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I finally got it done yesterday. Stayed overnight...

I finally got it done yesterday. Stayed overnight in hospital (Portsmouth Naval Hospital). I'm feeling okay. Been home for a few hours. I'm managing my pain with Norco, Celebrex, stool softener and miralax. Eating okay. I have some neck pain and back tightness I'm guessing from sleeping upright in hospital. I had my drains removed today. I ran receiving three days of radiation therapy which takes longer than the surgery. It is to minimize scarring by destroying the cells that keep growing to produce keloids. I pray it works. The most painful part has been lying on the table with my arms up right after surgery without support to get the radiation treatment. has anyone else experienced this?

I do feel lighter but I have not taken a good look at myself and I cannot shower for 48 hours after my last treatment which is tomorrow. I'm feeling positive. I have dealt with large breasts since I was a pre-teen. I have thought about a reduction for many years as my breasts have interfered with me playing sports and engaging in other activities. I am so thankful that is was covered by Tricare Prime.

My first look Day 2

How long before I can scrub......

Day 4: Not experiencing much pain at all today. I took my first shower last night and just let the water run down my new breasts. I'm ready to get all of these markings off of me. I know I cannot scrub just yet and I am assuming that I cannot use any soap yet. Not much came off in the shower. These markings are mostly from the radiation treatment.

Also, I may have overdone it with the stool softener. Tmi I know but I was terrified of having to strain and wanted to get ahead of it! I'm thinking of replacing my Vicodin with Ibuprofen. I am also considering returning to work after my follow up appt on Wednesday.

I feel some itching or maybe even burning sensation under my breasts where they were cut. It's not constant but boy do I want to scratch.

Two Weeks post op tomorrow! My Honest Rundown

It's been two weeks as of tomorrow. I'm feeling positive and hopeful. I hope everyone is doing well. Rants and Raves below!

Rave: I stopped taking my narcotics two days after surgery. Did not switch to any other medications and I feel good without the meds because they were making me very nauseous. I do not have any constant pain. I have some irritation from the post surgic bra but nothing that requires medication.

Rant: I have been having some serious itching along my inscisions. Mostly under my breasts and along the sides. My glue is starting to peel off but I do not mess with it. Not using any creams yet but my PS provided me with a lotion to use on my inscision lines and to massage with starting tomorrow. I'm a little annoyed because I posted a couple of questions for PS's on here and they are not familiar with radiation with BR. My military hospital may be a little more advanced. I have a history of keloids and the radiation is for scar therapy. It kills the cells that continue to over grow to produce keloids. My PS wanted to take every step possible to reduce scarring. I had s tumor preop that left a nasty scar by a different medical doctor which was revised during my BR.

Rave: I returned to work at 7 days post op. I could have returned sooner as I felt fine but wanted to spend that extra off time with my babies. I telework from home and besides feeling exhausted by the end of the day I am glad I returned early and thankful that I was able to.

Rant: I'm not really sure if I am concerned or just making this a concern since I read so many of your reviews. I have a very small opening along the inscision line underneath my left breast. I don't want to worry about it. It's very tiny. I do not have anything leaking from it. I have not needed gauze or anything else and I have not seen any blood since my drains were removed 1 day post op. My inscisions just feel very dry. I'm hoping the lotion will help once I start applying it tomorrow. I just don't know if it's something I need to run to the clinic for. Reviews say it's normal. I wouldn't even call it a hole at this point.

Rave: My left nipple is very sensitive. Feels like it did pre-op. Just glad I can have sensation.

Rant: My right nipple is still very numb to the touch. I have some sensation but I can feel the numbness.

Rave: I'm happy with the size of my new girls. I already fitting my clothing differently. I was happy with my body type and shape before and I feel the breast reduction had only improved even though I havnt been able to flaunt them yet. My breasts always used to interfere with cute little dresses and things.

Rant: I just don't feel my breasts are pretty yet. I know recovery is a long road. I still have glue on them and I still have redness and irritation. Which I think is from the radiation.

Rave: I think my husband is pleased with the size although he can't have any fun yet! He already idolizes my booty lol and now he says it looks even bigger without my breasts taking over.

Rant: lol yes booty looks even bigger but so does stomach.
Stomach wasn't big before but it sure is sticking out since surgery. I guess it's just much more noticeable. Lol it is motivation to get in the gym. Can't with out yet but I can work on eating better.

I hope everyone is well. God Bless

Before pics

Chesapeake Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Harrison were great. Very informative. They took great care of me.

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