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Hey girls I'm undecided as to who is better...

Hey girls I'm undecided as to who is better between Dr. Yily and Dr. Duran. I want the WORKS! I want someone who is an expert in curves, small waist especially. Then im also looking for that apple shaped butt. I can't make up my mind between the 2. I have emailed both for a quote. Any opinions on who I should go to?

still no response & still confused.. :/

Good morning ladies, so as I've stated before, I want aggressive lipo and bbl. I have read so much about all these "good" doctors that I'm driving myself crazy lol.. anyways, I'm still stuck on either Yily or Duran. They seem to hit it on the money as to what I want, I just can't decide. I guess I'm waiting on who replies 1st, and maybe who gives me a better price.

Does anyone have b4/after pics from either doctor?

Is either one better than the other at sculpting & giving a small waist? Or better at giving an apple/heart shaped booty? I know they are very good talented shag good at what they do, I just don't want to choose the one who is better at lipo & giving an hour-glass figure and not at give u a nice butt or vise versa.

sorry for the typos... my hand & brain are working at different speeds lol

I'm trying to write as fast as I think n it's not working.. ha ha. I have so many things, ideas, excitement n anxiousness going thru my head :/

Whatsapp..... Help!

I just read that some of u have contacted the doctor thru whatsapp. I just downloaded the app to see if maybe I can get a faster response. I just don't know how to send Dr. Duran a msg thru this Damn thing lol...... Help?

ok, so I think I've decided..

After reading the story of one of Yily's patients, I think I'm just going to stick to Dr. Duran. As of now, im going with her, unless I find another doctor who can work just as good or better n for a good price.

I'm a hot mess.. any good info on Dr. Baez?

So I decided on not going with Yily after reading about burns, her arrogance n that she is pregnant. Nothing against pregnancy because I have 2 kids of my own, but just feel that being pregnant will decrease her ability to give her patients 100%, as she might when she isn't in pain, or moody, stressed etc from da belly.. So anyways, I came across Dr. Baez. Any info on her work? Is she any good? I see she is very affordable in her prices. Couldn't find too many pics of post op, but what I did see was ok.

so maybe I might just really consider Dr. Baez

So I just received a quote from Baez.... really good price what im asking for. Only thing is, I'm still obsessed with Dr. Duran n her magic. Baez doesn't have that many pics in her website so I'm unsure. I have heard good reviews about her tho, n the lil I did see if her work was pretty good. I also hear she is very sweet n nurturing when it comes to get patients, catering to ur every need. Now I'm really confused! :(

Dr. Duran

So I've rec'd my quote from Duran after stalking her every way I could try to get in touch with her.. lol she responded last night & gave me a quote of $4000. I think it's a bit much comparing to what I've seen her quote other girls for lipo & bbl.. Yily quoted $3300 & Baez $2900. I have decided on Baez because she is prompt in answering each and every question and I have not seen any bad reviews on her, in addition to her pricing lol We spoke over the phone and she was the sweetest lady. Anyhow, I can't wait to go see her in a few weeks!

Oct. 10, 2013 can't get here any sooner!

So I've locked in my date with my friend who is also going with Baez. I'm super excited and nerves are setting in. I need to start getting everything ready as far as supplies and what I need for post op. Still considering whether I'm doing a bl when arrive. I guess it'll depend on what she suggests. My boobs aren't sagging, but they are a lil big, so I figured maybe I should get a reduction n lift. I'm just really scared on how the scar looks. My ladies look good now, but if I get a smaller waist they will def look like watermelons lol

Hmmmm...Dr. Lima?

So as u girls know I been debating between what doctor to choose. I decided on Baez, bases on her review n her rapid response to all my questions. Me & my friend's date is set and moved up to OCTOBER 5th!! Just a few weeks away.... yikes! Anyhow, I feel I made a good decision and she makes me feel comfortable... ok, so here is the problem, I have been hearing about this Dr. Lima. Not many pictures or reviews going around but I have seen one and it's pretty good. I emailed him out of curiosity and his prices are ridiculously cheap (not that it matters if he is no good) lol. He quoted me 1900 for lipo n bbl... 3900 with breast lift. I'm driving myself crazy going between doctors and making sure I made the right decision. I've become an addict n obsessed with this.. lol He emails with in mins.. which is excellent, so I asked about pics n if he could fwd some to me but he declined due to privacy of his patients which is quite understandable. Do any of u ladies have any info or pics of his work???

change of heart.. :(

As you girls know I have chosen Dr. Baez for lipo & bbl. Im very pleased in the fact that she answers each and every question promptly and if I call I speak to her directly, not her assistant. She is so sweet and loving when I speak to her. You can tell how much she cares. Anyways, even with all those good qualities, im having mixed feelings about her work. She is ok, but I haven't been "wow'd" by any of it. I'm looking for extreme curves. Like very aggressive lipo n fat transfer. I don't care if I'm walking around and people notice ot day in fake. This is how I see it, m paying for my own and I'm sure if alot of ladies could afford it or had the nerve to, they would ask have plastic surgery. Anyways, going back to the topic, im more considering Contreras or Cabral. I know they are responsible for alot of the video vixens that many of us have as wish pics. I know there is some controversy with both, but I want a certain type of shape anger but every doctor did that. I'm hoping to get a reply from either doc do I can stop stressing. I have my ticket so I need to decide fast.

Sorry for the typos**

I can't type as fast as my brain is producing and it's late. Bare with me.

Dr. Contreras

Ladies, can someone please help me get Dr. Edgar Contreras' contract info? I emailed him but the tel # on his website is missing the last digit. Someone please help, I'm running out of time!!!


Just a few wks and I cant not decide :/ I just want to see any post of pics of Dr. Contreras' work. Anyone?? Somebody? Anybody?


I am.thinking of including a breast reduction and lift with my bbl... I think I have it mostly figured out as to who is ok, good and the best in lipo and grafting. Now, my question is who is EXCELLENT in breast work? This is a delicate procedure n im really scared to mess my breast up. I dont want lop sided or uneven boobies.
Any answers ladies? That should help me pick a doctor overall. Baez, Cabral or Contreras? Who has had there breast done with either one? Whats ur experience with the results?

Contreras...3days away!!!

Hello ladies.. I disappeared for a few days trying to get all my stuff together. I have been so busy planning and getting reading. I leave to DR this coming thurs and scheduled for Fri morning. Nerves are def starting to kick in!!! I decided on Contreras because after seeing alot if his work, I'm convinced he is the magician for me lol... he gets back promptly, at least by the end of the night, and makes me feel super comfortable. I can't wait to get this over with... Im going with 2 other friends and starting at a rh. The over of the place Is soooooo sweet. She messages me everyday counting down the days with me lol. She lives alone do she says she looks fwd to having girls stay with her. I think I made a new friend ;) lol Anyways... let me get back to packing n finalizing a few things..


How do I changed the doctor from Baez to Contreras in my profile?

Here it is!

So today I will be on my way to meet Dr. Contreras. Nerves and emotions are all over the place. I will keep god beside me and hope he is the one performing the sx tomorrow. Tty ladies soon. Wish me luck.
Dr. Edgar Contreras

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