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So here I am. 50 years old planning on smart lipo...

So here I am. 50 years old planning on smart lipo on belly and sides end of April. I have read all the posts and they have really helped me understand what to expect. I can't believe how hard it is to maintain, let alone, lose weight at this age. I am about 5 feet tall and weigh almost what I did when I delivered my second daughter. i am just hoping to not have to buy size 12 anymore and can stop popping the buttons of my pants or needing elastic waists!!

I will post berfore and after pictures if anyone cares. Wish me luck!

So the big day is tomorrow! I am nervous as I have...

So the big day is tomorrow! I am nervous as I have had a few paperwork gliches with the office like they really did not have me scheduled even though I was ready. If I had not called them about the status of my labwork I probably would have shown up at the office tomorrow and had nothing happen!!! I have a final meeting tonight with payment. I did tell them I was beginning to have doubts so let's see how tonight goes. I like the doctor but recent staff changes caused this. I feel extremely indulgent spending this kinda money on myself when so many people are struggling but I think I deserve it...so does my family!
Wish me luck!!

Day 3 post procedure: My procedure was Friday. I...

Day 3 post procedure: My procedure was Friday. I got belly and sides done. My appointment was 1pm which was good so I worked from home in the morning and that distracted my a bit . I had a eggwhites for breakfast and a cup of soup for lunch. My husband drove me to the office and stayed with me until picture time. They gave me a protein bar because they did nto think I ate enough. Then I got weighed- yuck- 145 lbs and 30% body fat. That is just sad....so into the OR. They gave Vistaril and Halcion to calm me. They wanted to give me IM Demerol but I refused and said if I needed it I would ask. so it began with 2 small incisions in my groin, two on my sides on one in my belly button. It really was not bad. Sometime she woudl hit a spot and then just give me a little more LIdocaine. I was awake and talking the whole time. Now I am nurse so I don't mind blood and guts and stuff.
Now I have what the doctor descibed as an "apron" which that lovely overhang over my pubic area. It is likely that will nto completely disappear but I am trying to retrain the skin. I think they sucked out about 2 liters of fat! it was prettry gross. Then into the garment. NOT FUN.
Poor planning on my part but we needed to then take a 3 hour car ride. Luckily I could sleep the whole way. Spent the night in a hotel with chux and paper sheet under me. Draining a lot but I guess that is a good thing. My husband was great helping me up and down. Tylenol was enough for the pain but took every 4 hours religiously. The next day we had signed up for 5K charity walk well that was nice to watch!! I had some mild nausea but it want away with Benadryl. We had a nice dinner with my daughter then back to bed. Enjoyed my first shower. No dizziness but really bruised. Some areas hurt more than others like my sides and my upper abdomen. I got back in the garment quickly.
Sunday was better just sore. I was walking around like I worked out too hard. Getting in and out of our jeep was the hardest part.
Monday back at work. Clearly a difference is my waist and belly. My belly is swollen but it is still better. my pants are a little loose but that is probably from this garment. Oh by the way..ask your doctor what tyoe of garment. I paid $100 for it but it a FLEXEES garment that I could have gotten from TJ Maxx for $19.99.

As of today I say worth it!! I will post my pictures later.

Day 4 post op: I am having some trouble sleeping...

Day 4 post op: I am having some trouble sleeping so I am taking a Tylenol PM and that is helping a bit. Back and sides really sore. I have not measured myself but I am waerign a pair of pants I could not wear last week. I hope they fit without the compression garment. I tolfd both my daughters and they thought it was great that I was doing this for myself and can't wait to see the results.
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