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I'm 25, 5'4 165lbs... Since I was about 18 I've...

I'm 25, 5'4 165lbs... Since I was about 18 I've been 135, I got pregnant at 22 ending my pregnancy 170.. a year later was 150 and found out I was pregnant again (not planned) my second pregnancy I was all the way at 190 I am now 4 months post partum and haven't been able get less then 165lbs even with diet and exercise..... I have this fat above my C-section scar I've never had before :( ....

I was always unhappy with my belly&arms even before pregnancy.. I was a FULL tummy tuck w lipo on love handles / lipo in arms / lipo in my back aka back fat aka wings lol... I do plan on losing AT LEAST 15lbs before surgery

I'm looking for a doctor not based on price BUT within my price range, I'm sure there are some great doctors out there who don't charge as much as other great doctors... is anyone familiar with doctors in NJ/NY (Manhattan area) who are great & a little less priced then the rest??

Also any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

doing my research on doctors, advice!???

Ok, so I emailed a few Drs the pictures I have up and so far an favoring Dr. Sanjay Lalla..... I've decided I want a BBL as well... so that would be arms, tummy tuck w "love handles" and back fat with the fat injected into my butt :) I have already lost some weight trying to get to a pre surgery weight of 140... I also have a consultation with Dr Nachman Rosenfeld... but I haven't seen any reviews about him doing any BBL..... also emailed pics to DR Joseph Capella and he was telling me he didn't think my arms or back needed to be touch which I TOTALLY disagree..... anyone ever deal with any of the 3 doctors I named???


Hello all, so ive had consultations through email with Dr Sanjay Lalla, Dr Mark Filstein & Dr Capella,,, they were all pretty close in price but I chose to have my in person consultation with Dr Lalla because I have read reviews of people getting tummy tucks with Dr Capella then getting crazy hospital bills, and because Dr Filstein does not have before and after pictures on his website, so I will go to Dr. Lalla and see how I like him when I meet him.... I am not going to get a BBL because I don't think there Is anyway I will be able to sleep on my side for 2 weeks and honestly my butt is getting a lot more firm doing squats at home... I do want the TT, arm lipo, along with back lipo (under bra) and inner & outer thigh lipo.... so on Oct 8th I will see what he says :)

Looking into a new doctor

Ok so I came across Dr Joseph Saunders website and I must say WOW.. the before and after pics are amazing. Has anyone been to this Dr?

saw dr jonathan saunders today

So i made a 2hour drive to delaware met tye doctor and paid for my surgery with the coordinator before leaving.... I will only be getting a tummy tuck with lipo to my outer thighs. .. he said lipo of the arms and back would be a waste of money.. im happy for his honesty but dissapointed because i have always hated my arms and recently developed this back fat thst I wish could be gone as well -- but hes tue expert so i will listen! So happy I paid for the surgery in full and now have to pay the hospital

change in date

so I moved my TT date up to Jan 27 2014 that was the soonest date he had, time to figure out what I am going to tell my job of why I need to take 2 weeks off (we are a very small office of 4 people and pretty close but I do not want to tell everyone I'm getting a tummy tuck) any ideas??

Also when I called to change my apt date I also told the coordinator I changed my mind about lipo to the thighs so it was awesome that the hospital price went down I didn't expect that but I guess you pay for how many hours you are in the OR

Anyone feel free to give me ideas and advice ANDDD what I could possibly tell my boss to take 2 weeks off

Wish it was sooner

Now that I have the procedure scheduled I just wish it would happen sooner lol. The reason I changed my TT surgery from Feb to Jan is because I wanted to be able to look cute for Valentines day lol but I will only be 20 days post op -- any advice on how swelling is around 20 days?

BTW the girl Stacy I scheduled my surgery with is super nice, she has a great personality and enjoyable to speak with so I'm very happy that not only the surgeon is great but his coordinator is as well

3 months

3 months before TT can't wait... i hope I have dramatic results

Back to the gym

I use to work out frequently, I had issues with my pregnancy and stopped working out over a year ago when I found out about those issues, I haven't been back to the gym since - My husband is going to train me 3x a week so I can lose some weight before surgery, yesterday was my first day back at the gym and it was awful I was so self conscious of myself I just cant wait to get this done and over with I never use to feel this way !

How to change doctor/thank pages?

I keep getting emails all day long to "thank" pages, how do I even do that?

ALSO does anyone know how to edit my DR? everytime I go to "edit" I am not able to have my DR's picture appear and put in his info

41 days left to go

Hello All,
I am pretty disappointed in myself, instead of losing weight I have actually gained a few pounds; I really need to get up earlier in the morning and get my ass in the gym for an hour a day - I know I will not have the desired results since I am already 35lbs over my before pregnancy weight- id be happy losing 20 but that seems pretty difficult to do it healthy in 41 days; but I will try-

Anyway I just told my boss I will need to take Jan 27th-Feb10th off work; does that seem like enough time? My job mostly consist of sitting at a desk and getting up to pick things off the printer

Any tips on garments would be appreciated since I should by those within the next month

Thanks all

22 days!

wow it seems like time is flying, I don't get very excited about things until the day before or day of but since I have my phone interview with the hospital, and pre-op next week it is starting to feel more real...

anyway im very disappointed in myself, I started going to the gym and then just stopped,, I haven't lost a pound -- I am going to force myself to get up tomorrow morning and start going until my surgery, I would really like to lose 10lbs, I hope I can do that in the next 22days..

As for compression garments, does anyone think this one is a good one??



they look pretty much the same, I just know ill want something that zippers ... any ideas on good ones??

Had pre-op appointment today

Hi all, I had my pre-op appointment a few hours ago.. it went fast... I drove an hour and 40 min to talk to the doctor for 5 min lol... he came in and asked if I had any questions.. I didn't have any he kept asking are you sure there isn't anything u want to ask? lol but after reading on here I think I have all my questions answered -- he prescribed me my pain meds, took a front view and side view of my belly and I was on my way -- all I have to do now is get my blood work done and buy a compression garment and im all set

1 more week!!!

The past few weeks I have been going to the gym just about every morning, eating protein shakes for breakfast and healthy through out the day.. so far no change in weight, I have no idea why.. I think I am having hormonal issues... anyway I have to get a blood work done, its just a blood count and I have not done that yet, hopefully I will get to it tomorrow; I am nervous though because I have been sick and if my white blood count is off will they postpone surgery?

I hope not :(

3 more days.. negative thoughts are starting to.kick in.. help!!!

On monday morning at 6am i will be arriving in a delaware hospital (an hour in a half away) and at 8am surgery will begin... i just took 3 before pictures of my belly sitting down.. leaning over.. and looking down at my belly.. i will post those when i get my drains out and side by side of my new belly in the same positions..... so i am finally starting to get negative feelings... most negative feelings ive read are things like "did i spend too much money on myself? ...well that is not me...i financed 4000 which i am paying interest free 300$ a month and i know i'm worth 300 a month.... the other things i read are fears of death.. im not fearing that...i know i will he in pain but thats obviously expected.... my thoughts consist more of "maybe i could have lost this with exercise and i wouldnt have even needed the surgery" and also "what if there isnt a big change" .. my husband just looked at me and said "i dont even know why you are getting this done its not even going to make a difference" and i got upset thinking what if it really doesnt? But i just feel so insecure.. i cant even have sex with my husband without trying to cover my saggy lose belly... i guess the before and after pictures will be the only ways to either confirm my fears or prove them wrong.. about 2 more weeks for that!

surgery tomorrow. . what will I need!?!?

so surgery is tomorrow at 8am.. I will be staying at the hospital all day and leaving the next day.. any thing I should bring to the hospital with me? any special types of food to have for when I get home from the hospital? any special pills to help with going to the bathroom that are safe to take after surgery? any tips would be greatly appreciated

I did it!!

I did it.. im laying here in the hospital bed dying to get a look at my stomache... it hurts so bad I have to pee and I cannot even imagine trying to get up... in very upset with whatever nurse I have right now I had to take my finger monitor off just to get someone to come in its been hours and I couldn't find the push for help button... its now been hours again and the nurse is no where to be found.

pics of my new belly

yesterday I had my tummy tuck. he must have done some hard core muscle repair bc I can barely breathe.. I.am very happy w the results so far.. not so happy w the hospital.. I will post more when I am feeling better and ill make some side by side before and after pics when my drains are out

2days post tt.. worried about drains

had my tt Monday morning it is now wed.. my drains Haven't been draining much. . from 10pm to 9am was a little less then 25cc is that normal? also I was unsure on how often I should change mg dressing I wasnt given much to go home with should I go buy some? .... I am feeling alot better ive been making it up and down thw stairs when I have to.. i hate these drains they burn I hlpe I can get them out 6zooner then 2 weeks

going a little crazy!!

ok so ive been home since tuesday afternoon it is now Thurs and im starting to get a lil crazy lol im so bored.. my husband must be so sick of me calling and txting him all day to do stuff for me... i dont need any more pain meds getting in and out of bed isnt really an issue anymore though it still hurts it doesnt hurt enough to be taking meds... the worst part of it is the back pain from walking hunched over.. I feel like im gonna pass out sometimes!!! my husband bought me a cane and it helps a little... I feel DISGUSTING I have not showered since sunday night and since I wont be getting my drains moved for another week im gonna have my husband go buy a new shower head tomorrow so I can sit in there on the shower stool and hold the shower head to not get my incision wet.. I honestly haven't even really looked at it I change the dressing 1x a day and thats it.. I wasnt really given post op instuctions besides to take my binder off every 4 hours for about 15 min and to empty my drains 3x a day.. any post op tips would be appreciated

forgot to post this pic yesterday

can anyone let me know if my belly button looks normally? still has stiches and blood but how should I be cleaning it? just took the tape off today its making me so itchy I cant wait till its all off

follow up apt tomorrow

my follow up apt was suppose to he for.today but due to all the snow that was not possible.. it is now for tomorrow.. then my next apt after that is for next monday to get my drains out which sucks because i was due to go back to work that day now I will have to call my job this week and let them know I cant come in until next Tuesday im sure they are not happy with all the days off..

ive uploaded a picture of my new technique to shower and also took all the tape off my inciscion due to the alergic reaction I was having

drains out!!

I had an appointment to get my drains out in 3 days but the past 3 days they have been causing me so much pain that I could barely get up or sit down without wanting to cry lol I thought they may be infected so I called the office and they said come in .. I drove 2 hours to the office for i to be closed!!! thank god I got the nurse as she was walking out and explained I drove far and I think my drains are infected so thank god she invited me in and took a look. . she said it wasn't Infected and took the drains out since I was barely draining I felt better instantly it felt so weird like snakes were being pulled from me lol.. hopefully the holes will close soon

drain site still leaking

as you can see in the pictures my left drain site is closing well with the insicion around it very thin.. as for the right its still leaking.. whiteish tissue forming over it.. and. bunch of lil holes next to it that stiches are poking out of I go to my ps monday hopefully this will go away soon im tired of changing gauze pads all day

updated before&after pics

Hi all! everything has been going well.. not In anymore pain.. except when I sneeze lol my stomach feels so tight everyday, I am so happy!!!! I still have 1 drain hole that is not 100% closed but has def closed a lot more compared to the last pics I posted.. my scar is very red in areas where the stiches had a hard time absorbing but the rest of the scar is thin and nice, I am assuming those red areas will eventually catch up... heres some updated pics I just took
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