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If you click on my CoolSculpting review you will...

If you click on my CoolSculpting review you will see how my abdomen was left deformed by a procedure I thought was completely safe. Little did I know that years (and many thousands of dollars) later...I'd still be searching for a way to make it better. To try to even out the divot and unevenness I have tried:
---Subsequent CoolSculpting (didn't work $$)
--Velashape/Venus Legacy (waste of $$)
--Liposonix (more $$ wasted)
--Two consults with Lipo Doctors (more $$) and I'm too afraid to get lipo lest I cause even MORE problems.

I still have a few good bikini years left and each year around this time I dread to think how self-conscious I will be on the beach with my deformed tummy. I read about Dr. Shapiro and Mesotherapy and while there are mixed reviews on Meso--she is an expert with many years of experience, so I thought I would try one last time to rectify my situation.

I went for the consult today. Dr. Shapiro was very thorough and explained how she would use an injection gun to evenly and accurately target the areas that may help to make me look smoother again.

The procedure wasn't bad at all, and now I have just a bit of stinging. I purchased a package of five treatments. It's very painful to spend even MORE money ($2,540) on this problem I created for myself. I am really hoping this will help and I will document my progress.


It's only a day and a half after the first treatment and the long horizontal dent under my right rib and the divot (dent) above my belly button are MUCH smoother. The skeptical side of me says this is because the concave area is probably just filled in by fluid/swelling....we shall see. The big weird ball of fat is still the same....but I do have four more treatments to go.

No Change yet :(

As I suspected, the smoothness was due to swelling filling up the concave areas. They are now back to the same. However, I have several sessions left and am hoping for some improvement.

Not worth it

No change
Dr. Marion Shapiro

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