35 5'4" 117lbs 2 Kids BF Deflated Between 32a and 34aa - New Jersey

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BA in one week! Went to my final pre-op appt today...

BA in one week! Went to my final pre-op appt today. We picked 400cc allergen Natrelle Style 20 high profile smooth round silicone implants. I'm hoping for a 34 c/d result. I'm a bit afraid it'll be too big, but he's a great Dr and it's within 1cm of my BWD. I have an 11 BWD left and 11.4 BWD right. He was not into putting 2 different sizes of implants, which is fine because I don't have a "tissue size" difference in either breast (my words not his).

My right breast hangs about 3/4 inch lower than my right which I'm concerned about but dr says that's an easy fix IF noticing everyone after the surgery.

I am being so detailed about my info because I've scoured the Internet and find that people post basics. I like minute details, so I hope it helps someone out there.

I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I've had small boobs forever! I've wanted implants since I was about 16, so 19 years and two breatfed kids later I'm finally taking the plunge. I'm glad I waited til after the kids tho.

Anyway, planning on a tummy tuck in January as well. My dr suggested I do the procedures in two different stages which I prefer as well. The idea of "one and done" is a bit too daunting. It's too much change for me at once. I don't think psychologically I would handle it very well. I spoke with another Dr who also said he would do it that way. I fact, he said that the BA is more painful than the TT b/c you're cutting muscle. I've had 2 c-sections and I hear that makes the TT recovery a bit easier.

I'm not looking forward to the pain nor the drop and fluffing process but that comes with the surgery!!

this is a dream come true for me. Time to go shopping for everything I need! Luckily I'm able to stay with my parents (they're a godsend). 400cc's here I come

Time to shop

So, I'm a last minute person, but at least I've compiled a list of what to get
1. Fruit of the Loom front closure bra
2. Arnica Montana
3. Cocoa Butter
4. Work shirts that button up
That seems to be it. If there's anything I'm missing please let me know!


I wanted to add that I requested a long-term numbing agent. I don't know if all Drs do this now, but mine does. Basically it keeps the chest area numb for about 72 hours post-op, which makes the recovery a bit more comfortable. I would like to avoid using any narcotic medications for the pain, so hopefully it works!

Shopping done nervous not going big enough

So I bought a few decide rent sports bras. 1 Fruit of the loom font closure, size 36. One zip up smart and sexy SB, size L; and a Simply Basic seamless front closure bra size L. I also bought 2 comfy hanes comfort/sports bras.

I also got cocoa butter gel and cocoa butter.

I'm getting SO nervous that 400cc won't be big enough. I'm looking online and it seems it takes some women up to a 32DD and some up to a 34B/C. I'd prefer the 32DD/34/C range. I'm very broad shouldered so I feel like I can get away with big boobies :)

My measurements are currently 32/26/35, so obv I want to be a 36/26/36.. My shoulder width is 42" Ugh, guess I'm being bratty. I'll get what I get and won't be upset. It's like having a baby, as long as they come out healthy, I'll be ok!

48 hours and counting

A lot to do in the next 48 hours. I want to totally clean up my place, so when I come home it's nice and neat. Being a single mom with two kids I've gotten a bit too used to a "non-perfect" home, which gets frustrating for sure. I swear I'd let someone live here and pay rent in cleaning this place up! Lol

Anyway I feel good. Got my blood test results, everything's good.

I can't believe I'm doing this! It's very surreal and until go into the OR I doubt it will become a reality. Oh, my surgeon has a surgery center which I'm very happy about. It'll be cozier than a hospital :)

Before Pics & Measurements

I did a final measurement. I'm 32 above chest, measuring under the armpits (bandwidth)... 32.5 around nipples (lol that truly makes me an AA!) and 29 under the bust. The pics make me look bigger than an AA I think. Well.. It won't matter after tomorrow!!! Woot!!


I feel ok. Woke up crying from the anesthesia, which I'm not surprised about...

Pain from IV slowly wearing off but I'm super alert and can't believe how good I'm doing. Tomorrow Wed Thurs will most likely been the worst.

I'm majorly bandaged up! Can wait for the Dr to reveal tomorrow, although them being wrapped up is rather comfy ;)


Mostly uncomfortable. I was hoping to not have to take the Percocet he prescribed but had to. I'm have 5 diff scripts. Zoflan for nausea, flexerol muscle relaxer, Percocet pain killer, antibiotic and high-dose ibuprofen. I'm going to ask if there is a different pain killer he can give me, I feel like the percs make me woozy but not taking the pain away as much.?

I'm having pain in my stomach area. Anyone know what that about?? I'll get to see the girls and post some pics today!

Hello tight boobies!!

Got to see the, everything looks good so far. Posted pics. Now time to wait for the D&F process.

Any idea on how much pressure to put on upper pileof breasts to help them come down?

Day 4

Well today I feel really good! I've been having some stomach pains, taking gas-ex for that.
I'm wearing an ace bandage and a strap. Not sure if I need both or how tight I'm supposed to wear them. Glad I'm off the pain meds, that was making me loopy!!!
Ready to go home, my parents are a little much. God bless them for taking care of me and my daughter for the last few days tho.

They still feel super high. I'm hanging in there :)

Day 5/6

It's amazing how impatient I am!! I'm keeping the girls under serious wraps most of the time. theyre just so high I want to shove them down!! I'm not sure if I have a mini hematoma or just bruising. Not worried about it.

Holy abdominal swelling!!! Getting upset that I can't hit the gym, especially since I feel so good. I have full movement of my arms. I'm forcing myself to not go above the shoulder line, as per Drs instructions...

Still fearful they won't be as big as I'd like.. Tho I saw a great comparison of a down pillow. At first the pillow is flattened cause the muscles are tight, then after the drop & fluff they get big and fluffy like when you fluff a down pillow. You can google it to see pics lol.

Oh also got my period day 3, so I'm having more pain from cramps than I am from my boobs!!! So bloat on top of bloat == trying hard to not get depressed.

2 weeks!

All good news. Loving the girls, the right is dropping like it was meant to always have an implant and my left is holding on tight! I'm definitely loving how they look both when I'm naked and in clothes. It was important to me that they not look over done when wearing work clothes :)

Very grateful it's winter and I don't have to worry about showing them off yet!! Going on vacation for the new year, so hoping they'll be a bit more evened out by then.

Overall super happy with the way things are going. They say changes take place over 6 months so I don't want or need to get used to the way they look today! BF is loving them. Happy that they're big but not "too" big Lol

Waiting on the left breast, still :)

Found out I have some mondors cords under both breasts. They aren't painful, just weird! Apparently they are caused by a blockage of the lymphatic system via pressure/scar from implants. Bottom line - they go away.. Phew! Ok that's all I need to know :) posting more pics to just keep the visual progress chart going. And I need to delete these pics off my phone after I take them!! Lol
New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

Dr Samra is absolutely amazing! He listens, cares about your needs, and welcomes any questions. He has a very laid back attitude, but he has a wealth of knowledge coupled with humility that makes him an especially likeable man. Dr Samra is very meticulous and detail oriented, so I was not surprised that I loved my breasts right away! Part of my interview process was to not only get the right man for a BA, but also one to "grow young" with me as I age. I'm not a plastic surgery nut, but i think it would be great to have a go-to guy if I want a procedure done. He's also on the conservative end - which is just wonderful.. His number one goal is definitely not to just take your money. He was the first Dr to suggest that getting a BA and TT (tummy tuck) separately is more ideal/comfortable. That was something that I was scared about. I thought both procedures at the same time would be more cost-effective and less dangerous. He said he would still give me a discount for the surgery and that there is no more risk doing it 2 separate 2 hours sessions vs 4 hours total. So I have to pay a bit more for anesthesia, oh well! Id rather take baby steps. Psychologically I don't think I could've handled two operations at once. At least I can stand up and go to the bathroom by myself :) Its really comforting to have a Dr that you can trust will do the best job possible.

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