36 Y/o, 5'5" 121 lbs, Breastfed 3 Kids, 34a to 34c/d, 339/371cc silicone unders - NJ

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Since I was in college, I always said that I would...

Since I was in college, I always said that I would get a breast lift if I needed it after having children one day. I even told this to my husband before we got married. Now, we're done having kids and I finished breast feeding 7 months ago. The month I stopped breast feeding, I decided I'm definitely having my surgery and I'm not just doing a lift. I always said I would have a lift done, but I don't think I ever really meant it. I'm kind of freaked out by the thought of surgery. Something just clicked though once I got my boobs back from my kids. It was like I needed to do this for myself after sacrificing my body for their benefit for so many years between pregnancies and nursing. So, my hubby thought I was insane when I said I wanted implants, but I was insistent. He couldn't believe that organic me would even consider this. I kind of can't believe it either, but once I made the decision, I haven't gone back. I know I will always regret not getting implants, so that makes me firm in my decision to get them.

I waited until a month ago to do my first consultation. I wanted to give my breasts 6 months post nursing before being evaluated. The ps said he wouldn't recommend a lift yet, even though one breast is borderline. I want to get silicone implants placed sub pectoral (dual plane). He said he would probably use about 300cc implants and he didn't commit to the profile. I really liked the ps. He was recommended by my obgyn. However, he only has a couple reviews on here and I felt that he didn't offer enough before/after pics. So I'm not sold on him. I have another consultation setup in 2 weeks with a different ps that I found on here. Super excited about that. A third ps who specializes in gummy bears is setup for the beginning of August.

At this point, I still have so many questions. My husband is insistent that I get the plastic surgery breast expert. However, I haven't had luck finding someone who primarily only does breasts in NJ. At this point, I have been most impressed by looking at a California dr's before and after pics. They are gorgeous and exactly the natural look I'm going for. He does have a fly in program, but then I'd be stuck with trying to figure out childcare for my 3 little ones. Plus, I don't feel like I could commit to a dr without meeting in person. Also, I'm not sure how follow up would be done. Would I have to find another ps in my area to do follow ups?

Pre kids I was a 34b
While nursing I was a 34c
Post kids - I am too embarrassed to go get measured. I still fill some 34b bras, but not all the ones I have.
I would like to be a full c cup after my surgery and would like to have surgery this fall - preferably October.
When my boobs are done, I want to feel sexy enough to wear some hot lingerie like in the pic.


I haven't worn a bikini since our winter vacations. I guess my breasts were still fuller at that point since I just stopped nursing. I took the kids to the beach this week. When I put on my bikini top, it literally fell off. I got teary eyed. I have no boobs left. I would definitely say I'm an A cup now. I can't believe that doing something healthy for my kids (breast feeding) has destroyed my boobs. I have always been a bit judgmental about people who've had plastic surgery. But now I think more power to them and me! Lol. As long as you love yourself as a person, I think it's great to do a little something to make you feel "normal" again. This summer is going to be super hard for me wearing a bathing suit but at least I have my surgery to look forward to in the fall.

Obsessed with boobs

So I would say I'm obsessed at this point. I am constantly trying to do more research on drs and anything related to implants. This morning in the shower, I was thinking of my cousin. That side of the family all has small boobs, except for her. After having kids, she suddenly had these large boobs. I hardly see her because she's out of state, so I'm not sure if it truly happened naturally or if she got implants. I really want to pick up the phone and ask her, but our relationship isn't as close because of the miles between us. And that gets me thinking. After my surgery, if someone asks me, what am I going to say? Hubby and I really don't want to advertise this. I've only told 2 close girlfriends of mine and my aunt (who's like my cool 2nd mom). I don't really plan on telling anyone else except for one of my SIL's. I know eventually I'm going to have to tell my parents since I'll need help with my kids, but I'm dreading it. I know my mom is going to majorly give me a hard time. It sucks that one of the hardest parts of this process is going to be "people management" and dealing with their attitudes and comments. I'm still unsure whether I'm going to tell my best friend or not. On one hand, I know she'll totally be there for me, but on the other hand, we're both organic freaks and I don't think she'll accept this very well. So a question for the veterans out there - how do you respond if someone asks if you did something with your boobs?

2nd consult - waste of time

So I had a consultation scheduled for Monday night. I was very excited because I feel like things are getting to be more real at this point. We dropped off the kids at my parents. Thank god my mom didn't get nosy as to what type of dr appt I had. We called the office to let them know we were running 5 minutes late. We walked in and the waiting room was more crowded than I expected. After waiting 50 minutes, hubby asked the office staff how much longer it would be. The woman said we still had 2 people ahead of us. All of the staff didn't seem to want to be bothered. A couple minutes later, hubby asked how long til I'm called in since my kids need to get home and go to bed. The answer was another 30 minutes. We walked out. There is no way in hell I'm going to wait an hour and half just to be called into the exam room. I was so upset. The dr had some really great looking pics of natural results. But my time is way too valuable to be waiting over an hour every time I need to see my ps. Am I ridiculous? Should I have just sucked it up and waited? If the office staff were apologetic about the wait, I would have felt differently. It just seemed that they could care less and it wasn't an issue that patients were waiting so long.
Hopefully, my third ps consultation will go smoothly tomorrow. He's my favorite based on reviews and pics.

Booked my surgery! Yay!

After walking out of a consultation on Monday, I was holding back on getting too excited for my third ps consultation on Thursday. I was very pleasantly surprised. I love the staff and Dr Ganchi himself. He sat down and actually explained all the steps and patiently answered our questions. They have an awesome selling technique - lol. But, I never got the sense that they were trying to sell me something that they wouldn't deliver on. I thought it was great that I actually got to feel saline vs silicone implants on his staff. I thought the silicone felt great. We went ahead and booked surgery for November. Now that it's all becoming reality, I'm going nuts. I want my boobs now! Not in 4 months. Lol.

Pics of results I'm looking for

There are some pics I like.

Sharing the news

So yesterday, I told my sister in law. She was kind of shocked and freaked out by the thought of a foreign body inside me. Meanwhile, I'm the organic one and she could care less about green living! Lol. Of course, my husband's family is all blessed in the boob dept so it took her a little time to adjust to the thought. Overall, I think it went really well. I was hoping to not tell anyone else. But SIL said she would tell her sister and mom for me and explain the situation since they will all be helping me and hubby with our kids. I think it was when I showed her one of my boobs and how my areola is folded over from lack of volume that it finally hit her that this is a good thing for me to do. I am counting the days. 4 more months to go.

The Wait

Three more months to go. This waiting is torturous. A couple of weeks ago, I took the advice of the women at the ps office. They said to start stuffing my bra now so there isn't anything noticeable after surgery. I ordered the "cutlets" that I saw someone talking about in a YouTube video. I love and hate these things. Love them because they are easy to stick into a bathing suit top and really do make me look more proportional. Hate them because I don't want to have to use them! Lol. Just want to have my new boobies already.

2 more months til surgery

I am getting so excited. The time is passing rather slowly, but my surgery date is getting closer. I know the next two months will go quickly since we have 4 out of 5 of our birthdays, Halloween fun, and a week away for a girls trip. Best of all, my older 2 are back in preschool! Yay! I wouldn't change my situation at all, but being a stay at home mom can be very rough at times. So, I'm happy about having a bit of a break even though my little one is still home with me.
I have graduated to wearing the cutlet bra inserts all the time and even have larger ones that I'm wearing a lot now. It's kind of weird since I never even wore padded bras before kids. I always thought of them as false advertising and while I would have liked larger boobs, I was happy enough with the b cups I had pre-kids. Now I still feel weird about the whole bra insert, but I'd rather do this and have less people wondering about my boobs after my surgery.
My SIL told my MIL about my surgery and she was neutral about it. She didn't judge and was just concerned about the safety of the implants. I knew she would be cool with it. Wish my mom would react the same way. I decided not to tell my mom at all, but then if anyone said something by accident, she would be so hurt that I didn't tell her. So, I'm going to respect her as my mom and tell her, but ask her first to respect and support my decision even though I know she's going to disagree with it. Now I just have to figure out when I'm going to tell her.
I have to post pics. Will try to do that in the next couple days.

Bed rest pillow

I already ordered two different bed rest pillows. They both came this week and they are way smaller than I was expecting. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a bed rest pillow?

Need Help from postop BA moms of little ones

In three weeks, I am having surgery. Today, my husband starts freaking out about work and how he's going to handle the kids and take care of me. I am so annoyed with my in laws. At first, I thought they would really be on board and help us with the little ones. Now, it's a totally different situation. They are bugging my husband about arranging childcare so they don't have to care for my kids. I'm pissed to put it mildly. I truly wish I had never told them. Can someone please give me a realistic expectation of how soon I will be able to care for my kids. My youngest just turned 2 this month and my two older ones are 4 and 5. The 4 and 5 year olds are pretty independent and I'm not concerned about them. I'm more worried about the youngest. I can have stools set up for her to get in her booster seat and I'll try to convince her to use the little potty instead of the toilet. I also switched her to a toddler bed so she can get in by herself. I will probably have to put a stool in the car and I'm not sure if she'd be able to master getting in and out of her car seat without me picking her up. What else do I need to think about? And how soon should I expect to feel well enough to handle the daily routine (even if at a slower pace)?

Pre op done

I had my pre op appt on Monday. Everything went well. I walked in as a nervous wreck. My husband even told me to cancel if I felt so nervous. I said no way! I am doing this! I am still waiting for the vectra imaging for the two sizes that I'm between. We were there for so long that i just wanted to pick up my kids and get them into bed already. I probably should have just waited to get the images there. I am going with Natrelle style 15 (moderate plus) either 339 or 371 ccs. I felt super comfortable with the 304 cc look and thought that the 339 cc look might be a smidge too big. Dr Ganchi inserts the next size up from the sizers to accommodate for loss of volume under the muscle. He recommended the 371ccs based on my bwd. He thought that would look the most natural. That size made both me and my husband nervous because the 339 sizers seem a tad too big. I picked dr Ganchi though because he seems to be a perfectionist and I know he'll take his time to give me a great result. I didn't see any before/after pics where it looked like the end result was too big. So I just need to go ahead and trust him. I did walk out of the office feeling way more calm and relaxed than I felt walking in. After all this waiting, I can't believe my surgery is in two weeks!

Changed surgery date

So spoke with ps office this week and they have to switch me from this Friday to Saturday instead - November 8th. I am actually happy about having the extra day. It makes things way easier for me as far as making sure my kids are settled. Now I will drop them off the night before at my parents, come home and hopefully have a good nights sleep before heading out for 8:20 surgery. Hubby and I are both excited. He has been awesome through this whole thing. We both have a lot on our plates between projects we're working on and our kids. I am just praying that everything will go smoothly during my first week of recovery so he's not stressed out too the max trying to juggle it all.
I still have to post pics. My stupid phone has no memory left so I will have to do it with my iPad. Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

4 days left!!!

So excited and completely calm about surgery. Now I just need to be calm about getting everything ready so I can have an easy recovery. Hopefully, I can catch up with a bunch of things this week and have my last date night with deflated boobs.

I'm also thrilled because I couldn't get rid of the last couple pounds of baby weight from my 3rd kid. I actually managed to do it even though the scale didn't budge for 3 months. Finally, the weight started coming off in the last 2 months. So at least I achieved my goal of being back to my pre baby weight by surgery. Yay!

Pre op pics and stats

Surgery is in less than 36 hours.
So excited. Pretty calm right now.
Here are some pics I did so you can see what I'm dealing with. My boobs are completely deflated and nipples are kind of sunken in. Reading everyone's stories has helped me so much on this journey that it's only fair that I also share pics, just as so many of you ladies have.
Here's is my basic info--
36 years old, 5'5" and 121 pounds
3 breastfed kids
Pre kids 34b
Pregnant 34c
Breast feeding 34d initially and shrunk to 34c with 3rd kid
Currently 34a
Getting natrelle style 15 silicone dual plane unders 371ccs

Free cutlets anyone???

In 24 hours, I will be in surgery. I am so excited that I will never wear these cutlets again! They have been great at disguising my flat chest for the last 4 months. But, it is time to say goodbye. Yay!

Any last minute advice?

Help ladies! What am i forgetting?? Any last minute advice?? I have my bag packed. The house is clean and laundry is done. Going for a pedicure soon. Legs are shaved. Kids bags are packed for their weekend away and I'm going to put out their clothes for the next week. Hubby told me not to worry about any meals, that he will handle it all. He doesn't want me cooking right now, but would rather have me chilling out. He's on his way to go grocery shopping to stock up. I have a little bit of paperwork I'm getting done this morning. Everything else business wise will have to wait. I set aside some button up shirts and stretchy tank tops (I love tank tops) that can be pulled up from my feet instead of having to pull them over my head. I have wedge pillow, extra pillows and blankets setup, and an armrest pillow. Tray table is setup next to my bed. All my electronics are charged. Picked up my meds. I have drinks, straws, snacks, pillow, blanket, and puke bag ready for my car ride.

Love my boobs!!!!

Just a quick update.
Surgery went super smooth yesterday. Ps was very happy with the outcome. I love him and the staff. They really are so great. I am also happy that my ps has his own surgical suite. It was such a nice experience going in. Not like getting something done in the hospital where you have to be surrounded by a million people. Afterwards, I was in a ton of pain yesterday when I got home. I actual had to switch pain meds and I started alternating them every 3 hours. I have several drug allergies which complicates my situation. But, once the pain meds really kicked in around 10pm, I was much more comfortable. I've been so thirsty since getting out of surgery. Drinking like a fish. If I didn't have to pee every one or two hours at night, I actually would have gotten a better nights sleep. My back was KILLING me until about midnight. No matter what we tried, I just couldn't get comfortable. Finally hubby got me into a good position at a steep incline and I think the pain killers helped to relax my back muscles. So after that, I only woke up to pee. Yesterday, I was miserable and regretting my decision to have surgery. This morning, after getting sleep and being more comfortable painwise, I LOVE my boobs. Love love love them. I cannot say it enough. Not a single bruise. My ps rocks. And my hubby is absolutely amazing. He's literally done everything for me. I haven't lifted a finger. Sorry for tmi- but he's even been wiping me when I pee. I guess there's a first for everything! Anyway, I'm really thankful for how awesome he is. And also, thank you so much to all the ladies on here. All of your stories and support has been so helpful. I am so glad I found this website. :-)

339 cc left and 371 cc right

I just saw my implant card. Turns out I didn't get 371ccs in both breasts. Ps put in 339 in left and 371 in right. My left isn't really bothering me but my right definitely is. So at least now I know it's bothering me more since it's bigger. Not sure how I feel about this. I wanted them the same size implants since I figured I would just maintain any slight difference between the two. They aren't supposed to be identical. While ps was doing markings, we did talk about the difference in shape of my breasts. My left was more perky and fuller on top. My right was way more droopy and just like a tiny sack hanging there. Ps called me today to check in. I hadn't found my implant card yet though. So I'll ask him tomorrow morning at my post op.

Post op visit done

Post op visit went well. Ps said the 371 in the left side just looked too much bigger than the right. So that's why he put in the 339 on that side. Once again, they are great. I love him and his staff. I would have given him a hug if my arms were a little more mobile. Lol. I've been sleeping well. Much more mobile. Still taking pain killers but have spread them out to every 6 hours or so. Hubby is freaking out with every little movement I make. He just wants me to relax and take it easy.
Here's some more pics.

3 days post op

Yesterday (2 days postop) was a good day. Went to my post op, did a little food shopping with hubby and then we went out to lunch. Did puzzles with my kids and read books. Put a little makeup on in the morning and had no problem washing my face at night. Amazing what a difference from how miserable I was right after surgery 48 hours prior. It felt good to be moving around even slowly and gently. Stopped taking painkillers except I did take a dose at bedtime just because I thought the codeine would help me sleep better. Still woke up to pee every hour or two. Very annoying. No pain meds today. Going to try once again to take something now so I will hopefully sleep tonight. Not worried about my boobs so much. I got my period today and lucky me, it is one of my worst. I have bad periods and usually am slammed with super heavy flow and very bad lower back pain. Yeah, lucky me. Great time for this right now. On top of it all, a week early. So, I've had a bit of a lousy day because of my period. Showering felt great. So nice to be fully clean! Ps said I have to wear the strap nonstop for about the next month. I am starting to get claustrophobic with this thing. It's driving me nuts. Going to call tomorrow and see if I can put it on top of my tank top so it's not itching my skin as much. Also, my left boob mostly feels numb. It feels like when my arm falls asleep and I have to shake it to get some sensation back. Anyone else feel anything like that at 3 days post op? Drank a couple of sips of coffee this morning and went straight to the bathroom. I know my system and knew that would work for me, so at least I don't have to worry about that issue. Overall, I really don't have pain from my boobs. Just some itchiness and definite annoyance with the strap. Hubby thinks they've dropped a little, but I think he's seeing things. I love my boobs, but right now I would kill to sleep on my tummy!!! I know the time will come, so I'll just have to be patient until then. Oh, and can someone please tell me how to do the side by side pic comparisons?

Did I tell you lately how much I love my boobs???

I can't help it. I can only really talk about how much I love them with hubby and you girls. I'm gushing. I love my boobs!!!! I have to share the info. Lol

1 week postop

I'm doing well boobwise. I see a very slight difference in them filling out and think they look great size wise. I like my cleavage and just hope that it doesn't get any closer. It feels so weird to only have this small space between my boobs.

Other stuff hasn't been so good. Pardon the tmi - On day 3, I got my heavy crampy period that lasts over a week. On day 4, I got a hemorrhoid. On day 5, I got a cold. On day 6, I got a stomach virus on top of everything else. Fun! At least I have my boobs to put a smile on my face, so I'm not complaining. I have really been taking it easy and have been wearing the strap 24/7. I can drive, shower, blow dry my hair and do everything for myself. But, I am trying to do everything very slowly and am modifying things so I use my chest muscles less. I am fine with my two older kids since they understand I can't carry them. My 2 year old is the problem. For the most part, she is great and is gentle with me, but then she'll get cranky and try to pull on me or get me to pick her up or jump on me in bed. She's a climber so it's a bit difficult to juggle when she's in a precarious spot and I'm not really sure how I can get her down without using my arms. I'm figuring things out though. I weighed myself before I got sick with stomach virus and I'm happy that I haven't gained any weight. Now I actually have lost weight since I'm dehydrated and haven't kept any food down for 2 days. The good thing is while I'm still bloated, at least now I no longer look like I'm 3 months pregnant. See? There is a positive side to a stomach virus! Lol. I can handle all this nuisance stuff, but I am a bit more concerned about cap con now since all my research seems to point to bacteria as one possible cause. So, I'm praying that my cold symptoms and now my stomach issues are all viral and aren't going to increase my chances of capcon. I love my boobs!

Boobs are dropping!

Everything is going very well. I had another postop visit this week. I almost had a heart attack when PS said I have to wear the strap for another four weeks unless if I like how they've dropped earlier than that. The strap really isn't that bad. It just makes clothes a really big issue. I have nothing to wear with this stupid strap! The indentation of the strap shows through any clothing. Or it shows out the top of the neckline. I just ordered a black strap online last night. Hopefully that will help a little bit, since it won't be as obvious sticking out of my shirts. I also ordered some nipple covers since that's the other problem I have with going braless postop.

Life is pretty much normal at this point. I'm capable of doing all my daily stuff, just modifying everything so that I can do it without affecting my chest muscles so much. I still haven't picked up my little one. Thank goodness, it really hasn't been that much of an issue. My kids have been great and have totally understood that mommy has a boo-boo.

I've regained most of my sensation in my breasts. I stopped painkillers at 48 hours postop and haven't felt the need for them since then. Sometimes my boobs will feel achy or sore and I get the occasional zinger, but nothing really painful.

I was feeling a bit impatient that my boobs are never going to drop. Then I compared my pics from yesterday to the week before. Wow! I can definitely see a big difference. :-)

How much do implants weigh??

I was wondering how much my implants weigh since this week it seems like I'm a pound heavier than where I want to be. Here's some info I found on the web.

Use the following formula if silicone was used. Multiply the total number of cubic centimeters by .0375 (which is the weight in ounces of each cc of silicone). Then divide by 16 (ounces in a pound).

So, I had a total of 710 ccs between my two breasts. 710 ccs multiplied by .0375 equals 26.625 oz. That divided by 16 (ounces) is 1.66. My total breast implant weight is 1.66 pounds.

Who would have thought that there is actually a web post about how to calculate implant weight??!! Lol.

I'll post two week pics later. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

2 week pics

Doing great. I had one day last week with stabbing pain in my left breast near my incision. It felt like someone was trying to cut me open there. It lasted for about 6 hours before I went to sleep. I felt great when I woke up in the morning and haven't felt it since. My sensation is almost back to normal except for my nipples being hyper sensitive. My boobs are starting to feel like part of me. Left side is getting a little squishy which I love. Both boobs are still very hard on the inner sides where my cleavage is. You can see the shadow in the pics. Right breast is going to take forever and a day to drop. I posted 1 week vs 2 week pics. I see a slight difference mostly in them projecting out more in the bottom half.

Life is good and I love having boobs!

3 week quick pic and incision

I'm very behind in posting updates. Here's a quick pic I took at 3 weeks. Also, my tape came off my incisions at 3 weeks. Here's an initial pic right after it just came off my right breast. Excuse the lint that stuck to the glue residue on my skin.

1 month of loving my boobs

I am one week behind in posting this. I'm adding 1 month pics I took a week ago. I'm at 5 weeks now and doing great. I stopped wearing the strap two days ago because I feel like my left side is in a great position and I don't want it to drop anymore. My right still has a ton of dropping to do so hopefully I won't get in trouble with my PS tomorrow when I go in. I didn't ask him before deciding I was done with the strap.

My right side is back to regular sensitivity while my left is still numb in certain areas and my nipple is still a little more sensitive than normal. I have been insanely busy and have started lifting my little one during the last week. It hasn't been a conscious choice I've made, but rather I'm forced to lift her because we've been out in public a lot. I'm not carrying her around, but rather picking her up in and out of things. I feel fine doing it, but I definitely feel the soreness. My boobs feel completely part of me and I can squish them around. Now that I'm more active though, my chest and rib area under my breasts feels sore from me probably doing too much. It's a weird feeling and not really like the soreness I would feel after a chest workout. It's different.

I'm in love with my boobs and had fun dressing them up the last two days without a strap. But, they look small. I have major boob greed. I swore I wouldn't, but right now I do. Somehow, the strap made me look a little bigger because of the way a shirt would lay over it. Now, I think I look like a b cup in clothes. Arghhhhh! Hubby thinks I look amazing but I am pretty positive I will go up in cc's when it's time to replace these babies! Lol. When I'm naked, I'm happy with the size they are. Maybe I should just go join a nudist colony??! If I'm brave enough, I will try to find time to get sized at VS this week. I guess I'm ok with liking my naked size since I can always wear a push-up bra if I want extra umph. I just kind of envisioned never having to wear a padded bra again. I will try to be patient and see what happens as they drop.

Overall, I'm so glad I did this. Boobs rock!

Gush and rant

I had a post op visit this week and I just have to gush about how much I love my PS. He truly is amazing. I am so thrilled that we picked him for my surgery. I think I could have gotten nice results elsewhere, but I would never have the same comfort level that I do with my PS and his staff. He gets me and that is invaluable.

Now for a rant. How in the world am I supposed to figure out what bra size I am? I have to wear a bra to hold my left breast up along with the strap to push my right breast down. So I've been wearing old 34c bras that I wore while pregnant. I feel it's a bit snug. So I ran into Victoria's Secret and asked to be measured really quick before I ran to pick up kids from school so I could at least order some bras online. OMG! I almost got violent. She measured me as a 32b. What!??!! I told her 3 times that I'm wearing a 34c and I think it might be snug. So then she's like well you are borderline 32b/c. Huh? The sister size of 34c is 32d. Not 32b/c. Seriously? I almost screamed. So I ran home and started looking for bra calculators online. They are a mess! VS tells me I'm a 32b so at least now I know the girl was just spewing the screwed up info that VS gives her. Another website told me I'm a 28g. Another one said I'm a 32ddd/f. I just need bras!!!! What size am I supposed to order? This is driving me nuts. Can anyone please offer any guidance? I'd like to at least have a ballpark size and then I'll order a bunch of different ones from amazon since they have free return shipping on whatever I don't like. Does anyone know of anywhere else that offers free shipping and returns on bras? I know some ladies have really liked the Nordstrom bra department. I am planning on going there in person to be sized, but it's insane with the holidays so I don't see myself making it there without my kids for another couple weeks. Any help or suggestions you ladies can offer would be great!

6 weeks

My boobs somehow seem bigger now. This week I started loving my size again - whatever size that is. If anyone has suggestions for the most accurate bra sizer, please let me know (see my previous post).

I am still aware of them especially at night when I turn to sleep on my side. Otherwise, life is back to normal and if I do a lot, I might have a little bit of soreness. I absolutely love my boobs. My right one has really started dropping and is almost at the place I want it. I think I've dropped pretty quickly. I'm sure wearing the strap for so long has helped. Now I'm just worried about bottoming out. If anyone has a sleep bra they love, please send me your suggestions.

Over 3 months - so happy!

No time for pics right now. I just wanted to post a quick update. I am so thrilled with my decision. I love my boobs. I loved wearing a bikini during our winter vacations. I was already a confident person, but this has really made an improvement in my life. It is so much easier getting dressed now. Things hang correctly and just look better. I have ordered bras online and found that a 34d usually fits the best. It depends on the bra. I had one 32ddd that also fit. Overall, I think I'm the perfect size. I don't look big in clothes. But I definitely do look plentiful in a bikini.

My kids haven't said a word. They are oblivious to the change so I'm happy I did this while they are still young.

I am a freak about having them in a bra at all times. Hubby is getting annoyed saying he saw my boobs naked way more before surgery. Lol. I sleep in a super comfy stretchy seamless bra I ordered from Amazon in a bunch of different colors. One night I had a hard time sleeping and kept waking up. I finally realized that I went to bed tipsy and hadn't put on my sleep bra after showering. I actually had to get up and put it on in order to sleep.

My sensation is still not 100% back in my left breast, but it has slowly improved. My scars are no longer bumpy feeling. They are smooth, but I still have redness and discoloration. I will definitely get them lasered if they are still noticeable after a year.
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