$4,800 POORER and I Look Exactly As I Did Before. Little Falls, NJ

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I had the procedure the day before Thanksgiving 06...

I had the procedure the day before Thanksgiving 06. There is way to much BS involving my experiance to try and list it all here. However to make it short...had the surgery by a physician that had good reviews by another patient...went back ONE week later TO GET THE STITCHES OUT???...a person that was just learning how to take stitches out actually took mine out, well partially...within two weeks had red lines running up my legs and stitches hanging out of my head....thank GOD my husband had the sense to make me go to the emergancy room...had a staph infection....a potentially deadly blood infection...my incesions started spreading (did they take them out to soon? I don't know)...I now have awful scars behind my ears...THANK GOD its not as bad in front...this Thanksgiving it will be one year since my surgery. i AM $4,800 POORER & I look exactly as I did before...saggy neck and all....only now I do not have ear lobes...they are attached to my face bordered by nice little scars. ONE OF LSL SCAMS IS to have you hold your chin down when they take the before pictures...then hold your head higher for the after... the after are also taken just a few months after the surgery while your face is still swollen and tight!!! Oh by the way...never saw the doctor again after my surgery....he did not even make an appearence when I had my stitches taken out...and he is no longer in the NJ office.

7 1/2 years later Face is BIGGER on one side and mouth droops

It has been 7 1/2 years since my LSL In Little Falls NJ by Dr Sharma who moved to a Florida office soon after my procedure.
My face continues to droop more and more every year... expected with age (53) however my left side is fatter (bigger) & droops more so then the right side. My mouth droops excessively on that side also.
I was never happy with my procedure and had excess problems right after the procedure (refer to original post)
I wish I had saved and went to a reputable plastic surgeon instead of a LIFE STYLE LIFT dentist... veterinarian... Physicians assistant or whoever LSL used to hire and still hires

It has actually only been 6 1/2 years since procedure not 7 1/2

As stated in previous post.
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