My Story on my Experience of Getting Breast Implants -New Mexico, NM

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Hello everyone I have always wanted breast...

Hello everyone I have always wanted breast implants since I was 18 years old I had my baby when I was 18 and breast fed him so I loved my big boobs and thought to myself I really really wanted breast implants so I did some research made an appointment to have a consultation and i got really scared i then cancled my appointment because i was very scared i thought to myself i love my body so i went on

seven years later i enrolled in college and met many girls with breast implants always telling me how much they loved them an that it was the best choice they ever made an there i was thinkin to myself again i think i want them again and there was another girl there that wanted them also so she made herself an appointment and i told her im gonna see how things go with you so i can see if this is what i really want and she said ok i will tell you everything she then got them she told me that it really hurt and on the 3rd day she said she had felt great that she was out at the store shopping an even went outta town so i was all wow thats awesome telling myself that sounds easy i then asked her each day how she was doin an she said i feel great so i waited five months to see if she still liked them an she said yes that i would to love them

so i went to consultation set a date for ba on may23,2013 i was very excited i couldnt wait to get my big boobies the day was finally here i was so scared an kinda wanted to back down and the girls told me dont back down u will love them so i said ok went an got them when i woke up after surgery my chest felt very tight an a little pain they then gave me pain meds an i took every 3 to 4 hours i had to lay down all day the next day came n i felt more pain an discomfort On the 3rd day I felt very uncomfortable there was no pain but there was just a weird feeling that I didn't like at all I then talked to the girl at school n she said oh just wait 2 weeks and you will feel way better an I said OK 2 weeks came and I fell into depression gosh it was horrible she said it will pass an boy was she wrong things got worse for me each day I started getting anxiety attacks an couldn't breath my vision changed I began to cry every day it was so sad my boyfriend would ask me why I was crying and I said I'm not comfortable with my body anymore he said give your body time to heal so I said OK

a month passes and my anxiety attacks are getting worse I can't even lay in bed or stay in the house because I was so uncomfortable in my own house even around people it was awful and sad I couldn't dill with it so I went to Dr and she said you have a severe case of anxiety she said I can give you pills for the attacks an I said I don't like taking pills she said OK how about this you figure out what is making you feel this way and fix it because, the pills won't they are only gonna make you calm down for a while I then thought to myself its my implants I don't want these anymore

so I went back to my Dr and told her I was my implants that made me feel this way and that I was gonna get them out she said to talk to my surgeon and before I did I told the girls at school I wanted, them out and she said don't do that trust me when ur 2 months your gonna feel great and she said I felt the same way as you do an I thought well you failed to tell me about this part she only told me the good things never the bad not only did it affect me physically but it did mentally I haven't started to miss my body that God gave me you I miss feeling comfortable in my own body I missed giving my boyfriend and fun hugs without feeling discomfort I miss laying on my bed flat on my stomach feeling comfortable implants didn't hurt at all they were just very very uncomfortable when I would touch my boobs I couldn't feel my real boobs anymore I just felt numb fake boobs and it mad me sad:( all I could think about was how I made a mistake and how bad I just wanted them out gosh I was miserable I told my bf I wanted them out an oh boy he was upset he said I thought you wanted these I paid all that money and you changed your mind that fast about wanting them he said I wish you would thought about that before you got them I then felt trapped because he was upset I thought man I really can't get them out now so I waited things got worse an all I did was cry in the morning in the evening at bed time my bf realized how much they were affecting my life he said do what you gotta do if you want them out take them out I will be upset but I will get over it I then felt a little happy I prayed everyday for god to forgive me for doing this to my beautiful body he gave me I was so upset I just wanted me back

I then talked to my surgeon 2 months later and told him that they are beautiful but were just not for me oh boy I expected him to be: upset with me and he ...was actually very kind and understanding he said I will take them out its your choice and what makes you happy he said you know they look pretty and that it was how I felt I then made my explant appointment for July 31 I was so excited waiting was torture but I made it finally the day had come my parents came with us an were very supportive :-) I took 10 milligrams of Valium 15 minutes before I got to the office and they cleaned me up he numbed my breast and it wasn't bad at all I was awake the whole time and it didn't hurt at all the only thing was it was a little uncomfortable when they were pulling the implant out but it didn't hurt as soon as they came out I felt great he stitched me up and said your done of course he cleaned the inside before he stitched me but when he was don't I didn't feel any pain I walked out and waited for my family they came we went to the mall and I was feeling awesome I took half a pain pill 5 hours later and realized I didn't need them and never took anymore painpills

I am now so much happier and haven't had an anxiety attack so if you are thinking about getting breast implants look up good and bad things first and think about if u really need them and remember you may go through a depression and feel lots of discomfort an may take up to six months to heal if your OK with all that and are sure you want them do it so girls love them they were just not for me so I hope you can make the right choice :-) god bless you an love you for who you are and what you look like because you are perfect the way that you are

picture after explant and loving my body:-)

implants and implants removed

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