Long time waiting, TT/Lipo/MR

Hello RS Beauty, I have been a member since 2011...

Hello RS Beauty, I have been a member since 2011 and finally decided to write a review. I am a 38yr old beautiful woman/mom of two great children (tween/adult). I am glad to have had my children at a young adult age because I had a hysterectomy at the age of 30 due to suffering from endometriosis for many year along with multiple cysts. I am now in the process of looking for a great NJ/NYC Plastic Surgeon who have craft with their hands to snatch this body back at a affordable price!!


Still in the process of trying to find me a ps in the NJ/Nyc area even at this point looking at teaching hospital since I know a few who had excellent results. I have had few surgery (multiple tumor, endo which ending end me having a hysterectomy) this have left me with a big round stomach. Blessing to me on my search any great feed make is wanted.

Consultation in motion

Consultation is in full force now July 7 with Dr. Lalla (West Orange, NJ)...July 14 @ Nyee(NYC) just don't know which Dr since they rotating new Dr that month.

Looking for a affordable Dr

I had a appointment on July 14, 2014 at Nyee , I drove all the way to the city basically for nothing, I fill out my paperwork and had a sit within five minute of me being there. The medical staff inform me I will not be able to be seen since I'm a diabetic...but I inform them of this when I made my appointment she just blame the volunteer for not passing this information. I'm praying the same thing don't happen on Tuesday with a NJ hospital appointment...Wish me hope RS.

Rutgers university

Keeping my fingers cross as I await for my appointment this morning to see if I will get approve for a surgery date...keep you ladies updated.

Consult w/resident program

My consultation was great today with Dr. Desai. After I did plenty of research, reading and went on a few consult I went ahead and schedule my date today for November 2014 with Dr. Desai who took his time with no rush and explain everything that was needed to know even on top of all my question. he was informative/explain pro & cons with me being a diabetic and my overall result.
I walk into his office nervous walk out with boldness"lol". Now, I'm just counting down the weeks.

waist trainer on

trying to loss weight

As I am counting my weeks down til the day of surgery, I am trying to lose some weight and so far 19lbs down and 25 more to go....

Just Ready

So ready for my hanging skin to be remove just counting down the days til my surgery day.

Surgery was Rescheduled

Follow-up today was a little disappointed but I kind of figure this was going to happened. Surgery Date was postponed until nx follow up in April and I pray we can move forward with surgery, I have to do a full 360 on me to keep my A1c under control...I believe this happen for a reason.

Patiently waiting til March 2015

I have been active in losing wait and patiently waiting for my reschedule date in March 2015, hopefully all is well. I actually meet realself sister yesterday which was a pleasure, really nice young lady and funny how we talk this site up. small but big world this.

Change of Doctor

Change of doctor since Dr. Desai was at the end of his fellowship with the hospital.
My new current plastic surgery resident surgeon is Dr. Reisler {PGY-6}. Praying I can move forward this fall. long time waiting.

New Date

This been a really long time but I'm staying positive. New surgery date is 11/30/2016 with a new doctor. I'll keep everyone update once I go for my medical clearance the first week in Nov.
Dr. Aditya Sood

Dr. Sood is a doctor who is confident in his skill. Dr. Sood was very knowledgeable & patient with all my many questions and answer every question that I ask, he made me feel comfortable along with the staff who was professional and organized. So far so good!

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