First Day with Invisalign - NJ

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I am 58 and I had braces as a kid. Around age 35,...

I am 58 and I had braces as a kid. Around age 35, my wisdom teeth shifted my upper teeth. As I aged, my front teeth started to get an overjet AGAIN! My lower teeth shifted with age and got crowded. I was very unhappy with my teeth, to say the least. So, I went to the orthodontist that my kids went to as teens and spoke to him. Thankfully, I was a candidate. This morning I got the first set on. I got 6 attachments placed on my teeth. I got 25 upper trays and 14 lower to start. This will take me to April 2011. Then I will be re-molded for the remaining trays which will be approximately another 10-12 months. They were so snug when I first put them in, but it actually felt good. Then I had to remove top, I had no problem, but the bottom, was tough due to the severe crowding of my teeth. However, I got them off with a only a small cut on my inner lip. I have NO lisp and they are not bothering me at all....I have had them in for 5 hours now. I did take them out for lunch and I didn't have as hard a time as the first time at the Dr.'s office. I will definitely save the first tray, so I can look at the difference when I'm completely done. So far, I am happy with them. I know it is a huge commitment on your part, but I feel it is well worth it for a nice smile.

Hi again, I am 3 1/2 months into the invisalign...

Hi again, I am 3 1/2 months into the invisalign and I am loving the results! My teeth have moved dramatically! I do wear my trays for at least 22 hours a day. My bottom teeth that were crowded are lining up nicely. The one top tooth that was protruding the most, is now lined up almost exactly with the other front tooth. I go see my orthodontist every 3 months for new trays. He gives me 4 sets each time. I have to go see him this week, for my next sets.

I am now 6 months into treatment and I am so happy...

I am now 6 months into treatment and I am so happy. My bottom teeth were so crooked and are now straight. I am on tray #16 for my uppers out of 25. I'll be in the same bottom tray until April, when I will get my teeth molded again. My orthodontist said I will be in these for 2 years, sounds so long, but it's so worth it.

Updated on 1 Feb, 2012

I started reviewing here almost two years ago, now I am almost finished. At my last visit two weeks ago, my orthodontist said I am finished. YAY! He told me to wear my trays all the time again, (I was wearing only the top all the time, and sleeping in the bottom for the last 6 months)and he would see me in a month.

I have an appointment towards the end of this month to have a mold of my teeth done for the night time retainer, and have my finish photos done. He will also take off one button that I have left on a bottom tooth and he will file down any teeth that are uneven. I, then, will go back the following week to pick my retainer up and I'll be done. So, after 21 months, I have the most beautiful set of teeth again. It was so worth it!!

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