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Hey, I am a pretty young girl, 22, who has been...

Hey, I am a pretty young girl, 22, who has been dealing with cellulite for as long as I can remember. I am 5'4" and weigh 130lbs. I work out alot and eat really healthy. I actually love my body I have a thin waist and flat stomach. Small arms and a nice big butt! hahaha but yes I used to hate wearing skirts and dresses and I am so young I am always so jealous of other girls (like my sister) who was blessed with baby skin. I read the article posted in Maire Clair magazine in late Jan. and immediately started researching and calling all over to make appointments. THIS WAS IT! I spent about $1,200 last summer on Viora Reaction in NY and that didnt really do much at all. (I did call that spa to inform them on this new machine) At the time only the doctors who had the machine was one in NJ and one in NY. I made an appointment to see Dr.Barry Dibernardo and he was very informative as I had a million questions to ask. They knew what they were doing. But I also noticed that this procedure was very similar to Smart Lipo but they werent exactly removing anything. They quoted me a very high price but I still was determined to pay regardless.

2 Days late I come to find out that a local plastic Surgeon in eatontown had just been certified and I know a woman who has gone to him for a number of things and she looks amazing. Anyways I went to Dr. Lombardi in Eatontown NJ for a consulation and he said because I worked out ate healthy and took vitamins that I should be cured of my horrible cellulite. He said that they aren't allowed to say permanent for reasons and I understood but honestly for as far back as studies went I was convinced they were permanent. 10 days later I made my appointment and had it done. He did quote me a better price of around $5,000 plus taxes and fees. It was done in his office and I was awake for the whole thing. They took pictures of everything and so did I. (I wont post them here but I might be willing to send them if you really want to see the results)

I gained about 8 pounds for 3 days hahaha but I lost it all. They do put a lot of fluid in you. I never had an operation before so the drugs they give you make you sleepy and comfortable. It only hurt when they poked me with the needles. I wore googles the whole time and I talked the whole time. They labeled me with 3 different colored markers. Red for bands they cut. Green for emulsifying fat and Black to stay in the sections they were working on.(Back on both thighs and butt) It took about 2 hours roughly. I rested the rest of the day. I was in pain and I did leak a little but nothing crazy at all. OMG at the end they told me to turn around and they pushed out all this gunk for the incision cite.ahhh I could of sat there for another 30 min ;) hahahaha it was just chunks of fat and liquified fat.

Anyways I am currently on week 2. I see results and so does everyone else who looks at me. I am still bruised but not as bad. I eat pineapple daily and massage a little here and there. I was able to work but not fully, like I said this was my first every procedure. Right now I have numbing sensation but its coming back slowly. When I sneeze or yawn it feels like pins and needles. Sometimes it pinches. but nothing crazy. I where this compression garment and I bought more because I knew I was going to be wearing it for a month. Its not so bad I feel like it makes me look better and helped drain some bruising. And my posture is a lot better. (holds me in) Right now it feels like small cysts are all over the cites they worked on. I know its just sore muscle but thats the only thing that bothers me. I cant see the full effect because the bruising it still there but I know they say you have to wait atleast 3 months and 6 max. Look at it like piece of furniture sitting on the carpet if you move it after a couple years it will take sometime for the carpet to come back to surface. Thats why I understand the concept I suppose. lol Im not sure what other information you would be looking for but if you want ask away. I think this is a major break through for us woman and it will help us a lot with our confidence. :) I highly recommend and I will continue to update you on my status. SO FAR SOOOO GOOD !

Oh yeah and I tottally forgot to mention their...

Oh yeah and I tottally forgot to mention their staff there. They are amazing, especially Gina!! She treated me like a sister and was even excited for me! She really put me at complete ease the whole entire time. That went a long way with me.

I just want to say after 2 months since surgery my...

I just want to say after 2 months since surgery my results are breath taking. My confidence has sky rocketed and I can wear my bathing suit and shorts without even thinking about my dimples! I am so happy I went for this and I have no regrets what so ever. I still have minimal bruises which I know will go away shortly (1 or 2 more weeks) I just recently started taking Bromelain which my doctor recommend to help with the healing process. I also put on Merderma scar gel on a daily! Also my office let me try a free sample of Newgel+ which I cut up and put over the little scars every night.

I am so happy with my results and I highly recommend anyone experiencing an issue with cellulite to get this done! My doctor also recommend I take hot baths and go in the hot tubs with jets to help break down any scar tissue and speed up the process. I do dry brushing on my skin as well.

I also just recently purchased a package for Endermologie treatments that I start on Thursday. He said anything like this will greatly enhance my results and speed up the process so Im trying it! I would like to get on the beach by the end of the month ahaha!

Hope everyone finds this helpful! Good luck! AND IM TELLING YOU GO FOR IT!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! ESPECIALLY IN THE SUMMER!! lol
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These people know what they are doing and know what works. They handled me with care and honestly cared about my questions.

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