble I had read not to do too much reaching but I was feeling so good, took an ibuprofen to help with the swelling but at my shower my dressing under my boob where the at section of the scar is was bleeding and a little open like a stitch had come out. Rang GP and got appointment that day, emailed David at Europe Surgery and told him what had happened and within 20 mins reply came back to email photos so Adam could see and advise. Sent photos, hour later reply saying Adam in surgery but as soon as he was out he doubled be told.
Go said yes I had a small opening no sign of infection, but gave me strong antibiotics just a a precaution because it was an opening after surgery. She slso said it was one if the best breast reductions she had seen very neat. Said to book in with the nurse to have a look at the wound so she can dress it, left feeling very relieved and happy.
5pm after his last surgery I got an email from Adam saying this is common and to go to GP where antibiotics may be given and to carry on with the dressing, thanked him for his quick reply and said already done, never wait and see
Saw the nurse two days later who dressed it with iodine patches and waterproof plaster and to change it when it becomes loose or in 4-5 days. She had a look at boobs and tummy said it looked good, and it was becoming more popular to go abroad now a days.

One month post op

Getting back to normality, can drive from week 2 although I did have a pillow over boobs and tummy for the first week. More difficult getting kids in and pushchair out of the car but lucky my little one is tiny and not too heavy I wouldn't of been able to do it with a chunky monkey child like child no 1 lol
Still wear my binder 24 hours a day, I'm small bodied and all the compression garments are too long in the body so give no compression and I like the pressure of the binder anyway.
Tried spanx but again tight round my midriff but not enough round hips or belly and it's a nightmare getting into.
Get tired of an evening a little but it's getting better, I still swell from 3 in the after noon I can feel it happening. I need to drink more water
Scabs nearly all off, can't wait to be able to rub in Palmer body lotion and start scar treatment.
Boobs still boxy looking but that will take months for them to settle
Tummy still flat, hips very flabby, don't know whether that's swelling or fat got to wait till 6 months to see if I need revision on them or anything else but I will go back for my thighs so will get consultation at the same time.
Still need to lose this stone and a half of weight but joined weight watchers last week so I will get rid of it.

I have to say I am really pleased with my results
Would recommend Noa clinic highly
Don't listen to all the things you need to buy, you don't need them.
Take it easy for the first 3 weeks is my advise, I had someone with me the first 2 weeks at home, to pick kids up etc Hoover, still not doing lifting etc till 6 weeks when it's usually ok to go to the gym. I'm going to add a week on because of my boob just to give that an extra week to catch up.
Then I'll be on the we fit etc to build up my fitness.
If I breath in I have definition in my abs so I'm hoping once I'm cleared to do ab work I might even get a six pack lol.
It's been less pain than I thought, easier recovery than I thought and it's been the best thing I've done for me, x


I'm 5 weeks post op now and have nearly lost all my scabs, I find them in my bra or they fall out when I get undressed lol, disgusting. Still have a big one where my painful drain came out and two little ones in the middle of my TT scar and a few small ones on my nipples.
I'm wondering if I can rub the palmers lotion in as my skin is so dry.
Haven't put dressings on for the last week, I was all scabbed over and no leakage but it brought my attention to my nipples as my left nipple is super sensitive but my right still has no feeling, i remember this was my big droopy boob and although I had feeling in it before the op it wasn't as good as the other one, so I think I may not get feeling back in this one.
I have noticed as well that my boobs are softening slightly, they are not as firm and wobble like they should:-)
Hoping that they don't droop!
Still in my binder 24/7, have asked clinic for another one, I've tried so many CG on, its cost me a fortune on postage, I like the feeling of support and my PS said keep it on longer the better 6 months at least. But I haven't been sleeping too well I think it compresses on a nerve down one leg as my leg aches at the knee and keeps me awake, so didn't sleep with it last night and I slept so well, putting it back on this morning, but might not sleep in it. Don't know what PS would say, but I feel better for the sleep.
Getting tingly pains along hip scars, but that's good because they say you heal from the outside to the middle and top to bottom, so good news.
Have a dogs ear on my right side, if it gets worse will need to have revision on that but not bothered about it, I'm trying not to worry about anything till at least the 6 month mark when I can send updated photos and get his advise

6 weeks update

Feeling really good, lost 4lb in weight. My clothes were too big when I came home from surgery even with the swelling and now are really hanging off me and my tops look really silly as my boobs no longer fill them out :-) Will have to go shopping soon can't keep wearing leggings and tracksuits bottoms, want to look nice. Had a few stitches spit out this week. Two in the middle groove of my breasts, had a shower and just had a little pull and about 3mm came out. I wouldn't of pulled them hard but the shower must of softened the skin. Still have one slightly sticking out but it's too small too pull, it feels like when you leave one of those plastic tags you get when you buy new clothes. The one in my belly button seems to of vanished, so that's good. Just sprayed them with antiseptic spray covered with gauze and all healed fine. TT scar is great, rubbing in lotion twice a day gently massaging the scar and belly to help with feeling, can't rub pretty hard but not too much as then it hurts. Bought some body suits from m&s, feel great and hold you in, still a mission to get on, but worth it, ( and you look so much better in your clothes with them on, can really see the difference) not so scared too pull on now I'm past the six week mark. Your scar is 80% back to full strength then. Got a weeding next year and I'm looking at clothes I never would of been able to wear, can't wait, now have to tone up legs and bum as top half looks great and the bottom bit not so great but a few squats etc will help. Will put new photos up monthly now as I think it will show more of the change. Playground opened last week lol, not as it used to be because we were both a bit scared, but I surprised him by dressing up and coming downstairs with it on, NEVER had the confidence before or the body come to that, needless to say his smile said it all. Can't tell you ladies this op has given my marriage a new lease of life and I am one happy lady.
Dr Adam Kalecinski. Noa clinic

Dr Adam kalecinski The clinic is spotless, staff are lovely can't single one of them out as they were all great Can't wait to go back for lipo on thighs x

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