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I had lipo six days ago. Had 6 quarts of fat...

I had lipo six days ago. Had 6 quarts of fat removed from hips, butt, thighs, knees and ankles. Needed it because, although I am a competitive runner, there was only so much I could do to impact the shape of my legs. My lower body looked just like my 72 year old mother, who has NEVER exercised. The doctor called this "Irish legs." My 16 year old daughter has a gorgeously long, lean body type. My issues were largely genetic.

I had the surgery on a Friday and expected to be back at work Monday. No way. I really hate taking pain pills, but I have used them full out for a week, now. I have needed morning and afternoon naps. Getting up from bed is hugely painful, as is getting in or out of the car or using stairs. I bled like crazy ("drained"), and had to put drop cloths over the bedroom rug. I had to remove sheets from my bed and cover the mattress with contractor bags. Wish I had known to do this before the surgery. That's the bad news.

The good news is, I already look amazingly different. Even though I am swollen and am still wearing a body corset up to my rib cage, I can tell that my body is slimmer and sleeker. I am already happy with my 1 week post op shape and, as I understand it, swelling will continue to go down for another 7 weeks, so I guess my look will continue to improve from here. Wow. I was under general anesthesia for 6 hours. Had a breathing tube inserted, so my voice was not normal for a day or so afterwards. Didn't expect that. I had minor lipo on my knees years ago and they did look better, but I always wanted to take care of the rest of my lower body. It took guts to save the money, arrange the time off work, face the indignity of the procedure and tell the truth to my family about what I wanted done and why. I am really glad I faced down all the reasons NOT to do this and went ahead anyway.

This will be my third procedure with this doctor. He is wonderful. No sense of humor and no sleeziness, just the straight facts and great care. He "gets" it. Some of his before and after shots of other people look a little like he took women and shaped them into men. I was careful to ask him not to do that to me because I like my butt (generally) and my hips. He understood and even suggested we fat-graft a little onto the cellulite dimples in my butt. Great idea. Looks better already.

I lost 60 pounds the "hard" way several years ago, so I know what areas of my body do not respond to diet and exercise. I really felt I had done all I could do on my own and that surgery would be necessary to achieve any further improvement. So, no guilt. After the weight loss, my husband and I began to run together. Now, that is one of our favorite things to do as a couple. I am looking forward to wearing shorts as short as the ones he wears! I didn't have the guts, however, to tell people at work what procedure caused me to be sick for 6 days. I figure it's really none of their business. It's private stuff. I feel no guilt about missing work. After all, I didn't use the health plan to pay for any of it, right?

My kids reaction was not bad. They didn't judge me harshly. My parents were very concerned, but also very interested in learning all the amazing surgery that can be done. This is the first day I have felt well enough to do anything coherent. It really has been nice to be told to take a week off to recover. Generally speaking, it's been not just a physically healing week, but an emotionally healthy time as well.

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