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I've had a variety of cosmetic procedures over a...

I've had a variety of cosmetic procedures over a period of 15 years: laser resurfacing, brow lift, upper and lower eyes, and a "mini" face lift. I'm also experienced with botox injections. I'd worked with a surgeon I trusted for many years, but then moved to a new area.

In my new location I visited several plastic surgeons to find the right one. I narrowed it down to two who seemed qualified. When I returned for a consultation about facial fillers (mostly for the nl area) a nurse suggested thermage instead, saying that I was a "perfect candidate" and that she had personally seen wonderful results on many patients. I was intrigued, asked a lot of questions, and went home to research the procedure.

How I wish I had saved my money and gotten the filler.

As it turned out, the surgeon did not even do the procedure; it was performed by a nurse/technician instead. I paid over $3,000 and the procedure was quite painful, especially in the lower face area. They had given me a painkiller pill to take, but it actually didn't take effect until about three hours after the procedure when I was at home.

After the procedure and follow-up, I waited to see any sign of results for 3 months before finally returning to the office. The nurse/technician assured me that she could see some small difference, although I (and my boyfriend) could not. I asked to see the "before" photos and compared them with my current look, and she finally admitted that the effect was very minimal. She advised me to wait a while longer which I did. Eventually I returned, and she offered to re-do the thermage for an additional 900.00.

I've decided to switch to another plastic surgeon who actually performs the procedures himself, and to go with fillers - once I have saved up enough money.

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