400 cc HP silicone implants

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I am so upset. I am 2 weeks after my procedure and...

I am so upset. I am 2 weeks after my procedure and I think I went too big.

I have decided on 397cc moderate plus profile silicone implants, to achieve a C cup (going from my 36A). During the procedure the surgeon decided that the 397cc moderate plus profile was too wide for my chest and instead used 400cc High Profile implant. I am so upset. I didn't want HP. I didn't want fake looking boobs. They are placed under muscle. They look huge right now. I think they are definitely at least a D cup. I am so upset. I am already researching implant removing procedures.

The pictures show what I wanted -as promised by Body Sculptor. The last one is what I got :(

After seeing my PS

So I had my second massage today and the follow up with PS. I told him I was concerned with how big they were... he told me it was way too early to worry about the size, as they will continue change their shape and the swelling will go down

....but he also said that he put in the size I wanted. I told him I didn't want the HP implants, and that I hate how much volume I have on top. He said the medium profile would have given me even more volume because the implant was much wider.


Am I at ease? NO.

Getting used to my new chest

OK. So I overreacted... I think the initial shock of having a bigger chest and the discomfort have turned me into an emotional wreck. I am feeling much better today. They are still hard and my chest and sides feel tight but I am not freaking out anymore.

I went to try some VS and Soma Bras on and I was very pleased :)

The only thing.. some veins showed up on my boobs. I hope it's just my body adjusting and that they will not be visible once I am done healing.

Thank you for all your support Ladies. It meant a lot!!!!

My new purchase :-)

VS Lounge Bra

It's been 3 weeks - Recovery/What to expect

I wanted to share my recovery details with ladies who are ahead of their surgeries. I had 400cc implants places under muscle through an inframammary incision.

I usually have a low blood pressure and after surgery it was at 90/50 so I was very tired and felt very weak for the first 3 days (prescription pain killers result in a lower blood pressure so they perpetuated the feeling). My husband was with me the day of surgery but had to go to work the next day, so I was alone during the day and I had to find out the hard way what my limitations were
Here are some examples:
1. I couldn't open my prescription medication containers by myself. Ouch!
2. I couldn't get up from bed the day of surgery and the next day - my husband had to push my back gently to help me.
3. I couldn't open any jars or untwist a bottle of gingerale.
4. I had a terrible case of constipation despite taking fiber supplements - I wish I took stool softeners as well. my first bowel movement was 3 days after surgery and the second was 4 days later. The second one was brutal.
5. I bought myself a fruit of the loom front closure bra size 38 and it fit me right before the surgery (with the sizers) after the surgery I went out and bought size 40 and then size 42, which felt the most comfortable around the incisions. I have been using size 42 for first 2 weeks, and now I am down to size 40. I bought a Victoria Secret wireless bra size 36C, which fits me great, so I am not sure why I need size 40/42 in the fabric bra. So keep it in mind, buy a variety of sizes.

In addition, since I am a side sleeper, I had a terrible back pain for the first 7 days after my surgery. It was very painful, especially the area between my shoulder blades. I am finally comfortable on my side now 3 weeks post op. I still get the morning boob, especially on my right side, but nothing compared to the first week.

I needed pain meds for the first 10 days after post op and didn't use any after that. I still have some pulling and some pressure but only mild discomfort. I do get some pins and needles here and then, but nothing major. My nipples have been ultra sensitive, beyond believe sensitive, for the first 16 days. They're slowly getting back to normal.

I was not comfortable driving until 10 day post up.

I was shocked by how big my breasts were after the surgery. I'm more used to them now, and I have met with some friends after the procedure and no one noticed, which makes me feel very happy. I didn't want huge noticeable breasts, I just wanted breasts. I still fit in all my clothes from before the surgery, even my suit jackets. My husband says that in clothes I look the same (thanks to the super push-ups I've been relaying on before).

I hope this helps.

Progress Pictures

Still a lot of upper pole fullness.

3 week update

I thought I'd feel much better by now. I am going back to work on Monday. Not too excited.

- still a lot of tingling, pins, and needles in my boobs, sides and arms every now and then
- still icing my chest in the morning and night (brings me some comfort)
- still a ton of upper pole fullness
- tried a bra at VS today 34D :( I didn't want to be bigger than a C (yikes!)
- my nipples show through all my clothing. I have to purchase some nipple covers. they're still very sensitive.
- still have my prickly heat rash (2 weeks already... went to see a dermatologist yesterday, he said it can take another month for it to fully clear up)
- tried to clean some countertops and clean a bathtub today - it was uncomfortable. Couldn't really apply to much force.

they are still pretty hard and don't feel like mine - I know it's normal, but it still a little frustrating.

One Month Update

So... is still think they're too big. I wish I went with 371 cc or 346 cc. They look fantastic in clothes, but in a bikini or naked ... they're bigger than I wanted.

I feel pretty good. Today I vacuumed, changed sheets and cleaned - and not discomfort at all.
I bought a bunch of wireless bras, but I usually just wear a bralette - I love coffee press bralette, it can be purchased at nordstrom rack for 6 bucks. One I bought for 1 penny!!!! hahaha. I've never before purchased anything for a penny. It was exciting!

My new boobs don't move much, and my steri strips still didn't fall off. They definitely dropped a lot, one is better than the other. SO far so good. Can't wait to be cleared to run. I am turning to jello.

Cup Sizes - Great to know bofore your BA

Be sure to check out this website. I wish I knew that before my BA.


Capsular Contracture?

I am a little nervous that I have CC in my right breast. I have my FU with PS tomorrow and I am nervous about what he will say.

My left breast has been dropping quite nicely, and it's pretty much pain-free and discomfort-free. My right breast is still pretty high. I know that they can drop at different times, so I wasn't worrying about it too much. But last week I started experiencing more pain in my right breast. I have some pulling, pins and needles, and one time I had a sharp shooting pain after I raised my arm up. Now I am afraid to raise my arm, and I'm always nervous before sneezing.
Even my tiny morning stretches in bed are bringing discomfort to my right breast.

I really hope it's not CC.


As you can see my lefty is looking good, it dropped nicely. My right is way behind schedule. I hope that's not because of CC. It's sitting so high up and still has all this awful upper pole fullness. Also, my nipples are completely off.

Update on my asymmetry

Just came back from my appointment. Here is the update:

1. The doctor showed me how my right boob had a shorter distance from the nipple to the crease before the surgery and explained how he tried to make my breasts as even as possible in the surgery. My right boob required much more work during the surgery and that's probably why I am experiencing more pain on that side. Plus the fact that I am right-handed.

2. He told me to push down (down from the upper pole of my breast) on my right breast 3 times a day, especially when I am in the shower to help the implant fall into place. He said that it should help. In the event that it doesn't drop in the next two months, he could do a surgery on that breast to fix it. He said that the surgery to lower the implant is easier than the surgery needed to raise the implant. I hope it doesn't get to that. I am jumping in the shower as soon as I am done with this post to start pushing my righty down.

3. I was instructed to put mederma on my scars. I went to the store they had 3 different kinds of mederma, each of them with a different active ingredient. I chose the one with AIIantoin.

Also... They took pictures of me and showed me the before and after side by side. WOW! I cant believe I didn't have the surgery sooner. I was so flat before.

I am loving my lefty, and hoping the righty will catch up.


I've decided that the BA was totally worth it :) I really like my new chest. I love how it looks in clothes. My left boob is perfect. It's a little bigger than what I wanted but I no longer mind. My right one is is slowly catching up, even though I don't massage it as often as I should be (it's so tender after the massages). I still get this weird feeling in it once in a while during physical activity, but it's less and less frequent. It feels like an air bubble stuck in my breast.
Overall, I am glad I had the surgery and I would have done it again.

Can you see any improvement in my righty from last month?

3 months

I had my checkup yesterday. My right breast never dropped. I will have a revision sometime in spring. The ps will open up the packet to make more room for the implant. He will also lower my crease a little on that side to make them more even.
Yikes. Not looking forward to another surgery. But can't wait for my right boob to look more like my left. Lefty is perfect.

8 months

Not feeling that great about my boobs. The right one didn't drop and I will need a revision. The surgeon won't charge me, but I have to pay for the surgical supplies and anesthesia. It will cost $1500.

In addition, I wanted to increase my breast by 2 cup sizes. I started with an A cup and have 400cc implants .., But... I ended up being a 34DD
I'm very upset. I went from not being able to buy a bra because nothing would fit my small boobs, to not being able to buy a bra because my breast are huge or because the store doesn't carry sizes bigger than D ...

I'm considering going to a smaller implant. But then I can really afford that right now. So sooooo upset.

More problems

While I am waiting for the revision of my right breast that needs to be lowered, because the implant is sitting too high, I started to notice that my left breast is now getting too low. I noticed because my nipple is higher than it used to... I can almost see the areola sticking out of my bra.

Ugh. I am not having any luck.

After a revision

So much going through my mind. Was it a good idea to go through another surgery? What if there is no improvement or what if they get worse? I can't see the progress just yet because they have foamy bandages around them to keep them in place. I pray I never have to go through surgery again.

Follow up appointment

The recovery has been so much easier this time around. I've been off prescription pain killers since day 3. Today I had my follow up appointment. It went well, supposedly I'm healing well and everything is good. The doctor removed the foamy bandages which were keeping my lefty in place and now I'm supposed to wear an underwire bra for a week, even to sleep. So far it's not that great. It feels so tight around my incisions. Ouch. Not liking it.

So hopeful that my results will be good this time around. It doesn't have to be great. I'll be beyond happy if they're good.

95% happy ????

My December revision surgery went really well. My right breast was sitting too high (making my nipple point downwards) and my left breast was starting to bottom out (making my nipple sit a little too high on my breast and areola almost showing from my bra).
The surgeon lowered the crease on my right breast and opened the pocket so that the implant could fall into its place. My right breast is looking great. It's super soft too.
My left breast needed internal stitches to prevent it from bottoming out further. It is looking great too, but it's a little more firm than my right.

I wasn't looking for perfection with the revision. I was just looking for overall symmetry, or near symmetry. And at this point I think they look great.

As far as size, I'm now a 34 DD which is more than I wanted. I was expecting a full C cup with the 400cc implants - as it's supposed to be 200cc for one cup increase. I got used to them by now, but I do wish sometimes they were smaller. I went from not being able to buy a bra because I had no boobs, to not being able to buy a bra/bathing suit because stores don't carry sizes larger than 34d

It's true especially with bathing suits. I love Kate spade bathing suits, and unfortunately their largest size is too small for me.

Trying to focus on the positive and enjoy them anyway.

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