F.A.T (F)ABULOUS (A)ND (T)HICK!..MOMMY MAKEOVER...COMING RIGHT UP!!! ;-)...Can't Wait to Bring My SEXY Back! YEA - Watchung, NJ

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Hello Ladies! Im so happy to have found what seems...

Hello Ladies! Im so happy to have found what seems to be the perfect forums for the believers of happy endings. I myself am a 32 year old mother of 6 great kids. My husband and i have what you call a combined family. I had 2 kids from a prior relationship and so did he....... then we had 2 of our own....an yes WE ALL LIVE TOGETHER..LOL, so thats 3 Boys 3 Girls and a overwhelmed mom making us the official BRADY BUNCH!!! lol Ive always considered myself to be a BEAUTIFUL , THICK, CURVY WOMAN..... BUT while busy raising all these kids, tending to my husbands and loosing my "SEXY"...i feel its more than time to welcome MY SEXIER BACK!!! I feel like I've put myself to the back burner ( with good reason cause all my kids are worth it) But now its time to do something nice for myself.

I committed to loosing 30-40 lbs and give the rest of my years all I've got. Im anxious and excited to read and share this journey with all you ladies. Realself.com Has allowed me to see I'm not alone and i commend all of the REAL WOMEN on this forum for having the courage to share the personal stories,feelings and pictures to allow women like myself to see the truth behind the clothes. We now have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of regaining whats been gone for way to long .... COMFORTABLE CONFIDENCE! Don't get me wrong, Ive always been confident , but after having my last baby, MY NOW SAGGY TWINS AND FLAP JACK FROM HELL WITH A SIDE OF STRECH MARKS HAS TAKING ITS TOLL ON ME...LOL. I want to feel as good in and out of my clothes as i once did. So now I'm ready to trade in my Saggy Twins for HAPPY GIRLS and my FLAP JAck For a scar and somewhat Six pack...lol. Im ready to turn my Mans head and feel good while he's looking. SO to all us ladies ...... May our beauty be restored and booty NEVER Be Ignored!.... Best wishes to all of us. And hope to update everyone soon!

SWIIITTTTTCCCCHHH!!!!!!! New Dr. on board! Sorry...

SWIIITTTTTCCCCHHH!!!!!!! New Dr. on board! Sorry Dr. Bond. I Now IN LALLA LAND!!! Thanks chynna and Belishous!

Hey everyone! Please help me get RS TO CHANGE...

Hey everyone! Please help me get RS TO CHANGE THEIR PICTURE FORMAT BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORM. i liked. it much better when we could see the whole pictures without having to scroll ssideways.

ok .... now that i got that off my chest.....lol . Can someone please tell me how to change Dr. info.. i've. decided to go with a different Ps but i don't know how to CHANGE my prior one. thanks in advance?

It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left ya!.. lol old school throw backs! im coming back for my lre mommy body... no ... e

So ive lost 60 lbs since my last posting and am looking on loosing at least 25lbs more ! Since I dont really base my weight loss on numbers and more on inches and clothing size I believe that with a few more lbs lost I will be were I want before surgery. Im leaning towards having surgery in Dominican Republic now instead of in the states simply because of their incision techniques and liposculpturing. Plus I can get a little more for the money! I just want to be a Super C~U~R~V~A~C~E~O~U~S BRICK HOUSE!!!! LOL..... and look gorgeous in my WEDDING dress for next summer of course! ;-). ANYWAY, here's a few updated new pics . Hopefully I can reach my goal before the big day. Looking foward to my fiance saying im married to Mrs.C~U~R~V~A~C~E~O~U~S!!! ;-)

All the true sides of me.....

some recent pre Op pics!

Just a few pics of lil ol me before my nip tuck. Im on a mission to loose another 25 lbs! I havent really been dieting like I should but im about to get this BALL ROLLING BABY!!!! Ttys...

Im all over the place!!!! loloolololololol. :-)

I need to make up my mind . Im currently scheduled with Dr. Robles for 4/7/2014 but have had another Dr. in dr catch my interest. I recently read of a client that was doing very well in the beginning to then 2 months later find out she has a horrible infection do to GUAZE being left deep inside her belly button while being worked on by robles. I know mistakes happen but that just scared the crap out of me. Theres just so many horrible things happening….. :-( i just want to be alive and well after the surgery so i can maker home to my kids and still be SEXY…lol… i know, that didn't sound right but you laddies get my drift… riight????…lol

does anyone know how to switch Dr.s name on the personal profile name? profile

Heeeeeyyyyyy RS' ers! How are my ladies doing! Hope everyone is well. Just wanted to drop in and say hey and also try and switch my dr. Name from my page since I will now be with robles in santo domingo. The switch happened a while ago but I just didnt bother to change the name but now that im getting closer Im getting excited and cant stay off of real self. ..lol anyway, here is a updated pic ofmy pprogress taken yesterday at work... and yes, its a famous at work BATHROOM SHOT!. .lol oh and I have to shout out my rs girl Fabme for allowing me to use her post op breast pics as my wish pics... Thaaank youuuuu Ms. FAAAAABME! ;-)

does anyone know any tips on increasing hemo levels? ?? God willing ill be having sx in april and I want to make sure my levels

Holidays are OVER & It's time to get SERIOUS AGAIN! im about to go in on this diet THING! 25 + MORE HERE I COME!

Almost There...

April showers will hopefully BLOOM me into a beautiful MAY FLOWER. Cant wait!!!!

As the time draws closer I cant help but feel Excited and Nervous at the same time. Hoping Robles works her majic on me. :-)

Where did all my ass go????

Hey ladies! Im here to do a tad little update. So ever since I've lost weight I've also lost my ass!!!!!! :-( ... lol. Im not that upset though cause in comparison to my waist my but still looks big but still.. . I want my ass BACK....:'(:'(:'(:'(. ANYWAY, SINCE my journeys destination is almost here I need to stick to my breast augmentation and Tt.... though I would LOVE to get a bbl its just to much for right now. My ass looks fine when I squat down but GIRRRRRRL when I stand up that chic is MIA...LOL . I ALSO noticed that when I lay down my flap seems to work its way around my mid section do to the loose skin shifting upwards. ... smh.... oh how I cant wait to cut it off... hopefully I will see my smaller waist in any position after my surgery. Ok ladys stay on the up and up! Ttyl oh andvhere are some pics of whst im sauing but my MIA ASS AND DISAPPEARING WAUST LINE WHEN I LAY DOWN. BYE!

lost 5.... 25 lbs more to go. GOT TO GET Motivated!!!!! Help me ladies!!! lol


What I want! not sure if I could handle it though... im ScArEd!!!!! lol

We've gotta help my twins "PERK UP" and feel better! lol

lord have mercy.... im so scared...:-(

I just read an seen the news casting of another 29 year from new york who lost her life in Dominican Republic chasing her dream body. Very pretty girl to, left a 5 year old daughter behind. My heart is breaking. I need some encouragement. . :-( my trip will soon be here and im a ball of nerves without hearing all of these devastating updates. I have 6 kids that I would hate to leave behind because of vanity...:-( . My wedding is in August and I REALLY want this but im soooooo scared now... I feel like crying. I wish I coukd tell the future and know everything will be ok. I need help, im about to break down. :-(

Well ladies SAY EHLO TU MY LITOL FRRREND.... Ms. Flap jack Attack!...lol

Getting Ready!!!

So ladies my sx date is quickly approaching and I am anxious, excited and looking forward to joining the flat side very soon. Im no longer nervous and hope I continue to feel this calm. Im praying im able to get all I want done since my levels were good before I even started taking 325 mg of iron (Hemo was 13.6) hopefully ive increased it a bit more in order to have all I want as well as prevent needing any transfusion. Anyway, the most important thing is my health and life. Whatever I can have done safely is what it'll be. :-)

Packed and almost ready to go!

The COUNTdown has begun! 10

YES ladies, in ten days I will be flying out to Santo domingo! In pursuit of my SEXY BACK the following day...Cant wait.!


Geeeeeeeetttttttiiiiiiinnnnnng closerrrrrr!


Yea yea yea..... its a day late for my 8th day count down. .. but better late then never. Lol :-P


Flying out a week from today!


Good morning ladies! So I guess I must be going through some nesting moment. I fi d myself trying to get everything done in order to feel better throughout my stay in Dominican Republic. This will be the First time I leave my 3 yr old in over night care with someone else other than me or his dad. ( if you read my profile you'll understand my attachment to the 3 year old). My other kids are older so I know they'll be able to help their Abuela:( my mom) & Nana: ( his mom) out with the two younger ones. For those of you who haven't read my profile, I have six kids rankings from 17- 3years of age. 3 boys 3 girls. Boys 17, 16, 3 & Girls 15, 12, 7. My hands are constantly full of Teen, preteen, kid and toddler activities. ..lol. I deal with all stages of growing up in my house all at one time so you can imagine the ambiance at my place but I wouldn't switch it for the world. As excited as I am.... im also feeling a bit guilty for chosing to go through with this and leaving my kids behind with all the risks I KNOW this sx can have. God knows I want nothing more then to make it back home to my kids safely. I pray that ive made the right decision for myself and that all will go well. Please lady keep me in your constant prayers as I embark on tjis journey as I do for you guys. Since this is a step ive decided to take im going in as strong and POSITIVE minded as can. I can't allow individaul negative situations ruin my chain if positive toughts and energy. With that said ladies.... here we go, only 6 more days till I fly out and 7 till im in sx!!!! God bless us all and may we all go in GOOD and come out GREAT!



Yea its late to ...:-P. Lol


Good morning dolls! Hope everyone is doing well! Im super excited to know I will soon be on my way to DR for my transformation!!!!! I cant wait to be on the "FLAPLESS" SIDE. lol I say it this way because my stomach might not be "completely flat " right now but its considerably flat for me being a big girl. Im just happy to be getting the Flap mommy pouch removed. The only down side to this for me is that I KNOW I will stay with tons of stretch marks since mine stretch super high above my belly button. :-( .... but.... :-)... im use to them so they dont really bother me anymore since ive never had a complaint about them if you get my drift...;-) Stretch marks or not, I love me and thats all that counts! Ttyl ladies .....muah!

( in my Tony Montana voice)...SAY ELLO TU MY LIDELL FRENS!

Here are some close ups of my leeches! Lol. ... oh well, it is what it is. Im im sure my outcome will be interesting. BUT IM GOING TO STILL BE HOT.... just with some leftover badges of honor. ..lol


Good morning lovelies! Hope everyone enjoys their day.


Wow.... anxious, excited and nervous.


Good morning ladies! Tomorrow i'll be taking that trip y'all! :-)


In my way to the AIRRRRRRRPORRRRRT BABY!!!!! ;-) KEEP me and all of the sx ladies in prayer. Will update upon my arrival! Luv my RS GIRLS!!! MUAH

Destination SEXY!;-)

Ok ladies.... the hubby and I are on board and ready to go! Prayers going up amd all over the place!!!! Ttyl dolls Ryry see you there babe! ;-)

here we go!!!!! :-)

The day is here and I cant Belive im doing this!!!! :-)

Good morning ladies! so im here at CECIP waiting for my surgery. im not sure at what time I will go in but its definitely today. believe ut ir not, I thought I wouldnt be able to sleep last night but my babe slept in the bed with me and I was very happy and comfy. I habe been very calm but anxious at the same time. Once I got here I had all my test done and everything looks good ... HEMO IS AT 14 BABY!!!!! and that with my period in since friday! So ive met Dr. Robles and she seems very sweet humble and honest. I originally came here for a BA , TT & Side LIPO.... BUT as I figured she did try to convince me to have a lift..... im just not mentally ready for that scar. So she will do TT, BACK lipo, side lipo and bbl" fat transfer" . She marked my breast up last night just incase I change my mind about the breast. ..... but im convinced that I need time to deal with the scaring if shes willing to put them in with lifting I'll do it but if not.... its a no go for me. For now im scheduled for everything minus my breast for now. Lets see what happens. God willing in a few hours I will be ready for my procedure. I'll try to keep you guys updated. Keep me in prayers ladies! Chao for now muuuahhhh! ;-)

just took the blue pill! in so nervous! !! :-)o_O

Here we go!

well Ladies, iiiiiiimmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaak! I made it to the FLAT SIDE!!!!!!

Ok heres my skinny..... I got to Santo domingo at 1:30pm. Met a really sweet girl that was going to be a Robles patient herself. My hubby and I chit chatted it of with her and tried to make her a bit more comfortable since she was also nervous as well as I was. She's such a cutie! Anyway, Willson the driver wS there to pick us up but had to wait for ine more girl. .. that by the way never showed up. ....hey shit happens.but along with my story, we finally left the airport which I might add filled with Native Dr women who had there bodies done which now as a realself freak I can spot a mile away....lol so we get in the van and took like a 25 min ride to the clinic. Wilson seemed pretty nice an shy and so I tried to break the ice with hi. By spesking in spanish and then translating for my hubby and girl we met. We get to the clinic and were at ahhhhh since it really is beautiful. We pretty much were checked in and lead to our rooms. Everyone do far has been VERY hospitable and kind. A few hous later after filling out paperwork we were sent to have testiing done. Cardiologist came to our room to finish the up yrsting with his EKG that's ancient but does the job! ... a few more hours passed and I met the one and only Dr. Robles herself... wonderful woman from my point of view. And laura has ways been cery attentive to my needs and questions do I can honestly that my experience with laura has been a good one. Next around 9:30 am I was given the BLUE pill and got nervous has heck but I still remaind positive from door. Im judt so honey came along with me h3s been so helpful all throught this journey of mine. After taking the bule pill which did nothing for me about 25 minutes later aman came for me.... and he wisked me away. Girls all I remember was stiing up talking to the anesthesiologist while she paced an iv....and boom, dont remember a thing else nut waking up call my hubby and telling him how much I lovefed him.... it was so cute he just had to record itlol... I was literally dunk in love@!! Well here are some photos.will update more soon! Wauuuh! Oh and by the way I pian so far is tolerable. Had a Tt, back, side & waist lipo. ! And BBL " FAT TRANSFER." TO MY BUTT dont know what it looks like yet but the minute I get to get up ill snap dhot and post. Lnnnnnp

Out with the old in with the NEW!!!

Here you go sisters!

Post op day #2

Hey ladies! Hope all is well with you all. Im myself am doing very well, it can get tuff at times but these results are worth it. Thank you all for keeping me in prayeri wish nothing but the best for all of us on journey. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ROBLES AND HER TEAM! I know everyones experience was and will not be the same but as for me I absolutely loved ALL of them including Laura....;-) .

Here are today's pics. I finally got to see my butt......GIRRRRRRRRRRLS let me tell ya, this chica here already had a BIG OL BUTT , but now your girl git a PHATTY! LOL. MY "BETTY" yes, thats what ive named her lol shes still got some fluffing to do but I dont mind.... she gonna make my boo happy either way. Anyway, without further or due I introduce to you all Ms. Sexy BEEEEEEEEETTTTTTYYYYYY!

11th day PO

Im back home and thank god doing well. Im am a bit swollen but nothing that i didnt expect... sure swell hell will rear its ugly face as its usually part of the process. Anyway Here's a little peek at my incision after caring for it. GOD WILLING I'll continue to do well...looking good so far. Im a little swollen but I can still see some ab action peeking through...;-) guess those 100 sit ups a day worked. Can't wait to be able to work out again one day. For now im just focusing on healing. Ok ladies, will update soon after I see change in phases. Happy healing everyone!

14 Days PO

So today makes 15 days... wow, time really does fly, doesn't feel as if so much time has gone by. Ive posted my 14 day po or 2 week ( whatever you want to call it) pic. Not much different than they prior ones... still a little swollen but im sure with time things will get better. I cant wait to be healed and start working out again, im dying to do some squats to work on my gluteus maximus;-). Hoping and praying all goes well for me and all the up coming ladies! Ttyl!

side pic .... need to get my squats on..... later though...lol, now im must just concentrate on healing.

Little swelling..... oh, P.S..... I HATE FAJAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!! But got to where them...lol. definitely have a love hate relationship with them. Need to find a softer one cause these are killing my sides.

My faja I LOVE and HATE!

Here I am looking like a stuffed loin...lol . I don't know about they other post op ladies but its a MUST that I wear an under shirt and padding under my faja especially by my ribs to avoid faja burns. My sides are so sore from lipo but I find the apply thick pads prevents me from getting burns though it still hurts to wear them. Everything and anything I wear that applies the slightest pressure indents my skin. ..im guessing its from the swelling from lipo.... I so cant wait to be pass this stage and feel a bit more normal in my skin and clothes.

Hi ladies! forgot to mention ...

So after reading my initial post op update I saw I mentioned "fat transfer" or bbl..... well, I assumed that because the dr. And I had discussed the possibility of fat transfer since I was no longer getting my boob. She mentioned that the dents that I wanted filled out were cellulite dents and in most cases the would not fill in but she'd try. Well after speaking with her on my last post op visit before I left I mentioned to her that my butt DIDN'T hurt like ive heard other girls describe and she mentioned to me that its because she did not do the fat transfer because I told her if my butt was going to be big enough when she tugged my tt forward I would like her NOT to do it cause I didn't want to be to big. So she said since my hips and butt looked more pronounced after she lipoed my lower back and tucking me she refrained from doing a full fat transfer. She did though fill in one of my small dents to even it out a bit .... hence the small bandaid under my right cheek. Lol:-).

Anyway, im glad she didn't do the bbl because my hips & ass looks HUGE now that my waist is smaller. All and all happy with my results!

1 drain out 1 to go!

Little update... im feeling good. Thankung god for a smooth recovery do far. Im happy to say that one of my drains is out! My best friend/ sister/ my all that and then some best nurse in the world took it out for me! Shes definitely a life saver! Thank you K!!!! Love you! Hes a little peek at my world... hopefully in time some of the swelling will subsided snd I'll be all good. Ok ladies.... happy healing and best wishes on each one of your journey. . Will update soon after anymore change.

21 days PO

Good morning ladies! Here for a quick update. Well today I am officially Drain FREE!!!!!! Yay me! Im doing very well in my recovery and all looks well. I am a bit swollen at the bottom of my tummy but im thinking this is just a signature style of how robles does her TT. I am by no means disappointed though. I know I ama bit swollen and even retaining some ffluidsin my tummy which is sooooo weird but im hoping that shortly this affect if not have my drains in will subsides with no adverse affect. If anyone has any experience with dealing with tis abdominal fluid I would be greatly appreciative for the advice.
Anyway, Here are some pics I took yesterday at 20 days post op after having my side drain removed. Hope everyone is doing well! Ttys!

OMG .... I finally SHOWEREDand it felt soooooo GOOOOOODah!!!!!!

Hello Ladies... so today I finally showered and it felt so good. I got up around 5:30 and drove to a 24 hr cvs so I can get some antibacterial soap and band aids to welcome in my first shower safely. ..lol. today my stomach looked flatter but it still has my little belly dancer pouch... I dont mind it much cause I gladly except it in replacement of my smiling flap jack.lol besides I think its a little sexy....I look like a curvy belly dancer with a hint of abs ;-)

4 weeks post op

So here I am ladies! 4weeks post op! Im happy with my results and SUPER HAPPY with my incision! The only thing im having an issue with is the trapped fluids. Im definitely going to have to go somewhere to have it aspirated. Other than that im love my results. Hope everyone is doing well. Will keep everyone updated as to I handle this wave in my lower Tummy. Anyone whose going through the same thing I would greatly appreciate your advice or experience. Tty all later! :-)

so more pics...

Not that bad.... im hoping that with a few sessions of getting aspirated I will be good.

here they are!

Had my first syringe Draining!

Good morning ladies! So quick update. Hsd my 1 draining and it went very well. It was surprisingly painless despite of the HUGE! NEEDLE!!!! I definitely see a difference and I do feel much lighter with all that fluid out.I was told that's in our body will continue to produce fluid I will have to keep coming in for a few more sessions. Hopefully in time with enough compression and more and raining I will have the desired look I want. I am very happy thus farand am very happy I chose Dr Robles to do my surgery. I will update soon when change happens thank you so much for being so supportive and for all the beautiful compliment me everyones journey to be a Blessed One. TTYS!

31 days PO!

Time is flying bye so quickly and I dont even remember the old me. Its weird cause I feel like ive always been this way. Anyway....hopefully I'll be getting my second draining on Saturday. .. my goodness ... this fluid builds up quickly, now I understand why some of our sx sisters have such a tough time wit b bloating and not being able to achieve thst flat look they're hoping for. Without the proper draining after sx and drains being removed the fuilds will just sit in your belly and become hard. Getting the proper after care is vital to your health ad well as your results. Well ladies. Till next time... hope all is well with you All. Ttyl! :-)

Im kind of glad I she didn't do my butt

my tummy tuck actually made my butt look nicer dimples and all!

5 weeks PO... :-)

Happy Belated mothers day ladies! Hope everyone is doing well. ?

7 weeks PO

Hey ladies! Hope everyones been diing well. I know ive been MIA but ive been so consumed with work and my upcoming wedding that I really havent had the time or energy at times to post or reply to comments.... but I promise I will try to answer some of the questions asked. Cant wait to see some of the new flat side sisters. Well as I promised. .. here are my 7week po pics. Nothing has really changed but the fact that I swell less THANK GOD! !!! I do swell at times but nowhere near as before. So I guess is safe to say it definitely gets better over time! Best wishes to all the ladies. Ttys!

forgot to ad side pics. .

Phases of my swelling. I'll take this verses my flap any day.

Almost 9 weeks!

Gm ladies! Posting a few days earlier then my usual bi weekly post. Ok, so .... so far everything is WONDERFUL..... my incision is very low, Neat and precise! My belly button is adorable and the tuck itself is beautiful. Every day my physique looks better and better. I swell less and less and am able to go without my faja for a day.. . I put her on every night before bed.... it like a freaking ritual lolololololol! Anyway, no complaints here, I absolutely love what Dr. ROBLES has done for me. The one thing I can say is that I do notice since she doesn't lipo the TT area you tend to have a little "pooch, pouch, lower belly" or whatever you want to call it .... but to be honest I kind of like it! Maybe because I never really had a protruding stomach my belly pouch is not bad at all, very realistic looking.... I actually think i look like a belly dancer ...its sexy ;-).... Dr. Robles definitely gets 2 thumbs up from me.

oh.... and forgot to mention. .. I have my cycle and im bloated... it tends to be flatter then what you see un these pics.;-)


3 months!

High ladies! Just checking in. I dont have much to say but that im SUPER CONTENT with my results. I have worked hard and disciplined myself to obtain my, desired look. Im not there yet but I see myself very close to my goal. Do I think my tuck is flawless. ..NO, BUT!!!!! I am VERY great for where I am now. I absolutely love how SUPER LOW my scar is and how natural my stomach looks with its sexy pouch and all. .... like I mentioned before I kind of like it. ..I think it gives me that THICK as HECK belly dancer look. Lol. Anyway, Im totally happy and look forward to seeing futher improvement with good diet and exercise. Can't wait to work on my abs again cause I already see them trying to peek out and I havent even worked out once ever since my surgery;-)

Almost 4 months later...

Good morning ladies! Just dropping in to say Heeeeeeeey!;-) ... miss ya'll!!!

I have been MIA...but its only cause ive been Tremendously busy with a recent job search do to state employees layoff, just moved into a new house and the most STRESSFUL WEDDING planning and REARRANGING in the world do to my job loss.... yea, tons on my plate and Mind.... so you can see my reason for absence from the board. Never the less the show must go on! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Anwho... I know we RS'ers Love updates so here are mine. Hope all has gone well for all the ladies on the mission to your new and improved you. Ttyl! :-)

Good morning ladies!

Heres one of my best frienemies.. . Her name is FAJA....Can't deal with her but I cant live without her...lol , i dont really need her in my life anymore cause i can make it on my own now.. but ive tried to end the relationship but she keeps clinging on to my heart. I owe alot to this B!TcH for helping me keep my !$# together. I can never throw her away. Thank you for all you've done. Love you faja...;-)....lol?... yea it be like that sometimes....lol...Man/Faja.... almost the same analogy!

Ps. . I have NO IDEAwhy my photos are sideways :-P...... anyway you get the point. Where your fajas ladies!!!!

Here she goes!

All I need in this life of sin~~~ is me and "my GIRLFRIEND"...~~~lol;-)

Did my first set of 100 situps today! yay me!!!

Statying to exercise again. I was a bit scared at first because it feels weird to do situps against the tightness of my stomach already... felt like ii was going to burst or something...lol but it all worked out. Was a bit winded at in between but im sure I'll get the groov it it again. Alright ladies.... I'll ttys!

Here you go FINALLFOCUSEDONME... ;-)

Good morning beauties. ... just a little help for those who ask what I did to lose the weight before my surgery. I copy pasted a replie i once sent a fellow RS Poster. Hope I could help anyone whos on the same journey as me. The best to all of you. If I could do it so could you!;-)

Good morning hun and thank you. I fly out on the 6th sx is scheduled for the 7th God willing. I actually lost alout of my weight by cutting back from eating rice and sugars. Dont get me wrong, I still eat sugars but most of the time I use sugar substitute like splenda or raw sugar. I dint eat rice ir many carbs at all .... maybe some pasta from time to time but hardly. And I drank TONS OF WATER!!! About a gallon a day. I had ine or two cheat days where I ate what I wanted and then would eat healthier foods like sald, soups and fruits. Ive always had a pretty flat stomach all my life but after having my last kid I ballooned up in weight. It did take me 2 years to be back to where I use to be before my last 2 babies. Im now 210.... on my profile pic I was 270. No one believes me when I tell them but ivecame to the cconclusion that since women lie so much about their weight people never saw the actual size of a REAL weight on a woman. Besides not all people distribute weight the same way. I tend to carry mine on my butt thighs and arms which I dont mind at all. I wish you the best on your journey.

After loosing all the weight I then started incorporating exercise into my daily routine. I did 100 situps, 100 squats and 100 knee to elbow standing touches. By the time I had the TT done alll of my effort started peaking through me new tight stomach. I did even know I had some ab definition till the swelling from surgery started going down. Now that I can exercise again I hope to get my work out routine back in rotation so that I can develop more definition to my stomach. That pretty much sums my whole process of how ive got to where I am now. Hope I was of some informative help to some. The best to you all again .Ttys!:-)

I'm Mrs. Drayton!!!

I Married my true love, Thank you Lord… Now Back to real life AGAIN LOL!!!

Sooooo this is how I bloat when my cycle is due to arrive..

I guess this is a bloated look I can live with. As much as I hate what aunt flow does to my body. .... BOOOOY do I be happy to see her!!! Lol can't ruin what I tried to work so hardbon getting back. ;-)

One of the BEST decisions of my life. I couldn't be happier.

Good morning ladies! Just dropping in to check on my RS sisters! Hope everyone is doing well. As for myself. ... im FABULOUS! Ive never felt better. All I can tell you ladies is that time and patience is a virtue. Swell hell will definitely be a thing from the past by the time a few months roll by. THOUGH..... I will suggest maintaining a good diet and exercise regiment will help Improve and maintain even better results after surgery. Taking care of your body will never feel better. Another thing I wanted to add was your after care is VERY IMPORTANT in achieving good physical, emotional and mental outcomes and results. Ladies choose carefully whom you choose to provide your care with .... Luxury means nothing if the correct attention to detail is not provided. MASSAGES AND MEDICATION intake are vital necessities to the recovery health of your bodies. I know I can't publish or promote where I stayed for my recovery but I will GLADLY tell you ladies to go. I am 100% satisfied with the services I was given because the staff makes all the difference. My masseuse was a triple threat when it came to my recovery....I owe to her. Trust me ladies. ..if you want good services in EVERY aspect of the word.... starting from Transportation,Beautiful and comfortable accommodatios, food, cleanliness sterile sterile environment, Nurse care and so much more.... you need to hit me up. I'll tell you were to go;-) fyi.... this is not any sale propagandaits simply from my personal experience I love these peopleand have been able to establish a very loving respectable relationship with them. Im just want you guys to have the best. Oh and just to mention. ... my masseuse is a CERTIFIED lymphatic masseuse...she knows what she's doing and how to help tje body to drain better. I can't day no more. ... they were the FREAKIN BEST.

The Results are real...

Im adding some extra pics so you can see im not wearing any waist cincher ... (though I do waist train) But I will say, if you dont put your part in exercising and maintaing your figure you results might not be to your desires content...SO STAY ON TOP OF YOUR PHYSICAL WELLNESS AFTER SURGERY LADIES.... oh and for those who asked I went to DR. WALKIRIS ROBLES. She's awesome. .... her super low incisions are all that and then some...but it all depends on how we individually heal. If youre prone to keloids your scars most likely will raise snd bubble but hopefully will still be low and yes you will still have stretch marks if you have high ones like myself and might even develop some from the skin tention. BUT ALL YOU LADIES WHO ARE PLANNING TO GO TO ROBLES she does NOT lipo the stomach area during TT. So if you end up not looking completely flat its normal for the typ of procedure she does. It will still look nice but be prepared to work out if you want it gone... I mysekf find it natural looking and sexy.;-)

One more thing....

Ladies, be prepared to lose "Friends"... Some will be happy for you while otjer criticize you behind your back but smile in your face. SAY YOU LOOK WEIRD AND. STILL look fat and will try to get others opinions to jump onto a haters band wagon with them. Lol....trust me you will really find out who rocks out with you genuinely. Sad but true. All I can tell you guys to do is continue to love yourself before and after surgery. ... you deserve to feel good even if someone else feels like SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT .... Let them get there LIFE, Cause you shouldn't give misery ANY COMPANY! -;-).... just let them hate all on there own...lol

Happy holiday's ladies!;-)

Don't forget to ask about the recovery house. Inbox me so I can recommend the right place. Talk to you soon dolls.
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