Permalip Implant, Too Subtle, Not Worth the Money - New Jersey

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I was looking to enhance my upper lip because it...

I was looking to enhance my upper lip because it was very thin, my bottom lip I am okay with. I had received fillers in the past, like juvaderm and radiesse, but they would only last about a month, if that. I wanted a more permanent solution because I couldn't afford to keep up with temporary injections.
I did a lot of research on Permalip, and figured it would be a better option for me since it is permanent (unless you get the implant taken out). I knew I wanted the largest implant, 5mm, because based on reviews, I heard the small and medium size didn't really make much of a difference, and a lot of people ended up upgrading to a large anyway.
The doctor I chose (was hard to find one that did this procedure in my area for some reason) told me that my upper lip "wasn't big enough" for the 5mm implant, and I needed to get the 4mm. And then if I wanted to upgrade later I could. He told me that the 4mm would look as though I had 1 full syringe of filler in my upper lip (which is what I had in the past and was happy with) gut instinct told me I should look for another doctor that would do the large immediately, but I unfortunately didn't listen.
The procedure itself wasn't too bad…the doctor told me he would give me medicine to calm my nerves before, but on the day of he didn't, he said "I would be fine"..I had tears in my eyes before we started because I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect. His assistant was very sweet though, she held my hand during the numbing injections and made me feel better. The lidocaine injections do hurt a bit, but it's not horrible. The whole procedure only took about a half hour I think.
I was pretty swollen for the first 3 days, and had minor bruising, but I was able to go back to work by day 4-5. Two weeks into it, I noticed that the swelling went down so much that it wasn't even that noticeable that I even had anything done to it. Fast forward 3 months, and I was right…there was maybe a 5% difference, if that. Definitely NOT worth the money. I knew I should have gone with the 5mm.
I complained to the doctor and he agreed to replace it with the 5mm for a smaller fee than the price of getting it the first time. (thank goodness).
Well it is now 2 months since I had the upgrade to the 5mm, and it still hasn't made the difference I was hoping for. Permalip really needs to make a larger size than the 5mm! The only time I really see a noticeable difference is when I smile, the profile of my upper lip definitely has more projection. But when my mouth is relaxed, there isn't as big of a difference as I wanted. The implant also feels like it's not centered, it always seems more to the left side. When I spoke with the doctor about it, he said I could squeeze the edge of the implant to kind of force it more toward the other side..but it's not like it stays…I can still squeeze it and move it over to the side a little and it's been months. Not sure if it's even supposed to be able to move sideways like that :/
I guess if you want a SUBTLE enhancement, the 5mm would be okay, but I really don't think the 3mm or 4mm implants are worth it, AT ALL.
Looking back I wish I had gone with the Silikon 1000 injections, since they are permanent, less down time, and I could have received pretty much the exact size I was looking for.
Not sure if I am able to get Silikon injections now that I already have an implant in there…guess I will investigate that in the future, already spent enough money on my lip for now!
Again, I only got an implant in my top lip, my bottom lip is natural.
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I am not going to name the doctor..he was nice, but I do wish I had gone to someone else. I saw photos of a woman that had lips MUCH smaller than mine and got 5mm implants on the first procedure by a different doctor…would have been nice to not have to go through the procedure twice, and have to pay extra since I knew from the beginning that I wanted the 5mm. Always trust your gut instinct.

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