Long over Due Review with Silikon 1000 - West Orange, NJ

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After reading so many rave reviews about Dr Joseph...

After reading so many rave reviews about Dr Joseph from this board- I decided to go ahead and get Silikon 1000. I have deep indentation scarring from a terrible experience with an at home TCA peel. My face exploded with cystic acne that left both sides of my chin badly scarred. Also wanted to fill in my under eye hollows 'tear troughs' nasal folds and corners of my mouth. So, Off I went to NJ.

I posted my original review October of last year a month after my appointment but was asked by Dr Joseph himself - he called me pleading and I quote 'If you can find it in your heart to remove the post" Against my better judgement, I went ahead per his instructions to have the review removed, something I deeply regret bc I feel I was manipulated and treated poorly. I've since decided to repost because I feel I'm doing everyone who is interested in getting this procedure/service a huge disservice by not sharing my HONEST experience Onto my trip.

From the moment I walked in I have to say Dr.Joseph's staff was so wonderful I had cancelled and rescheduled several times due to work, his receptionist was so kind and understanding. I finally set my appt for Sept without a hitch. Apon meeting Dr Joseph I found him very pleasant and humorous, any nerves and anxiety I had dissipated. Clearly, he loved his job so I instantly felt at ease. I then discussed the areas I wanted to have injected, much to my surprise he told me the indentations on my chin were nothing more than Dimples that they were not scars,further more he said he couldn't see what I was talking about that the so called "dimples" were a figment of my imagination, it wasn't until I mentioned that my regular PS would fill them in for me, but I no longer wanted temp fillers but something permanent, that's when he decided to go ahead and fill them in. Let me tell you, it was a struggle just to get him to fill in the areas I wanted. I KNEW full and well with Silikon it would take time for the filler to build, I didn't have an issue with that..I had planned to continue coming back so long as the results were permanent.

Fast forward, he did not fill in my tear troughs, instead he filled the area beneath- saying the eyes would be instant and I would not need to come back to have them filled a 2nd time.. When he finished, handed me the mirror I felt my heart sank, I wasn't very happy..I reluctantly stayed quiet when I shouldn't have..I just didn't want to continue having to argue or put up a fuss when I SHOULD HAVE- So much so, I sat there for a good 5 minutes contemplating whether or not I should speak up..when Dr Joseph noticed I wasn't leaving he then said "You can go now" He didn't bother to follow up or ask me if I was happy if I had any concerns or questions.

I went home hoping for the best.. After the initial swelling went down, there was no difference in my face whatsoever..He did however, shave off a raised scar at no charge after emphatically saying repeatedly there was absolutely Nothing he could do about the indentations on my chin..I thought to myself if my regular PS can fill it in with temp filler why couldn't he fill it with silikon?

Afterwards, I never heard from Dr J, not a follow up, phone call, email..Nothing. I wrote to him after I arrived home from NJ never received a response. I continued hoping for the best thinking maybe it takes a little bit of time..After a month I decided to post a review.

My initial review wasn't intended to blast or discredit Dr J in any way nor was the review malicious, rude or mean..I wanted to talk about my experience with Silikon how disappointed I was. Low and behold, I had several missed calls & vm's the very next day from Dr J- As I went to check my vms Dr J called me, pleading with me to please remove the review that he would like to see me again and try to rectify the situation even offering me a discount. I told him I would think about the offer, I had juvaderm injections then wanted to wait for it to wear off before doing the Silikon again. I felt so GUILTY for posting the original review I profusely apologized also letting him know that I had no ill intentions towards him.

Months passed by the juvie was wearing off, I was up late one night decided to get on RS to read all the reviews from those who have had Silikon not just with Dr Joseph but from any and all doctors as there aren't many offering it. I read so many GREAT reviews posted after my experience with Dr J, I thought perhaps I was wrong bc how can all these ppl have such GREAT and FANTASTIC results in just one sitting?? Perhaps it's me? I also responded to a few of Dr J's patients, stating how Happy I was they had such wonderful results that I had wish mine would've been the same,that I should give him another fair try.

I called Dr J to schedule another appt...He got on the phone to basically call me out my posts, stating that I wasn't "geographically desirable" that he does not like to treat patients that aren't local and that he does not treat Asians bc asian skin does not respond to injections the way caucasions do. I kept insisting that I wanted to come back to see him, I felt as thought it was Deja Vu all over again, he kept dodging me, giving me the run around, refusing to allow me to come back to see him. He added the generic if I went to another PS an wasn't happy I would be more than welcome to come back and see him,again when I tried to hold him to that, he then gave me the same speech and run around..

I wanted to also include that despite being in my late 30's I'm not that wrinkled, just minor folds, again my chin was my main concern and a little bit with the tear troughs nothing major..I don't look my age, I do look a bit younger. The majority of the reviews with Dr J were women who older with deeper folds and issues than I..Yet, they had AMAZING results.

I'm almost positive once I post this review I will be contacted by Dr J again..Only this time, I will not be manipulated or intimidated and taken advantaged of, this post will stay up. Like so many, I rely heavily on this site when it comes to all things regarding plastic surgery and fillers. I've learned so much from this site and the ppl here.

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